Friday, December 31, 2010

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Hell no! Why should we even try? The Democrats keep talking about compromise as if compromise is always a good thing under any and all circumstances. Compromise in politics is like alcohol. A glass or two now and then is cool. Guzzling down cases of “two buck chuck” is disgusting. So a compromise would be only a half a case, that is enabling the drunk.

The road that the progressives in Congress , Obama, and his group of socialists/Marxist Czars and appointees are taking America directly in the opposite direction the people want to travel. In the past two years we have witnessed a huge growth of government, unprecedented deficit spending, and loss of freedom, and liberty that has brought us too close to USSR style socialism. This trend was aided and abetted by an elite group of career politicians who are totally out of touch with the reality of life of the American people. They have totally discarded our Constitution and the reason why this land divorced itself from a top down style of governing.

How can there be bi-party-ism if compromise is impossible without trashing the Constitution and abandonment of our core values? If self-reliance, liberty, and pursuit of individual happiness is to survive how can we compromise with the Marxist edict of “to each one’s need and each one’s ability”. That means distributing the wealth? That type of a system cannot survive even in a dictatorship, as we have seen with the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain countries?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Response To Interview of Islam Promoting Major General Hammond,

My Response To Interview of Islam Promoting Major General Hammond,
Special Combat Engineer 4Th Engineering Bat. 569th Company, US Army, stationed at the time at Fort Carson CO.

The one thing that got my attention in this article is his opening statement, “I am shocked how ignorant you guys are about Islam and its fundamental tenants”. I for one am not ignorant about Islam’s core. I have studied the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia Law for over 6 years. I am cognisant of the many facets that were taken from the Judeo-Christian faiths and the changes that were made to suit Mohamed. Judeo-Christian values are based on the Ten Commandments which begin with “Thou shall not” and then list forbidden egregious activities. It does not have caveats or exclusion of people of other faiths or non-faiths. The Koran forbids deceit of true believers of Islam. But encourages, even demands it when dealing with the infidels if it is to the advantage of Islam. Even today, it accepts slavery as the norm, especially women, masked as a defense of women.

I also have eyes and ears and a critical mind. I can see despicable acts perpetrated under the guise of doing Allah’s work as stated in the Koran, such as the murder (suicide attacks, beheading, shooting, bombing) of the innocent, infirm, and elderly. I can hear the religious leaders of Islam demanding the destruction of symbols of other faiths, the murder of anyone who will not accept Islam, and the call to overthrow all governments and establish a World Caliphate. I do not see Muslims mourning the deaths of the result of the horror attacks on the World Trade center in NYC and other such acts. I do see Muslims dancing in the street celebrating these acts of terror. I do not hear Muslims condemning the people, who perpetrate, encourage, plan, and send people to perpetrate these horrible acts.

Judaism and Christianity went through reformations as humanity evolved from “might makes right” to a justice system allowing human dignity to all regardless of social or economic standing.

I am also aware of how Islam is presented to non-Muslims, especially those vulnerable to accepting that faith. These are people searching for answers that cannot be proven but must be accepted on faith. They either have not been exposed to a faith based life or have been disillusioned by individual’s transgressions. These converts are encouraged to be terrorists and call them heroes and martyrs.

No one can convince me that Islam is a religion of peace. When I say peace, I mean the general definition of the world not Islam’s version which is installing a World Caliphate and elimination of all opposition.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Relationship of Big Business and Government

One aspect of Big Brother Government that is being ignored is huge corporations. Once a business reaches a certain size it becomes a bureaucracy with no resemblance to a capitalistic enterprise. By necessity, it needs to be administered like a government agency. The people in charge operate without entrepreneurish type risk. Its size makes it almost impossible to react to business changes in a timely manner. Rules and regulations are set in concrete. Individual incentive is stifled and replaced by adherence to dictated policies and procedures.

It begins to operate like a government agency and relates better to the government than to other business. Its goals change from operating on a profit basis to a basis of self perpetuation. It becomes more of a consuming entity rather than a producing one. The motivation is not producing a competitive product or service but to feed itself. The result is more blotted growth, less efficiency, and a dying dinosaur.

This is what happened to our auto industry and the real-estate and financial markets. Our auto industry (in general; GMC and Chrysler in particular) were producing cars that people were not buying and were not able to change the products they were selling fast enough. The real-estate and financial companies were being run by administrators with little or no practical experience of real estate or banking. Banks were making loans that no true banker would ever approve.

To survive, a company needs to increase its market share. But there is a saturation point where growth becomes a detriment, especially growth by acquisition of competition. This has been especially true in banking. Acquiring failing banks just postpones the inevitable, failure. The liabilities eventually erode the profitability of the acquiring banks. In a competitive market some succeed while others fail. Forced sharing of liabilities is just as debilitating to the economy as redistribution of wealth from the producers to those who only consume

Monday, December 20, 2010

The START treaty Empowers Russia

Russia is in no position to get into an arms race with the US. Their economy is not robust enough to sustain a long protracted race. By limiting our defenses we are empowering Russia.

For several years, Russia has been pouring money into expanding their influence around the world. They have made deals with countries that are very hostile to America. They have set up naval bases in South America and Syria. They have supplied our enemies, including Iran, with military equipment, including nuclear capability. All these countries are potential surrogates to battle us both militarily and economically.

Just like the old Soviet Union, Russia will not directly attack us but be the beneficiary of US conflicts with these countries. They are eroding our relationships with our friends. Eastern Europe is becoming more and more energy dependent on Russia which supplies gasoline and natural gas to Eastern Europe. Russia has flexed its power by cutting off supplies, officially for ‘technical’ reasons. However as soon as their point was made, the ‘technical’ problems seemed to disappear.

President Reagan called the Soviet Union's bluff and helped to bankrupt the them, thereby eliminating the threat they posed to the world. It is ludicrous to think that the US will attack Russia militarily. The world threat is from militant Islamic nations and groups. Russia is working on using them against us. They also know that these same elements are a real danger to them just as they are to us. The START treaty allows Russia to build ‘defense systems’ but limits the US, including protecting our friends. The Obama administration canceled missile defenses for Eastern Europe based in the Czech Republic and Poland. They even stooped to black mailing those countries by cutting off energy sources making it hard for them to push the system.

