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Black Female Police Officer Shot Dead In New York… Black Lives Matter SILENT

By Amber


Violence against police officers continues to grow at an alarming rate. This time, the victim was a 25-year-old black female police officer. And Black Lives Matter has absolutely nothing to say.

Alastasia Bryant is a corrections officer at Riker’s Island in New York. She was off-duty visiting family and friends in Brooklyn, sitting in her car, when a dark-colored Honda pulled up next to her, and someone inside the vehicle began firing. She was about to leave for her shift when the shots rang out. One of the bullets struck her in the head, killing her.
Chillingly, the attack appears to have been planned, with officials saying that they believe her attacker was waiting for her to arrive.

We know by now that Black Lives Matter doesn’t care if police officers die, but you would think that this being a black woman, they would protest her death, too. But apparently, since she works for law enforcement, her life doesn’t matter at all to them.

This tragic and horrific attack is completely unacceptable. Whoever did it needs to be brought to justice — and Bryant deserves to have her life and her service honored, too. 

A Tea Party activist who worked on four National bus Tours and created Mega Rallies across the country. She has worked with conservative stars like Sarah Palin, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Breitbart and others.

9 Reasons Why Obama is The Worst President


Barack Obama has done far more harm to America than all of the presidents in history and should go down in history as THE worst president in the history of our nation. Here are my reasons why:
1) Obama has blatantly violated the US Constitution more than any president in history. The Constitution clearly defines the roles and powers of the three branches of government, but Obama has illegally assumed the powers and authority of all three branches. I can’t even begin to list how many times he has usurped the power of Congress. If Congress passes a bill, then only they are allowed to make any changes to that bill. However, Obama took it upon himself to make numerous changes to the Affordable Care Act without Congress’s approval. Congress took action that froze all US money and weapons sales to Egypt during the reign of the Muslim Brotherhood. Yet, Obama took it upon himself to bypass Congress and free up over $50 million and the sale of fighter jets to the terrorist organization running Egypt. Some of those weapons were used against Egypt’s Christian population because they refused to convert to Islam.

2) Obama has increased the national debt more than any 5 presidents in history. When he took office on January 20, 2009, the national debt was $10.6 trillion. As of today, the national debt is $19.948 trillion. In comparison, in 2000, the national debt was $5.674 trillion. On June 30, 1950, the national debt was only $257.357 billion. Obama has blamed George W. Bush for all of America’s economic woes, yet under the 8 years of Bush’s administration, the national debt only increased by about $4.8 trillion compared to Obama’s $9.3 trillion. Figuring our current total population of the United States is around 325,049,120, that means that every American is responsible for $61,369.

3) Obama has defied and broken numerous federal laws. A full year before the US Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, Obama ordered the Justice Department to stop enforcing the law. Federal immigration laws clearly state that EVERY illegal alien should be detained and deported back to their home country. Yet, Obama took it upon himself to change the enforcement of the federal immigration laws, allowing nearly 20 million illegal aliens to remain in the US and to get benefits they are not entitled to. Instead of deporting or imprisoning illegal aliens convicted of felony crimes, Obama has released tens of thousands of them back onto America’s streets, allowing them to continue victimizing and murdering American citizens.

4) His bogus deal with Iran. Against all better judgement and recommendations, Obama signed a treaty with Iran that freed up hundreds of millions of dollars to Iran, opened up the ability for businesses to conduct business with Iran and worst yet, is allowing Iran to continue to develop their nuclear weapons.

5) Obama has only intensified racial hatred and separation in the United States. Even though Obama is only half black and half white, he appears black and has taken illegal action to protect blacks. Two members of the New Black Panthers were videoed in the act of voter intimidation during the 2008 election. The Justice Department began legal proceedings against the two men, but Obama ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to drop all charges and release the two men. By coincidence, Obama marched with those same two men in 2006. Obama has repeatedly sought to blame white law enforcement officers for carrying out their duties against blacks who refused to comply or resisted arrest. In most cases, Obama made his racist views known long before the facts of the cases were made known.

6) Obama’s illegal actions regarding immigration. Obama used executive orders or memos to violate federal immigration laws. His actions have allowed millions of illegals to enter our nation and remain here. These illegals have taken many jobs that would otherwise go to Americans willing for work to provide for their families. Illegals are also costing the states and nation over $90 billion of dollars of taxpayer money a year to pay for all of the benefits they receive, some of which American citizens don’t receive. Obama’s illegals can receive free medical care, yet American citizens have to pay for their medical care. When states took action protect themselves from the flood and abuse of illegal immigrants, Obama has used his Justice Department and liberally appointed judges to fight and strike down legal measures to protect American citizens. Obama even used the Justice Department to attack Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona because Arpaio’s sheriff’s department dared to investigate Obama’s birth certificate and to target the sources of the majority of crimes committed in the county which were attributed to illegal aliens and drug trafficking. Obama’s illegal immigration policies also allowed many illegals to obtain valid state driver’s licenses which also allowed many of them to illegally vote this past November.

7) Losing the war in Iraq after US already won the war. According to Townhall:
“Today in 2016, people tend to forget that Bush had largely pacified Iraq with the surge before he left office. By 2010, things had gotten so stable that the Obama Administration was trying to take credit for Iraq. Here’s Joe Biden,”
“‘I am very optimistic about…Iraq. I mean, this could be one of the great achievements of this administration. You’re going to see 90,000 American troops come marching home by the end of the summer. You’re going to see a stable government in Iraq that is actually moving toward a representative government.’”
“Despite the fact that our generals wanted him to work out a status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government so we could leave troops there, Obama wanted political credit for getting all our troops out of the country and he didn’t much care what happened afterwards.”
 “So we pulled out of Iraq rather than leaving a residual force there as we have in nations like Germany, Japan and South Korea. Predictably, the whole country then fell apart. Worse yet, because of Obama’s incompetence, ISIS was able to take large swathes of territory in Iraq and it became a major player on the world stage. All the blood and treasure we spent in that nation was squandered because an incompetent politician cared more about getting a minor political advantage than winning a war.”
8) Obama forced a disastrous national socialist healthcare program on the American people. Known as Obamacare or more accurately the Unaffordable Care Act, Obama’s socialist program has drastically increased the cost of healthcare, leaving millions like myself, not being able to afford healthcare insurance. Additionally, Obamacare contained at least 20 news taxes, many of which directly impacted middle and lower class, after promising to never raise taxes on these two largest demographic groups in the nation.

