Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Immigration Policy Changes

Children born to visitors to America (tourists, diplomats, students, and those who entered without a valid visa) residing in America cannot be eligible for citizenship simply due to being on American soil. Other than in emergency cases, neither the states, nor Federal Government have no obligation to pick up the medical expenses of foreign visitors. All visitors must have means to sustain themselves for the entire duration of visit prior to receiving a visa to enter America. They will not be eligible for any social services provided by State or Federal government. Those who entered our country illegally are subject to deportation based on an individual review of circumstances for them being in this country. Economic situation in their home country or medical needs without the means to pay for them is not a valid reason for them to stay. Only reasonable fear for their safety or life if they return to their home country will be considered as a reason for being allowed to continue their stay. Most importantly, our borders must be secured to prevent illegal entry.

Ignorance of Islam is Helping the Enemy

It is mind boggling to listen to people who one might think are critical thinkers, show how ignorant they are to the greatest danger to western enlightened way of life. A war waged for over 1,400 years is coming to a head and so many “leaders” refuse to see, hear, or talk about it candidly.

The word “PEACE” does not have the same meaning in Islam as it does to the rest of the world. To Islam “peace” can only reside in the lands under Islam and Sharia rule. Islam divides the world into two sections, the house of “peace”, and the house of war. The house of war is anywhere that is not under Islamist control. That is where you and I live. By this definition, the west is at war with Islam and Islam must defend itself by massacring all those who do not submit to Islam. The Koran insists that non-believers, without lifting a finger, are attacking Islam just by not accepting Allah as the one and only true god. Therefore Islam is defending itself as its followers go around the world destroying property, torturing, and murdering non-believers. The truth about Islam needs to be brought out in the open and recognized by the masses. That includes many Muslims who have no clue as how ridiculous the concept of non-aggression by the non-believers can threaten Muslims.

Those who believe that there is a reformation coming to Islam should be careful what they wish for. The reformation in Christianity was not a refining or change but reaffirming its original teachings. It erased the man made twisting of the religion, like the Salem witch trials and other abominations. A reformation within Islam will bring it closer for strict interpretation of the Koran where it states “never make friends with the people of the book”. The Jews and Christians are the people of the book (Bible). Unlike the Bible that teaches true peace and tolerance, the Koran promotes the eradication of all that is not Islam. Every Buddhist in Afghanistan was murdered and all historical records, temples, and historical artifacts were destroyed.

No one can get along with Islam except as a slave. If we all do not recognize this fact, we all be slaves or dead.