Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A better way to do California's business

I have been proposing a part time legislator system for some time now. The response has been less than enthusiast. Everyone seems to dismiss it with “that will never happen”. Why won’t it happen? All the people have to do is be determined to make it happen.

I propose a yearly salary of $78,000.00 per year, meeting four times annually. Per Diem must be gauged to expected expenses. $1,500.00 per each of four round trips to Sacramento per year with a three night stay over is $6,000.00. I would recommend an additional amount of $6,000.00 per year for other travel expenses. There is not need to provide a car or credit card. There could be an additional amount for an office and minimum staff in their district. A cubicle populated office can be provided in Sacramento for the legislators to share.

Four meetings is sufficient time to do the state’s business. The rest of the time can be spent working with their constituents. Those meetings can be in public meeting places in their area. For most other state business a phone conference should do. If the governor calls a special session the state should reimburse for actual travel expense. This would cut the state’s cost of doing business tremendously.

Also all terms must be limited to a total of 10 years of service. They will be allowed the same pre-tax amount to retirement fund that any employed person does. When the state’s revenue allows it, the state can supplement that amount on a 50% up to a certain amount of the legislator’s contribution.

I think that this would help the economic state of California.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Problem with Terrorists in Our Prisons

Americans are being recruited to Islam by the hundreds. Imams are very successful in their recruitment of followers in our prisons. Is it because prisoners are looking to believe in something bigger then them selves? Are they looking to be saved from a life of crime? Is Islam offering a new way of life? Not even close.

Our prisons are full of people who have committed crimes without remorse. In most cases the crimes were committed against those who could not protect them selves. The crimes were committed because the criminals were the greater force. The victims could not defend them selves or their property or their loved ones. Might made right for these parasites. This attitude against innocent victims falls directly in line with Islam. Way back in 640 AD Muslim bands and armies were attacking weaker groups. These actions were justified by the teachings of Muhammad the profit of Allah. His teachings mandated that they were attacking infidels. Infidels are less than human beings. Muhammad’s teachings as recorded in the Koran, state that only Muslims have the right to property and respect. These bands were told they are doing Allah’ work when they robbed, pillaged, raped, and destroyed property. Their actions were justified. They were told that as Muslim men they had the right and domain over infidels and women and children.

The hierarchy in Islam is men rule and male offspring have a slightly higher rating than women who have no rights but to obey men. If we examine the lives of criminals especially violent criminals this falls right into their life style. Just like the Muslim raiders of old our criminals have contempt for their victims. They are justified in their deeds because they want something their weaker victim’s poses. They rule their families with absolute authority, even at times with brutality. They demand absolute submission from women. Because of their mind set they commit crimes and end up in jail.

When Imams present a life style that validates a criminal’s mind set and that their actions are not only condoned but encouraged by Allah they accept it willingly and become devout practitioners. This is accomplished by Imams that visit the prisons. Imagine how much more effective these conversions will be with terrorists right there in the prison population? Our prisons are the incubators of terrorists.

If we allow the combatants into our prison system we will be housing, feeding, and providing health care for those who will one day play a major role in the destruction of our way of life. The citizens of America must resist allowing these terrorists into our prisons. Write, email, telephone, and fax your legislators and the president to keep them out of this country.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

California’s Economic Crisis

California is in a crisis due to unrealistic restrictions on business and the people, primarily brought on by the eco-lobbies and the explosive growth of government.

These restrictions have shackled California economy to a standstill. Acres of the most productive agricultural farm land have gone fallow because of the protection of a non-indigenous fish that will vanish in any case. California legislatures have decided that, that fish is more important than the livelihood of thousands of farm workers and the owners of these farms. This affects the California economy both on the wage and productive side. Farmers are not able to grow crops, wage earners are out of work, and California economy suffers.

California has enough offshore oil deposits to be almost oil self-sufficient. Yet the eco-lobbies have put up road blocks to a booming economy. The lack of refineries requires gasoline to be trucked or piped into the state. California has not built a new refinery in decades.

The answer to California’s economic crisis is to clean house. We need to get rid of the bureaucratic impediments to success, cut the cost of government, and generally streamline the operation. California is not benefiting from the number of people appointed to positions with six figure salaries meeting three of four times a year, many can be combined. Governments in California have grown at rates far beyond population growth. When the ratio of government workers to the general population grows and grows each non-government worker has to support more and more government workers.
It is time for California and the nation to splash on some cold water, take a good look around, and see what is happening. If we don’t put a stop to things each person in the private sector will be supporting two or more government workers. That kind of a society can not sustain it self.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Trouble with Americans

Posted with permission form author Richard McDonals.

The trouble with Americans is that they are easily fooled. Collectively they seldom see the forest for the trees. Their commercial and social successes have made their culture so complicated that they have come to rely on collective solutions that eat away at the freedom and liberty of the individual. Instead of a dedication to the principles of their Founders almost half of the population believes in socialism a mutation of the very totalitarian disease the Founders built this country to avoid.

Instead of an assembly of free individuals we have become a collection of mobs dedicated to using our particular monopoly to destroy the very economic and social fabric of the nation. Take the United Auto Workers Union (UAW). Are there Americans who believe that the UAW mob did not bankrupt the domestic auto industry? Take the teachers and their unions. That mob has done so much damage that the more money we throw at them the less educated kids we get and the higher wages and pensions we pay.