9) Obama committed numerous impeachable acts. In 2014, Andrew C. McCarthy, former Assistant US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, laid out 7 impeachable crimes committed by Obama, some of which I listed above. They were:
A- The President’s Willful Refusal to Execute the Laws Faithfully and Usurpation of the Legislative Authority of Congress.
B- Usurping the Constitutional Authority and Prerogatives of Congress.
C- Dereliction of duty as Commander-in-Chief.
D- Fraud perpetrated against the American people.
E- Obama’s illegal immigration policies.
F- Justice Department’s alleged failure to execute the laws faithfully.
G- Undermining the constitutional rights of the American people.
I’m sure that over the course of the next couple of decades, there will be volumes written about how Barack Obama was by far the worst president in American history, but I don’t have the time or space to list them all here. I’m also sure that many of you could add to my list above and I hope you do so in the comments below so that others can see them. Blocks Israel From Accessing Their Website

Posted: 2016-12-07


Yael A. an American student now living in Israel confirmed with her friends that they too could not access the site and contacted Target support to find out why she was blocked. Target responded with this  letter.

“The reason you’re unable to place orders on from Israel is to ensure the data security of all our guests. has made the conscious decision to block IP addresses originating from Israel, as it is one of the top 5 countries from which malicious attacks against our website originate.

Although you can’t access the site from Israel, our team is more than happy to help you place a domestic order over the phone. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at your convenience, our is available 24 hours a day, every day of the week.  To place an order on you can call 1(800) 591-3869.”

Yael’s friends also complained and were sent the same templated answer.

OS NEWS reached out to Yael and asked her what she thinks about the Israel ban.

“I just went onto the Target website as I occasionally do to see if there are any new clothes I am interested in to either buy when I visit or have my mother pick up for me. I tried to go on and it said access denied. I tried a few more times. I asked my friends and they too were blocked! I complained and got an automated response. Hearing that they intentionally blocked Israel has me thinking if I need to boycott them now, which would be a shame because when I do visit the states, I am there pretty much every day. My friends in Israel and I constantly say things like “if only Israel had a target it would be perfect.” It’s really a shame to see them do this. Also, saying we can ” place a domestic order over the phone” is kind of insulting. It’s absurd for them to think that would be some sort of acceptable compromise for loyal customers. But I don’t even think they want my business because A. How are we supposed to know what we want if we can’t even see what they have to offer and B. 

Don’t they know that their 800 number can’t be dialed from outside the USA? I feel I am being lied to.” Yael said.
Chani Hadad, an English Instructor at Touro College in Israel said “Why does Target have a problem with Israel that Amazon, Old Navy, Next Direct, etc. does not?”

A petition at petition titled “ Should not contribute to BDS and unblock Israel from their site!” was started. It reads in part:
“The fact that they are saying that Israel, is one of the top 5 countries from which malicious attacks against their website originates does not sound genuine. Israel is never seen on any top ten list of countries that have high hacking occurrences. Please provide proof of this Target as well as the other 5 countries that are banned.

In the meantime please sign this petition which will go straight to Brian C. Cornell, Target’s Chairman and CEO and John J. Mulligan Executive Vice President and COO.”

What the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Really About

The standoff isn’t about tribal rights or water, but a White House that ignores the rule of law.

A little more than two weeks ago, during a confrontation between protesters and law enforcement, an improvised explosive device was detonated on a public bridge in southern North Dakota. That was simply the latest manifestation of the “prayerful” and “peaceful” protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Escalating tensions were temporarily defused Sunday when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, at the direction of the Obama administration, announced it would refuse to grant the final permit needed to complete the $3.8 billion project. The pipeline, which runs nearly 1,200 miles from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota to Illinois, is nearly complete except for a small section where it needs to pass under the Missouri River. Denying the permit for that construction only punts the issue to next month—to a new president who won’t thumb his nose at the rule of law.

Like many North Dakotans, I’ve had to endure preaching about the pipeline from the press, environmental activists, musicians and politicians in other states. More often than not, these sermons are informed by little more than a Facebook post. At the risk of spoiling the protesters’ narrative, I’d like to bring us back to ground truth.

• This isn’t about tribal rights or protecting cultural resources. The pipeline does not cross any land owned by the Standing Rock Sioux. The land under discussion belongs to private owners and the federal government. To suggest that the Standing Rock tribe has the legal ability to block the pipeline is to turn America’s property rights upside down.

• Two federal courts have rejected claims that the tribe wasn’t consulted. The project’s developer and the Army Corps made dozens of overtures to the Standing Rock Sioux over more than two years. Often these attempts were ignored or rejected, with the message that the tribe would only accept termination of the project.

• Other tribes and parties did participate in the process. More than 50 tribes were consulted, and their concerns resulted in 140 adjustments to the pipeline’s route. The project’s developer and the Army Corps were clearly concerned about protecting tribal artifacts and cultural sites. Any claim otherwise is unsupported by the record. The pipeline’s route was also studied—and ultimately supported—by the North Dakota Public Service Commission (on which I formerly served), the State Historic Preservation Office, and multiple independent archaeologists.

