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Pedophilia is NOT a Crime – Paving the way for Sharia?


Liberal Prof. Margo Kaplan: Pedophilia is NOT a Crime – Paving the way for Sharia?

Margo Kaplan is a special kind of liberal thinker. The special kind that believes all behavior is excusable, because we should all be ‘tolerant’. Well, I have news for you, lady. This isn’t gonna fly with most of mainstream Americans, and probably not many of your colleagues, either.

She has written a precious little article that states, of all things, that now we should accept the PEDOPHILES are victims, too. She’s serious. Like really serious. She explains in an interview below:
Margo Kaplan is not very popular today. In the Monday edition of the New York Times, the Rutgers-Camden law professor, an NYU and Harvard graduate, takes to the op-ed pages to argue that we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to pedophilia. She writes that pedophiles don’t necessarily turn out to be child molesters and that pedophilia is not a choice, i.e. a pedophile might be born that way. We reached her in her office in Camden to discuss.

You really lit up the comments section of the op-ed page today.

Yes, but I have to be honest. I am getting more emails of support than I ever expected. I’m shocked. I expected to get maybe 95% negative emails, but I’ve gotten so many positive ones. The online comments, though, are pretty uniformly negative, and a lot of people haven’t even read the article.
I know your pain. Who are you getting these positive emails from?

A lot of people I don’t even know. There’s a former prosecutor, a judge, a nurse. Individuals with family members who have pedophilia.

I know your pain, too. Please read it before sending me an expletive laced email of nonsense. Thank you.


How much of the population has pedophilia?
We’re not entirely sure, but the estimates are around one-percent of the male population, and those in the female population are assumed to be much smaller. As far as the number of people with pedophilia who do sex offend and who do not, there are a lot of assumptions but very little data, because we have very little treatment, very little information.

Why is that?

There is so much stigma. There is very little reason to come forth and identify as a pedophile. There are no large scale studies, no large treatment programs, no big research studies on this. I contacted the National Institutes of Health, and they don’t spend any money on pedophilia.

But you are basically saying, hey, let’s take it easy on pedophiles.
Well, but I am not saying that about sex offenders. I say that they remain responsible for their conduct. We need to treat pedophiles before they offend. People see the word “pedophile” and think “sex offender.” People choose to sex offend children. They do not choose to be pedophiles.

There is ‘stigma’ because people DON’T want their kids abused or hurt in anyway. People worry about their kids, this is a natural function in a parent/child relationship.

Since you say there are so many misconceptions, why don’t you tell us what a pedophile really is.

A person with an intense and recurrent sexual attraction to prepubescent children, children who have not yet entered any form of puberty. And according to the DSM [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders], it constitutes a mental disorder when you act on it, but not just that. It also constitutes a mental disorder if it causes “marked distress or interpersonal difficulty,” and, as you can imagine, pedophilia will cause this.

In your article, you open by saying that as a pedophile’s numerical age increases into teenage years and then adulthood, the numerical age of those he is attracted to does not. Are most pedophiles really starting that young?

For many individuals, it is really an onset in adolescence, similar to how many sexual attractions happen. Individuals who are heterosexual, you realize you are attracted to the opposite sex when you are a kid. For a pedophile, you get older, but you keep being attracted to little kids, and many people start to realize this during adolescence. So imagine trying to deal with that during adolescence in addition to the other confusing feelings that you’re having.
If America is totally off course on this issue, is there any country that is getting it right?

We’re not that unique. But Germany is ahead of the curve. They have a large scale treatment program called Prevention Project Dunkenfeld, which is probably the first large scale treatment project that also includes non-offenders. They have billboards everywhere: “Do you have attraction to children in ways that you shouldn’t? You are not responsible for your attraction, but you are responsible for your behavior.”.

Oh, good. She says the pedophiles should be responsible for what they do. Well DUH. Welcome to being an ADULT. This is just despicable. And this is someone teaching! Commence ripping out hair in 5, 4, 3….

While this is ‘hot’, let us consider this: is this another way to allow Muslims to start bringing, or marrying here, their child brides? All in the name of acceptance, the liberals will say. What road are we taking this down? How can we say ANY of this should be acceptable? The slope we are sliding down is slippery indeed when we start talking about this as some sort of ‘alternate’ sexuality or lifestyle. This is a sexual deviance, and the people attracted to children need help for the protection of our kids.

