Friday, July 31, 2009

There is a New Bailout on the Horizon

If I go to Galpin Ford (Ford is the only private US car manufacturer left) to buy a new car, the government will use your credit card to add $4,500.00 to my down payment. All I have to do is find an older car and turn it in as a “clunker” to be destroyed.

To do this one has to go on a government website to declare it. Just now on the Glen Beck program; if you click “accept” on the “privacy” button when on the government clunker program you agree to the following (I am paraphrasing), that since you have accessed a government computer your computer and all current and future data on it is the property of the Federal Government and as such the government has a right to its content.

Not only is the government spending taxpayers money, of witch there is none (that’s where the credit card comes in), it is encouraging people to get further into debt, since the balance of the price will be a bank loan. Remember what happened when the government encouraged people to get further into debt by buying houses they could not afford? We had a mortgage meltdown and the banks got bailed out with taxpayer money. I see people defaulting on car loans and banks begging the government for a new bailout and we get more socialism.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This terrorist will go free

Afghan police arrested Jawad in December 2002 for allegedly throwing a grenade into a vehicle containing two US troops and an Afghan interpreter. Jawad confessed.

President Obama's Justice Department Wednesday night proposed a way for District Court Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle to order the freeing of Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Jawad, a writ of habeas corpus that will give Justice Department officials 22 more days to determine whether they can try Jawad in a criminal court in the U.S.

This terrorist will go free. Why, because to be tried in a civil court arresting officers and witnesses can be subpoenaed. In the heat of battle, there is no time to focus on the events in manner that any halfwit attorney would demand.

He can claim that he was tortured and his confession will be inadmissible. That leaves it up to eyewitnesses who will be hard to find and transport to the court. The presiding judge will have no alternative but to release Jawad.
This is how our president is “fighting” terrorism. His allegiance is with the enemy. We must put a stop this treason. We must vet new candidates, present office holders, and then work extra hard to get the right ones elected. This will frustrate Obama’s agenda. Then in 2012, Obama must be defeated.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama-speak: Healthcare Reform = Socialized Medicine and Government Control of Life and Death

The discouraging fact about this rush to Socialized Medicine is that all legislators regardless of their political philosophy are working to create a huge government bureaucracy to control our health care industry. The size of this project shouts efficiency is impossible and waste and fraud are inescapable. The decision makers will be so far removed form the providers of health care that every decision will be made based on financial considerations and not on the needs of the patients. This will result in a system that will have the efficiency and dedication to service of a DMV worker.

After seeing that no matter how much they care they cannot provide the required service, the workers will have the passion of paper pushers. Just as is the case in every country with a state run health care system, fraud, and black market will flourish.

Since there will be no room for profit, private health care organizations will quickly disappear and state clinics will take over. Health care providers will be paid much less. This can be seen by the payments that are made by Medicaid and Medicare. They are about 41 cents on the dollar that private insurance firms pay. With that kind of a pay scale, we won’t find the best of the best getting into health care.

The wait time for major care will be too long for many patients to survive their illness. The only recourse one will have will be to bribe doctors and nurses to allow them to cut in line and receive the care needed.
This rush to socialism must be stopped else, we end up like every socialist state; lousy major care and people dying needlessly. A major change in local, state, and federal government legislators is needed.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hidden Agenda of ObamaCare

Re-distribution of wealth encompasses more than just taking cash from those who earned it and giving it to those that didn’t. It includes denying the deserving.

The latest example is when several men qualified for advancement in their fire department but were not promoted because most of them where Caucasian. Now there were no quotas in place but it was decided that the politically correct thing to do was to deny them their due. Ms. Sonia Sotomayor summarily ruled that it was a proper decision. Soon, she will be confirmed to the highest court of the land.

This appointment along with Federal Government’s control of grants and loans to college students sets the stage for the use of criteria other than excellence graduating and hiring medical professionals. ObamaCare has provisions for selection of who will get to attend medical school, what fields of medicine they will study and practice, and where they will work. People with lesser qualifications will be admitted to medical school. The schools will be forced graduate not the best but an “equal representation” of the population. There will be no incentive to excel.

This means that the doctor diagnosing your ailment may not be knowledgeable enough to make an accurate assessment. Your dentist might have missed most of the classes on gum disease. How dedicated is a nurse who went through school with mediocre or even failing grades?

With ObamaCare, private medical practice will not exist. Medical professionals won’t be able to choose where to practice they will be placed where the government puts them. How dedicated will the medical professional be under these circumstances? How comfortable will you be, knowing that your life is in the hands of a disgruntled practitioner?

The Obama administration along with congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are working to control you in all aspects of your life. ObamaCare is one other part of this socialist plan. We all must reject socialism else we lose all that past generations have fought and some died for. Do not let that happen. Be sure to vet, campaign for, and elect candidates that will stand for our great constitution; freedom of speech, individual rights, and liberty for all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse

There is a big caveat that has not been addressed (as far as I know) by anyone. This plan will also grow government, eliminate many private enterprises, and exercise more control over the lives of Americans.

As people end their participation in a private health insurance plan they will be forced to take on ObamaCare. The lose of insured by the insurance companies combined with the ability of ObamaCare to undercut the cost (the government has no problem running in the red) will drive many insurance companies out of business. Eventually ObamaCare will either take over the control of or replace private hospitals with federal clinics.

This will increase the size of ObamaCare requiring more union federal employees (with the enthusiasm and efficiency of a DMV employee), not only growing the government but giving it more control over more people, the ObamaCare employees and the patients will now dependent totally on ObamaCare.

