Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The enemy within

I encourage you all to campaign vigorously and positively for you candidate in the primaries. But be sure you vetted your candidate thoroughly. Forget about the opponent’s negatives. Just push all the reasons why your candidate should get elected. Negative campaigning in primary elections must be avoided. After the primary election it is our duty to get behind the primary winner of our party. This is very important. Even if your candidate is not selected put all your effort into supporting the one who was elected. That candidate most assuredly is much closer to your beliefs than the opposing party’s candidate. We can’t all have everything our way 100%. Realizing this and being able to live with is the mature thing to do. Let’s not be little children, pick up our marbles and go home. The candidate of our party is the one to support. I urge all grass roots workers to do the responsible thing. That goes especially for the candidates who did not make the cut. Do not let your disappointment punish your party’s candidate by voting for some miner candidate who you know has no chance of being elected or not voting at all which is tantamount to voting for the opposition. If you analyze the situation critically and logically, you will realize that your party’s candidate is with you at least 80% of the way, much closer to your beliefs than the opposition’s candidate. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face. You will be hurting yourself. There may be exceptions, for instance if the Democrat is more of a conservative (Highly unlikely) than the Republican or the Republican candidate is a plant by the Dems. How could the latter happen you ask? Only by us not ferreting that candidate out in the primaries. The enemy within our Party has been us. We must not lose one other election due to childish emotions. There is too much at stake.