Please share this if you think that pedophilia is a CRIME and shouldn’t be tolerated!

Read more at Joe For America

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Isis to Israel: “We’re coming.” Mossad: “We’re waiting”


We’re coming very soon.” This was the message Isis wanted to send to Israel via web. In recent days, in fact, there was an escalation of threats posted on the Web by militants of the Caliphate that, with this cyber-operation, wanted to give assurances to anti-Israeli extremists, particularly Palestinians, that Islamic State did not forgot them and that their arrival inJerusalem, called a “bridge to Islam“, is near.
The commentators of the video, in the background, wanted to emphasize the desire to strike with simultaneous attacks various parts of the country, threatening both Israel and Egypt, calling his ally “apostate”. The images immortalize Isis fighters on desert dunes, as if to indicate the march to Israel from the Syrian border. The videos also depicts the provinces of the Caliphate of Raqqa in Syria, Mosulin Iraq, Derna in Libya and the Sinai, locations identified by the intelligence as “senders” of videos.

Isis is not new on sending threats to Israel, but the simultaneity of the about ten video messages surprised even the highly efficient intelligence service of the Jewish state. Israeli anti-terrorism experts, who monitor Isis forces, consider the posts of the Caliphate credible, also in view of the undoubted ability of its militants to carry out attacks on different targets simultaneously, as occurred recently in Europe. In recent days, in Israel and in Egypt, there has been a succession of events that are non-negligible signals of support of the strategy mapped out by followers of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. On May 8, in fact, Egyptian jihadist group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (defenders of Jerusalem), which since November 2014 has been sworn to ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the killing of eight Egyptian policemen at Helwan, on the outskirts de Cairo. Four masked terrorists, coming out of a van that had blocked the way for a minibus of the Egyptian police, fired with automatic weapons, killing all occupants and running away from the scene.

During the same week, on the southern edge of theGaza Strip, several mortar shells were fired at Israeli border guards, causing no victims. The attack was claimed by the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad“, while, in response to the rocket fire from Gaza to Khan Younis, Israeli aircrafts hit two infrastructure occupied by Hamas members.

On May 10, in Jerusalem, another attack was made in what has been called the intifada of knives. Two elderly women were wounded with a dagger by two men in the Harmon Hanatziv neighborhood, in the south of the capital. The attackers then fled towardsJabel Mukaber suburb. On the same evening, the explosion of a bomb wounded an Israeli soldier in the Hizme checkpoint, at the north of Jerusalem. This last episode has attracted the attention of Israeli intelligence experts, as the exploded bomb would be part of a more complicated “chain” of

Thirteen French officers 'captured by Syrian Army'

By , Paris, and Amy Willis  8:07AM GMT 05 Mar 2012

Thirteen French officers have been captured by Syrian forces according to the Lebanon-based Daily Star newspaper, the first mainstream media outlet to report on rumours of Western troops on the ground. 

Thirteen French soldiers 'captured by Syrian Army'

The French foreign ministry dismissed the report, however, telling the Daily Telegraph that not a single French soldier is on Syrian soil. 
But the defence ministry was less categorical, saying it neither confirmed nor denied the claim. 
A photographer who recently escaped from the besieged Syrian city of Homs also dismissed suggestions French soldiers had intervened to secure his evacuation and that of three other Western reporters. 
The report came on Monday as the Red Cross and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent reached two neighbourhoods of Homs where they were distributing food and blankets to civilians, including families who had fled the battered district of Baba Amr. 
The teams still do not appear to have been allowed into Baba Amr itself. 

 We are in the neighbourhoods of al-Inshaat and al-Tawzii. Al-Inshaat is the closest neighbourhood to Baba Amr. 

Obviously there is the resident population in need of help, as that neighbourhood was also affected by the violence, but it also hosts many families who have fled Baba Amr,” Hicham Hassan, spokesman of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said. 

An ICRC convoy carrying food for “several thousand people” and other relief supplies had also arrived in Homs from Damascus, the second in less than a week, he said.
It has also emerged that Syria envoy Kofi Annan will go to Damascus on March 10.
The report claiming that French officers are on the ground came from the Daily Star, a reputable newspaper in Beirut.
The Daily Star cites a Damascus-based Pro-Syrian Palestinian source as alleging that the French troops are being held in a field hospital in Homs. 

