Friday, November 28, 2008

Social Issues Have Validity in Politics

We have allowed for social issues to become irrelevant and take a back seat in politics for too long. Social issues are what make up the fabric of society. Once society loses its faith and morality it will loose restraint. When that happens too many, not all but many feel no restraint in any endeavor.

Sanctity of life is one of many examples. Ever since abortion was made legal in its present form, it became a form of birth control. I have known women attending UCLA that had a half a dozen abortions prior to graduation. For a student attending UCLA they were free. None of these women considered using protection of any kind. The result is where a large part of society feels no consequences for their actions, no restraint to urges, and loses of nurturing. The last in most instances is a masking of remorse. “Doing the right thing” becomes irrelevant. Self indulgence takes its place. This creates a nation of consumers and production and the desire to achieve is decreased. That is what a socialist state is and an immoral conscienceless society becomes.

Pragmatically social issues can not be the forefront of a political campaign but to maintain a cohesive and productive society they must not be discarded completely. Restraint must be practiced so not to have the government control the populous too far in any direction. Government can not be allowed to legislate morality but should be an example of high moral values and self restraint. It definitely should not facilitate the abdication of responsibility.

America the greatest, most prosperous and generous country’s founding was based on Judeo-Christian values which have played a major part in its success. Those who minimize these values, in order to absolve them selves of guilt for their own success, have tried to replace charity and a helping hand with socialist substitutes mandated by government. We must not abandon that which made this country the most prosperous, most generous, and a champion of freedom and liberty.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008

ACLU and the Media Ecstatic over Obama Closing Guantanamo

ACLU and the media are cheering Obama’s upcoming closing Guantanamo where Islamic combatants have been held. If he does close Guantanamo what will he do with the combatants?

If they are transferred to the U.S., it is highly likely that they will go in front of a civilian court, thus endangering our intelligence operations by revealing sources and methods of intelligence gathering.

This will be in line with Obama’s desire to decimate our intelligence and military structure. Without an intelligence network, it will be impossible to have an effective method of combating Islamic terror. We will be at great risk.

When this happens, Obama will have an excuse for his Civilian National Security Force. He will ask the citizens to spy on each other, make reports to the government, and intimidate us all into going along with his other plans. If you do not go along you may be jeopardizing your livelihood, and worse even be incarcerated. Remember he intends to arm some of this cadre.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sometimes You Just Have to Start Over

As a company grows bigger and bigger it can loose sight of its objective, to make a profit. This can happen when the many and large departments of the company become more concerned with their own predominance rather than the company’s. This is called mismanagement. When a company is mismanaged and spends more money than it makes it borrows money. If it continues to out spend its revenues it will go into receivership and better (hopefully) management restructures the company. The first thing to happen in restructuring a company, is to stop all the un-necessary (fat) expenditures. Then a determination is made if the company is viable. If determined to be so, new operating procedures and checks and balances are put into place to assure fiscal responsibility.

This procedure needs to be applied to governments that have lost sight of their purpose and begin to over feed them selves. Their purpose becomes self perpetuating and instead of serving the people it only feeds on them. At a certain point it becomes a beast with an insatiable appetite that the people can’t afford to feed. A restructuring is in order. It is too bad that there is no entity to order such a restructuring. The only ones to take action are the people. This is called a revolution.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

No Guilt Here

The Democrat Party has been a master of propaganda and brain washing ever since the end of the Civil War. All up through the 50’s they have worked on convincing American Blacks (and Whites) that there is no place for black people in “White America” and that they have a grievance with Republicans who want to keep them down while at the same time telling them that they are not good enough to take car of them selves. They have been told that since they are not as smart as the whites they need special advantages to get into and graduate from college and that they need special advantages in getting jobs. Rather than giving the blacks a hand up they insisted on giving handouts. Thus keeping them in poverty.

The guilt should be with the Democrats only. Besides, there are more white people that came to America after the Civil War then there were when slavery was rampant. These people like me came to America with no animosity towards the black community. It was the Democrats that kept the blacks segregated and told us to watch out for them.

Like me their first introduction to blacks was in the bible. They were wise, wealthy, and generous. Yes I am talking about the three wise men. That is the impression that I came with to this country. Why the hell should I and all those that came here after the civil war feel guilty. And by the way, how can children be held responsible for the sins of their elders? All (or the majority of) those that were born since the sixties have grown up without the insanity of hatred based on race.

