Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here are the questions I ask candidates

What are your life accomplishments?
Why are you running for this office?
What do you plan to accomplish when you are elected?
What do you think the role of government should be?
What past or current politician do you admire?
What do you know about Islam?
Is America under attack by Islamic Terrorists.

These are the answers I hope for:

The candidate has been involved in politics but spent the last ten years making a living, paying taxes, a mortgage, and has been successful in his field.
The candidate is motivated by a sense of duty to protect our Constitution and is not interested in being a career politician.
It is the government’s duty to protect its citizens without running our lives.
The candidate should admire politicians who advocate small government, believe in free enterprise, promote peace through strength, and admire the core factors of our Constitution.
Islam is not compatible withe enlightened western cultures.