The source claimed officials in Paris and Damascus are brokering a deal on what to do with the French nationals.
No explanation as to why the French troops had been in Syria was given nor was any indication as to whether they had been part of a larger contingent. 

It was not possible to independently verify the claims.
A foreign ministry spokesman in France said: “We deny the idea that there are French troops on the ground”. A defence spokesman said: “We have no information on this. We neither confirm nor deny it". 

Damascus has not commented on the presence of French troops on Syrian soil. 

However, Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said last month it had no intention of intervening in the country as with Libya. 

"No, I don’t think so because Syria is also a different society, it is much more complicated ethnically, politically, religiously. That’s why I do believe that a regional solution should be found,” he said. 

Homs, 20 miles from the Lebanese border, remains a strategic battleground with forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad unrelenting in their bombardment of the area and anti-Assad demonstrators continuing their protests against the tyrannical dictator. 

Activists said yesterday at least 12 people, including three children and three women, were killed in shelling in Rastan, a suburb of Homs, on Sunday. Men from another suburb, Baba Amr, were rounded up separately and 10 were lined up against a wall and shot, activists and refugees claimed.
French journalist Edith Bouvier was smuggled out of Syria with three others last week after sustaining a broken leg in what some claimed was a targeted-attack on western reporters. 

Marie Colvin, a reporter for The Sunday Times, was killed in the shelling on February 22 alongside French photojournalist Remi Ochlick. They had been working from a makeshift media centre in the neighbourhood when they were hit. 

The report did not say whether the French troops were part of the mission to evacuate the reporters, who had been holed up in a safe house for one week following the deadly shelling.
But in an interview this morning with France Info radio, 
William Daniels, the French photographer who escaped with Edith Bouvier, denied any contact with French forces.
“I never saw any French troops during this operation. We were only with Syrians from the (rebel) Free Syrian Army. We owe our escape to them,” he said. 

He added: “We were unable to contact anyone (from the French authorities) for the entire trip as there were no telephone lines, obviously no internet and no satellite telephones, and anyway we wouldn’t have used a satellite phone as it would have allowed (the Syrian army) to locate us.” 

Accounts of the escape have only mentioned rebel help, although French Ambassador Eric Chevallier returned to Damascus last week to discuss extracting the journalists safely. 

France announced it was closing its embassy on Friday, as assaults continued in the region. Britain has already evacuated its embassy. 
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FEMA official warns: “[…] everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast”, massive natural disaster coming



PACIFIC NORTHWEST (INTELLIHUB) — “Our operating assumption is that everything west of Interstate 5 will be toast,” a FEMA official told Kathryn Schulz of the New Yorker. “When the next full-margin rupture happens, that region will suffer the worst natural disaster in the history of North America.”, Schulz wrote about an anticipated future mega-quake.

 “The worst natural disaster in the history of America is coming […] if I lived right now in the Pacific Northwest I would be considering moving — seriously,” Fox newscaster Shepard Smith warned his audience before going on to explain how a “colossal earthquake and […] tsunami” will likely strike the Pacific Northwest in the not too distant future.

“They [scientists] are all in agreement, it is absolutely coming,” said Smith, “a wall of water […] up to a hundred feet high and up to seven-hundred feet across.

“Houses […] dump-trucks […] schools” will be washed away, “thousands and thousands will not escape.”
“Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and Olympia, Salem and Eugene wiped out. Altogether about 7 million people and that’s not including tourists.”

“These massive 9.2 earthquakes […] happen at regular intervals […] on average, according to scientists, about every 240 years.”, said Smith.

The segment, which was based on the New Yorker’s write-up, also featured top Astrophysicist Michio Kaku. Shockingly during the broadcast Kaku explained how the Cascadia Fault has already yielded evidence to “scientists” showing how “we could be long overdue for another big one.”

“In the inundation zone we have 70,000 that have almost no clue as to what could happen.”, said Kaku. 

Unfortunately Smith already pointed out that the massive tsunami would likely hit about “fifteen minutes” after the earthquake leaving no time for people to flee.

Kaku also offered some advice, saying, “I would think twice” about living in the Pacific Northwest.”