We do not need the START treaty but Russia does. Russia is not our friend, so why should we empower a country that is hostile to us. There is nothing in the treaty about real live threats to us from terrorist regimes and groups. Start is bad for America and we must not ratify it.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eroding Freedom and Liberty in America

A story goes that a man wanted to start a pig farm but there were no pigs for sale that he could afford to buy. So he decided to start his farm with wild pigs. He cleared a space in the forest where he dumped garbage from local restaurants. He watched the wild pigs slowly approach, run away come back, and slowly begin to eat what he put there and stopped getting food the old fashioned way; finding it in the forest. He did this every day and the pigs kept coming and eating. By the third week they lost all caution and every day they rushed to gorge on the buffet. On the forth week he built a fence behind the bounty of food. The pigs rushed to get their meal but stopped short about ten feet away. They noticed the fence and at first were suspicious but after sniffing the fence began to gorge on the food. Three weeks later he built a similar fence at a 90 degree angle from the first one. At first the pigs were again suspicious but soon paid no attention and began to feast. Again in three more weeks he built another fence, this time at a 90 degree angle on the other side. This time the pigs hardly noticed the latest addition to the fence and began to feast. The next week as the pigs were getting their fill, he snuck up behind them and added the fourth and last part of the fence and the pigs were corralled in a pen. When the pigs looked around they found out that they were trapped. They stopped eating and started to run around looking for a way out. They banged all sides of the fence to no avail. They were trapped. The pigs exhausted themselves trying to escape. For a few days they refused to eat what the farmer fed them but shortly they gave in and gladly ate the meager food he brought them. Eventually they stopped trying to escape and accepted their fate. The prospect of a free meal lured them into slavery.

Nothing is free. You either pay for it in advance or you pay dearly later. By accepting small intrusions on their freedom, the pigs got caught in trap that they could not get out of. One part of the fence didn’t seem so bad to put up with. Then the meal seemed more important than the next and the next part of the fence. Each part protected their food source from other animals until the last part of the fence enslaved them.

Americans do not realize the fences being built around them. We did not see Social Security deductions from our paycheck as a fence. We did not believe that the money was not for our retirement but is being used to fund other spending by the government. We did not see Medicare as a fence being built and the beginning of Socialized Medicine. We got used the ever increasing encroachment of our liberties when we went along with ever increasing smoking restrictions. We believe that the government is looking to protect us when it started to tell us what food to eat and has nothing to do with getting us used to do whatever the government dictates. Some of us accept that we are too stupid to choose for ourselves. Many do not realize that we are being conditioned to accept outrageous inconvenience, humiliation, and pain under the guise of being protected. How is that you ask? Take a few plane trips across the country and you’ll understand. Ever wonder if there is an underlying reason why the government is afraid for you to own a gun? Here is a hint; every totalitarian government has stripped its citizens of a means to protect themselves.

Ever wonder why our administration is supporting the Islamation of America? Islam is trying to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law, a 7th century mentality, totalitarian set of laws that strip the soul of any dignity and reduce people to slaves.

We are being conditioned to accept a big brother government. Don’t give up your freedom and liberty for a few shine beads. They may seem very important to you now but later you will see they are worthless compared to what you gave up.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Support of Israel is Support of Humanity

For the last four decades Islam has done a better job of marketing its cause than Israel and its supporters. They have been telling lies and changing accounts of history over and over again. A lie, if said often enough and long enough soon begins to be accepted as feasible. Then when groups with other agendas want to denigrate the supporters of the truth for their own purpose, the lie after time begins to look like the truth.

Capitalist democracy has been under fire by those wanting to change all governments back to the rule by few of the many. 1776 was the beginning of a new kind of governing. Governing by the people, of the people, and for the people took power away from elite rulers of the world. Over the years these rulers have been losing power all over the world. Islam is stuck in a seventh century mentality of ruling with power from the top only.

Those advocating a one world government are also top down thinkers. So, they see any opposition to a democratic government, such as Israel, as an ally, albeit a temporary one. One World Government appeals to those of socialist leanings, many times disguising themselves under the banner of Progressives.

All these forces are working together, each with their own and separate goals, to eradicate opposition to each of their version of a World Government. Israel appears the most vulnerable, making it target number one, for Islam anyway. In the progressive’s blind desire to make alias of those wanting to eliminate Israel, they have taken up their cause; not realizing that those they want as friends despise the progressives just as much as Israel.

America needs to become the world leader and champion of democracy that it was before. This will not happen unless all Americans realize what the founding fathers brought on this world in 1776. They turned those serving the elite into free men and women. Empowered them to be responsible for their own destiny and allowed them to achieve heights of success never before available. Support of Israel is support of humanity and the abolishment of slavery.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Reason For Energy Self-reliance

If there was no Israel, no Jews, no Christians, nor any other infidels, the internal struggle within Islam would still threaten the world. When Muhammad died a huge rift appeared in Islam because Muslims could not agree who will take over. This bitter struggle between Sunni and Shia Muslims is greater than the hate that both sides have towards the rest of the world

The Deadly Sunni-Shia Divide — 2010-2011

When Iran develops the atomic bomb and a means to deliver it, its first target might be Israel but neighboring Arab States will also be in its cross hairs. Source is Agora Financial

Iran's First Move...

Source is Agora Financial

With total control of the Hormuz "oil chokepoint" in the Persian Gulf
and new power in "liberated" Iraq, the Iranians have a brand new foothold
for kicking off the long-awaited "Shia Revolution."
Source is Agora Financial

By blocking the Straits of Hormuz causing a worldwide oil shortage, oil prices will surge above $250/barrel. Gas and other products derived from petroleum, prices will soar. Even though most of America’s oil does not come from the Middle East, our economy will suffer along with the rest of the world.

We must be oil self-reliant by the time this happens. Even if the Middle East erupts before we start pumping, we can stave off much of the effect if we start exploiting our own oil reserves NOW!

Even if the rest of the world unites to defeat Iran, the damage will be done. All countries will have to depend on oil from Russia, Venezuela, and other countries trying to dominate world economies. We have more than enough reserves to see us through this calamity. We need to press Congress and state legislators start drilling NOW!

Friday, September 17, 2010

We need to use whatever sources of energy are now available

There is nothing stopping private industry to invest in alternative energy, except profitability and the vast amount of horrendous regulations, studies, and fees standing in the way. A solar energy generation plant in the California Desert was abandoned due to the high cost and time involved in getting permits to build it. A wind farm plan was abandoned when environmentalists objected on the grounds that birds might fly into them. These and other objections are standing in the way of alternative energy sources. The only companies who will be able to avoid them are those which hold favor with the government. This shows the true purpose of these stumbling blocks to California business. Their main goal is for government to have more and more control of the people.

It is against the law to manufacture solar panels in California. They are being built in India and other foreign countries which benefit leaving Americans on the side line. The motors for the wind energy generating farms are built overseas, again leaving American business out of the loop.

There have been no new refineries built in California for decades, environmentalists oppose hydroelectric plants, and even though natural leaking of oil is polluting Santa Barbara beaches and others, we can’t relieve the pressure by harvesting the oil. The cleanest source of energy is nuclear. Plants have and are being built all over the world because they are safer than ever but there are no plans for any new ones in California.

We need to use whatever sources of energy are now available while private industry searches for other economical ways. Government rules and regulations only stand in the way of our energy independence and economic recovery. Government is not the solution to problems. Government is the problem.

