Thursday, November 12, 2009

Was It Terrorism At Fort Hood?

The administration, Pentagon, Legislators, News Outlets, and the average person on the street seems to be looking for an excuse to not call the recent evens at Fort Hood a terrorist act. So few are willing to make the hard call, that this was a terrorist act.

Some are hesitant to say the truth because they don’t want to admit they were wrong in their analysis of Islam. Others just find it easier to stick their head in a hole and refuse to face this huge threat.

Then there are those that are aiding and abiding Islam’s war on the west. Even though the Fort Hood massacre is just one of many such cases, they keep saying that since there is no link to Al-Qaida or any other terrorist group, these are just acts of mentally disturbed individuals. I beg to differ.

There is a connection to a terrorist group; a group that started over 1400 years ago and commands its followers to kill the infidels wherever they find them. Just as the fanatic followers of Mao Tze Tung used Mao’s Little Red Book, these followers have a detailed manual of operations. It is the Koran.

The followers of the Koran pray five times a day for the destruction of the Western Way of life. Five times a day they reassure themselves that non-Muslims are less then humans, have no right to property, liberty, or life. Five times a day they reinforce the belief that women are property to be used, abused, and discarded at will. Five times a day they recite that Allah commands them to subjugate or kill the non-believers. Five times a day they reaffirm their superiority over non-Muslims.

Muslims assure each other of the need to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law. They discuss how we are insulting them by not going the way of Islam. Their leaders whether in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Great Britain, France, Germany, America, or other parts of the world ferment their dissatisfaction living among Infidels and having to adhere to Infidel’s ways and Infidel’s laws. They are coerced into believing the world they live in is mocking them. To them this is an insult that needs avenging. They begin to perceive an unbearable pressure by the Infidels around them to change their ways. They then take action that they feel is defending Islam. That action eventually becomes the murder of innocents. Innocents by any measure of enlightened thinking except the Muslim mind.

Whether the action is by political groups or individuals, the action is spurned by a primitive rage to eliminate those who refuse to submit to a seventh century mentality of rule. They all subscribe and are members of one club. Their guide is the Koran and their way is violence. They all are acting in concert with each other to destroy the enlightened world and plunge us into the seventh century world of might makes right, of slavery, ignorance, and misery.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Current Sacramento Legislators Don’t Get It

Their solution to the water crisis in California is too spend more money, money which Californians do not have now and if current trends continue will not have in the future. Sacramento legislators are working on two bills. One, which is to outline what will be done and the other a bond measure indebting Californians to $9.4 billion. Assessing past cost estimates, the actual cost of the project will be much higher, could be three times the $9.4 billion.

I started to read the bill today. It begins with pages and pages of acquiescing to existing environmental restrictions that inhibit the economic growth of California. Then it goes into more legal gobbledygook of creating this and that. To me, this is not encouraging at all. California does not have the luxury of time to implement the restoral of irrigation water to the farmers of the central valley.

Several weeks ago, a rally was held in Fresno in support of the farmers and farm workers. Only one news outlet even mentioned it to any degree. Where are the legislators? They are supposed to be working for the people, not special interests that feed their campaign coffers. On a trip to Walnut Creek, last weekend, I witnessed the dustbowl in the central valley. As I observed dried up fields that a few years ago were growing the fruits and vegetables for the tables of America, a small sign pointed out the plight. It expressed the frustration of a people under the thumb of a government that cares more for non-indigenes fish and snails then that of the welfare of its citizens.

It appears that Sacramento, in lock step with the federal government, is dead set on exporting our economy to other countries and reducing our living standards to that of third world states. Since the governor and legislature of California do not intend to do the people’s will, the people need to make some big changes. We must take advantage of every opportunity to replace our office holders with those who will govern for the benefit of all the people and not selected special interest groups. We need to have dedicated public servants and not career politicians, who are mostly interested in staying in power, running our state.

California must become business friendly in order to resurrect its ailing economy, otherwise it will end up likes its southern neighbor, with no middle class, a few rich living in compounds, and a huge dissatisfied and angry class of poor.

California needs to put people first. Open the locks to irrigate our farmlands, harvest our rich source of oil, build refineries, construct nuclear power plants, erect more windmills, and utilize solar power.

Do not waste the opportunity to vet new and dedicated public servants. Encourage your family, friends, and associates to carefully select candidates and work hard to elect the right ones. It is time to dedicate ourselves and make some sacrifices.