The government now controls 2/3 of our auto industry (manufactures, suppliers, and after market producers and suppliers). The Administration with its Czars is pulling all the strings on our financial institutions and this destruction of the insurance industry and elimination of private hospitals will just about take over the whole enchilada.

The next arena for the Obama Administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid is to get more control over institution of higher learning. They are contemplating prohibiting college loans by private lending institutions. Just think what power that will give them over the curriculum. The schools will be forced to produce more and more socialist dupes cementing this country in a Socialist Utopia.

And oh yes, you are aware that the National Socialists are planning to repeal term limits on the presidency, aren’t you? Just think, Obama will be eligible to be president for life. Isn’t that just peachy?

Americans have bent over to pick up the soap and the feds have grabbed us all by the waist. Soon we will all experience discomfort we were not planning on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It’s Up to Us to Save America

In 2005 the Democrat Machine decided that their strategy to obtain absolute power would be to demonize President Bush and anyone remotely associated with his administration. Just like the Nazis of Germany, Communists of Russia, and all socialist dictators throughout history have done, the Democrats decided they would not argue or fight the opposition they will eliminate it.

This is just a one part of a multi-pronged attack for complete control of the country that would assure the destruction of any and all opposition to a National Socialist Dictatorship. Congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid is fast abdicating all power to the Obama Administration. Right now there is too much power in the hands of the Czars, EPA, and other agencies run by the administration. This country is in danger of one person rule by the end of Obama’s first term.
Americans must stand up to this threat by the National Socialists to create a socialist dictatorship. Get involved join a group, find your precinct captains, and work to elect the right people to stop this dangerous slide.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Whole Body is Numb

The acts were horribly cruel yet I could not cry. The injustice was aggravating but I could not muster the strength to be angry. As I walked to my car my whole body was numb. Although I haven’t eaten since noon and it was after 9:00 PM it was hard for me to decide if I was hungry. On the way home I passed many restaurants but could not make up my mind what to eat or where. It wasn’t until an hour or so after getting home that I was able to warm up some leftovers.

Just witnessed the result of a 1,400 year old mentality still practiced today, not only in some remote hills in a country far away but spreading into the enlightened Western World. Laws based on a self serving theology that excuses the frailties of weak men looking to absolve them selves of their own selfishness, greed, and ignorance. This the result of the religion of convenience based on anger, subjugation, and tyranny.

The worst part was not that Soraya was framed and unjustly convicted. The worst is that men can be willing to do such horrible things to salvage their own “honor”. Islam, the religion of convenience excuses the weakness of men by victimizing women. You must see “the Stoning of Soraya M.

We can not stand by and allow this evil to corrupt our nation nor the world. When picking a candidate to support make sure he or she understands what Islam has brought to Europe, Australia, the Far East, and to our cities right her in America. Honor killings are happening in Europe. Soon Islam will entrench itself in more and more of our cities. We will see people being harassed, chased through the streets, and beaten. That is happening in Europe for wearing a Cross or Star of David. Women are being harassed for not dressing according to Islamic standards. Don’t let that happen here. Make sure that the candidate you support knows the danger. Make sure your legislators understand the danger. Get them to see “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bit by Bit Government is Encroaching on our Liberties

The leadership of Pelosi and Reid following along with the administration is setting the scene for even more future control of our lives. The latest bill calls for controls that will be implemented by government agencies, more and more of witch are being controlled by czars reporting directly to the president giving him ultimate control of your life. Has anyone contemplated the ramifications of this?

This bill allows the EPA to mandate retrofits to houses built now to comply with their whims years in the future. Before you can sell your house you will have to pass rigorous inspections. Talk is about having your house photographed with infrared cameras to gauge the amount of heat released by your house, a pressure test to measure the weather stripping effectiveness, and even the efficiency of electrical and water usage. The talk around the EPA is that they want you to have your thermostats connected to your power source so they (not you) can control the settings. When that is put into practice you would not be able to sell your house, condo, or apartment building with the government controlling how much you can cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter. A home owner would be required to make retrofits that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. However if you are connected with a government official you might be able to get a waiver. You know, just like the car dealer that got a senator to get him a reprieve form being shut down like the hundreds of other Chrysler and GM dealers across the country.

This country is looking more and more like a third world banana republic with all the corruption that goes along with those countries where a privileged few prosper and the rest of the population suffers.

It looks like another major change in our country is in the works. Democrats have been working on repealing the 22nd Amendment. A resolution, H.J. Res. 5, was introduced into committee on January 6, 2009 which seeks to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, thus removing term limits for U.S. presidents. Yes, you read it right. Democrat Representative Jose Serrano of New York wishes to allow unlimited terms for President Obama. It is easy to tell where Obama stands on this issue. Last week the Honduran Supreme Court ruled that President Manuel Zelaya’s attempt to become president for life in the style of Hugo Chavez was illegal. On that ruling the Honduran Military removed him from office and sent him to exile. Our President Obama must think that being president for life is a good think since he sided with the ousted “Chavez wana be” Zelaya and demanded that Honduras government re-instate Zelaya as president. He even abruptly end joint military maneuvers with Honduras.

According to an AP report, Obama stated, "We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there. It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections," he added. "The region has made enormous progress over the last 20 years in establishing democratic traditions. ... We don't want to go back to a dark past." This was not a coup. The military is adhering to the laws of their country.

What’s he afraid of? Why would Obama side with a tyrant rather than the people of Honduras? Could this “precedent” be a threat to his future plans?

Fellow Americans, the actions of our government is moving us towards a National Socialist Dictatorship. There is no time to lose. Mobilize your grass roots volunteers to thoroughly vet new candidates and then work the phone banks, walk the precincts, and donate as much as you can to elect representatives who want to preserve our Republic as intended by our founders.