• This isn’t about water protection. Years before the pipeline was announced, the tribe was working with the Bureau of Reclamation and the Army Corps to relocate its drinking-water intake. The new site sits roughly 70 miles downstream of where the pipeline is slated to cross the Missouri River. Notably, the new intake, according to the Bureau of Reclamation, will be 1.6 miles downstream of an elevated railroad bridge that carries tanker cars carrying crude oil.

Further, the pipeline will be installed about 100 feet below the riverbed. Automatic shut-off valves will be employed on either side of the river, and the pipeline will be constructed to exceed many federal safety requirements.

Other pipelines carrying oil, gas and refined products already cross the Missouri River at least a dozen times upstream of the tribe’s intake. The corridor where the Dakota Access Pipeline will run is directly adjacent to another pipeline, which carries natural gas under the riverbed, as well as an overhead electric transmission line. This site was chosen because it is largely a brownfield area that was disturbed long ago by previous infrastructure.

This isn’t about the climate. The oil that will be shipped through the pipeline is already being produced. But right now it is transported in more carbon-intensive ways, such as by railroad or long-haul tanker truck. So trying to thwart the pipeline to reduce greenhouse gas could have the opposite effect.

So what is the pipeline dispute really about? Political expediency in a White House that does not see itself as being bound by the rule of law. The Obama administration has decided to build a political legacy rather than lead the country. It is facilitating an illegal occupation that has grown wildly out of control. That the economy depends on a consistent and predictable permitting regime seems never to have crossed the president’s mind.

There is no doubt that Native American communities have historically suffered at the hands of the federal government. But to litigate that history on the back of a legally permitted river crossing is absurd. The Obama administration should enforce the law, release the easement and conclude this dangerous standoff. 

Mr. Cramer, a Republican, represents North Dakota in the U.S. House. As a member of the North Dakota Public Service Commission (2003-12) he helped site the original Keystone Pipeline completed in 2010.

B-29 Kee Bird, Frozen in Time For 50 Years, She Was Almost Rescued (Watch)

Joris Nieuwint


 he US Air Force’s B-29 Kee Bird was a Superfortress class aircraft. This craft belonged to the 46th Reconnaissance Squadron. This craft was stranded following an emergency landing in Greenland, in the northwest area. It was in this location taking part in a Cold War mission, secretly spying. The emergency landing happened on February 21st, 1947.
Luckily, an evacuation was carried out successfully, and the entire crew managed to get to safety. The Kee Bird, however, was left in the Arctic Tundra at the site where it had landed. The aircraft sat there undisturbed for many years. It wasn’t until 1994 that a mission (privately funded) was set up to try to make repairs and return it.

Photo of the aircraft prior to its last mission, Ladd Army Airfield, Alaska Territory, 19 February 1947
Photo of the aircraft before its last mission, Ladd Army Airfield, Alaska Territory, 19 February 1947

July 1994 saw a group of specialist aircraft restorers (Kee Bird Limited Liability Co.) arrive at the aircraft’s resting place. This team was led by Darryl Greenamyer. The Kee Bird was still intact, following its crash landing; having landed on a lake that was frozen.

The U.S Air Force had relinquished any claim it may have had to the B-29 and the team of restorers believed they could restore the craft to a condition that was would render it able to fly, fly it off the lake and then ferry it back to Thule (Greenland) where more specialized repairs could take place before moving it back to the United States.

The team flew to the Kee Bird’s location with their many specialist tools and equipment and spent the next few months transporting extra parts they felt were needed (engines, propellers, tires and more).

The engine and propellers were replaced successfully by the team; the tires were replaced, and they gained access to the Kee Birds controls. Unfortunately, the weather conditions meant their plans had to be halted, and so the team left the site.

 Crash site picture from 1947Crash site picture from 1947  
Using a shuttle plane, the team departed the U.S. Armed Services base at Thule and flew in tools and equipment to the Kee Bird. Over the summer months, the team transported four re-manufactured engines, four new propellers, an engine hoist, and new tires, as well as a small bulldozer, to the remote site.

The team successfully replaced the engines and propellers, mounted the new tires, and resurfaced the aircraft’s control surfaces. Although the plane was nearly ready to fly, Greenamyer’s team was compelled by weather to leave the site.

In May 1995, Greenamyer returned with additional personnel. The repairs begun in 1994 were completed, and the aircraft prepared to take off from the frozen lake on 21 May 1995. A crude runway was carved out of the snow on the ice using the small bulldozer that had been ferried to the site.

 1993 photo of Kee Bird, buried in snow.
 1993 photo of Kee Bird, buried in snow.

 It wasn’t until May 1995 when Darryl returned with help; they started by completing the original repairs that had been started on their last visit and prepared for takeoff. A bulldozer carved a makeshift runway in the snow. The engines started, and the craft was ready for takeoff; however whilst moving towards the runway a gasoline leak occurred (stemming from the auxiliary power units fuel tank). The gasoline leaked into the fuselage which started a fire that quickly spread to the rest of the craft.


Attempts to put the fire out failed and the fire spread through to the entire fuselage; it destroyed the surfaces on the tail and fuselage. The rescue attempt was abandoned, and the general consensus was that the B-29 would sink in the lake once it thawed in the spring.

The aircraft still sits on the surface of the lake, on an ice shelf (as of 2008)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Massive Voter Fraud Uncovered in Nevada


Massive voter fraud in the 2016 Presidential election has been uncovered in Nevada.  Megan Barth from Newsmax said
Well it appears Nevada, which has voted for the winner of the Presidency for the past 108 years may have been stolen and must be investigated by the Feds. Not Obama feds but incoming Attorney General Jeff Session must investigate this issue.
Barth interviewed Republican Assembly Candidate for District 15, Stan Vaughan, who had actual proof of the massive voter fraud in his Clark County district.  A total number of 17,086 votes were cast in the District for both Republican and Democrat candidates. However, when confirmation letters were sent to the voters in the District, the US postal service returned mail from 9,200 of these voters.
Vaughn found that many of the people who are listed as deceased are still on the active voter rolls. Many of the returned mail came back with 5 people living in a vacant lot with no mail receptacle.  Edward Snowden, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and dozens of movie stars were registered to vote in District 15 according to Mr. Vaughan.

