Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama Seeks 3-Year Freeze in Spending on Many Domestic Programs (gag)

Even as egocentric as he is can Obama really think that the people will believe that he is moving to the center? The only domestic programs he is likely to cut is the military and homeland security budgets. He so wants the Islamic Leaders to take him to their bosom. His administration has declared that there is no such thing as Islamic terrorism. They told us that all the attacks we have encountered or stopped where isolated incidents.

This man’s policies have increased the federal deficit more than the last three presidents combined. If allowed, by the end of his first term we will have to invent a number higher than a billion trillion. To this date no one knows where all that money is. The health (not) care bill will cost billions and the total cost to the nation of Cap ‘N’ Trade can only be estimated because there is no limit to the costs that can be levied on the America people with this plan.

Do not think that he is becoming a moderate. Even if the pundits are recommending for him to do so to save his presidency, he is incapable of political moderation. He has been marinating in Marxist Socialism since getting out of high school. It would take a life time for him to dry out and sober up from his socialist binge. Even if he does sober up, he will fall of the wagon before you know it. No, this man’s goals are set and they are not compatible with America’s values

Saturday, January 23, 2010

California's Prop. 13 Will Be Attacked In The coming Months

Most California Legislatures and many candidates will be looking for ways to increase taxes. Prop. 13 set the limit of rate increase to 2% per year unless the property was sold. This means if you bought a house in 1979 the property tax has increased 2% a year for 30 years. Do the math. Your rate now is 30 times what it was when you bought the house. That should be enough taxes. Sacramento must be able to run on the current standards.

These convoluted attempts will try to garner support by pitting different segments of the population against each other. They have tried and will again to separate commercial and residential properties and tax commercial property at a higher rate. This would affect every renter since the tax increase will just be passed on by the owner. Residential renters will pay higher rent. Stores and businesses will be charging more and/or hiring less to compensate for the higher taxes.

The other tactic by tax and spend legislatures is to lower the 2/3 requirement to raise taxes. There by reducing the people's will.

Look into the attitude of all candidates. Those who insist that taxes need to be raised to fix the California budget must not be allowed to office. California needs to adjust its attitude toward business and better balance business growth with environmental safe guards. People must be put first always. We must support candidates who will overturn (even if temporarily) AB 32 and reduce business taxes and fees.

Currently a business must go through years of environmental tests that will cost more than is worth the trouble. They can start or expand their business in other states without these restrictions. That is what business is doing and California is suffering.

Some candidates cannot see beyond raising taxes to increase revenues while others are beholding to union and other special interest lobbies.

Be wary of candidates trying to buy their office with exorbitant spending on their candidacy. These people have no idea how the rest of us live. Their solution is to spend rather than to budget. These are the ones we need to keep out of office.

Before supporting a candidate vet them carefully. Make sure they will be prudent with your tax money. Once you find the right candidate, work hard to elect him/her.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is An Islamic Reformation Possible?

After studying the history of Islam, the Koran, and the Hadith, I find it just about impossible for that to happen. Islam’s main goals are to have the world submit to it or perish and discount individual thought and ingenuity.

According to Islam, non-believers are not allowed to study or even mention Islam or anything associated with it.

Its rabid desire to eradicate all other faith or non-faith is the cause of all the horrible acts of terror perpetrated by individuals with the cry “Allahu Akbar”. All other arguments for the cause of these terror attacks are just excuses and part of the attack on western and Judeo-Christian values. Islam is a movement based on conquest, pillaging, and murder. That is its history to present day.

Islam stifles ingenuity and self-expression. If something is not in the Koran, it is not worth expression. Had the world gone the way of Islam none of the inventions, innovations, and social advancements (right for individual success, female equality, etc.) of the 19th and 20th century would be possible. Afghanistan was quite a modern country prior to the Taliban take over after the Soviet expulsion. The people were not allowed to have radios, television, or telephones. Women were denied any education and were reduced to the status of beasts of burden. Male doctors were not allowed to examine women and since women were denied education, there were no female doctors to treat women. Women suffered greatly and many died from illnesses that could have been easily cured.

Remember, a good Muslim prays five times a day for the elimination of Western Culture. A reformation in Islam would need to disavow its core beliefs and goals. All indications are that Islam is more and more determined to revert the world to the seventh century. The few secular Muslim nations are all becoming more fundamental. This trend started when President Carter helped the overthrow of the Iranian Shaw. Lebanon, once the Jewel of the Middle East is in shambles. Turkey is struggling to maintain a semblance of independence from Sharia Rule. There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Monday, January 4, 2010

We Need To Recognize The Real Enemy

A war on terrorism is useless. Who is the enemy when we “fight” terrorism, is it the those who rammed jets into the Twin Towers, the person who shot up Fort Hood, the guy who burnt his privates trying to blow up a plane full of civilians, the guy in Seattle who shot up a Synagogue and then killed a postal worker, the broker who beheaded his wife because she was going to divorce him, or the cab driver who killed his two daughters because they were becoming “Westernized”. Are the children who are brainwashed by their parents to strap bombs to their bodies and then kill civilians in coffee shops, nightclubs, buses, houses of worship, and shopping areas the enemy?

Terrorism is not the enemy. It is one of the tactics used by our enemy. All of those mentioned in the above paragraph are members of the army attacking Western Judeo-Christian values and way of life. They are the soldiers of our enemy. They are not petty criminals shoplifting at the 7/11 or even dope dealers and murders hijacking cars. They are enemy combatants not deserving the protection of our Constitution.

The enemy is waging a three-prong attack on all we hold dear. This war has been going on for over 1,400 years. The enemy found that it is not strong enough to defeat us by outright physical attacks. This enemy has been defeated in this type of warfare repeatedly. They were stopped at the Gates of Vienna. They aligned them selves with the Axis Powers who ended up losing to the Alias. They found that they are very inept at conventional warfare when a tiny nation, surrounded by the armies of four nations, whopped ass on them.

While this tactic was put on hold, our enemy ramped up two others. One such tactic is terror. It has worked for them for the over 1,400 years, they have been waging this war of occupation and submission. In the Arab world, they terrorized whole communities into submission whose leaders abdicated their responsibility to protect their citizens.

In conjunction with terror tactics, they are infiltrating the governments of democratic nations and using their established rule of democracy to destroy them. They are preparing us for the final surge to makes us all submit to them. Right now, our laws are being used to give them more power and put them into a position where our own government will make us all powerless to resist. As they are now doing in many countries in Europe, they will terrorize us into avoiding certain neighborhoods, neighborhoods where the police will not go to protect citizens.

The enemy is mobilizing and building armies capable of mass destruction. The country that started this latest attack on the West is working on missile capability with nuclear warheads. Soon they will be able to reach and destroy the only democratic country in the Middle East. Not only that, but they will have the capability to destroy U.S. military bases in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Will we allow the socialist Obama administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid to disarm ourselves to the point where we are to weak to fight back? We have suffered attacks on our own soil and our government has still not identified the enemy by name.

The enemy is Islam, using armies around the world who use the same instruction manual and perpetrated every single act of terror in the last two plus decades. All believe the same philosophy, with the same goal. The Koran, their ops manual, demands they force the world to submit to Islam or die.

The world has never faced an enemy with such determination. Never was there such a threat to the Western World. This enemy, unlike us, is looking forward to death. Dying in the act of fighting for Islam fulfills their destiny and assures them a grandiose life in heaven. Our goal should be to help them fulfill their aspirations and send them on their way to the afterlife.