Now that the Democrats have a political base of several generations of citizens convinced that they are disenfranchised (and many affluent ones that agree) they are working on creating a socialist state that will control all the population. The party that says it will “bring us together”, is the same party that has been the single biggest divisive force in this country keeping us apart and at odds.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Battle is Changing

The speculation as to how the coming Obama administration will handle the defense against Islamic terror is going official. The Washington Post published an article written by Karen De Young entitled “Obama to Explore New Approach in Afghanistan War”. It starts out:

The incoming Obama administration plans to explore a more regional strategy to
the war in Afghanistan -- including possible talks with Iran -- and looks
favorably on the nascent dialogue between the Afghan government and
"reconcilable" elements of the Taliban, according to Obama national security advisers.

From what Obama sources say (who refuse to be identified) focus will be on Afghanistan and away from Iraq. Obama is dead set on getting out of Iraq ASAP. Part of the focus looks like will be to include the Taliban in the Afghan government. Taliban is the faction that ruled Afghanistan with an iron Sharia fist, where the people were not allowed radios, television, playing of music, women getting educated, and murders were sanctioned. They plunged the country into the 7th century.

The focus will narrow primarily on bin Laden. This suggests to me that if he is caught or killed, the Obama administration consider that the end to the campaign on Terror. This does not set well with U.S. military. The article goes on:

Obama, advisers said, plans to intensify the U.S. military and intelligence
focus on al-Qaeda and bin Laden. Intelligence officials say the search is
already as intensive as ever, even as they emphasize that the decentralized
al-Qaeda network would remain a threat without him.

NATO politics (whining) is expressed as the article continues:

Some NATO military officials said enhanced U.S. leadership would be welcome, as
long as it was not seen as a "takeover bid," said one senior European officer
whose country has troops fighting as part of the NATO coalition in Afghanistan.
While the U.S. military has long criticized some NATO members for lacking combat
zeal and expertise in Afghanistan, many European officers resent what they see
as U.S. arrogance.

The NATO officer suggested that Obama, whose election was greeted with wide approval in Europe, may have more success than Bush in persuading other alliance members to increase their fighting forces in Afghanistan. "I think you'll find the new president would then be able to persuade a number of European nations who have not liked this administration's way of doing business to come in behind them," he said.

International military politics has hampered every war effort the U.S. has been involved. In WW I the humiliation of Germany and the cutting up of the spoils of war left many nations very bitter. WW II was a constant battle of who will be in charge and almost cost the allies to lose and at the end left the world divided between western powers and the Soviet Union. The world was under a constant threat of nuclear destruction.

The result of political bickering in this conflict will most assuredly leave the world under more threats. A pull out form Iraq and secession of the battle after the capture or death of bin Laden will plunge Afghanistan and Pakistan into Islamic Sharia rule, empower Iran, jeopardize the sovereignty (existence) of Israel, and leave the world at risk of an Islamic predominance.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Never Ever Give Up.

Now that the price of oil futures is down to around $60.00 a barrel, we must not rest and demand that we drill, drill now, drill deep, and drill everywhere. We can not afford to rest on our laurels and neglect the energy issue like we did in the 70’s after prices of oil began to stabilize. Had we taken the issue seriously then we would not have the crises we have now.

We must urge government and private business to continue with the quest for domestic oil, nuclear, solar, coal, wind, ocean, and other sources of energy. We can not let up if we are to stabilize energy prices, dilute the power of Middle Eastern countries and Russia, and be an active and influential entity in world energy.

Right after the inauguration of the “Chosen One”, we must inundate our state and federal government with letters, emails, phone calls, and faxes with demands for domestic oil production, more nuclear and coal power plants, and tax breaks for research, development of wind and ocean energy sources.

We must also be in touch with talk radio and push the same policies, not only to the conservative programs but to all the programs. If we fall asleep on this we can be assured of more energy crisis to come and with much greater consequences. This is a way to maintain a semblance of the life style America should have. We need not fall to the standards of the rest of the world.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Effective Tactics in the New Political Environment

Those that want to be an effective force in politics will have to learn how to maneuver in a Marxist environment. If Obama maneuvers within our government the same way he did getting to the White House, the changes that will happen in America will necessitate a totally different method to counter the socialist government.

All open opposition will be under great pressure. The Obama White House will use the full power of the government in an attempt to stifle all dissidence. He will use all kinds of tactics to crush opposition.