United Nations to push for a world tax

Recently wrote “A group of 60 nations will meet next week at the United Nations to push for a tax on foreign currency transactions as a way to generate revenue to meet global poverty-reduction goals, including “climate change” mitigation. Spearheaded by European Union countries, the so-called “innovative financing” proposal envisages a tax of 0.005 percent (five cents per $1,000), which experts estimate could produce more than $30 billion a year worldwide for priority causes. 'link '

Maybe I missed it. When did Americans vote to be taken over by a World Government run by Europeans or anyone else? For many decades America has been doling out money and various other form of aid to other countries for various reasons. Now as good neighbors Americans have had no problem helping people who have suffered from natural calamities; floods, earthquakes, and such. But the world seems to think that it has a right to whatever America has.

America is and has been the most generous country in history. After being viciously attacked by both Germany and Japan, at the end of WWII Americans helped to restore the economy of both nations. The only land we asked for was to bury our dead. America has never “stolen” oil reserves form any nation. If one looks at history it was Great Briton and France who colonized the countries with oil. It was America that brought tremendous innovations to the world, especially in the 20th century; innovations that the whole world benefited from. “Global Poverty” is not America’s fault. It is mostly caused by the governments of those countries that keep its people poor by stealing most of their GDP for themselves.

It is no secret that most of the aid America has doled out to the world never gets to the people. A big example is the Middle East. Instead of improving the lives of the people they purport to represent all the aid that the PLO, PA, Hamas, and Hizbullah received from all over the world including America and Israel, these groups have used the money to build up armies against Israel, spew hate and terror, and also line their own pockets.

Jealous World Leaders have been picking the pockets of Americans for many decades. Now that we have a president who is a globalist and socialist who does not particularly hold our Constitution and way of life to high esteem, they see an opportunity to rip us off even more.

Counting those Americans that are looking for work, are forced to take part time jobs, work in positions not up to their potential, and all those who gave up looking and are now depleting their savings to live, more than 20% of the US work force is idle. America needs to stop doling out money to the rest of the world and provide incentives, such as huge tax breaks, to rejuvenate our economy. We also need to make it easier for businesses to exploit our natural resources. America has given much and owes nothing to the rest of the world. Any aid we provide is charity. Charity must begin at home else we won’t be in any position help ourselves or anyone.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Will Islam accept other cultures and beliefs?

Some have hope of a reformation in Islam. They believe that Islam will mature, embrace modern times and thinking, and will accept living with the rest of the world rather than trying to conquer it by any and all means. They disregard the deep rooted 7th century mentality of Islam. Islam’s mission is to convert or destroy all who reject it. That has not changed one iota for the past 1,400 years.

I and just about all who have studied the history and current events regarding Islam, all are convinced that a reformation within Islam will not happen in time to stave off a major conflict between it and the modern world. It is not a question of education or exposure to the west. Suicide attacks have been perpetrated by illiterate goat herders as well as professionals who were educated in the west. People living in the west, still hold on to the primitive edicts of Shariah Law. This is evident by the many “honor killings” in America and other western countries.
If built, the Mosque at ground zero will be a symbol of Islam’s victory and dominance. This is the pattern of Islam, destroying symbols of other cultures and religions and replacing them with a Mosque as was the Mosque (Cordova House) in Spain.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The government wants to take over more land

This summer, the National Park Service initiated a new "special resource study" of the Rim of the Valley Corridor surrounding the San Fernando, La Crescenta, Santa Clarita, Simi and Conejos Valleys in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties of southern California.

The Rim of the Valley Corridor study's purpose is to determine whether any portion of the study area is eligible to be designated as a unit of the national park system or added to an existing national park such as the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. The study will also explore other ways that private or governmental entities can protect resources and provide more outdoor recreation opportunities.

Sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? More parks that the state cannot afford to maintain. The state is closing parks and recreation areas. This preserves the land for what, the park rangers? People who have cabins in those areas don’t want you, me, or anyone else to enjoy a cabin like they do, so they start movements to “preserve nature”. They have theirs and the rest of us can go to hell. Before I bought the house in Saugus, there were only fields and trees there. As my and other newly built houses were occupied, people started petitions to not allow any other developments in adjoining areas. We got ours, the hell with everyone else.

The US government owns more of this county’s land than the people do. 80% of Utah is owned by the Feds. The more land that a government owns (federal, state, or local), the less land there is for the people. This will force the people to live in overcrowded cities, using “public” transportation because the streets and highways are not maintained properly (and not enough of them). The more we depend on a government entity the more they will charge us for “what they provide”. There are ways to preserve most of nature without having the government take over.

Our governments (Fed. State, and local) should be concerned with improving the economy and not dreaming up new restrictions and entities to enforce them. I got an email from Fran Pavley bragging about all the bills she and the legislature passed or were working on. None of them had anything to do with helping the economy. On the contrary, they were increasing the size of government and costs to run it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Promotion Of Understanding Or A Symbol Of Conquest?

In the 8th century, Islamic armies conquered Spain. The medieval occupation of Spain – “al-Andalus” – is considered by Islamic theorists to have been an inevitable step in the manifest destiny of Islam, which is to have the world submit to Islam or perish. As a symbol of the expansion of Islam, the mosque at Cordoba Spain was built on the foundation of a Christian cathedral.

Dishonoring the symbols of conquered lands by destroying them and building a mosque, is the common custom of Islam. This is the what the building of a mosque on the site of the murdering of almost three thousand people of mainly American citizenship is all about. It is nothing more than a show of the beginning of conquering the Western World by Islam. If constructed, it will be the symbol of Islam’s victory and supremacy of Islam over western culture. It is not by coincident that the name of the mosque to be built will be named Cordoba House.

The mosque at Cordoba Spain represents a history of conquest and reconquest that, from the perspective of Islamists, is at an unfinished stage as of today. The caliphate of Cordoba was the geographic high point of Umayyad Muslim rule – that is, of the original caliphate that succeeded Mohammed – on European territory. It represents a glory that Islamists intend to restore. Its eventual loss to the Europeans represents, equally, an evil reversal, imposed by infidels, that requires redress.

“Cordoba,” in Islamic symbolic terms, means Islamic rule in the West. It does not mean “coexistence,” unless coexistence is interpreted as referring to Islamic rule. Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs cites the article (original in Arabic) published by Iraqi-American Khudhayr Taher on 18 May, in which Taher explains the following:

We must note that a hostile and provocative name [Cordoba] has been chosen for this mosque…Choosing the name ‘Cordoba House’ for the mosque to be constructed in New York was not coincidental or random and innocent. It bears within it significance and dreams of expansion and invasion [into the territory] of the other, [while] striving to change his religion and to subjugate him…

It is common knowledge that in the many mosques, which have been built in America, Imams are encouraging its members to fight against our culture and Judeo-Christian beliefs. It is the goal of all Muslims to have Sharia Law supersede our Constitution. Sharia Law forbids the contemplation of things not in the Koran. Women are treated as property of men at a status just below beasts of burden. They are not allowed any formal education. This means that a woman cannot be a doctor and since unrelated men are not allowed to touch or even look at uncovered women, the chance of women getting proper medical treatment is about zero. Legally under Sharia Law a woman’s worth is one half that of a man. Alleging rape, a woman needs to have four male witnesses to corroborate her allegation; otherwise she will be severely punished for adultery. This can be 90 lashes with a whip or death by stoning or both. Sharia Law is of a 7th century mentality and has no place in the 21st century.

