Friday, October 31, 2008

Is Allah Arabic for our Judeo-Christian God?

Allah is the Arabic word for God. Islam which had its base in Judeo-Christian teachings was bastardized when it became a religion of convenience. This happened after the death of Mohammed’s wife. It was then that Mohammed decided to take 12 year old girls (even nine years old but did not consummate until she was 12) and realized that he could recruit hundreds of young unemployable men who only knew how to rob, plunder, pillage, and rape by telling them they can continue with their ways but now they can do it in the name of Allah and be rewarded in heaven. Surprise, surprise, just about every male scumbag around became a Muslim. Just in case some of these “pious” converts would have a change of heart, Mohammed, under instructions form Allah made it a crime punishable by a horrible death to abandon Islam. Beheading, stoning, and other forms of murder were installed in Islam as punishment for all kinds of infractions. Another perversion in Islam is the concept of charity which originally means to aid the poor. In Islam it was used to force merchants (those who would not take up arms to conquer the infidels) to support his band of despot armies.

We should all read the Koran, not for enlightenment but as a study of the corruption of basic Judeo-Christian teachings. You need to get beyond seemingly moral values (good only for Muslims) to the real core of Islam. It is based on the violent destruction of societies and the establishment of a World Caliphate to rule with heavy hand of Sharia Law.

No, Allah is not our God. Praising Allah is praising an abomination.

Obama’s Vision

Ever since I heard Senator Obama’s speeches, checked into his background, and political beginnings I knew where he will take this country if he ascends to the White House. I have warned on my blog, articles in various outlets, and many article comments that this man will plunge us into a socialist abyss that this country, as great as it is, might never be able to climb out of.

His (armed) National Civilian Security Force (reminiscent of Hitler’s Brown Shirts) while dismantling our military, desire to punish individual success (a communist pension), and threats to those who oppose him are things for us all to fear. He forbade his surrogates to debate Larry Greenfield and any other Republican Jewish Coalition member (because he knows that Obama’s platform is full of holes), kicked the reporters, covering his campaign, from the Washington Times and others who endorsed Senator McCain off his plane, and has people working for him like those who sick the Secrete Service on citizens who oppose him.

This is a man who had contempt for the American Spirit that made this country great. He will shred our Constitution and replace it with a Marxist manifesto. Do not trust this man. The people of Cuba trusted a man who promised Change and Hope. The change was to poverty and the hope now is for a better life with individual liberty and freedom.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Saving California

The way out of our fiscal mess is actually very simple. First cut all administrative expenditures and legislative perks (per diem, travel, etc.) in half. Do not allow retirement plans for all government employees to exceed the amount of ten percent of their salary being invested in 401K type plans. Repeal business restricting laws; all of them including off shore drilling, building refineries, allow for nuclear plants to be built, and reduce environmental restraints in half.

Then trim all non-essential governmental expenses to expected revenues. Stop the acceleration of government project if revenues can’t meet the costs. Create a safe account for revenues that exceed budgets and allow using that money only if the year’s revenues fall bellow expectations.

Pass a law restricting union political activity specifically and directly to only those measures that affect union members directly, excluding social and other programs.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Republic is in Danger

There is one big difference facing the voters today that they have not faced before. Senator Obama’s unabashed socialist ways seem to appeal to enough people to make some drastic changes in this country should he be elected. Working with the leadership of the Senate and Congress he will reshape America for decades, if not forever.

He stated he intends to reduce our standing military to a mere fraction of what it is now and stop all advance weapons development . This same action was taken by President Carter and the US got smacked around like the kid with Coke bottle bottoms for glasses in the school yard. Obama wants to replace our military with his own private army he calls the National Civilian Security Force (NCSF) pitting citizen against citizen as they spy on each other.

A national one source healthcare system he wants to enact will be stamped in metal by the end of his first term, with no turning it around. Canada is spending $1 billion a year sending its patients to doctors in North East part of the U.S. Canada’s socialist healthcare system can not handle its patient load.

His redistribution of wealth will punish those that succeed and reward those that don’t, many of whom are right now not paying one cent for the cost of government. This will create a nation of freeloaders. We know this from the fact that we now have a third generation of recipients of welfare in several parts of this country. These people have become used to government taking care of them and have no incentive to take care of them selves. No country can survive for long when the initiative to succeed is removed.

It will take more than an other Reagan to dig us out this kind of a hole.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Dark Clouds on the Horizon

For weeks now the US and World economy has been heading down a whirlpool in the toilet. The US stock market started loosing by as much as 700 plus points per day. At around the same time Barack Obama has made some significant gains in the polls. When the government took measures to correct the situation the market took a sharp turn around and started heading back up. Obama still gained in the polls showing more and more his socialist stand. The market started to tank again is still tanking.