Vaughan tested a sample of 200 people of the 9,200 return mail and found that 185 of those had indeed voted.  

According to Mr. Vaughan, there were other serious voting system irregularities he documented.

President-elect Donald Trump lost by only 27,000 votes statewide in Nevada.  So 9,200 fraudulent voters in one small Assembly district is more than 1/3 of the total margin that Trump lost by.

It was previously reported that Nevada poll workers wore defeat-Trump t-shirts at the polls during the election which was against the law and Hillary supporters were caught breaking the law before the election when registering people to vote as well.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein has asked for recounts in three states won by President-elect Donald Trump in this year’s election (Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania).  Her rationale for requesting these recounts was voter fraud.  However, there is no indication Stein will request any recounts in Nevada.  

France Just Raided 200 Mosques… What They Found Inside Proves Trump Right AGAIN

by Jason DeWitt |
 The horrific truck attack by a Muslim terrorist in Nice, France killed at least 84 people, including 12 children.

But unlike Obama’s America after an attack, France started immediately raiding Islamic mosques to see what they could find. After all, far too many people in the Muslim community have not been helpful with bringing forth information to authorities.

And while those French investigators have been called racists, a Langy-sur-Marne based mosque was raided this week anyway… And they found a large collection of 7.62 Kalashnikov ammo along with boxes of Islamic State (ISIS) propaganda videos.

Authorities also raided one of the mosque’s leader’s homes, and found a revolver hidden near jihadist documents.
Police also found recordings of religious chants “glorifying the martyrs of jihad linked to the terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra”, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda, the prefecture added.
The recordings were found among a wealth of teaching material for young people in an undeclared madrassa, or religious school. Police removed a hard disk and 10 computers.
“No request was made to open a private school,” the state prefecture said in its statement.
Mohammed Ramdane, president of the local Muslim association in Lagny, had criticised the closure of the prayer hall at the time, saying: “Nothing has been found in the mosque. Nothing is hidden, we don’t hide anything.
Via Telegraph:
France isn’t messing around. They’ve arrested more than 230 Muslims and collected more than 324 weapons. Many others are under travel bans and house arrest. They have shut down three mosques and have raided more than 2,300 homes.

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Muslims Take Four Year Old Girl, Behead Her, And Then Force Her Mother To Soak Her Hands In Her Daughter’s Blood

 By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS terrorists took a four year old girl and beheaded her, and then forced her to soak her hand in her own daughter’s blood. According to one report:
Islamic State terrorists have beheaded a 4-year-old girl in the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqqa and forced her mother to soak her hands in her daughter’s blood, an Iranian news outlet has reported.
A Syrian woman who recently escaped the wrath of IS (also known as ISIS, ISIL and Daesh) told the Tehran-based Al Alam International News Channel on the condition of anonymity about a terrifying incident that led to the decapitation of an innocent child.
“A mother told her 4-year daughter to go home and she refused and then the mother told her unintentionally ‘go home and I swear to God that I will behead you if you don’t,’” the woman recalled. “And one of the ISIS members heard this and told the mother ‘since you swore to God you should behead her,’ but the mother strongly opposed.”
After the mother refused to behead her daughter, the Syrian woman said IS militants took it upon themselves to execute the child.

“But they beheaded the little girl and soaked her mother’s hands in her daughter’s blood,” she said.

While the woman’s story has not been confirmed, numerous reports have emerged in the last two years since IS took over large swaths of area in Iraq and Syria about how the militant group has mistreated, tortured and killed young children.

Earlier this year, a senior official from an Iraqi-state sponsored Shiite militia claimed that IS had executed a 4-year-old boy in Iraq’s al-Shirqat district by detonating an explosive device “that was attached to the child through a remote-controlled device so that his organs would be blown apart.”

A Blowjob Cafe Staffed By Sex Robots Is Opening In London

This article was originally posted on Inverse.

The cafe will be open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. and serve coffee, sex, and pastries. Charvet points to scholarship, including Dr. Debby Herbenick’s famous book (for women), Because It Feels Good, that supports his claim about ejaculation being a good way to start the day. With talking sex robots with warm genitals on their way, Charvet thinks the pump is primed, as it were.
Inverse spoke to Charvet about his vision, the diminishing importance of privacy, pricing, and the robots he’s looking to hire.
So what was your inspiration for the fellatio cafe in Switzerland? What made you want to open a sex robot cafe in London, and why specifically that city?

The London public is willing to engage with the idea and, like Geneva, London is one of the world’s most popular cities for business. You can find tons of escorts and mistresses everywhere.

Do you think that means that the public there wants robots?

Brothels with human workers in London are not legal. Robots were not a choice. And it’s not ridiculous to think about this idea right now. You could not imagine how many people are ready to give sex robots a try in 2016. We asked thousands of potential customers and they were very curious and eager. There is an oppor

Have you started looking into buying the robots already? What companies are buying from and how much are you investing in each robot?

We are in discussions with a company called MySiliconeLoveDoll to do a test quite soon. We are thinking about a rental service. Prices are between $1,000 and $3,000.

From what I’ve read, you’re only going to have female sex robots. What are your plans for male sex robots to serve customers of other genders and sexualities?

