Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama's Speech to Joint Meeting of Congress

The man knows how to make campaign speeches. There was very little difference between this speech and all the ones he made stumping to get elected. This one had as much substance in it as all his previous ones.

There are a few things that caught my attention and requires attention from all of us. First he spent a lot of time blaming things on the Republican Bush Administration. Never did he mention that for the first seven years of the Bush years this country benefited from unparalleled prosperity. The stock market hit all time highs and unemployment was at an all time low. It wasn’t until 2006 when the Democrats gained control of Congress that things started going south. It was at that time that the Democrats went full steam ahead to destroy Bush and the Republicans. They decided to forgo taking care of the country’s business and concentrate on impeaching Bush and others in his administration. They interfered in the war in Iraq. To further discredit Bush and Republicans they were hoping for defeat, none of this was brought up.

What he did mention as a side line was that he intends to stop all development of “cold war era weapons development”. That is code for he will stop most of the funding that would enable our military to keep us, our alias, and other interests in the world safe from harm. If we pay no attention to anything else we need to give our attention to his intention to do what Jimmy Carter did to our ability to defend our selves.

The non- Stimulus Bill he signed will cost us more than the Iraq war, Katrina, and the war in Afghanistan put together, this in just the first month of his administration. Then he told us he will save us money stopping contracts with companies supplying our troops, end development of new military capability, drastically reducing agriculture subsidies, and cutting pork (like he did with the bill he just signed, oh boy). How he hopes to supply the troops he is sending to Afghanistan he did not mention. What is going to happen to the rest of our troops when he recalls them from Iraq was also not mentioned. All I see is he will add them to the unemployment lines.

To me his talk about not burdening our children with a huge debt rang very empty to me. How are they to pay for his version of socialized health care can only be from higher taxes and less care.

He did not seem at all worried by Islam’s attack on the Western World, the biggest threat we are now facing.

His desire to tax the “rich” more, give tax rebates to those that pay no taxes, and mess with private enterprise was very disheartening. All in all it was what I expected and he made no points with me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My America, what is happening to you?

Several months ago, I posted that BHO is going decimate our military and replace it with the National Civilian Security Force, which he intends to arm. He and the Democrats are working on silencing any descent with the un-Fair Doctrine. So far the main media are still keeping with his campaign of Hope and Change. Soon they too will be muzzled and won’t know when it is happening until it is too late.

Let’s take a look at his progress. He is spending more money then this country has so we won’t have any left for the military. This will give him an excuse to cut all weapons development and reduce our armed forces to a bunch of paper pushers. His cadre in congress is hell bent on the reinstituting the un-Fair Doctrine. They are right now conspiring to sneak it in to some bill. This is being done behind closed doors (just like they did with the un-Stimulus Plan) and no one will know it is happening. He has already sowed the seeds to create regional Homeland Security centers in military camps all over America, the start of his own private army to spy and turn in “offenders” of his regime. The government now owns large parts of our banks, lending and insurance institutions, and two thirds or our auto industry. He is now in control of the Census Bureau giving him control setting up voting blocks that will benefit the socialist agenda. He is implementing is plan right on schedule. America is blind to all this.

I warned that his plan is very close to that of Hitler and Stalin when they came to power and that he is moving this country to socialism. Nazism is short for National Socialists, a socialist system of the elite with lots of money. Communist is the dictatorship of the proletariat, socialism by the economically disadvantaged. Both end up as a socialist totalitarian dictatorship. America is heading in that direction.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Stimulus Collusion

“The House and Senate bills each include about $200 million in additional funding for inspectors general. But some observers say that may be insufficient given the demands.” When the government attempts to “stimulate” the economy by spending, inherently the amount spent has a built in feature to skim lots of that money right of the top. The $200 million is to be spent on people watching the people that dole this money out. The people that dole that money out will also need to be paid, so right away a large amount is being spent just on the action of spending.

Then there is another issue. If the people that do the doling out can’t be trusted how can the inspectors be trust since they are being hired by the same people that hired those to be watched? Remember those that do the hiring are representatives of the recipients of the money. ACORN is to get a lot of money. ACORN is a friend of the government, can we all say collusion? The more the government controls the more controls are necessary. Government involvement always includes government control leading to wasteful use of resources. What ever percentage of this bill may stimulate the economy, a large portion will be used up by the government.

We may not be able to stop this bill but we must stop the politicians that are pushing this country towards an unsustainable system doomed to failure. We can work to remove those with socialist agendas and replace them with those in touch with reality and promoting capitalist democracy.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Call for Dialogue with Muslims is Just Part of The Jihad.

Muslims and others are trying to set the stage for dialogue between Western and Islamic leaders. They are trying to maneuver any discussions to concentrate on what the west must do. They are making demands that the west stop economic sanctions like the ones against Iran, Hamas, Hizbollah and others. There is no talk about what Islam needs to do for better relations with the west.

The leaders of Islam are on a quest to decimate the world’s population of Jews and to subjugate the world to Islam. We do not want to submit to Islam and I am sure that the Jews have no desire to be exterminated to please the warped desires of Islam. Now each side believes that their views are better than the other’s. The main difference between the two is the west is willing to tolerate all religions while Islam can not tolerate other beliefs and independent thought. To them just the mere existence of a different belief is an attack on Islam. This attitude is not conducive to rational debate let alone negotiations for mutual existence. When a country like Iran is calling for the destruction of a nation and a people, calls those that are not in tune with that attitude (including other Muslims nations) as the enemy, and is working on developing nuclear weapons and means to deliver them long range the west is left with only two options; economic sanctions or military action. We need to do what ever we can to prevent the mass murder of a people and the spread of the aggression in the Middle East which will spread to the rest of the world. Sanctions are a humane way of trying to convince Iranians and others to become a better world neighbor; especially since the alternative would bring misery and death to perhaps millions.

The other topic that Islamic leaders and pundits want on the table in “negotiations” is ending support for nations with autocratic governments that do not echo the call to for the destructions of all non-Muslims. I assume they are talking about nations like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and others. These nations are under attack by forces that want to overthrow these governments and replace them with a Caliphate style of rule like the Taliban instituted in Afghanistan. The standard of living in these nations would revert to seventh century Islam, a way of life where women are property and are not allowed an education. All the resources of these nations would be applied to the Islamic war on the west at the expense of the people of those lands.

Agreeing to either of these demands by Islamic leaders would be tantamount to aiding and abetting the goals of those that are on a quest to destroy us. I say Islam needs to accept independent thought, freedom of speech, and respect other religions before we can begin negotiations for mutual benefit.

The west has but one option if Islam does not have a major reformation; we win they lose.