“In the lifetime of some of our viewers they may see Seattle and Portland destroyed,” warned Kaku.
In preparation for such a disaster “Oregon OEM is urging all Oregonians to participate in the Great Oregon ShakeOut earthquake drill on Oct. 15 at 10:15 a.m. It is part of the nation’s largest earthquake drill, and last year more than 390,000 Oregonians participated. Register at http://shakeout.org/oregon/register/ and take steps to make your family safer.” — KTVZ 21

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The writer regarded as the greatest Arabic language poet alive today has said Islam cannot be modernised.

Adunis Asbar, known by his pen name Adonis, is a Syrian-born writer often considered one of the greatest living poets of the Arabic language. He has come under criticism for comments he made recently about Islam before receiving the Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize, named after the famous pacifist and author of the classic World War One novel ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’.

In an interview with Die Welt he talked about one of the most pressing issues in Germany since the migrant crisis began, the idea of being able to integrate migrants from predominately Muslim countries into European societies.

Being raised a Muslim himself and having one of the greatest understandings of the language of the Quran, Adonis said: “You can not reform a religion. If they are reformed, [the original meaning] is separated from it. Therefore, modern Muslims and a modern Islam is already impossible. If there is no separation between religion and state, there will be no democracy especially without equality for women. Then we will keep a theocratic system. So it will end.”

Laying down a heavy critique of the Islamic world, he added: “Arabs have no more creative force. Islam does not contribute to intellectual life, it suggests no discussion. It is no longer thought. It produces no thinking, no art, no science, no vision that could change the world. This repetition is the sign of its end. The Arabs will continue to exist, but they will not make the world better.”

The remarks are in reference to the broader questions of how he sees the Middle East, and specifically his native Syria which has been in a state of civil war for years. Adonis describes the totality of Islam in the life of people in the Islamic world saying Muslim society is “based on a totalitarian system. The religion dictates everything: How to run, how to go to the toilet, who one has to love…”…

“I have long been an opponent of Assad. The Assad regime has transformed the country into a prison. But his opponents, the so-called revolutionaries, commit mass murder, cut people’s heads off, sell women in cages as goods and trample human dignity underfoot.”

Adonis was referring to the Islamic State and the Al-Nusra front (an Al Qaeda affiliate) who have become the largest opposition force to Assad over the course of the civil war.

Breitbart London has already reported that attempts to house and integrate Muslim migrants will cost Germans and other European countries billions of euros, and according to Adonis’ opinion it could be a useless endeavour.

When asked if he receives death threats from radical Islamists Adonis said: “Of course, but I do not care. For certain convictions people should risk their lives.”

Stevens Had To Die. He Knew Enough To Permanently Burn Obama, Jarrett and Holder…

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visits the historical Badshahi Masjid in Lahore 
Wednesday, May 7, 2014 13:02
 By Fred Brownhill

 Did you know THIS? Click on the link at the bottom of this article after reading it. It certainly explains why our American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, knowing that an attack on the Benghazi Embassy was going down, BEGGED Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (at this stage what does it matter?) for 12 extra security personnel to add to the 12 that he had during a conference call with the State Department on August 15, 2012. What did Hillary Clinton DO? What was her response to his SERIOUSLY URGENT REQUEST? She not only did NOT add the 12 that he was pleading for, but she withdrew 6 of the 12 that he already had, leaving him with 3 in Tripoli and 3 in Benghazi !! She arranged to allow the security of our Embassy and staff to fall to an al Qaeda backed small armed group of third world terrorists! 

Stevens had to die. He knew enough to permanently burn Obama, Jarrett and Holder…

by Fred Brownbill on May 4, 2014 in Activists, Constitution Legal Watch

9/11/12. A day of shame to our nation.

Did you know THIS? Click on the link at the bottom of this article after reading it. It certainly explains why our American Ambassador, Chris Stevens, knowing that an attack on the Benghazi Embassy was going down, BEGGED Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (at this stage what does it matter?) for 12 extra security personnel to add to the 12 that he had during a conference call with the State Department on August 15, 2012. What did Hillary Clinton DO? What was her response to his SERIOUSLY URGENT REQUEST? She not only did NOT add the 12 that he was pleading for, but she withdrew 6 of the 12 that he already had, leaving him with 3 in Tripoli and 3 in Benghazi !! She arranged to allow the security of our Embassy and staff to fall to an al Qaeda backed small armed group of third world terrorists!
For three hours after the burnt, raped (in the case of our Ambassador), beaten, shot and damaged bodies of our four brave Americans were located, collected and bought to the air field, no plane was even dispatched to collect them. For THREE HOURS. Even then this Administration did not do the right and respectful thing and retrieve and return the bodies in a timely manner.