At the moment, we don’t have an expected date for that, but it is in the works. FaceGirl is going to develop the first CafĂ© Pipe. Bumpix is going to develop the second one in London. It’s going to be huge.
We would like to open it in Paddington. There will probably be decisions to make on that front soon. Well see if it happens.
You’re pricing a caffè americano and 15-minute session for £60.00. How did you come up with these prices?

We did not want to change anyone’s routine; we just wanted to introduce another idea, another concept. Our goal was not to compete with London’s escorts so we settled on a price in keeping with that market.

Sex workers are suffering because so many people offer low price services. We respect them and don’t want to oppose their interests.
How are you setting up the cafe so that there’s privacy for each customer?

We’ll create two box-like areas, but most of the time clients will get a blowjob at the bar.

What do you expect the clean up process after each robot is used to be like?

We are discussing a solution with the doll company. It’s going to be more or less like escorts are doing at the moment.

This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity.
Photos via My Silicone Love Doll, Facebook








Over the course of the long presidential election, WikiLeaks provided thousands of documents that exposed many things. They ranged from money laundering to tax evasion and even proved that Hillary Clinton funded ISIS.

One of the more bizarre revelations surrounding Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, being deeply involved with “spirit cooking” and his involvement in a global sex ring.

It is nearly guaranteed that John Podesta is deeply involved with this gross, disturbing, satanic worshiping practice and we can be certain that Hillary Clinton knows about this and may partake in this herself.

As disturbing as that sounds, the documents connect many dots to several world leaders that we originally did not suspect. Shockingly, the WikiLeaks documents brought President Obama to the forefront of the issue.

These documents indicate that a man named Terrence Bean was a fundraiser and a “bundler” for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. A “bundler” is someone who not only donates money to a politician, but also collects and “bundles” donations from other sources in order to donate one large sum of money to the candidate.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Hillary Clinton Lies List

By David Kraemer – Conservative – Leading the way Right.

Let’s not make the same mistake twice, America.
Daily Mail Photo
Daily Mail Photo
Former first lady, New York senator, Child Rapist Lawyer and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants to be President of the United States. Before Americans let that happen, they need to be open to the truth about Hillary.

We told voters ahead of time feabout the real Barack Obama, but those with liberal-imposed white guilt taught by liberal union school teachers felt the need to vote for the first half-white, half-black President. They were not open to the truth, nor were they willing to listen. That didn’t change until the “If you like your plan, you can keep it” lie. So this time around, America needs to listen!

 She has fooled, and made fools of, many, many people over the years. Those who think she would be a good president are worse than fools.” – Patricia McCarthy, the American Thinker.
Here is the truth about Hillary Clinton. We correct the record. This is the Hillary Archive. The only Official Hillary Clinton List. This list contains the Hillary Clinton lies, flip-flops, scandals, hypocrisy, gaffes and more that “Ready for Hillary” & “Correct [and by that, they mean ‘Lie About’] the Record” doesn’t want you to remember. 

“The only thing that makes her a rock star is that people keep calling her one.”

– Jonah Goldberg, National Review.

  1. Janet Reno calls Hillary Clinton a “Mask”
  2. April 24, 1993 – From “The Hillary Papers,” in the Washington Free Beacon on 2/10/14: “The insularity of the Clinton White House was not lost on administration officials. “Chat w. [Attorney General] Janet Reno,” [Hillary’s best friend, Diane] Blair wrote on April 24, 1993. “She [Reno] concerned that [Hillary Clinton is] resenting her ‘celebrity’ status. Janet wants to connect w. HC; not communicate thru Carol Rasco,” Blair added. “Finds HC a ‘mask.’” 

  3. Hillary Clinton’s Health Plan = Single Payer/Government Run Socialist Healthcare!
  4. February, 1993 – From the Washington Examiner 2/10/14: “They are called the “Hillary Papers,” a collection of notes from political science professor Diane Blair, a personal friend of Hillary Clinton, who died in 2000. The papers reveal some of Clinton’s thoughts during her husband’s first administration, as recorded by her friend… “At dinner, [Hillary] to [Bill] at length on the complexities of health care—thinks managed competition a crock; single-payer necessary; maybe add to Medicare,” Blair wrote in February 1993 after a dinner at the White House.” From the Washington Free Beacon: “The account is at odds with public statements by the former First Lady that she never supported the single-payer option. In an interview with the New York Times as she ran for president in 2008, Hillary Clinton said she had never seriously considered adopting a single-payer system, in which the government, using funds appropriated from taxpayers, pays for all health care expenses. “You know, I have thought about this, as you might guess, for 15 years and I never seriously considered a single payer system,” said Clinton in the interview.”

  5. Hillary Clinton’s Health Security Act of 1993 – Lawsuit # 2
  6. From Wikipedia: “In 1997, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, along with several other groups, filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton and Donna Shalala over closed-door meetings related to the health care plan. The AAPS sued to gain access to the list of members of the task force. Judge Royce C. Lamberth found in favor of the plaintiffs and awarded $285,864 to the AAPS for legal costs; Lamberth also harshly criticized the Clinton administration and Clinton aide Ira Magaziner in his ruling. Subsequently, a federal appeals court overturned the award and the initial findings on the basis that Magaziner and the administration had not acted in bad faith.”– Big surprise that ANOTHER liberal judge sided with Hillary. 

  7. Hillary Clinton’s Health Security Act of 1993 – Lawsuit # 1
  8. From Wikipedia: “The First Lady’s role in the secret proceedings of the Health Care Task Force also sparked litigation in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit, in relation to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA) which requires openness in government. The Clinton White House argued that the Recommendation Clause in Article II of the U.S. Constitution would make it unconstitutional to apply the procedural requirements of FACA to Hillary’s participation in the meetings of the Task Force. Some constitutional experts argued to the court that such a legal theory was not supported by the text, history, or structure of the Constitution. Ultimately, Hillary Clinton won the litigation when the D.C. Circuit ruled narrowly that the First Lady of the United States can be deemed a government official (and not a mere private citizen) for purposes of not having to comply with the procedural requirements of FACA.” — Big surprise that a liberal judge sided with Hillary. 