Could it be that the business community and individual investors see a black cloud of Socialism looming over the horizon? Could it be that they see a climate of big government nationalizing private business? Could that be the reason why no one wants to invest in a system that will be run by Big Brother government? Our legislators keep pointing fingers on big business as the bad guys but the banks and insurance companies have been working under the pressure of the legislators to do what has caused this mess. My 401K plan is now worth less then what was put into it. Forget about any interest. If Barack Obama gets elected, we are in for some very bad times both domestically and world wide.

There May Be No Turning Back

For those of you that think we will be able to recover from a Barack Husain Obama presidency, I got some news for you. Once a country takes just one step towards socialism it is almost impossible to reverse the trend. Look at social security (which was instituted with the expectation that most people would not live long enough to collect – it was set up as hidden TAX). Millions of people are now dependent on it for a meager pittance. Every attempt to change the system has been blocked. The citizens of Canada know that their health care system sucks. Changing it is impossible.

Even when every one knows that the system is bad, as in Cuba, changing it is impossible because a socialist state has control of the people. Look at the control Obama has on his people. Obama sends out an order that no one is allowed to debate any member of the RJC. Like good Brown Shirts they obey. He has organizations like the media and ACORN that are totally under his domination. He has allies in congress that will help him decimate our military and create the National Citizen’s Security Force (NCSF) to take its place.

His administration will do more harm to the USA than the Carter administration did. The Carter administration is the single cause of Islam now threatening the Western World when he helped to overthrow the Shaw of Iran and install Ayatollah Khomeini. The Obama administration will destroy our Constitutional Rights and destroy all the efforts of our founding fathers. When you distribute the wealth, those that have created it will stop producing and soon there is no wealth to distribute. That will be the fait of America.

What will America be After Nov. 4th 2008

If any one thinks that BHO is not anti-American by the things he does, the things he has said, the people that he hangs with, how his career started and where it is going then you have drunk the cool aid. I give no credence to anything that comes out of his mouth. He says what is appropriate at the time and what he thinks will advance his career.

What makes us (all Americans) look foolish is that some of us actually believe that he has good intentions. He espouses those same things as Hitler, Stalin, Castro, and others who have fooled misguided people before.

I have seen this happen before. I have lived it. You who doubt my words will be learning this lesson the hard way. The change to a total socialist dictatorship will not happen over night, but it will happen if we allow BHO, the media, and the rest of the supporters of Marxism to take control as they are working on.

Take a look at the organization that are on his side; ACORN and others. His suggestion of a National Citizens Security Force (NCSF) should sound an alarm to us all. His disdain of our military and his promise to down size it and stop all new weapons development is because he feels that he can not control our current military industry. He will create a new one that will be totally under his control.

He is a control freak. Look how he controls his campaign. He knows that Larry Greenfield of the RJC can beat his people in a debate so he forbade his people form debating anyone of the RJC.

I am not worried about looking foolish or being called foolish. I am worried about BHO, his machine, and what their plans for America are.

BHO’s political roots are imbedded deep in the murky shadows of Marxist methods and Islamic beliefs. Remember he distended him self form his grandmother who raised him and admired his Muslim father who kept abandoning his children and wives, a man who was part of a bloody coup in Africa.

Oh yea who will not see,

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

We the People Not You Ruler

The first Continental Congress, a meeting of 56 delegates who affirmed the right of the colonies to life, liberty and property. They sent a letter to the King of England asking him to stop the blockade, and at the same time approved resolutions calling on the people of Massachusetts to arm them selves and stop trading with Britain. As colonists gathered arms and ammunition, the commander in chief of the British forces, General Sir Thomas Gage became concerned. On the night of April 18, 1775, he ordered his troops to seize some of the supplies and arrest two of the militia's leaders, Sam Adams and John Hancock. Thanks to the early warnings of Paul Revere and William Dawes, the militia was waiting and so started the American Revolution.

