Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop the Eco Lobbies from Destroying California Completely

Sacramento has been running on a third grade mentality. They demand conditions that cannot be sustained. To build a house from wood one must cut down some trees. To be able to feed the nation with fruits and vegetables you need land, seeds, fertilizer, and water. If it is decided that a few imported bait fish are more important than thousands of farm workers and hundreds of farm owners, then you will end up with huge numbers added to the unemployment lines, bankrupt farms, and a stagnant economy. If a company must spend millions of dollars and wait years to begin operations in one state they will do business somewhere else. If existing companies keep having to pay new taxes, have them increase constantly, be burdened with increasing regulations and paper work they will leave California and start up in other states. If we are not allowed to exploit our natural resources we will have to depend on the products that can be made from other parts of the world making us dependent on others. Since the economy is so bad we can’t make enough money to pay for them.

Pristine is nice but it does not pay the bills. We need better balance in running our state. It is like if a person spends time making a car look good (new pain, shiny trim, new seats, etc.) but neglects the engine, transmission, and brakes, there will be a beautiful car in the driveway but it will not take anyone to work and make a good living. That is California now, looks pretty but is not functional.
This attitude is exasperated by those who have their place in paradise but refuse the rest of us to participate. People like Barbara Streisand and our governor who have all they need and could not care less about the rest of us. They are the people that cut down part of a forest to build a house. Once there, they yell and scream in the name of ecology when others want to move into the area also. BS they are just being selfish. They got theirs and everyone else must stay away living in crowded high rises.

We need to stop this socialist move of more and more government and reinstall a self reliant way in California. A people dependent on government is a people under tyranny. When government dictates to the people, there is dictatorship. When people dictate to the government there is freedom and liberty.

Let’s all grow up and do the right thing, stop the echo lobbies from destroying California completely.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

America; Closer to a Socialist Dictatorship

Over two months ago the Gulf of Mexico suffered a major accident threatening the livelihood of thousands and perhaps millions American citizens, not only those that make a direct living from the gulf but also the many depending on the gulf goods, transport to vacation spots, and others. Our president’s first concern was not to attack the situation and try to minimize it but to point blame and punish and further his attempts to control this country and make us all more and more dependent on the Federal Government.

Shortly after the accident, there were many opportunities for Obama to immediately control the destruction of the coastal areas. Several countries offered oil symphonic ships to help with the cleanup. The president refused. Barriers to block the spread of the oil were stacked up in warehouses but he would not allow them to be used. Other solutions were also barred from being used. When the affected states wanted to send hundreds of people to clean up the coast immediately, his administration through up road blocks. His administration set up a rule that the workers were allowed to work only twenty minutes at time with an hour of rest. When the weather became too extreme to work one beach, the workers tried to move to another area they were stopped. The EPA mandated that they must finish one area before they can start on a different beach. When one state started to protect their coast with barriers, the coast guard ordered them to move to another area allowing those beaches to be fowled. One state sent out boats to help with the oil, the Coast Guard impeded their progress by inspecting each boat to see if there were any safety violations like not enough life preservers. It seemed like Obama’s people were losing sleep while thinking up ways to delay the recovery.

As anger against his handling of the situation mounted, he decided to divert attention from his lame handling of the situation by demanding BP to set up a $20 billion dollar fund to be used for payment of lost wages and business due to the oil spill. He thought that would make him a hero. This action did nothing to help his image or divert attention from him. Obama seems to be more concerned with bankrupting BP then taking care of the situation.

As his administration brags, he did not want to miss an opportunity to further his goal of control. He stopped the production of all offshore deep wells. This put many more people on the unemployment lines, making more people depend on the government. Less domestic oil production also means greater dependents on foreign oil, higher prices, and furthering the lowering the standard of living making us more like the rest of the world and less the special country we have been since

Every program that comes from his administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid lowers our living standard, decreases ambition to succeed, and grows the size and influence of Big Brother government brining us closer and closer to a socialist state. Every socialist state eventually became a dictatorship. We have an opportunity to begin putting our country back on track to greatness and the light of hope, liberty, and freedom. We must vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work hard to make a big change in congress. Then we must work on grooming the right candidate to replace Obama in the White House.