  9. Hillary Clinton’s Health Security Act of 1993 – Hillarycare!
  10. 1993 – After winning the election in 1992, Bill Clinton surprised the nation by appointing his wife to be chair of a new task force designed to create universal healthcare. This was the first time a first lady had been given such power and authority and it created discussions centering around people wondering if they were voting for Bill or for the couple. [Hillary had long relied on [VINCE] Foster as a confidant, telling him before Bill’s inauguration that, despite being an unelected spouse, she was going to “take command” and be “involved in this presidency” – a conversation he recorded in a journal.] DailyMail on Facebook Hillarycare would have included an enforced mandate that employers provide health insurance to all employees. It also would have heavily regulated the insurance industry which put together the extremely effective “Harry & Louise” TV ad against Hillarycare…

    1. Clinton Accused of Tossing a Lamp at Her Husband During White House Fight!
    2. 1993 – From, “Barring shards of a lamp being unearthed, no one will ever really know” if Clinton threw a lamp at Billy Bob shortly after moving into the White House in 1993. The clintons have denied the story. “The rumor about the lamp moved into the Print media February 19, 1993 when the Chicago Sun Times reported, ‘Seems First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has a temper to match her hubby’s. Wicked Washington whispers claim Hillary broke a lamp during a heated late night argument with the President.”

    3. Hillary Gets an “F” for Truthfulness!!
    4. From the National Review Online: “First led by Robert Fiske, then by Ken Starr, the special prosecutor’s office was deeply disturbed by the lack of candor from the Clintons when they were deposed under oath. Hickman Ewing, Starr’s deputy, testified in court that after he heard Hillary Clinton say “I don’t recall” some 50 times in one deposition, he gave her an F grade for her truthfulness.”

    5. Hillary’s Whitewater Scandal
    7. Late 1992 – whitewaterFrom the U.K. Daily Mail: “In the weeks before the inauguration, he [Vince Foster] had worked intensively with another Arkansas lawyer to expunge Bill and Hillary’s financial records of a shady land deal – a scandal later known as the Whitewater affair… One of his [Vince Foster’s] first jobs in the White House was to try to make sense of the Clintons’ false tax returns concerning the Whitewater land investment. A note in his hand-writing, found much later, warned that Whitewater was “a can of worms you shouldn’t open.” And Jonah Goldberg says this scandal in no way makes Hillary “ready” to be President: “Neither do her explanations of how her Whitewater billing records miraculously appeared out of thin air in the most secure building in America.” From the American Thinker: “Do you recall the slime that was Whitewater, in which the Clintons dissembled and lied while their former business partners went to jail?” – You can find a detailed summary of the Whitewater Scandal, from 1978 to 1995, by clicking here. Live Trading News reports serious crimes were uncovered, “The 1st independent prosecutor in the Whitewater investigation said that he had quickly uncovered “serious crimes” and was ready to indict top Arkansas figures based on testimony from a Key witness against former US President Bill Clinton before he was abruptly replaced by a panel of federal judges.” 

    8. Hillary Says There’s Not Enough Mean People in the White House!
    9. 1992 – She must not have been including herself. From the Washington Free Beacon on 2/9/14: “The records paint a complex portrait of Hillary Clinton, revealing her to be a loyal friend, devoted mother, and a cutthroat strategist who relished revenge against her adversaries and complained in private that nobody in the White House was “tough and mean enough.” – wonders if that included her hubby, Billy Bob Clinton?!

    10. Hillary Blasts Stay-at-Home Moms!!
    11. 1992 – Remember this one? “She has never exactly said, “I’m not a crook.” Though she has certainly slipped up with… other maladroit pronunciamentos, from her famous 1992 boast, “I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies…” An obvious slam on the hard working women who take pride in being stay at home Moms, who raise strong kids, and from time to time, bake cookies. Contrary to Hillary’s belief, it does not take a village to raise a child. It takes an impressive stay-at-home Mom. 

    12. Hillary’s Own Pollsters Find Her “Ruthless!”
    13. May 12, 1992 – From the Washington Free Beacon on 2/9/14: “On May 12, 1992, Stan Greenberg and Celinda Lake, top pollsters for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign, issued a confidential memo. The memo’s subject was “Research on Hillary Clinton.” Voters admired the strength of the Arkansas first couple, the pollsters wrote. However, “they also fear that only someone too politically ambitious, too strong, and too ruthless could survive such controversy so well.” Their conclusion: “What voters find slick in Bill Clinton, they find ruthless in Hillary.

      1. Hillary was in Charge of Handling Bimbo Eruptions!
      2. Click2Visit Click2Visit

        1992 – From Rush Limbaugh, “Hillary Clinton was in charge of the “bimbo eruptions.” She and Betsey Wright handled those during the campaign for 1992. There were all these women that Clinton had had all these dalliances with and they were all popping up like jacks-in-the-box. It was Hillary and Betsey Wright’s job to deal with the bimbo eruptions, and the way they dealt with the bimbo eruptions was basically to threaten the women. In the modern age of feminism, of course, they’d just trash the women. She was in charge of ruining the lives of women her husband had abused and assaulted.”
      1. Hillary Orders Evidence Destroyed!
      2. 1988 – From The Daily Signal and reporter Sharyl Attkisson: “Missing: Hillary Clinton S&L Records. In 1988, according to congressional investigators, Hillary Clinton “ordered the destruction of records relating to her [legal] representation of [Jim] McDougal’s Madison S&L” when federal regulators were investigating the insolvency of the Arkansas savings and loan. Bill Clinton was Arkansas governor at the time. The Clintons and McDougal were business partners in the failed Whitewater real estate venture. McDougal later was convicted of fraud for attempting to use S&L funds to cover Whitewater losses. His wife, Susan, served prison time for refusing to answer grand jury questions about whether Bill Clinton lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial.”