Folks. There is no other word we can use other than treason, and if America is ever going to begin to heal and become the Nation we once were, this act of treason must be fully and independantly examined and we must have the strengh and unity to demand that we do the right thing. Those involved must face justice or surely, as a Nation, we can never again hold our heads up and say we are a Nation of laws and morals. Never again can we hold up our heads and be a shining example to the rest of the world.

America, I plead of you. Contact every law maker you know. Do it regularly. Get your friends, family and social media buddies to do the same. Let us strike while the iron is hot. The information about this whole cover up, the lies told by this Administration, the prepared lies about a 10 minute, low grade, amateur anti-islamic film on You Tube being the reason for this sudden and unexpected attack on American soil, is coming out daily and will be unstoppable if we continue shouting out about it and demanding answers to the tough questions. How the producer of that stupid, extremely low grade video with under 200 counted hits then faced and served jail time as part of the cover up.

Hilary Clinton
That’s much more than ‘mere’ dereliction of duty! That’s being a co-conspiratorial accessory to murder, isn’t it? There was worse to come from both S.O.S. Hillary Clinton and our usurper in the Peoples’ House, the C.I.C. Barrack Hussein Obama. Why can’t anyone yet see that Hillary’s top priority was to make sure that Ambassador Stevens was utterly defenseless? The kidnapping plot was apparently supposed to be swift and bloodless. If not, then there is no other explanation for why Stevens and his staff at the Benghazi compound didn’t have at the very least 24 heavily armed U.S. Marines around the perimeter and within the facility as we do in every other Embassy around this sick globe.
Will these questions and others such as on the Obama Administrations gun running to al Qaeda terrorist groups there ever actually be asked in the upcoming investigation on Benghazi?                                                                    


Will all those that were involved in this terrible plot be held to answer in a court of law for their crimes, regardless to their positions in this Administration?
Will all those involved be arrested and tried by a Jury of their peers for murder and treason regardless to their positions should they be found by the investigators to have a case to answer?

If found guilty will all those involved in these heinous murders actually face the penalty prescribed under law for treason and murder, which is death, regardless to their position?
Will America do the right thing here regardless to the culprits positions?

I am not holding my breath that even the real questions will be asked or that anyone will actually be made to answer and take responsibility and face the legal consequences for this heinous act against fellow Americans.

Look at these facts: There is also absolutely NO defense as to why, during the run up to the actual attack (which the White House knew was coming) and during the actual attack that there was no rescue attempt. We had a lot of assetts within a few hours of Benghazi. We had Generals and an Admiral with troops and special force operatives ready to go, who were ordered to stand down. When they queried the orders they were immediately relieved of duty and of their commands.

We had AC 130s Spectre air gun platforms in the immediate area, we had drones which were armed, we had armed and ready military personel including Special Force operatives based in Italy and other areas and all were ready to go plus there was assorted other air support within a short flight time from Benghazi.



BREAKING: Trump Fears Elite Planning ‘JFK Style Assassination’


The New World Order controlled evil in Washington does not only kill foreign leaders who try to disrupt their master plan, they also kill their own. JFK warned that secret societies were running the world and their was a plan to enslave every American man, woman, and child. This was enough to get the popular President killed.

Now Trump is threatening to expose the US establishment’s biggest secrets should he become President. Speaking at a campaign event in Bluffton, SC, Trump raised the issue of the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

“We went after Iraq, they did not knock down the World Trade Center.” Trump told those in attendance. “It wasn’t the Iraqis that knocked down the World Trade Center, we went after Iraq, we decimated the country, Iran’s taking over, okay,” Trump continued.

“But it wasn’t the Iraqis, you will find out who really knocked down the World Trade Center. Because they have papers in there that are very secret, you may find it’s the Saudis, okay? But you will find out.”

Trump was referring to the 28 pages of the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, which remain classified and withheld from the public on grounds of ‘national security’. The pages are thought to implicate the Saudi Royal Family in financing the supposed hijackers in the United States prior to the attacks.

The GOP, his own party, are even having trouble deciding whether to support him. While he has become the presumptive nominee and his primary battle is all but over, there is a war going on inside the Republican Party. Some members of Congress are saying they will back him. However most Senators and senior party members are having serious jitters about Trump and are refusing to rally around him.