In his drive to the Illinois Senate, he sued all his competition and won the seat with the help of the courts. In his run for the Senate of the United States he managed to have divorce records released by a California judge to ruin the Republican candidate’s chance (which were excellent) to be elected.

His campaign was financed with money from dubious sources where people used fictitious names to donate multiple times, thus being able to donate more than is allowed per individual by law. Donations of less than $100.00 came to him form around the world, some from governments hostile to America. “Non-partisan” organization supporting Obama were used to lobby and register voters to his side. He used organizations to intimidate voters at voting stations. His oratory was reminiscent of the scapegoating used in the 30’s Germany. He successfully pitted blacks against other races and the working class against businesses that employ them. A Marxist strategy he learned from Bill Ayers. His party managed to decimate our economy to pave a way for “hope” and “change”.

He is a brilliant manipulator of facts and people. This is what he brings with him to the White House. The only way to bring him down is to prevent him from satiating the desires of his varied backers. By preventing him from accomplishing his promises, and he made plenty to many, we can weaken his power. What needs to be done is to turn the various factions in his cadre against each other and him. As long as they are working together we have an insurmountable task.

Overt action must be kept to the minimum but not discarded completely. Covert methods need to be employed. The McCain gentlemen style needs to be put aside for a while.

The Choir Needs Tuning

We really have to get to work. We need to keep our heads clear and not succumb to the socialist propaganda.

Why did so many “Conservative Republicans” who advocate “smaller government” vote for Proposition 2, a proposition bringing us closer to Big Brother style of government and killing individual initiative? This proposition allows anyone to go on private property, “inspect” how a person “treats” its animals, and if they decide that it is not friendly enough have that person fined, demand he makes changes that they feel are necessary, or even arrested. You are not allowed to interfere with their “inspection”.

The economic effect is huge. First we have just pushed more businesses to leave California and dealt a death nail to any businesses to come to this state. This will put many Californians out of work, lower the state’s revenues, and increase the cost of eggs and chickens. Terrific work you “conservatives”.

Don’t ever feel that you are preaching to the choir because not all the members are singing in tune.

These members felt sorry for those poor chickens without knowing all the facts. A chicken spends its whole day looking for food, eating, defecating, and sleeping. That is all it requires out of life. A chicken does not care for the theater or to jump rope or any other activity other than finding food and eating. Instinct makes a chicken sit on its eggs but once hatched a chicken does nothing to nurture the chicks. Its brain can’t comprehend anything else.

Our job is not only to promote conservatism among non-conservatives. We need to reinforce conservatism among our own ranks. Conservatism is not the name of a football team. It is what this country was based on. This country has surpassed all others economical, socially, and politically. We are losing the battle to stay free. We are giving away our freedom for promises that sound good but in the end will destroy democracy. If the Unites States falls to socialism, the world will not have a champion to protect liberty. Remember if it were not for a capitalist America, Germany and Japan would have ended up ruling the world. If it were not for a capitalist America the Soviet Union would be ruling the world. If there is no capitalist America, Islam will rule the world with Sharia Law.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's the economy stupid!

The US economy is suffering and even more so in California. California is faced with dramatic budget over runs and Californian’s are too stupid to recognize it. Citizens in this state voted for more spending and tighter restrictions on business, what morons. The Sacramento scene was not changed for the better by the voters. The same people that got us into this mess and exasperated it are back. We could have had more conservatives to do what is necessary but we failed. We failed to present the facts and that our candidates are the solution.

I have warned our candidates and their supporters and the CRP that the huge economic disaster we are facing is not recognized by the people. Our job has to be to bring out the severity of the situation and then present solutions. We must hammer home the severity of this crisis and that it is up to the people to make the changes to fix things and prevent future bankruptcy of our state.

The reason for the state’s revenue being down are two fold. First the unnatural inflation of property values was not checked. Property values went up, revenue went up, and Sacramento was spending more and more. When the unnatural boom tanked and property values dropped revenues dried up and our deficit loomed to unimaginable heights. Plus Sacramento’s anti-business laws have chased companies to leave our state in droves and kept new ones from setting up businesses. This anti-business attitude of Sacramento has to stop and stop now.

At the moment there is precious little that can be done about property values. Even with the down turn in values, very few people can afford to buy houses. Prudent formula for being able to buy a house is, it can not cost more than three times a house hold’s income. This means that to buy a very small house (about $200,000.00) one needs an income of $66,666.67.