Take government workers and their unions. Now there is a mob to end all mobs. You can’t fire them and they grow like weeds. They can vote themselves anything they want. At the city, state and Federal level the country is going bankrupt paying wages, pensions and benefits so high that it has become the only growth industry in the country.

Those who orchestrate and manipulate these mobs are called politicians and bureaucrats and they are a deadly cancer. Instead of working for the people they appease and do the bidding for their collection of mobs. They are assisted by the media mob that works the American plantation like the compound it has become. Even the AARP mob spent millions to defeat the privatization of Social Security when in fact privatization meant that the people (they ostensibly represent) could keep more of their own money.

The voice of the individual is now being heard at the tea parties. It is the antithesis of a mob – it is an expression not of Republicans or Democrats but of individual Americans who see their freedoms and liberties being drained away by the mobs and those that lie for them at city councils, state houses and in Congress and the Administration.

The tea party folks want to save the America our Founders built. They want to cut out the cancer the mobs have infected the country with. Let’s see how they fare against the elegant and efficient mobster-in-chief standing squarely in their way promoting massive socialism through redistribution of income and wealth and ably assisted by the rent-a-mob ACORN. Our Founders must be turning over in their graves about now worrying that the tea parties won’t grow powerful enough to kill “king socialism.”

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Principals of the Republican Party

The reason the Republican Party lost its leadership role is because we the people did not stick to our core principals. We did not vet enough those who we elected to office and kept some in office too long. When our elected officials began to veer off course we did nothing about it. We did not keep in contact with them, reminding them why they are in office and what we expect from them. This caused schizophrenic policies. They talked about fiscal responsibility but were spending the people’s money like drunken sailors on shore leave (all you Navy men and women need not get offended, you know how you spent your money). We the ground roots allowed it. Now too many of us are not taking responsibility for our own lack of concern and action. Many have left the party never considering that they too are at fault. Those that jumped the ship refuse to take responsibility for the people they helped elect and then did nothing to reign them in when things started going south. When our elected leaders went astray or did not stand up to our distracters we did not exhort them effectively to proper action.

Talk around the nation is “the Party needs to be re-branded”. Wrong, we need to clean up our act. We need not change our goals or the things we stand for. The principals of the Republican Party are for the good of the country and its people. We all know that. It would be hypocritical to change our message or mission.

The Republican Party is and always was the party of freedom of speech, non-intrusive government, and individual liberty for all. That is what we are. Re-enforcing these is what will bring the Party to state and national prominence and leadership.

There is a disturbing trend across the nation caused by the bumper sticker phrase “the Party needs to be re-branded”. Republican leaders, as legislators and party leaders are using it for self promotion. There are countless numbers announcing they have the answer and all that has to be done is to support and follow them, hog wash. We need to pick leaders who are familiar with grass roots activity but have taken the time to live like the rest of America. That is to get a civilian job, have a family, experience living within a budget, and acquire a true sense of reality before they run for office. These people will have the practical experience needed to be a true servant of the people and not a career politician who “knows better what the people need” or sees the people as a never ending source of revenue. The moment that a politician sees the public as a cash cow, they need a reality check. It is up to us the ground roots people to give it to them.
The future and destiny of America is in the hands of the people. Yes we can bring beneficial change of greater prosperity than can be had under a National Socialist system. Get involved, take a few hours a week to help select proper candidates, campaign for them, and never let a week go by without corresponding with your representatives; local, state, and national.

Barack Obama as Capo di tutti capi

Posted with permission form auther Richard McDOnald

It is not that one disputes that Barack Obama is the boss of all bosses it is the mafia-style way in which he is remaking the America that should scare all patriots. He has a deal that you can’t refuse and if you do he will rain his vengeance upon you like no other President in history – and he is only three months into his reign.

Take the case of Chrysler Corporation. Under American law a secured creditor – say bondholders that lend money to a corporation – are preferred in the distribution of proceeds on the disposition of the company’s assets upon liquidation in bankruptcy. If the proceeds are insufficient to cover those secured creditors then those unsecured creditors (who only rely on the financial strength of the corporation to pay its bills) receive nothing.

That is until Capo di tutti capi Barack Obama got his hands on the wheel. In the Chrysler “White House arranged bankruptcy” he has given 33 cents on the dollar to secured bondholders and 50 cents on the dollar to the unsecured creditors – union pensions. Now under all previous Presidents throughout American history, those unsecured creditors would have received nothing.

Now comes Capo Obama. Mr. Cool Exterior seethes inside. He has his eye is righting all wrongs corporate America has visited upon “his” people without regard for the American Constitution or the rule of law. This is the “change” the American people bought.

Perella Weinberg, a bond holding firm "was directly threatened by the White House and in essence compelled to withdraw its opposition to the deal under threat that the full force of the White House press corps would destroy its reputation if it continued to fight." They compiled and sold out their bondholders.

This is the guy everyone thought would be pragmatic and measured in his governance. He promised to bring change. What he really brought was anarchy and chaos right into the White House – all orchestrated by the new Capo di tutti capi – Barack Hussein Obama.

There is little question that the UAW wages and benefits bankrupted Chrysler. Now to finish the job on its bondholders should do wonders for the bond market which will undoubtedly jack up interest rates to cover the possible “unsecured nature” of their “secured” loan.

If he gets away with this obvious conflict of interest because the UAW spent millions in time, talent and money supporting his ascendance, hide the kids. This guy is a threat to the American way of life and ordered business orthodoxy. The guy is a street organizer who is doing what he has been doing all his life.

Be afraid America – be very afraid. He has brought his knives right to your kitchen table.