Both sides of the political establishment don’t want Trump anywhere near the White House. The mainstream media are vilifying him. In short, the sock puppets of the New World Order are united against him. They have a lot to lose if somebody who isn’t playing by their rules takes control.
Will they allow an outsider to win the election? And if he manages to overcome their efforts against him, how long until he is taken out? Do not be surprised if this happens – and soon – with a Muslim or possibly Mexican assassin lined up as a convenient scapegoat for another New World Order political assassination in America.

U.S. Marine Court Martialed For Refusing To Remove Biblical Verse

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 10.01.08 AM

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The war on religion continues, from attempting to take Christ out of Christmas, to banning the word “God” from our National Anthem, secular progressives have systemically attempted to rewrite history, and in so doing deny the fact that America was and “is” founded on “Judeo-Christian” principles set forth by our Founders and thus written within our “founding documents” most notably within our Constitution. 

However that hasn’t stopped the loony left from their mission to do whatever they can to propagate an anti-religious (except for Muslims) secular ideology

The latest dust-up happened recently at Camp Lejeune when a young Marine refused to remove a Bible verse on her computer desktop. The screen read “No weapon formed against me shall prosper.”

The military determined that the line “could easily be seen as contrary to good order and discipline.”

Sterling, the Marine, was convicted at a court-martial for refusing to obey the orders to remove the verse.
This refusal has now left her unemployed, a process that will be extraordinarily difficult given her charge of bad conduct and dishonorable discharge.

No doubt disobeying a “lawful order” is a serious infraction however the military had other options available to remedy the situation, rather than such a harsh and punitive action as a “dishonorable discharge.”

Michael Berry, an attorney for the Liberty Institute said; “If the government can order a Marine not to display a Bible verse, they could try to order her not to get a religious tattoo, or go to church on Sunday.” 

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Muslim ‘refugees’ in Murmansk go too far with Russian girls: Some in hospital, some in jail


Migrants from the Middle East, hitting a night club near the Norwegian border in the Murmansk region, started harassing Russian young women, and realised too late that they were not in the EU.  Russian men, as they should have known, and as our picture suggests, are slightly different to those in the West.
Though the police authorities have no wish to talk about it, in effect denying mass injuries to a group of migrants, local social network users were happy to share their commentaries on the incident.
The trouble started when Norway expelled about 50 Middle Eastern and Afghanistan migrants for “bad behavior” back to Russia, which they’d passed through on their way to the land of milk, honey and liberal-minded blondes. Once in Russia, the testosterone-charged ‘refugees’ decided to go out for some fun at the local “Gandvik” discotheque, and oblivious to where they were, decided to start groping the Russian girls.
The problem came down to the fact that in Murmansk, men just aren’t brainwashed into the tolerance of ‘enlightened’ Europe. Judging from the comments of local social network users, they tried to run away and hide, but they were found and “educated.” If entire squadrons of police hadn’t arrived, the situation would have gotten really bad, especially in view of the frosts of Murmansk.
To make things even worse for the migrant gropers, judging

She was a strong supporter of bringing muslim ‘refugees’ to Sweden…yet this was her fate at the hands of those she supported


 Elin Krantz, once a beautiful blond woman, young and full of life, is now dead in the ground and six months decomposed.

Supposedly, she was a member of the “We Like Diversity” Facebook page, called herself “multicultural” and a supporter of Third-world immigration into Sweden, the country of her birth. Maybe in those last few moments of life, she changed her mind about a few things, as if it made any difference. On that day, Elin and her african immigrant killer were riding the same tram to the Hisingen neighbourhood in Sweden.
Shortly thereafter Krantz was found raped and murdered in a wooded area not far from the tram stop.

Her 23-year-old African “refugee” (who supposedly once lived in the US) killer was arrested shortly after the killing. He was charged with murder and aggravated rape. According to the prosecutors, the attack was one of “extreme ruthlessness”.

The dead woman was reported to have been a member of the facebook community “We like diversity.”

SPREAD THIS: Look What 121 Criminal Illegals Did AFTER Obama Set Them Free… Media Silent


President Barack Hussein Obama apparently believes that allowing illegal immigrants to set up shop in America somehow benefits us as a society. However, newly released evidence suggests otherwise.

