Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It was Secretary of Defense Mattis’ first day at the Pentagon and he has already hit the ground running. Mattis spent the day overseeing strikes against the Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq.

Mattis, who was critical of the Obama administration’s ISIS strategy, calling it ‘full of half measures,’ set the tone immediately that he wasn’t messing around. The Secretary of Defense utilized bombers, fighters and remotely piloted aircraft to carry out the bombings.

Syria took the bulk of the strikes with 25 total, while Iraq was hit six times. Two of the strikes in Syria successfully neutralized ISIS units, as well as artillery near the city of Bab. ISIS units in the city of Raqqa also suffered losses, with 22 strikes pulverizing 12 tactical units, two underground explosive bomb factories, and an ISIS base. Mattis also oversaw strikes that hit two ISIS oil wells in Syria.


In Iraq, Mattis continued to crush ISIS forces. One of the strikes, taking place in the city of Rutbah, eliminated a tactical unit, two weapons caches, a mortar and a vehicle. Strikes in the city of Beiji also demolished a unit and a vehicle, while another strike in Kisik blew up a building and a tactical unit.

To cap it all off, Mattis oversaw two strikes against Mosul, the ISIS region capital in Iraq, which annihilated two units, a tank, a factory that manufactures car bombs, and three fighting positions.

It’s becoming clear why President Trump wasted no time making sure Mattis was sworn into his cabinet immediately.


President Trump has mentioned in the past that he would like to see ISIS completely wiped out within 30 days of taking office. If Mattis’ first day on the job was any indication, the president may just get his wish.  READ MORE

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