Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Can Save America

In the last two national and state elections Left Wing Liberals have set the course of the State of California and the country on a path to bigger government with more power to tax and redistribute wealth. This path to socialism will eventually lead to a stagnant economy, curtailment of individual rights and liberty, and the loss as a powerful force in global politics. The USA will be reduced to a country of a few upper elite rich, a constant dwindling middle class and vast poor populous completely dependent on government. This can only lead to dictatorship as has happened in every instance where socialism became the governing standard. No country that went socialist has lifted the standard of living of its people. Whether the pretext was National Socialism or the Dictator ship of the Proletariat the result of this transition was and still is a disaster for the citizens of those countries.

It is up to those who understand the severity of this situation to inform the rest of the disaster ahead and make the required changes to reverse the course. It is up to those of us who believe in the vision of our founders, realize that only capitalism, and living in liberty with the chance of pursuit of happiness will lead us back to prosperity.

The task ahead of us requires a two pronged approach. First we need to explain exactly what socialism is, impress all of the inevitable result of socialism, and show how we all will be affected. Second we must present a better way to run the country and how that will benefit all. Both have to be presented with an air of optimism and high spirit. We must show that a change in direction will lead us towards a brighter day, prosperity for all, and true happiness achieved from personal accomplishments. This we can achieve using age old principles have worked for millions for almost a century.

This method is based on the five points of selling, Attention, Interest, Conviction, Desire, and Close. This method has helped people achieve great individual success. It can do the same for our dear country. We must gain the attention of the people by stating over and over again the results of the course that our leaders are taking. We must make them realize the disastrous consequences of bigger and bigger government and how it is robbing us of our liberty and freedom. They need to feel the impending disaster imminently ahead. They must feel the doom rushing to impact their lives in order to pique their interest. Unless we achieve their interest we will be talking to the hand. We need to convince them of our veracity and the truth of what we are saying.

Once we have their interest we can go into more details of the problem. Bureaucrats do not have the vision needed for success, only entrepreneurs with the will to take risks and accept the results have the vision needed to build businesses that will produce the products and services that people will buy, hire the workers to run the business, bring continued economic growth, and insure prosperity for all. Government bureaucrats are only interested following stringent paths that waste money and effort. The administrative procedure is more important than results. There are many examples of government failure in running things. The post office is constantly in the red while United Parcel has survived with out the taxpayers having to subsidies its operations. The DMV represents the epitome of bureaucratic failure. We need to bring out as much of this evidence as we can. This will bring us to the conviction part.

This is where we implement the fact bridge benefit/detriment portion of the conviction stage. Here we make factual statements and how they relate to each individual. Fact; in a socialist state the government dictates what you produce, how much of it you produce, what you charge, how many people you employ and what you pay them, and to whom you can sell your product or service. This (bridge – what that means to you) means that no matter how much or little you work you are restricted on how much you can earn (detriment to you). In a free enterprise system (all benefits to you) you decide the product or service you will produce. You get to pick what you think the people want to buy. You get to sell to whom and where you think you can make the best profit. You charge what the market can sustain. You hire the number and caliber of people you need to be profitable. There are many, many more examples we must use to convince the people that capitalism means a better life for the all.

The next step is to build a desire in the people to reject socialism and to want the benefits of a free capitalist enterprise system. One way is to paint a word picture. This is done by getting the individuals in the group we are speaking to. Get them to visualize their total misery living in a socialist state and their ecstatic joy and happiness living in a free society.

In a socialist state they wake up every day to the same routine, no changes, his status will be the same whether he is innovative, works harder, or just goes through the motions. There is no hope to for better things. His entire life is dictated by the government.

In a free enterprise system individual destiny in one’s own hand. The sky is the limit. Everyone is rewarded according to their own abilities and achievements. What ever is owned is earned. There is no better feeling then that of achievement. The word pictures that get painted will stay with your audience for a long time.

No amount of effort will accomplish anything if there is not a close, in this case a call to action. This is where we ask the people to walk precincts, make phone calls, make donations, and vote conservative.
© 2009 Vladimir Val Cymbal all rights reserved.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's All About Power

The Democrat party led by Pelosi and Reid are all about power and control. Ever since the 2004 election the Democrats have been working toward one goal only. That is to take complete control of the nation. If they have to destroy America to attain control, they will. Republican legislator’s corruption and abandonment of Republican principals gave them the opportunity get control of the House and almost the Senate in 2006. Ever since then they have neglected all government business and concentrated on demonizing the Bush Administration. They saw their chance to tank the economy with run away mortgages to people who could not afford the exaggerated prices. These mortgages were created due to decades of Democrat effort to allow irresponsible loans.

They are now in a position to push what ever legislation they want and that is exactly what they are doing. All their efforts are to exaggerate the current economic condition so that in two to three years they can take credit for a recovery, regardless of how minimal it will be. The stimulus bill just passed will not stimulate the economy until several years down the line. In the mean time they can continue to blame the current economic mess on the Republicans, as the president is doing every opportunity he gets.

The budget now in congress has provisions to control radio, television, cable, and internet. They are using the drug gang’s activity in Mexico to curtail the sale of guns in the U.S., even though the weapons used by the Mexican gangs all come form China and North Korea. They are even attempting to usurp the sovereignty of the states by bypassing the governor’s office and giving money directly to the cities. Remember the Federal Government gives no gift without major strings. Mr. Reid is prepared to force the states to allow transmission lines from one state to go through another to bring power to a third with no benefit to the state forced to have the lines.

The struggle in Congress is not over what is the best way to bring America out of these dreadful economic times. It is all about absolute power. Remember that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely.