Monday, March 29, 2010

Voluntary Collectivism vs State Socialism

When living in Nebraska, I worked on a farm whose owner belongs to a coop. Several farmers in the area got together and formed a coop to benefit from large purchasing discounts and mass distribution of their products, milk, eggs, wheat, alfalfa, etc. This is voluntary collectivism, only the members benefited.

These coops worked very well. Insurance of any kind and mutual fund savings are based on the same principal. Members benefit from lower cost and payouts, if needed, are way above what any individual member could afford. The costs on both ends are regulated by the market, supply and demand. Under these conditions the collectives work well and all benefit.

All collectives depend on a stable economy, voluntary membership, and denial of benefits to non-members. Once the government ordains that non-members are guaranteed the same benefits as the voluntary members, membership is mandatory, or regulates costs of membership and payments to providers (as in health care) then we go beyond voluntary collectivism and enter the way of government forced socialism. Forced government socialism and the threats that come with it, is a form of terror.

Setting arbitrary costs and payments undermines the foundation of collectivism. Forced participation is also counterproductive to the concept of voluntary collectivism. This is true whether presented by the left or the right.

If people build shelters when it is not raining later they have protection from the elements. Those that do not take the time and effort to build shelters will get wet and cold. This situation presents a problem, do we allow the ones that did not prepare, to suffer or do we share our shelters with them? Government mandates are not the solution. They only create bigger problems. Education is the only answer. If people are thought that earning a living includes preparing for the future and not only how much immediate gratification one can achieve, there will not be the need for forced distribution of wealth. Any scheme for national prosperity must make education its foundation and ensure a growing economy to keep up with population growth.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Couple More Reasons to reject ObamaCare

Some months ago I cautioned people about two items not talked much about. I warned that Obama was going to make it illegal for private loans for college tuition as part of ObamaCare. Today it has been mentioned on FOX News several times.

No one seems to be too outraged about it. But think about it. If the government becomes the only way to get school loans, the government will be able to dictate who gets those loans. What if (ha I mean for sure) the government decides that to deny a loan to a “minority” applicant, just because they don’t qualify, is racist? This is socialism which can only lead to a dictatorship.

This is what happened to Sonja Mayor. She got to go to college even though her test scores were too low. Now she is a Supreme Court judge. We just might have brain surgeons who never qualified to be such but became so because it was “fair”.

The other item I warned about months ago that is now being talked about (again without much to do) is a little item in ObamaCare bill. It prohibits any future congress from repealing it. If this monstrosity gets passed, we will have to live with it forever.

ObamaCare is just another way to rob us of our liberty. Even if you have signed letters, sent emails, and made phone calls against the bill, do it again. Congress is getting ready to screw us all. No kisses. Talk about home grown terrorism, I feel I'm being terrorized.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Obama is undermining the Sovereignty of Israel

The Obama Administration realizes that peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is not possible as long as the goal of the Arabs is to eradicate Israel. Since the sympathies of the Obama Administration have never been with Israel they choose to take advantage of a crises, real or imagined.

The audacity of this administration to be able to dictate Israel’s land use is just another example of the self-proclaimed elite and superior status of those now running America. Their premises of legality to dictate to Israel is as falls as the proclamations in the Koran that Muslims have the right to dictate to those of other and non-faiths.

This administration’s goal to be the leader of a world government has to comply with all the elites of Europe wanting a world government. This is quite evident to critical thinkers. What is not evident, or just being ignored, is that the world leaders have paved the way for Islamic and Sharia rule in just about all of Europe. The socialist leaders don’t care about this since they feel strong enough to defeat any opposition including Jihadist terrorism. This was true when Hitler made agreements with the Soviet Union and is true now when Chavez makes deals with the Iranian regime. Neither side intends to keep the bargain.

Why is Obama undermining the Sovereignty of Israel? The answer is simple. It is part of a plan to eliminate democratic countries as they make a move for world domination. Once the democracies of the world are eliminated, the socialists will be at each other’s throats.

The survival of Israel is of paramount importance in the struggle for freedom and liberty. Israel’s destruction is same as the destruction of a free press in America, elimination of congressional oversight to who runs America (Czars), and replacement of our military with a “Civilian National Security” force. It is part of the attack on our Constitution, which established a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.