Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Continuation of Socializing America

Have you taken a look at what congress is planning? I’m talking about the latest bill now being worked out between the House and Senate differences.

First of all this bill will create a regulatory group that can decide if a company is too big to fail. That’s right any company, not only banks and other financial institutions will be under the control of the government. They will be able to bail out any company with your tax dollars or just take it over without congress’ approval. Your government will be controlled not by those you elected but by Obama’s appointed Czars. This is dictatorship. Members of congress will become (even more) a worthless bunch of bureaucrats getting paid for shuffling papers and rubberstamping Obama’s one man rule.

Another item is to monitor every single financial transaction we make. Every time you use your credit card or get cash from your ATM Obama’s oversight uber-rulers will know about it. This will enable them to decide if you have made too much money already (remember when Obama said that he feels you shouldn’t make too much money – that would be his decision).

There is no oversight of Fanny May or Freddy Mac. These are the two that encouraged lending of money to buy homes by people that had no hope of making the payments. The people responsible for the economy tanking are now running the government.

This on top of the control that Cap ‘n’ Trade will have over how we heat and cool our homes, what we will have to do before we can sell our houses, what appliances and light bulbs we use, and the cost of all this, Americans will pretty much be under the thumb of a one man rule government.

That egregious so called ‘Healthcare Bill’ is just another grab to control our lives and sap any enthusiasm to achieve.

America is slipping back to how the world was ruled before 1776 when the people were serfs and slaves beholding to an elite ruling class; Kings, Barons, self proclaimed gods, and anyone with power; when might meant right.

If we value our liberty and freedom to excel, we must change the makeup of congress this November. If the career politicians that put us on the path to destruction of the way of life that our founders fought so hard to bring to the world are not replaced by those who believe in our Constitution and limited government, dark times are in store for America and the world.

Heed the warning and get involved. Be sure to vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work hard to elect them. Walk precincts, make phone calls, and make sure right minded people vote. Our future is still in our hands. Act now tomorrow will be too late.