Saturday, May 7, 2011

Don’t Let The Obama Machine Fool You Again

There is an old saying; “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” If we are taken in once, it might not be our fault. The second time we can only blame ourselves. The Obama machine fooled America and we elected him to the highest most powerful position in the world. He has been dismantling all that America was. The people have become disenchanted with him and his cadre. His reelection to a second term is in jeopardy. He is now campaigning for reelection.

He has been raising money for quite some time. He has or will have over a billion dollars in his campaign chest and has already started to spend it. To help keep America dependent on foreign energy sources he has pressured large corporations into promoting his “green” agenda. Today I saw a commercial promoting ethanol use in gasoline. A practice that is causing price increases in corn and corn products. This caused price increases in other items all over the world. Corn is used to feed farm animals. When it costs more to raise pigs, cattle, and chickens the price of these items is raised and we all have to pay more at the grocery store. It takes around 27 pounds of corn to distill one gallon of gas. This raises the price of gas, lot more than we think. Our government subsidizes the growing of corn. This is one way this administration is ruining America’s economy.

These people are doing everything they can to bring America to its knees. They are stubbornly keeping us from exploiting our own oil and natural gas reserves. At the same time we just gave billions of dollars to Brazil so they can hire the Chinese to drill for their oil. Not only that, but Obama promised to buy it. First we are denied to drill our deposits, denying American jobs and economic growth. Then we will have to spend more money to buy foreign oil.

These and his other actions are shoving America in to an even deeper economic hole. He is using the EPA to increase the price of energy which in turn raises the cost of everything else. During his campaign for president he vowed to bankrupt the coal industry. Coal is the major generator of America’s electricity. He is attacking our industries further hurting the economy.

This man cannot be allowed another term in the White House. Four more years and America will be in ruins. Ruining America’s economy not only makes Americans poor, it weakens America, including our police and military. If things continue, America will be vulnerable to attack. There are forces out there that are attacking us right now and soon we will not have the resources to defend ourselves.

Up until these past few months, Obama could not be accused of being too patriotic. He did not put his arm over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem. For years he refused to wear the American Flag Pendent. Instead of meeting with wounded troops he went to play basketball. There were many other incidences where he passed on honoring our military. He is against a day of prayer that every president before him participated in but he did pray with the Muslims on an Islamic Holy day. Now that the killing of Usama Bin Ladin was thrown into his lap he has said “God Bless” more times than during all the time he was running for president and after. He is honoring the troops that he ignored before. He has said “God Bless the troops” and “God Bless America” in his speeches about the killing of UBL. Finely he paid tribute the heroes of 9/11 in New York. It is just a ploy to mesmerize us. The man is on a campaign trail.

He has never stopped campaigning. We must no fall for his deceitful speeches. His intentions are not honorable. Reelecting him or any of his cadre in the Senate and House will bring America to ruin. We need people who will lift America to greater heights not those who are diminishing America’s greatness. November 2012 may be the last chance we have to rescue current and future American generations. Don’t let this opportunity pass by. Vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to elect them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Barak Husain Obama deserves no accolades for the death of UBL

When engaged in a war there should be only one goal that is to win. The feelings of the enemy can’t be part of the decision making in how to conduct a war. Much of the world Muslim community considered Usama Bin Laden a holy man. Well apparently so did our president. Our president scoffed at the National Day of Prayer yet he participated in prayer during a Muslim Holy Day. It was the decision of his administration to conduct Muslims services for the leader of people that have nothing but contempt for us. Muslims have hacked off the heads of news reporters, defiled the bodies of our military, tortured and raped civilians, pushed a man in wheel chair in to the ocean, and forced its own children back into a burning building because they were female and were not wearing head scarves. Usama Bin Laden inspired the incineration of almost three thousand unsuspecting innocent civilians. This man was the leader of the people that attacked the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington DC. The devastation of life and our economy was horrendous. After all this and much more how much respect did we owe people who celebrated these events in the streets by dancing, shooting into the air, and giving children candy? I do not feel a movement that is working very actively to shred our Constitution and replace it with a primitive 7th century mentality of Sharia Law deserves any respect at all. We are being attacked on many fronts. They are wrong and we are right. We must win and they must lose.

Some, even so called conservatives, praised president Obama for making a “gutsy” call. A call he had to make. If he did not give his ok to the elimination of America’s worst enemy he would have paid a heavy price had it become public that he let Usama Bin Laden escape. There was nothing “gutsy” about his decision. He was forced into it. Many American lives were lost hunting down this miserable excuse for a human being. He was caught because of the efforts set up by the previous administration. The “gutsy” call was made by the passengers of the third hijacked airplane when they said “let’s Rock ‘N’ Roll” and forced the plane to crash into a field. “Gutsy” calls were made by the men and women fighting our enemy. It was a “gutsy” call to hunt down our enemies. Our current president just happened to be on watch when the opportunity came to eradicate Usama Bin Laden. He had very little to do with it.