According to a government report released Monday, 121 of the detained illegal immigrants that his administration released back into our country went on to kill people.
Take for instance Apolinar Altamirano, who, after being released by Obama’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, was subsequently arrested on Jan. 22 for “first-degree murder, armed robbery and related offenses.”

Another 33 illegal immigrant murderers were released because of immigration court orders, while 21 were released because of a 2001 Supreme Court decision that capped the amount of time that illegal immigrants can be detained. The rest were released directly by ICE.

Furthermore, critics of Obama’s pathetic immigration enforcement suspected that “the violence rate for released immigrants is probably much higher and the 121 charged are only those who have been caught.”

“Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime,” Maria Espinoza, an advocate for victims of crimes committed by illegal immigrants, explained to reporters. “This further supports what we have been fighting for. The safety and welfare of Americans must be the priority of the administration and the Republican-led Congress.”

Friday, May 27, 2016

This West Point Instructor Just Issued a Call to the Military to Overthrow Obama…

 Tuesday, December 8, 2015 

Who can blame a West Point instructor, a man of honor who has served his nation faithfully, for suggesting in a law review article that the military should overthrow the treasonous Obama, and put him where he belongs: In Leavenworth, awaiting a trial for treason, where if convicted, he can pick between the gallows or a firing squad? It’s not like there isn’t support for the idea among every day Americans either.

In a recent poll, 1/3 of Americans Said They Would Support Military Coup of the Obama Administration. That doesn’t even include the millions who have no idea the extent of the President’s treachery because the mainstream media is in lock step with him, and constantly provides him with cover. If the American people knew that a Top Obama Appointee (Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency), Said “The President Knowingly and Willingly Armed ISIS,” how many more would agree? What if they knew a Four Star Admiral with intimate details of Benghazi accused Obama of Treason, Colluding With the Enemy, and Providing the Enemy with Stinger Missiles? Then there’s also a Lieutenant General who has accused Obama of Treason saying he’s allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to infect every level of government, and then what if the American people heard what a former CIA Director, and a former Assistant Director of the FBI had to say about Obama? I bet that 1/3 of Americans would be closer to 2/3 of Americans. Why? Those are some very credible sources who have come forward but conveniently been covered up by Obama’s Crime Inc., and the media.

It’s not just domestically that people want Obama tried for treason. In the first video below, and Egyptian reporter goes bonkers:

“We’ve said to them a million times, and we are still saying… Obama the liar, the ally of the terrorists, I call him a liar. He’s a liar. He is the ally of the terrorists, and this Obama deserves to stand trial!” Watch the video to see what he says about the American people for falling for Obama’s nonsense… 

 This vdeo not avilable here.

In the second video, Alex Jones goes through a laundry list of items Obama is guilty of treason for, and both above, and after the article about the West Point Instructor are even MORE examples of Obama’s clear-cut treason. If he doesn’t eventually flee the country as the sniveling little worm of a coward that he is, eventually, I believe we’ll get the justice we deserve for what Obama has “knowingly and willingly” done to this country, using his own appointees words. 


A former West Point instructor who has called for American critics of the “war on terror” to be imprisoned or executed as traitors suggests that the U.S. military would be hailed as the “constitutional and political savior” of the country if it overthrew the civilian government – and a surprisingly large number of Americans may agree with him.

Legal scholar William C. Bradford, who was forced to resign from his position as an instructor of law at West Point in August, has privately circulated a draft of an unpublished law review article entitled “Alea Iacta Est: The U.S. Coup of 2017.” An abstract of that essay posted to Bradford’s LinkedIn page adumbrates a scenario in which a U.S. president – presumably, Barack Obama – becomes an undisguised “tyrant” who must be replaced by a military junta.

“What if the American people were to elect a president who want[s] to destroy the nation and works to create division among the people, encourage a culture of ridicule for basic morality and the principles that made and sustained the country, undermine the financial stability of the nation, and weaken and destroy the military?” Bradford writes. “What remedies, if any, did the Framers commend to us in the event a tyrant should every assume the presidency? Do the people have the right to resist a tyrant, and does that really hold any prospect of success without the support of the military? Does the U.S. military have the right or even the duty to intervene in the domestic politics of the United States as constitutional and political savior when the times require it, and who makes that determination?… Is such a duty incumbent upon the U.S. Armed Forces at present?”(Emphasis added.)

