Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) today responded to Governor Jerry Brown’s 2017 State of the State Address:
“In today’s State of the State address, Governor Brown proudly pointed to a list of accomplishments that are, in reality, a litany of failures:
  • Increased spending on California’s public school system - but with little to show for it. California’s public education remains one of the worst in the nation, especially for the poor.

  • Adding 5 million Californians to Covered California/Obamacare and Medicaid expansion - which is 95% funded by the federal government. When Obamacare is predictably repealed, Brown’s health care house of cards will collapse and leave the state budget devastated.

  • Reduced prison populations - achieved by “re-aligning” state prisoners into county jails, or simply releasing them back into our communities. The result: increasing crime rates across California.

  • World leader in climate change regulations - which has resulted in no change to the climate, but Californians are now stuck paying the highest gas taxes in the nation.

  • Passing a water bond - yet trillions of gallons of recent rain water has flowed back into the ocean because no water storage has been built since the bond’s approval.

  • Building up a Rainy Day Fund - which at only $8 billion, is more like a Drizzly Day Fund. Earlier this month, the Governor said a recession would cause a budget hit of $54 Billion over three years.

  • Closing a budget deficit of $27 billion - achieved by making Californians pay the highest taxes in the nation; and the state budget is already back in deficit territory.

  • Reduced unemployment from 12.1% to 5.3% - which ranks California as the 11th worst in the nation, with the highest welfare recipient rate and the highest poverty rate when factoring in the cost of living.
“Although Governor Brown blasted the use of “alternative facts”, his glowing review of the State was overflowing with blatant misrepresentations.
“The truth is that California is in real danger. The liberal agenda pursued for years by Governor Brown and the Democrat Legislature have placed our state in real jeopardy, from the Covered Care house of cards to the dangerous policy of sanctuary cities to the explosion of our welfare state.
“Despite Jerry Brown’s tough talk and alternative facts, California is now in the worst shape it’s been in decades and now just upped the ante in a political war with the White House that California’s citizens can ill afford.”

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