This was not a revolution mounted by one strong leader with an army to put him self in control of a country or people. It was a revolution away from how countries have been ruled and many still are. It truly was a revolution from the subjugation of the people and the beginning of a totally different way of thinking. It was the beginning of Self Rule; a concept so alien at the time that most people could not comprehend it. Up to this time the people of the world had always pledged allegiance to a specific ruler or deity. This new concept was based on the reliance of many individuals organized with elected representatives rather than the assumption of rule by the most powerful. As stated in our Preamble of our Constitution, it was we the people for ourselves and not for some king or other ruler. To the world this was like saying up is down and down is up but it turned out to be the ideal of the people of the world and many countries adopted this form of government every time they had a chance to do so.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The wording of the Preamble is a beautiful and well thought out beginning to the new concept of self governing. Because we are so used to individual liberty, it is hard for the modern American to conceive servitude to a king or other ruler and how precious our freedom is. We seem to just take it for granted so much that many of us are forgetting the value of what we have. We have the most precious gift of man, which is freedom, and we find ourselves discontent with what we have and forget the sacrifices by so many so we can live our lives with out fear of persecution from a government. The rights and freedom we have now did not come easily or cheaply.

Our forefathers knew that this new way of life needs to come to fruition step by step. At first only the land owners were allowed to vote. But soon through education of the masses voting rights were earned by all “free men”. It took another very bloody struggle where good men risked their careers, wealth, and their lives to abolish slavery. Not all good came from this war of the states. Most slaves were not ready for this new freedom and were easy pray by people that would cheat them and those that wanted to keep them as less than whole American citizens with all the rights owed them.

Many states passed laws that kept many former salves and their descendents living as second class citizens. This was injustice but determination of men and women fought to finally, around a 150 years after the American Declaration of Independence, afford the same rights to all citizens of the US.

In 1865 the push to give women the vote began and in 1920 women got the right to vote. Looking back at these events we wonder how it could be that women couldn’t vote until 144 years after the birth of our nation. Why did people buy and sell other people as if they were property? Prior to the brave men who concocted this new fangled way of government, that was the way things were done all over the world. All the people of the world (our ancestors included) were beholding to and under the forced rule of a selected few. In many parts of the world (not just backward areas) women are considered property and the unfortunate of both genders are bought and sold every day.

We take our freedoms so much for granted that we are losing the self reliance that made America the envy of the world. From the very beginning of the sovereignty of this country people have forsaken their birth home to come here. Never in our history were American citizens trying to flee to other countries (except for criminals seeking refuge from the law). Many of us are now turning to “entitlements”. We have begun to expect things with out earning them and envying those who have accomplished more than we. But more than that many now expect that the successful ones should give up their rightfully earned prosperity and dole it out to those who have less. In our society even the “poor” have cell phones and iPods. Thomas Jefferson said “I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” Many of us have become estranged from reality.

Self reliance, desire for individual liberty and freedom are being replaced by demands that the government take care of us. Those that ignore the alternative to our way of life are inviting the shadows of socialism to take over America. The people of Russia were promised a distribution of wealth. What they got was what they always have had; despotic totalitarianism. Communism, which ruled almost half the world, is a form of socialism. Every country that was able to shake the yoke of the Soviet Union has opted for a free society and the people are much better off. Those that stayed with it such as China, North Korea, and Cuba are all suffering terrible hardships. The people of these countries know that when you depend on a single source of all you need that source owns you and when the government can give you all you want, it can also take it away.

You probably have not read our Constitution of the United States. It is the most wonderful document ever put together by man. Read it, study it, and be grateful for it. For without it you would not be free, not have the opportunities you have now, and your life would be much less than it is now. Emory Law School: Historical Documents - Constitution of the ... Really, read it. You’ll be better off.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as fuel for your car

Before you all get too enamored with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as fuel for your car, there are a few facts you should know.

Converting to CNG costs around $2,000.00. It adds over a hundred pounds and cuts trunk space in half.

Our infrastructure is not ready for this type of fuel. It takes 20 hours to fully charge a tank that will give you a maximum if 250 miles. Ops, that won’t make it to Las Vegas or San Francisco. Ok so you might find a location some where along the way to charge up (you might have to go out of the way a bit). Ok so you find a place that takes you only ten miles out of your way. You will have to have to spend the night while you fill up. An overnight fill up will get you an additional 100 miles. Since Las Vegas is over 400 miles you will need to make another stop to partially fill the tank. This makes your trip to Las Vegas three days and two nights. Ops that is the same time that the hotel’s special rate covers. So unless you plan to sleep in your car while you are recharging your tank, you are now spending more money at flea bag motels then your Las Vegas stay.

CNG powered vehicles makes sense only for large fleet owners (like the MTA) with local runs.

It looks like that the only ones who would benefit from a mass conversion to CNG powered vehicles is Boone T. Pickens, his company, associates, and partners. Why do you think he is spending over $50 million promoting? It isn’t that he has your best interests in mind.