Islam is incompatible with any other faith or non-faith. It dictates that all non-Muslims must submit to Islam or be murdered. There is no room for non-Muslims in a World Caliphate. A mosque at the 9/11 site will be a symbol of the righteousness of Islamic quest and a rallying point for future attacks on us. Allowing this mosque to be built will show we have no resolve nor heart to defend our beliefs and our way of life of liberty and freedom.

Europeans retook Cordoba in the 13th century and turned the mosque back into a cathedral. Are we incapable of standing up for our way of life or will we regain the spine of our founders and defeat this attempt at humiliation by the forces of Islam? Will we suffer at the hands of Islam for 5 centuries as Europe did before we fight back? Our future is in our hands. We can let liberty and freedom slip through our hands or rescue our Constitution by not giving another inch to the dark forces of the 7th century.

Obama said that Islam made great contributions to the world. That is a blatant lie. Any good contributions by Arabs were prior to Islamization. The Taliban murdered every Buddhist in Afghanistan, all Buddhist shrine and temples were destroyed, and all modern innovations forbidden. Islam is not good for America. If we allow Islam to dominate America we will find out what real terror is.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We All Have Done A Lot Of talking, Now Is The Time For Action

Many of us have been disappointed by the outcome of the GOP primaries. Our personal choices did not meet muster; boo hoo, sniffle, sniffle. Let’s not parrot the diatribe of our true opponents who, if elected will continue to wreck the economy and tear up our Constitution with their socialist mantra. Our disappointment must not help to defeat our GOP slate of candidates.

I have run into many Republicans and conservatives acting like spoiled three year olds. Just like the a child, throwing a tantrum because he/she won’t get the candy bar at the checkout counter he/she wants and won’t settle for the one offered, they end up with nothing. People, grow up. We all know that we can’t have everything we want when we want it. A journey begins with one step. Just because it is a bumpy one, is no reason to give up. A chocolate bar may be tastier but let’s be thankful for the Trident gum for now.

We have to campaign with heartfelt enthusiasm for all the GOP candidates. Don’t allow your disappointment show and discourage others. We must encourage others to vote for our GOP slate. Just think what if Barbara Boxer and Jerry Brown win. That would be a disaster. Let’s not have any negativism when talking about our GOP candidates. Ronald Reagan said “if you agree 80% with me we can work together” (or something to that effect).

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman agree with over 80% of our views on the major issues facing California and the Nation. It is a lot more realistic that we will influence the actions of Meg and Carly then those of Boxer and Brown who have proved that they don’t care what we want or think.

Let’s support our GOP candidates now and when they get elected keep in touch with them. Send them emails, letters, and faxes letting them know what we expect of them. Admonish them (respectfully) when their actions are counter to our principles and thank them for doing the right thing. We must play the cards dealt us.

I and the Party Leadership will work hard to help elect the whole GOP slate. We all have to take responsibility for our future and that of generations to come. In the past others have risked wealth, liberty, and life to build a nation based on the Constitution so wisely prepared by our founders. We are not being asked to risk anywhere near what others have. Just a little bit of our time walking precincts, making phone calls, and encouraging our friends, neighbors, and associates to vote GOP.

There are a million Republicans (plus many independents and Democrats having our core beliefs) in LA County. We all can make a ten dollar donation a month before November. This would raise more than $10 million a month for three months to help elect the GOP slate. Ten dollars is about three lattes, a sacrifice we all can make without suffering permanent damage.

Freedom and Liberty are not free. Let’s take responsibility for the future of California and America. Campaign enthusiastically, get out the vote, and be sure you vote the complete GOP slate

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stop the Eco Lobbies from Destroying California Completely

Sacramento has been running on a third grade mentality. They demand conditions that cannot be sustained. To build a house from wood one must cut down some trees. To be able to feed the nation with fruits and vegetables you need land, seeds, fertilizer, and water. If it is decided that a few imported bait fish are more important than thousands of farm workers and hundreds of farm owners, then you will end up with huge numbers added to the unemployment lines, bankrupt farms, and a stagnant economy. If a company must spend millions of dollars and wait years to begin operations in one state they will do business somewhere else. If existing companies keep having to pay new taxes, have them increase constantly, be burdened with increasing regulations and paper work they will leave California and start up in other states. If we are not allowed to exploit our natural resources we will have to depend on the products that can be made from other parts of the world making us dependent on others. Since the economy is so bad we can’t make enough money to pay for them.

Pristine is nice but it does not pay the bills. We need better balance in running our state. It is like if a person spends time making a car look good (new pain, shiny trim, new seats, etc.) but neglects the engine, transmission, and brakes, there will be a beautiful car in the driveway but it will not take anyone to work and make a good living. That is California now, looks pretty but is not functional.
This attitude is exasperated by those who have their place in paradise but refuse the rest of us to participate. People like Barbara Streisand and our governor who have all they need and could not care less about the rest of us. They are the people that cut down part of a forest to build a house. Once there, they yell and scream in the name of ecology when others want to move into the area also. BS they are just being selfish. They got theirs and everyone else must stay away living in crowded high rises.

We need to stop this socialist move of more and more government and reinstall a self reliant way in California. A people dependent on government is a people under tyranny. When government dictates to the people, there is dictatorship. When people dictate to the government there is freedom and liberty.

Let’s all grow up and do the right thing, stop the echo lobbies from destroying California completely.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

America; Closer to a Socialist Dictatorship

Over two months ago the Gulf of Mexico suffered a major accident threatening the livelihood of thousands and perhaps millions American citizens, not only those that make a direct living from the gulf but also the many depending on the gulf goods, transport to vacation spots, and others. Our president’s first concern was not to attack the situation and try to minimize it but to point blame and punish and further his attempts to control this country and make us all more and more dependent on the Federal Government.

Shortly after the accident, there were many opportunities for Obama to immediately control the destruction of the coastal areas. Several countries offered oil symphonic ships to help with the cleanup. The president refused. Barriers to block the spread of the oil were stacked up in warehouses but he would not allow them to be used. Other solutions were also barred from being used. When the affected states wanted to send hundreds of people to clean up the coast immediately, his administration through up road blocks. His administration set up a rule that the workers were allowed to work only twenty minutes at time with an hour of rest. When the weather became too extreme to work one beach, the workers tried to move to another area they were stopped. The EPA mandated that they must finish one area before they can start on a different beach. When one state started to protect their coast with barriers, the coast guard ordered them to move to another area allowing those beaches to be fowled. One state sent out boats to help with the oil, the Coast Guard impeded their progress by inspecting each boat to see if there were any safety violations like not enough life preservers. It seemed like Obama’s people were losing sleep while thinking up ways to delay the recovery.

