Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Support of Israel is Support of Humanity

For the last four decades Islam has done a better job of marketing its cause than Israel and its supporters. They have been telling lies and changing accounts of history over and over again. A lie, if said often enough and long enough soon begins to be accepted as feasible. Then when groups with other agendas want to denigrate the supporters of the truth for their own purpose, the lie after time begins to look like the truth.

Capitalist democracy has been under fire by those wanting to change all governments back to the rule by few of the many. 1776 was the beginning of a new kind of governing. Governing by the people, of the people, and for the people took power away from elite rulers of the world. Over the years these rulers have been losing power all over the world. Islam is stuck in a seventh century mentality of ruling with power from the top only.

Those advocating a one world government are also top down thinkers. So, they see any opposition to a democratic government, such as Israel, as an ally, albeit a temporary one. One World Government appeals to those of socialist leanings, many times disguising themselves under the banner of Progressives.

All these forces are working together, each with their own and separate goals, to eradicate opposition to each of their version of a World Government. Israel appears the most vulnerable, making it target number one, for Islam anyway. In the progressive’s blind desire to make alias of those wanting to eliminate Israel, they have taken up their cause; not realizing that those they want as friends despise the progressives just as much as Israel.

America needs to become the world leader and champion of democracy that it was before. This will not happen unless all Americans realize what the founding fathers brought on this world in 1776. They turned those serving the elite into free men and women. Empowered them to be responsible for their own destiny and allowed them to achieve heights of success never before available. Support of Israel is support of humanity and the abolishment of slavery.