Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama Pretending to Care

Just now I heard president Obama pretending to care about the Tea Party participants. What he actually said was that they are all mistaken and don’t know enough to be involved in their own best interest.

He intimated that he is willing explain to us the error of our ways. He said he is very willing to discuss the economy, Social Security, and Socialized Healthcare with us. He will show us the error of our ways.

I think that he would chicken out of a debate with Dick McDonald and his solution to Social Security, Payroll Taxes, and other points expressed in Dick’s Rise Up America as seen at It would be fun to watch that debate. I personally would like to debate the similarity of what the National Socialists did to Europe in the 1930’s and what he is doing to America in 2009.

He has no desire to debate anything with his distracters. He has not had a direct debate with any opponent because he needs a script to read from the teleprompter with out which he can’t put two sentences together. Obama is doing what he has always done, lots of rhetoric that kind of sounds good, especially to those who refuse to think for them selves. He is placating his followers trying to dispel any doubt that might be starting to brew in their minds. I mean where would he be if they all started to use fact, logic, and reason when he is spinning his stuff? He might have to start making sense.

Another Argument for Private Health Care

The population of the Unites States is over 300 million. That means the 91 people who have a confirmed case of Swine Flue is 0.0000303% of the total. Most desktop calculators will come up with zeros if you try to get the percentage (91/300,000,000).

This entire hullabaloo about Swine Flu might just work for the Socialists in Washington DC to implement Socialized Medicine. But before we all rush to the One to rescue us take a look at how well Socialized Medicine is working out for the over 2 million infected and over 150 who have died in Mexico.

First off as of yesterday no one from the Mexican Health Department has contacted the families of those who died form the Swine Flue. There has been no attempt to see if their relatives also have it or how or where they may have caught it let alone provide care so they won’t also succumb to it.

An example of the care provided by Socialized Medicine is a case of a Mexico City cab driver complaining of high fever and other Swine Flue symptoms. He was refused entry to a hospital because his paper work did not seem to be in order. He was denied care a second time because they were too busy.

Don’t think that this could not happen here. The evidence shows that this is the case in every country with Socialized Medicine. The government is not the most efficient entity at running any enterprise. This is true throughout the world.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

33 minutes to the end

Recently I was at an event that had some very scary information. It concerned the recent revelations of the missile capability of nations that have outwardly sworn to destroy us. Our enemies have missile capability to strike us from their land in just over a half hour. What is more threatening is they now can do it less than ten minutes. Iran has been testing firing missiles form barges at sea, with high degree of success. That and the close relationship with Chavez of Venezuela we could be attacked off both our coasts from freighters. A simultaneous EMP attack would destroy our nationwide capability to communicate, transport electricity, render most vehicles and airplanes inoperable, and generally disable all commerce. Our military could not effectively retaliate. Stores would run out of food and other items with in a week or two. We would not be able to re-supply them.

Here is an excerpt from Watchman Magazine:
If you have wondered what an EMP attack is, William R. Graham a Former NASA official and one who has worked in numerous government appointments gives a description.

The scariest and most threatening kind of EMP attack is initiated by the detonation of a nuclear weapon at high altitude in the range of 25 to 250 miles above the Earth’s surface. The immediate effects of EMP are disruption of, and damage to, electronic systems and electrical infrastructure. Such a detonation over the middle of the continental U.S. “has the capability to produce significant damage to critical infrastructures that support the fabric of U.S. society and the ability of the United States and Western nations to project influence and military power,” William R. Graham

With the enemies surrounding America as we send all troops overseas, it makes you wonder who is left to keep the peace and order such something happen. But that is under control because the Bush Administration has taken several actions that will allow ‘martial law’ within the nation. That said, it would have been nice of the administration and congress to at least put a more secure border up. This would be both Canadian and American plus the Mexico and American borders. The eyes today are on the fall when rumor, sources, and even some named officials have been on record saying Bush will attack Iran in the Fall. This is to be seen yet, but the news is spreading like a wildfire of epic proportions. If Bush doesn’t attack this fall then all those so called sources, news stories, and even Israel will be in the quiet column, all wondering what happened. Of course this leaves the country wondering if an EMP will occur when or if we do attack Iran. Good question, no doubt, we will find out in the future. For now, though, here is the report download link. Take a look, if you see anything good in it besides being warned as to how badly prepared we are, then maybe another article would suffice. Download the Gov. EMP Report

The Heritage Foundation has produced a documentary highlighting how current plans for development of a missile defense system are being cut. Be on the lookout for its release in your area. At this time the US is not protected by an adjudicate missile defense system. We are not protected and open to attack. Be on the lookout for the screening.

Republican Action Alert

In order to return credibility to the Republican Party and the conservative cause we need to clean house, remember our values, and stick to them. We lost the leadership role in America because we wavered from our roots, became schizophrenic with our message, and disappointed and confused Americans. This country is in great danger of becoming a third world socialist republic. We must take decisive action to stop the demise of our great nation.

We need to get rid of Republican office holders that are not true to small and un-intrusive government, fail to insist on fiscal responsibility, and are more interested in promoting own career to serving the people. Obama is continuing to campaign for his socialist vision of America. The RNC and all state Republican Parties need to counter his propaganda. The party leaders must stop sugar coating its rebuttals to assertions of the Democrats, Left Wing Liberals, and others destroying America.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just like all despots of history.

Well it is continuing. Not that long ago BHO was not going to seek prosecution of the Bush administration regarding the handling of captures combatants. That was when he felt more secure in his position as having absolute control of the country.

Something caused him to change his mind. Although he and the left publicly have discounted the thousands of Tea Parties across the nation, they are not stupid. They realized that a movement against them is starting to brew and they need to do something about. What to do? The answer is, go after the past leaders and try to intimidate anyone who might want to take the reins of the opposition to the BHO administration and Pelosi/Reid legislature.

Like all despots of history, BHO wants to squash all opposition real or perceived. Those that have aspirations of having total control over a nation know that they can not allow democratic principals to continue. Democratic procedures are a threat to them. In order to take complete control of all the financial institution and other businesses of this land BHO can not allow dissidence of any kind. He can not allow viable opposition to thrive. His goal is to disrupt and disgrace the current and past opposition leadership and scare all others from attempting to challenge him. At the same time he is working to control the lives of all the citizens by promising a socialist utopia while assembling the National Civilian Security Force to spy and report on Right Wing Extremists who his administration considers to be terrorists.

We still have a chance to stop this march towards National Socialism. Our Tea Parties are the start of the movement to save this country. We must not falter. We must continue the movement and expand it. We do not have the luxury of sitting back and just watching. We must all be involved in rescuing our Constitution, our nation, our way of life.