      3. Hillary Accused of Making Anti-Semitic Comments
      4. 1974 – From Aurthur Louis at “The book, written by Jerry Oppenheimer, who specializes in unauthorized biographies, and published by Harper Collins, was entitled “State of a Union,” and professed to be a thorough analysis of the marriage of Bill and Hillary Clinton. It contended that in 1974, when Bill Clinton ran for Congress from Arkansas and narrowly lost, Hillary – not yet Mrs. Clinton — took out her anger on one of Bill’s campaign officials, calling him “You f—— Jew bastard!” Hillary denied the allegation when it surfaced, and Bill, then in his final months as president, weighed in too, with the odd statement that “I was there and she didn’t say it.” Odd because if it didn’t happen, where was “there”? I cannot believe that either Bill (“I did not have sex with that woman”) or Hillary (“I remember landing under sniper fire”) would speak an untruth, even if it meant protecting themselves politically…”

      5. Hillary Cusses Out Another Lawyer
      6. From On July 24, 1970,… [Attorney Joseph Califano:] As [Paul] Austin, [Coca-Cola food division head] Luke Smith, and I entered the Caucus Room on that steamy Washington morning, it was so jammed with spectators that many were standing and sitting on the floor. A large number were student interns working on the Hill that summer, angry about Nixon’s bombing Cambodia, dispirited about the four students killed at Kent State University that May. Many in that room had been among the 100,000 young Americans who had earlier that summer clogged the city to protest the war. Anti-establishment fervor, at a fever pitch that July, was palpable in the hearing room. About half way down the aisle, a young woman with dark hair and thick-rimmed glasses abruptly came in front of me and said, 
        “You sold out, you motherfucker, you sold out!” I kept walking, pretending to ignore her. Two and a half years later, at …on …March 19, …1973, that same young woman walked into my office at Williams, Connolly & Califano for a job interview. It was Hillary Rodham, who was graduating from Yale Law School later that year. Neither of us mentioned the incident in the Senate Caucus Room. I offered her a job, but she decided to go to Arkansas rather than practice law in Washington.”
        1. Bisexual Hillary Blasts Men in her College Graduation Speech!
        2. 1969 – From the National Journal: “Our attitudes are easily understood, having grown up, having come to consciousness in the first five years of this decade—years dominated by men with dreams, men in the civil- rights movement, the Peace Corps, the space program—so we arrived at Wellesley and we found, as all of us have found, that there was a gap between expectation and realities. But it wasn’t a discouraging gap and it didn’t turn us into cynical, bitter old women at the age of 18. It just inspired us to do something about that gap.” At the end of her speech, Clinton read a poem by Nancy Scheibner referring to “the hollow men of anger and bitterness” who must be abandoned as remnants of a bygone age.” While the Journal defends Hillary in the article, it does point out Republican Senator Edward Brooke, who Clinton had campaigned for (a republican?!), had just finished speaking before Clinton and was personally offended by Clinton calling her one of the “hollow men.” 

        3. Hillary’s Saul Alinsky Training Scandal
        4. 1969 – Just like Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton was educated in the Saul Alinsky “Rules for Radicals” method to create socialism. She knew the socialist-radical Saul Alinsky personally, said he was charming, met with him over the course of two years, and remained in contact with him for the rest of his life. Alinsky even tried to hire Hillary Clinton who said the offer was “tempting.” From the American Thinker: ” I suspect it must bother her that Obama also appears to have mastered the playbook used by her own political teacher, the legendary amoral guru of left wing activism, Saul Alinksy. Hillary has met not only her match in Alinsky tactics, she has met the master of bloodless socialist revolution, in my opinion.” Also from the American Thinker: “If you want a complete rundown on how all of Hillary’s and Soros’ “non-profit groups” work together in her plan to take over America, get yourself a copy of the book by her mentor, Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals. In it, you’ll find the complete outline for throwing Judeo/Christian principles and honesty to the winds of revolutionary fervor. Hillary Clinton has been the perfectly patient disciple of Alinsky’s since she wrote her thesis about him her senior year at Wellesley in 1969. If her admiration of Alinsky had died with her thesis, no one would care. But it didn’t. He remained a close confidant until his death (The Shadow Party, p. 56) and his tactical fingerprints are all over her projection of the false “Centrist” image she is manipulating to garner political power. It’s all in the book.” – points out: She viewed Alinsky as a “master showman” who brilliantly used street-fighter instinct to ruthlessly exploit his enemy’s weakness

        5. Hillary’s Love of Community Organizers (Agitators)
        6. 1969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper that she sees value in community organizers, “There is no lack of issues; what is missing are politically sophisticated organizers.” She learned community organizing from her socialist friend, Saul Alinsky and understood the organizer’s initial function was to “rub raw” the resentments of the people. She said that those who define community organizer to mean agitator are completely correct!

        7. Hillary Says Unions are made up of Radicals and Unreasonable Men!
        8. 1969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper that she acknowledges radicals built the labor unions! At the same time she says “radicals have been the most emotional and least reasonable of men“. Sounds like she just slammed and blasted the base of support, labor unions, she hopes will put her in the White House in 2016!