The title of Bradford’s essay might be an allusion to a previous treatment of a similar theme:
Brig. Gen. Charles J. Dunlap’s essay “The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012,” which was published in the Winter 1992—93 issue of the U.S. Army War College journal Parameters. Where Bradford appears to believe that a coup might be a “duty” incumbent on the military, Gen. Dunlap – writing from a constitutionalist, rather than praetorian, perspective – was clearly alarmed by what he saw as an entirely plausible scenario.

Dunlap used the literary device of a smuggled prison letter composed by “Prisoner 222305759,” condemned to death for “treason” by military ruler Gen. E.T. Brutus. Following a series of military disasters overseas and domestic crises at home, Brutus, acting on concerns very similar to those spelled out by Bradford (or, for that matter, described in Robert Heinlein’s premonitory novel Starship Troopers), staged a coup in the name of protecting “public order” from the corruption of the political class.

In the decades leading up to the putsch, the unnamed Prisoner recalled, “The one institution of government in which people retained faith was the military.” Even as the public lamented the corruption and profligacy of Big Government, they had nothing but bottomless respect for the Regime’s chief instrument of death and property destruction. The military retained its prestige in spite of the fact that its structural defects — made painfully visible by a long, bloody, and futile war in the Gulf — left it “unfit to engage an authentic military opponent.”

While the military was no longer well-suited to fight and win wars, its subtle integration into every element of domestic life made it perfectly suited to carry out a coup:
“Eventually, people became acclimated to seeing uniformed military personnel patrolling their neighborhood. Now [meaning 2012 in the essay’s timeline] troops are an adjunct to almost all police forces in the country. In many of the areas where much of our burgeoning population of elderly Americans live — [military dictator] Brutus calls them ‘National Security Zones’ — the military is often the only law enforcement agency. Consequently, the military was ideally positioned in thousands of communities to support the coup.”
Although 2012 passed without an overt military takeover, Dunlap’s projection of trends – especially the disastrous long-term military entanglement in the Middle East, the expanding role of the Pentagon in routine domestic law enforcement, and the pervasive cultural presence of the military in everyday American life — has proven to be uncannily prescient. The same is true of the apparently inexhaustible respect and public deference enjoyed by the military, despite widespread and deepening disillusionment with nearly every other branch of government.

A recent YouGov survey of 1000 people posed the question: “Is there any situation in which you could imagine yourself supporting the U.S. military taking over the powers of [the] federal government?” Nearly one-third of the respondents – thirty percent – answered in the affirmative, with 43 percent of Republicans (as opposed to twenty percent of Democrats) endorsing undisguised military rule.
The poll also found that a substantially higher percentage of respondents (70 percent) believed that military officers want what’s best for the country than police officers (55 percent). This result is broadly reminiscent of public opinion in Egypt during the 2011 uprising that overthrew long-ruling U.S. puppet dictator Hosni Mubarak – and eventually resulted in the installation of a brutal military-led junta ruled by General Abdel al-Sisi. The impenitent corruption and relentless brutality of the Egyptian police led many of that country’s citizens to believe, in the words of protester Mustafa Abdel Wahab, that “The army is all good men by the police, every policeman is bad.”
As the protests spread, observed Steve Coll of The New Yorker, reports proliferated “that protesters are relieved to see the Army in the streets; no doubt, as in many other like countries, the Army has more credibility than the corrupt and often torture-prone police.”
What Egyptians tragically failed to understand – and what many Americans, who have less excuse, are forgetting – is that the police and army are what Alexander Hamilton called “correspondent appendages of military establishments.” In the Federalist, essay number eight, Hamilton, who was no light touch when it came to the exercise of executive power, warned that military bodies (which include police agencies) “have a tendency to destroy … civil and political rights.”
Decades of “emergency” rule in Egypt destroyed whatever trivial substantive differences may once have separated the police from the military, and when the former were discredited a desperate public was manipulated into embracing the latter as “saviors in uniform.”

Although the privations and abuses experienced by Americans have not generally been as severe as those inflicted on the long-suffering subjects of Egypt’s police state, the country has endured a variant of emergency rule since creation of the national security state in 1946 – which was radically deepened and expanded after the incident that should be memorialized as Government Failure Day, September 11, 2001. A crisis of similar magnitude could very easily lead to the consummation of the military coup Gen. Dunlap dreaded, and William C. Bradford eagerly awaits.