As anger against his handling of the situation mounted, he decided to divert attention from his lame handling of the situation by demanding BP to set up a $20 billion dollar fund to be used for payment of lost wages and business due to the oil spill. He thought that would make him a hero. This action did nothing to help his image or divert attention from him. Obama seems to be more concerned with bankrupting BP then taking care of the situation.

As his administration brags, he did not want to miss an opportunity to further his goal of control. He stopped the production of all offshore deep wells. This put many more people on the unemployment lines, making more people depend on the government. Less domestic oil production also means greater dependents on foreign oil, higher prices, and furthering the lowering the standard of living making us more like the rest of the world and less the special country we have been since

Every program that comes from his administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid lowers our living standard, decreases ambition to succeed, and grows the size and influence of Big Brother government brining us closer and closer to a socialist state. Every socialist state eventually became a dictatorship. We have an opportunity to begin putting our country back on track to greatness and the light of hope, liberty, and freedom. We must vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work hard to make a big change in congress. Then we must work on grooming the right candidate to replace Obama in the White House.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Continuation of Socializing America

Have you taken a look at what congress is planning? I’m talking about the latest bill now being worked out between the House and Senate differences.

First of all this bill will create a regulatory group that can decide if a company is too big to fail. That’s right any company, not only banks and other financial institutions will be under the control of the government. They will be able to bail out any company with your tax dollars or just take it over without congress’ approval. Your government will be controlled not by those you elected but by Obama’s appointed Czars. This is dictatorship. Members of congress will become (even more) a worthless bunch of bureaucrats getting paid for shuffling papers and rubberstamping Obama’s one man rule.

Another item is to monitor every single financial transaction we make. Every time you use your credit card or get cash from your ATM Obama’s oversight uber-rulers will know about it. This will enable them to decide if you have made too much money already (remember when Obama said that he feels you shouldn’t make too much money – that would be his decision).

There is no oversight of Fanny May or Freddy Mac. These are the two that encouraged lending of money to buy homes by people that had no hope of making the payments. The people responsible for the economy tanking are now running the government.

This on top of the control that Cap ‘n’ Trade will have over how we heat and cool our homes, what we will have to do before we can sell our houses, what appliances and light bulbs we use, and the cost of all this, Americans will pretty much be under the thumb of a one man rule government.

That egregious so called ‘Healthcare Bill’ is just another grab to control our lives and sap any enthusiasm to achieve.

America is slipping back to how the world was ruled before 1776 when the people were serfs and slaves beholding to an elite ruling class; Kings, Barons, self proclaimed gods, and anyone with power; when might meant right.

If we value our liberty and freedom to excel, we must change the makeup of congress this November. If the career politicians that put us on the path to destruction of the way of life that our founders fought so hard to bring to the world are not replaced by those who believe in our Constitution and limited government, dark times are in store for America and the world.

Heed the warning and get involved. Be sure to vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work hard to elect them. Walk precincts, make phone calls, and make sure right minded people vote. Our future is still in our hands. Act now tomorrow will be too late.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Here are the questions I ask candidates

What are your life accomplishments?
Why are you running for this office?
What do you plan to accomplish when you are elected?
What do you think the role of government should be?
What past or current politician do you admire?
What do you know about Islam?
Is America under attack by Islamic Terrorists.

These are the answers I hope for:

The candidate has been involved in politics but spent the last ten years making a living, paying taxes, a mortgage, and has been successful in his field.
The candidate is motivated by a sense of duty to protect our Constitution and is not interested in being a career politician.
It is the government’s duty to protect its citizens without running our lives.
The candidate should admire politicians who advocate small government, believe in free enterprise, promote peace through strength, and admire the core factors of our Constitution.
Islam is not compatible withe enlightened western cultures.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Voluntary Collectivism vs State Socialism

When living in Nebraska, I worked on a farm whose owner belongs to a coop. Several farmers in the area got together and formed a coop to benefit from large purchasing discounts and mass distribution of their products, milk, eggs, wheat, alfalfa, etc. This is voluntary collectivism, only the members benefited.

These coops worked very well. Insurance of any kind and mutual fund savings are based on the same principal. Members benefit from lower cost and payouts, if needed, are way above what any individual member could afford. The costs on both ends are regulated by the market, supply and demand. Under these conditions the collectives work well and all benefit.

All collectives depend on a stable economy, voluntary membership, and denial of benefits to non-members. Once the government ordains that non-members are guaranteed the same benefits as the voluntary members, membership is mandatory, or regulates costs of membership and payments to providers (as in health care) then we go beyond voluntary collectivism and enter the way of government forced socialism. Forced government socialism and the threats that come with it, is a form of terror.

Setting arbitrary costs and payments undermines the foundation of collectivism. Forced participation is also counterproductive to the concept of voluntary collectivism. This is true whether presented by the left or the right.

If people build shelters when it is not raining later they have protection from the elements. Those that do not take the time and effort to build shelters will get wet and cold. This situation presents a problem, do we allow the ones that did not prepare, to suffer or do we share our shelters with them? Government mandates are not the solution. They only create bigger problems. Education is the only answer. If people are thought that earning a living includes preparing for the future and not only how much immediate gratification one can achieve, there will not be the need for forced distribution of wealth. Any scheme for national prosperity must make education its foundation and ensure a growing economy to keep up with population growth.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A Couple More Reasons to reject ObamaCare

Some months ago I cautioned people about two items not talked much about. I warned that Obama was going to make it illegal for private loans for college tuition as part of ObamaCare. Today it has been mentioned on FOX News several times.

No one seems to be too outraged about it. But think about it. If the government becomes the only way to get school loans, the government will be able to dictate who gets those loans. What if (ha I mean for sure) the government decides that to deny a loan to a “minority” applicant, just because they don’t qualify, is racist? This is socialism which can only lead to a dictatorship.

This is what happened to Sonja Mayor. She got to go to college even though her test scores were too low. Now she is a Supreme Court judge. We just might have brain surgeons who never qualified to be such but became so because it was “fair”.

The other item I warned about months ago that is now being talked about (again without much to do) is a little item in ObamaCare bill. It prohibits any future congress from repealing it. If this monstrosity gets passed, we will have to live with it forever.

ObamaCare is just another way to rob us of our liberty. Even if you have signed letters, sent emails, and made phone calls against the bill, do it again. Congress is getting ready to screw us all. No kisses. Talk about home grown terrorism, I feel I'm being terrorized.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Obama is undermining the Sovereignty of Israel

The Obama Administration realizes that peace between Israel and the so-called Palestinians is not possible as long as the goal of the Arabs is to eradicate Israel. Since the sympathies of the Obama Administration have never been with Israel they choose to take advantage of a crises, real or imagined.