        9. Hillary Says Criticism of Saul Alinsky is “Hysteria!”
        10. 1969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper: “Philip M. Hauser, head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Chicago, believes that “[t]he methods by which Alinsky organized TWO may actually have impeded the achievement of consensus and thus delayed the attaining of Woodlawn’s true objectives.” Even questioning whether Professor Hauser knows what those “true objectives” are, his comment is suggestive of other academic criticism of the Alinsky model’s results. Dr. Harold Foy, editor of Christian Century, and Dr. Frank Reissman of the New York Institute for Developmental Studies, are two other outspoken critics. Dr. Foy’s objections center on Alinsky’s abrasive manner and avowed intention to alter the-existing balance of social power. He has charged Alinsky with encouraging “a political movement whose object is to establish control over urban society by raising up from its ruins a ‘power structure’ dictatorship based on slum dwellers” Such amorphous hysteria is characteristic of Dr Foy.” 

        11. Hillary was Lifelong Friend to a Man Who Fought For Fascsim!
        12. 1969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper: “Alinsky remembers that many young people from the yards [Back of the Yards, Chicago] area formed a crypto-fascist cadre in the late 1930?s. He fought against and for them once and may do so again.”

          1. Young Hillary Thought the American Dream was a “Nightmare?!”
          2. bill-hillary-clinton-hippie-arthritisinsight-dot-com-300x2691969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper: “Although [Saul] Alinsky calls Chicago his “city”, the place really represents to him the American Dream – in all its nightmare and its glory.” Now, she was clear that Chicago represented the American Dream to Alinsky. It is not clear from her written words if it was he, or she who described/defined that American dream as “in all its nightmare and its glory.” It does seem to be an editorial comment by the author (Hillary) of the paper. So what did she mean when she wrote the American Dream “in all its nightmare???” Did the American Dream give Hillary Clinton Nightmares?! What in the world is she talking about?

          3. Did Hillary Clinton Flip-Flop on so-called ‘Urban Renewal?!’
          4. In 1969, Hillary Clinton was against “Urban Renewal” and saw it as racism and a way to drive blacks out of certain areas. [HILLARY:] “The neighborhood’s problems were compounded by the threat of urban renewal. The Chicago Defender, a Negro newspaper, in its series entitled “The Battle of Woodlawn” characterized the threat as follows: [CHICAGO DEFENDER:] In the century since the Negro won freedom from slavery in America, the battle for freedom has never ceased and a variety of racial organizations his run the gauntlet of devious bans…to keep the Negro less than a free and equal American… But nothing has been more difficult to contend with than the newest strategy of racial discrimination introduced in the past decade… Called urban renewal, it has been difficult to fight because its idea is basically good–tear down the slums and build new homes… But the experience of a decade has demonstrated beyond doubt that in many cases urban renewal has meant Negro removal…And increasingly as urban renewal spread, the question in the community has been: how do you fight a bulldozer and crane?” [HILLARY:] “How, indeed, are bulldozers and cranes halted when they move with the encouragement of such powerful forces as a city administration and a university behind them?” [CONSERVATIVE AMERICAN:] 
            So, Hillary acknowledged that Urban renewal was a racist tactic. Years later, she was proud that she had used that very same racist tactic herself. Columbia University’s Student Radio station caught the story in 2008: “[BILAL QURESHI/Narr:] Senator Clinton’s appearance in seen as an an active effort by her to court minority and urban voters. Clinton is facing increasing competition from African-American Senator Barack Obama who has risen to national attention for his positive message of reconciliation and government reform. But as Senator Clinton has said, she is in it to win. [HILLARY/Ax:] “When I take the oath of office in January 2009, I will remember what we’ve done here…” [THE … IS FROM THE RADIO REPORT, NOT US] [Narr:] The Bronx has a high concentration of Black and Latino residents. The Bronx has recently undergone significant urban renewal. Carrion says Senator Clinton’s appearance is symbolic… [BOROUGH PRESIDENT ADOLFO CARRION/Ax:] “President after president have stood in the rubble of the South Bronx in the 1970s and now they can come here and show success…” [Narr:] Many local Latino and black residents admire Clinton’s work for the district. [END RADIO REPORT]

          5. Young Hillary Said “WelfarePhiles” Profit From the Industry!
          6. 1969 – Hillary Rodham wrote in her college thesis paper: [HILLARY:] Alinsky warns to beware of programs which attack only their economic poverty. [SAUL ALINSKY:] Welfare programs since the New Deal have neither redeveloped poverty areas nor even catalyzed the poor into helping themselves. A cycle of dependency has been created which ensnares its victims into resignation and apathy.” [HILLARY:] To dramatize his warning to the poor, Alinsky proposed sending Negroes dressed in African tribal costumes to greet VISTA volunteers arriving in Chicago. This action would have dramatized what he refers to as the “colonialism” and the “Peace Corps mentality” of the poverty program. Alinsky is interested in people helping themselves without the ineffective interference from welfarephiles.” [CONSERVATIVEAMERICAN.ORG:] Hillary seems to have invented this word, combining the damage of welfare with the disgusting behavior of a pedophile. We think this term could be used to describe any number of liberal activists today who profit from the welfare industry. We also agree with Hillary in her use of the term and her description of the failed War on Poverty. If we agree with her, then you know her democrat-union-socialist pals will strongly disagree!

            1. Young Hillary Clinton: War on Poverty No Deeper Than Public Relations
            3. photo-three-clintons-207x300-arthritis-insight-dot-com 
              Here’s another time we agree with Hillary, though I doubt her liberal friends would! [HILLARY:] “If, indeed, the purpose of the War on Poverty was to “give”, then most of its Alinsky-like rhetoric about “helping the poor help themselves” and opening “opportunity” and bringing “hope to all who contemplate their future in terms of their discouraging present” went no deeper than the public relations division.” She also wrote that some believe the War on Poverty would be viewed as “history’s greatest relief program for, the benefit of the welfare industry.” Hillary herself would note, “All too often the War on Poverty with confused intentions and armed with misinterpreted social theory fulfilled [PATRICK] Moynihan’s concluding description of the community action programs: “…the soaring rhetoric, the minimum performance; the feigned constancy, the private betrayal; in the end…the sell-out.”