We can do something about the business climate in California. By ending the ridiculous restrictions off shore drilling building new refineries, California will be able to raise huge amounts of revenue from the oil industry. Environmental restrictions are the biggest barrier to the expansion of business. We need to get realistic about this. The only people that can live in pristine ocean view mansions are those that have more money than they know what to do with. They (like B. Streisand and other spoiled rich brats) don’t care if California becomes barren. They can afford to have their eggs and other things shipped in from other states and other countries. The rest of us can’t. Our gas costs more because we have to have special formulated gas and diesel (twice a year). Our cars cost more (and will even more in the future) because of the emission doodads that California demands. That needs to stop. We must make it easier for new business to move to California. We must give business incentives to pack up from other states and move here. We have to get rid of the many (and duplicate) licenses now required of small businesses. Reduce the state sales tax expense of living here by removing sales tax from fast food and all labor. These measures will actually result in greater revenues and more prosperity.

We must repeal automatic escalation of funds for existing projects. All on going projects must be reviewed and funds allocated based on expected revenues. We must stop issuing bonds, except for emergencies, for new projects. If revenues can’t cut it, we can’t have it. Operating costs must be cut. There are plenty of unnecessary expenses the can and must be cut. We should start with legislator’s perks.

I am interested in your opinions and solutions to our economic mess

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The People Have Spoken

The people have spoken and have no clue as to what they have really said. They swallowed promises of jelly beans and ice cream by a vendor who has never produced anything but a shiny brightly colored facade from which he is selling empty air. Actually it took Middle Eastern money, Marxist subversives, corrupt Chicago Political Machine, Chicago mobsters, and a lot of hard, devious work on the behalf of Obama Husain Obama to convince “don’t confuse me with the facts” masses to pull the lever for a man who has no accomplishments in his wake except for self promotion.

The reason Obama won was not because he is the better person to be president. He won because he had one goal and one goal only and that was to win. He started his ascendency a long time ago. Republicans have not been watchful and let things get out of control. He organized and made coalitions with as many groups he found that could help him. He cared not what the groups stood for or their goals. He befriended them, used them, and discarded them as it benefited him. The Republican candidate has a moral view of “fairness” that guided his campaign. This and the events that lead to the economic condition defeated our candidate.

The main reason for McCain’s defeat was that the word Republican became synonymous with failed policies, over spending, greed, and a general disregard for the people. Strange because it is the Democrats who are guilty of all these things, not that our Republican legislators and administration didn’t contribute to that Republican image. For the last three decades the American public has been programmed by our educational system for a class struggle pitting the all citizens against those who have succeeded more than the rest of us.

This has fermented a mental state where the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has been expanded to a right of property and goods that others may possess. It is easy to persuade a public that is dissatisfied with the current situation. Remember there has never been a revolution by a satisfied public. When the public does not feel empowered it is difficult to convince them that they should be self-reliant. Regardless of the reasons or whose fault, Americans saw the surge in our country’s wealth turn into foreclosures and bankruptcies. The public felt powerless and our government’s efforts failed to make a turn around.

Distribution of wealth became very attractive. Whether that will ultimately be the result or not is to be seen. What will happen is that taxes will be increased and spending on things that can not be seen as a direct and immediate benefit to the people (such as military expenditures etc.) will be cut drastically. A definite push towards more of a socialistic America will be made starting with an attempt to socialize the health services. It will happen more slowly than some expected but the trend will start almost immediately.

One wonders what is worse, the things that he said he would do (raise taxes, bankrupt the coal industry, cut military spending including future weapons development, socialize medicine, etc), the things that he may do since he has no experience in anything but self promotion, or waiting for both of these events to happen. I have decided not to worry about what might happen or when (easy to say but hard to do). I will prepare myself to act at the time that this empty suit attempts to mess up this country. Hopefully you all, who now feel disenfranchised, will join me in this endeavor. We must be prepared to counter his attempts to put this country on a path to socialism and destruction. We have to have courage and not be afraid to put our names on petitions, letters, faxes, and emails to all the legislators and government officials. United we will be able to stem the destruction of our Constitution that was so well thought out by our forefathers, fought for, and defended by men and women who risked all to create a new and different way of life that has not been seen before.

Now is the time to start. Now is the time to seek out and mold new and inspiring men and women to represent us. The Democrats got into power in California by seeding the ground. Step by step slowly they moved in. By grooming and electing their own to the school boards, community colleges, city councils, police chiefs, mayors, assembly, and the state senate.
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