Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What These Burqa-Clad Muslims Just Did In Michigan Proves Trump Was Right All Along…

The city of Dearborn, Michigan has completely been taken over by Muslim migrants in the last few years. Now, things have gotten to the point where Muslims are quickly becoming the majority in Dearborn, and they are reportedly trying to make the locals submit to Shariah law.

The disturbing video below is pro-Islamic propaganda out of Dearborn. After watching it, you’ll be especially thankful that Donald Trump won this election, because he might just be the only person who can stop these Muslims from taking over all of America…

This came after Dennis Michael Lynch released a video that shows an in depth look at Dearborn, and it’s downright disturbing. In the footage, a stunned Lynch comes to the conclusion that being in Dearborn doesn’t even feel like being in America anymore since there are so many foreign Muslims there.


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