The audacity of this administration to be able to dictate Israel’s land use is just another example of the self-proclaimed elite and superior status of those now running America. Their premises of legality to dictate to Israel is as falls as the proclamations in the Koran that Muslims have the right to dictate to those of other and non-faiths.

This administration’s goal to be the leader of a world government has to comply with all the elites of Europe wanting a world government. This is quite evident to critical thinkers. What is not evident, or just being ignored, is that the world leaders have paved the way for Islamic and Sharia rule in just about all of Europe. The socialist leaders don’t care about this since they feel strong enough to defeat any opposition including Jihadist terrorism. This was true when Hitler made agreements with the Soviet Union and is true now when Chavez makes deals with the Iranian regime. Neither side intends to keep the bargain.

Why is Obama undermining the Sovereignty of Israel? The answer is simple. It is part of a plan to eliminate democratic countries as they make a move for world domination. Once the democracies of the world are eliminated, the socialists will be at each other’s throats.

The survival of Israel is of paramount importance in the struggle for freedom and liberty. Israel’s destruction is same as the destruction of a free press in America, elimination of congressional oversight to who runs America (Czars), and replacement of our military with a “Civilian National Security” force. It is part of the attack on our Constitution, which established a government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

He is Not Only a Communist, He is a Muslim

This article was authered by Richard McDonald. You can read his other article at

The jury is out. Barack Obama and many Democrats are socialists which as Lenin said is just the final step to communism. The age-old collectivist poison that society should have equal economic outcomes for all its citizens has failed throughout history because genetically as well as environmentally one man is never equal to another. One always is more capable than the other and will not endlessly work to fund the difference.

Barack Obama is essentially a communist. He wants to “redistribute wealth” and that sits well with those millionaire liberals in Congress all of whom have privatized investment accounts they deny their constituents (the “Thrift Savings Plan”) because they have convinced the people they can deliver the “common good” which enables them to control the media, academe, unions, government workers, blacks and half the population.

The Tea Party Movement is a powerful revolt against the Democrats and Barack Obama’s assault on free enterprise, capitalism and the freedom and liberty guaranteed to each individual American by the Constitution. It is more than likely that Obama and his Democrats will suffer a great loss in November mid-terms because America is center-right not a radical leftist commune-in-the-making.

Unfortunately Obama is not up for re-election in November and he poses another serious problem Americans will have to face for the next two-and-a-half years – he is a Muslim. If you doubt he is their front man catch the video - on You Tube. He is using America’s religious tolerance, political correctness, multiculturalism and a myriad of other devices to slip the Muslim “political organization” right past our noses.

Make no mistake that unlike America their religion dictates their politics and governmental policies. Muslim countries have adopted the barbaric Sharia law that dictates beheadings, vaginal mutilation, dismemberment, honor killings, genocide for homosexuals and non-Muslims because the Koran, Hadith and their other religious texts are considered to be the actual word of God which no government or people can dispute.

These people are so primitive they have a center in most cities for the public to view amputations and beheadings. They haven’t progressed from the days Rome set lions loose on the Christians in the Coliseum. The have a military arm called al Qaeda that is running around the world killing non-Muslims. They use terror as the fear-inducing technique and the principle that any means justifies their end to create a world-wide Caliphate where everyone is a Muslim.
It is that “any means justifies the end” that Obama is using to infiltrate Muslims into America and their rule into our culture. If you have any doubts – just view that video – Obama tells that story in his own words and deeds.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Improve America’s Healthcare

Healthcare in America could use some restructuring. The main issue is cost. Across the board, costs have been increasing at an alarming rate. Some costs are controlled by outside factors (rising prices of oil, etc.) that cannot be controlled by changes to the healthcare industry. However, there are some changes that would not only curtail the rate of increase in costs but actually reduce current costs.

First, we need to look at healthcare just like anything else we purchase where the cost is controlled by supply and demand. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers choose the field as a career job and expect to be paid a fair wage. A wage to be determined by consumer willingness to pay for it. This gives value to the service. Mandated costs by government are not based on demand, negating any value. This causes indifference by supplier and dissatisfaction by the consumer.

Any enterprise run or tightly controlled by government always adds additional costs to the goods or services provided. Invariably these costs out distance the revenues causing a decrease in value of goods and services provided. A system like this cannot sustain itself and eventually will need subsidization by taxes. Taxes collected for other purposes causing them to suffer lack of funds, as is the case with the Social Security System.

Just like not everyone can afford their own house or designer items, not everyone can afford optimum healthcare services. This is a fact of life. No government has been able to circumvent this concept. If the government mandates that a car costing $30,000.00 to build be sold for $10,000.00, future production of that car will not be worth even $10,000.00. The same is with health care. When the government sets the amount of money that a hospital is to receive, the hospital cannot perform the number of consumer demanded services required. It can only perform those that will be paid for within a specific period of time, leaving patients requiring these services waiting until the next period. Some patients will invariably die before required services are provided.

There are two main reasons for the continuous rise of healthcare, the looming threat of lawsuits and lack of competition within the insurance industry.

Many doctors and other healthcare providers must double and even treble their fees in order to pay for malpractice insurance. These costs are constantly being driven higher by lawyers encouraging lawsuits and well meaning jurors awarding outrageously high monetary awards. Imagine that you were ordered to pay millions of dollars to a plaintive for a mistake you made at your job. True a misplaced decimal point or not matching the color of the carpet to the paint for the walls does not carry the consequences of surgical mistake. An award of $100,000,000.00 does not correct a surgical mistake either. It does however increase the cost of healthcare across the nation. National tort reform would keep these awards to a reasonable level. Awards should be made in full for out of pocket expenses incurred by the plaintive, legal fees of the attorneys need to be regulated to a reasonable amount for services rendered, and punitive damages need a ceiling.

By reducing the risk of Malpractice Insurers, healthcare costs could be cut by half or more.

The cost of individual medical insurance (whether paid individually or through employer) is also a large part of healthcare costs in America. This cost is driven partially by the same circumstances as discussed previously but more so by lack of competition. Medical insurers are regulated by individual states. Each state has a small fraction of the number of insurance companies in America. In many instances the same company operating in more than one state is actually operating differently in each state. That is because they have to adhere to different rules and regulations. This curtails competition. Insurance companies are operating according to the dictates of the states rather than in the most efficient way possible. The consumer is dustily short changed and over charged.

By standardizing insurer requirements and liabilities nationally, every insurance company could compete for business in each state. Restrictions on forming monopolies would be needed to keep competition open and one company from dominating the industry. Government is never an equal competitor with private business. It can run deficits and have an unfair advantage since it has the use of tax funds to operate at a loss.

Competition in the market has always been the major factor in keeping costs down. Competition will do the same in health insurance that it has maintained in all industries.

This brings us to pre-existing conditions. No logical person would expect an insurance company to write a policy on a house that has burned down or a car mangled in a crash. Yet many of these same people see nothing wrong in expecting an insurance company insuring someone with a possibly fatal condition. Rather than making insurance payments while they are healthy and getting regular medical checkups, they decided to spend their money on other things, makes no difference whether this is by necessity or just plain self-indulgence. This is not the same as if a person with insurance for a number of years and then changing jobs where there is a different insurance company. But the new insurance company might now be burdened with high medical costs without the benefit of collecting payments that it can use to obtain interest from. Those were collected by the previous insurance company during the healthy period of the insured. This too can be taken care of. Every insurance company must keep a healthy ratio of assets to liabilities. By creating a national asset pool that all insurers contribute to. A company picking up a new insured with a pre-existing condition can claim some of those assets built up with premium payments and interest.

What about the many uninsured (estimates range from 30 to 45 million)? We first must define them. Few of these are in a position to pay for most medical needs they may have. A large portion of the uninsured are fairly young people believing to be healthy and not needing insurance. Without insurance they are very likely to join the balance of uninsured with no means to pay for needed medical care later in life. These people will in evidently become a burden on society one way or another. As a nation based on Judeo-Christian values there is a moral obligation to help. It should not be a government mandate.

There is a way to overcome this also. Nationally, the education system is grossly lacking in teaching self reliance and responsibility. In addition to the various math and other courses, the subject of preparing for the future must become mandatory. They must include money management stressing the importance of having health insurance, providing for retirement, and budget management.

In all the years I attend various educational institutes across America (grammar school, middle school, high school, and various colleges) few offered them and none had them as required courses. Lack of education has created a large group demanding new and more entitlements.

This nation cannot long endure an ever growing consumption of the earnings of others. If this trend continues, America will end up a nation of poor, uninspired, and miserable people living in a socialist state with no prospects for a better future.

When the government provides all, it takes away all freedom and liberty. Freedom and liberty is what made this the greatest country of all time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is a New Cold War Looming on the Horizon?

The Soviet Union was at the brink of its resources trying to keep up with US. Ronald Reagan’s, not so gentle shove, pushed it over the edge. Unable to pay its military, continue to operate, the Soviet Union went bankrupt. The Communists death grip on the many states conquered by Russia to form the Soviet Union and others behind the Iron Curtain was broken. The Soviet Union fell apart as one by one they declared their independence from Big Brother Russia. The states not part of the Soviet Union but were controlled by it, ran as fast as possible away from Communist Socialism, instituting what resembled (as much as possible for countries under the yolk for decades ) democratic states. The world felt that Russia was not ever going to be a major player on the international scene again.

Like a cancerous growth, ambitions of past hard line leaders were not removed but allowed to grow strong and powerful again. Under the guise of removing criminal elements (Russian Mafias became a real threat worldwide) the elected leaders usurped more and more power to the point that brought back a government more like a dictatorship than a democracy. To be fair this move probably saved Russia from rampant lawlessness and subjugation by criminal elements.

During the brief unrestricted capitalistic surge, private companies developed a petroleum industry and a banking system that improved the country’s financial situation. Now the leaders had enough fiscal stability to begin asserting more power, domestically and internationally. They took over much of the (mostly) free enterprises (many were run criminally) and built up their bankrupt military complex. Although the world economic downturn has had a dramatic effect on Russia’s economy, it has already established a large power base. Russia has established naval/military bases in Syria and Venezuela. Venezuela purchased billions of dollars worth of tanks, jets, missals, and other hardware, using cash obtained from oil revenues acquired mostly form sales to the U.S. Iran has been a client of Russia for a long time, buying equipment and expertise. Russia is a partner in Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

For all practical purposes, the Ukraine is under the control of Russia. In the waning second term of the Bush administration, Putin instigated unrest in part of the Ukraine, used its military power to overcome Ukraine’s meager armed forces, and now with the Obama administration’s lack of concern has full control of the country. Other former Soviet States are under the control or great political pressure from Russia.

In January of 2010, Russia made a deal for Libya to buy a $2.6 billion military arsenal. Not only does this bring much needed cash flow to Russia, this gives Russia another area of great influence. The Russian tentacles are reaching far and wide. This presence is a huge problem to America, not recognized by the Obama Administration.

The last cold war was not as cold as some would think. It was a hot war with both sides using surrogates. American and Soviet jets with other country’s markings engaged in aerial combat. Weapons of various new designs competed on the battlefield, each country trying out new war strategies. The Soviets did not take America’s lesson of fighting a determined, passionate, and dedicated gorilla enemy to heart, evident by their attempts in Afghanistan. This was the beginning of the end of the Soviet Empire.

The reason why both countries used surrogates was that they realized a direct conflict between them would most likely destroy most life on earth. Neither country was willing the take that chance since each wanted to survive.

A new cold war will be much more risky to the whole world. Russia is doing business with rouge nations whose leaders either welcome destruction, don’t care if it happens, or are oblivious to the possibility of world destruction. These nations are unpredictable and cannot be trusted. They have a long history of not sticking to agreements. They do business with groups that have no national allegiance and given the opportunity will use weapons of mass destruction with impunity.

This is becoming more and more of a danger to the civilized world. Iran, a client of Russia, China, North Korea, and even some western nations, has many time expressed its desire to eradicate a whole nation (Israel) off the face of the Earth. This would present the world with a huge conundrum. Will it allow the total destruction of a nation and its people? Will the world retaliate and attack whoever perpetrated this destruction? Whom will America consider its enemy? If Iran’s surrogates, Hamas and Hezbollah use a nuclear device on Israel, would we attack Iran. Russia, China, and North Korea are all accomplices to any success Iran will have in developing nuclear weapons. Would we attack any or all of these nations?

Europe and more so Middle Eastern nations would feel even more threatened then they are now when Iran succeeds in developing nuclear warheads. Nuclear weaponry and other WMD’s would be in demand by many more countries, increasing the possibility of a nuclear war of total destruction.

The Obama Administration has no plans or even desire to maintain military strength that would deter let alone put a stop to this new “cold war”, a war of great peril to us all. It is imperative we institute some major changes in America’s foreign policy and our development of current and future military strength.

The only way to accomplish that, is to change the balance in our congress this November and remove Obama in 2012. We need to vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work hard to elect them.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Seeks 3-Year Freeze in Spending on Many Domestic Programs (gag)

Even as egocentric as he is can Obama really think that the people will believe that he is moving to the center? The only domestic programs he is likely to cut is the military and homeland security budgets. He so wants the Islamic Leaders to take him to their bosom. His administration has declared that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. They told us that all the attacks we have encountered or stopped where isolated incidents.

This man’s policies have increased the federal deficit more than the last three presidents combined. If allowed, by the end of his first term we will have to invent a number higher than a billion trillion. To this date no one knows where all that money is. The health (not) care bill will cost billions and the total cost to the nation of Cap ‘N’ Trade can only be estimated because there is no limit to the costs that can be levied on the America people with this plan.

Do not think that he is becoming a moderate. Even if the pundits are recommending for him to do so to save his presidency, he is incapable of political moderation. He has been marinating in Marxist Socialism since getting out of high school. It would take a life time for him to dry out and sober up from his socialist binge. Even if he does sober up, he will fall of the wagon before you know it. No, this man’s goals are set and they are not compatible with America’s values

Saturday, January 23, 2010

California's Prop. 13 Will Be Attacked In The coming Months

Most California Legislatures and many candidates will be looking for ways to increase taxes. Prop. 13 set the limit of rate increase to 2% per year unless the property was sold. This means if you bought a house in 1979 the property tax has increased 2% a year for 30 years. Do the math. Your rate now is 30 times what it was when you bought the house. That should be enough taxes. Sacramento must be able to run on the current standards.

These convoluted attempts will try to garner support by pitting different segments of the population against each other. They have tried and will again to separate commercial and residential properties and tax commercial property at a higher rate. This would affect every renter since the tax increase will just be passed on by the owner. Residential renters will pay higher rent. Stores and businesses will be charging more and/or hiring less to compensate for the higher taxes.

The other tactic by tax and spend legislatures is to lower the 2/3 requirement to raise taxes. There by reducing the people's will.

Look into the attitude of all candidates. Those who insist that taxes need to be raised to fix the California budget must not be allowed to office. California needs to adjust its attitude toward business and better balance business growth with environmental safe guards. People must be put first always. We must support candidates who will overturn (even if temporarily) AB 32 and reduce business taxes and fees.

Currently a business must go through years of environmental tests that will cost more than is worth the trouble. They can start or expand their business in other states without these restrictions. That is what business is doing and California is suffering.

Some candidates cannot see beyond raising taxes to increase revenues while others are beholding to union and other special interest lobbies.

Be wary of candidates trying to buy their office with exorbitant spending on their candidacy. These people have no idea how the rest of us live. Their solution is to spend rather than to budget. These are the ones we need to keep out of office.

Before supporting a candidate vet them carefully. Make sure they will be prudent with your tax money. Once you find the right candidate, work hard to elect him/her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is An Islamic Reformation Possible?

After studying the history of Islam, the Koran, and the Hadith, I find it just about impossible for that to happen. Islam’s main goals are to have the world submit to it or perish and discount individual thought and ingenuity.

According to Islam, non-believers are not allowed to study or even mention Islam or anything associated with it.

Its rabid desire to eradicate all other faith or non-faith is the cause of all the horrible acts of terror perpetrated by individuals with the cry “Allahu Akbar”. All other arguments for the cause of these terror attacks are just excuses and part of the attack on western and Judeo-Christian values. Islam is a movement based on conquest, pillaging, and murder. That is its history to present day.

Islam stifles ingenuity and self-expression. If something is not in the Koran, it is not worth expression. Had the world gone the way of Islam none of the inventions, innovations, and social advancements (right for individual success, female equality, etc.) of the 19th and 20th century would be possible. Afghanistan was quite a modern country prior to the Taliban take over after the Soviet expulsion. The people were not allowed to have radios, television, or telephones. Women were denied any education and were reduced to the status of beasts of burden. Male doctors were not allowed to examine women and since women were denied education, there were no female doctors to treat women. Women suffered greatly and many died from illnesses that could have been easily cured.

Remember, a good Muslim prays five times a day for the elimination of Western Culture. A reformation in Islam would need to disavow its core beliefs and goals. All indications are that Islam is more and more determined to revert the world to the seventh century. The few secular Muslim nations are all becoming more fundamental. This trend started when President Carter helped the overthrow of the Iranian Shaw. Lebanon, once the Jewel of the Middle East is in shambles. Turkey is struggling to maintain a semblance of independence from Sharia Rule. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, January 4, 2010

We Need To Recognize The Real Enemy

A war on terrorism is useless. Who is the enemy when we “fight” terrorism, is it the those who rammed jets into the Twin Towers, the person who shot up Fort Hood, the guy who burnt his privates trying to blow up a plane full of civilians, the guy in Seattle who shot up a Synagogue and then killed a postal worker, the broker who beheaded his wife because she was going to divorce him, or the cab driver who killed his two daughters because they were becoming “Westernized”. Are the children who are brainwashed by their parents to strap bombs to their bodies and then kill civilians in coffee shops, nightclubs, buses, houses of worship, and shopping areas the enemy?

Terrorism is not the enemy. It is one of the tactics used by our enemy. All of those mentioned in the above paragraph are members of the army attacking Western Judeo-Christian values and way of life. They are the soldiers of our enemy. They are not petty criminals shoplifting at the 7/11 or even dope dealers and murders hijacking cars. They are enemy combatants not deserving the protection of our Constitution.

The enemy is waging a three-prong attack on all we hold dear. This war has been going on for over 1,400 years. The enemy found that it is not strong enough to defeat us by outright physical attacks. This enemy has been defeated in this type of warfare repeatedly. They were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. They aligned them selves with the Axis Powers who ended up losing to the Alias. They found that they are very inept at conventional warfare when a tiny nation, surrounded by the armies of four nations, whopped ass on them.

While this tactic was put on hold, our enemy ramped up two others. One such tactic is terror. It has worked for them for the over 1,400 years, they have been waging this war of occupation and submission. In the Arab world, they terrorized whole communities into submission whose leaders abdicated their responsibility to protect their citizens.

In conjunction with terror tactics, they are infiltrating the governments of democratic nations and using their established rule of democracy to destroy them. They are preparing us for the final surge to makes us all submit to them. Right now, our laws are being used to give them more power and put them into a position where our own government will make us all powerless to resist. As they are now doing in many countries in Europe, they will terrorize us into avoiding certain neighborhoods, neighborhoods where the police will not go to protect citizens.

The enemy is mobilizing and building armies capable of mass destruction. The country that started this latest attack on the West is working on missile capability with nuclear warheads. Soon they will be able to reach and destroy the only democratic country in the Middle East. Not only that, but they will have the capability to destroy U.S. military bases in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Will we allow the socialist Obama administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid to disarm ourselves to the point where we are to weak to fight back? We have suffered attacks on our own soil and our government has still not identified the enemy by name.

The enemy is Islam, using armies around the world who use the same instruction manual and perpetrated every single act of terror in the last two plus decades. All believe the same philosophy, with the same goal. The Koran, their ops manual, demands they force the world to submit to Islam or die.

The world has never faced an enemy with such determination. Never was there such a threat to the Western World. This enemy, unlike us, is looking forward to death. Dying in the act of fighting for Islam fulfills their destiny and assures them a grandiose life in heaven. Our goal should be to help them fulfill their aspirations and send them on their way to the afterlife.