Friday, October 30, 2009

At Times There Is No Other Hand

One’s principals as traditions need to be re-examined and re-evaluated now and then. In many if not most, parts of the world it was considered impolite not to welcome a stranger into your home, provide sustenance and rest. A suspicion about new comers and strangers was considered backward thinking. The welcome matt was lying proudly in front of the door. Now it is more prudent to be cautious when a stranger appears at the door.

As people moved from rural areas into cities, it became essential to implement new laws of behavior, regulations affecting individual actions, and community living. Living in a house miles away from neighbors, it made no difference how much debris one had in their front yard. It affected no one but the homeowner. Try to do that in populated housing community now, one would be cited and forced to clean up the area. Such rules became common in our cities and accepted as just. Living in an apartment house, we are required to comply with rules of courtesy such as making noise. We comply to be good neighbors. But at times these rules, imposed by self appointed directors of sensibility, can be carried too far. Quite often, we hear of situations such as people being threatened with eviction for displaying the American flag, displaying political views in yards or windows, and having decals on one’s cars.

The fast held beliefs of yesteryear need to be amended to meet challenges of the present and future. There is little danger to a community if a person living on the prairie shoots a gun into the air. The same cannot be said about doing that in a crowded city. This does not necessitate denying gun ownership, just abiding by sensible rules. In a city where people depend upon each other more, it is not egregious to impose taxes that will pay for streets, public transportation, and other requirements for a well functioning city. Rules of behavior must include acceptance of others as long as they pose no danger to the community. These rules should not impede one’s prerogatives or ability to pursue a livelihood or happiness as long as these do not harm others.

So it is with politics. As the world changes around us some political standards need change. This does not mean abandoning ideals or standards that have served this nation well. Throughout most of the 1800’s, slavery was accepted as normal. That was changed and is now against the law. It was recognized at the beginning of the 20th century that denying women the vote was not right and now women have an equal opportunity to vote as do all lawfull citizens, regardless of race, religion, color, or origin.

All this is good but when some decide to implement laws that change the fabric of what this nation was based on, self reliance, individual freedom, and guaranteed opportunity to succeed, we have to realize that not all change is necessary nor for the general good. It is especially dangerous when people claim to have certain views when their actual inclinations are the opposite. These “fifth column” types infiltrate organizations to attain power in order to implement agendas that are the opposite of the organization. Some in the organization are willing to support them hoping for self advancement within the group. This brings me to the subject of compromising one’s principals. Just as Tevye, from The Fiddler On the Roof, realized that there are times when one can consider “on the other hand”, that at times there is no other hand, we must realize that at times compromise is not an option. That time is here and now. Conservative Republicans must stand for our principals and the United States Constitution. In these times of pending danger to our way of life we must not go along to get along. Just because a candidate states he/she is a true Republican and has the ability to be elected is not a reason for us to support their candidacy. A socialist who claims to be a Republican will push us further into a way of life that will stifle the human soul, stagnate economic growth, and denigrate the past and current sacrifices by many. It is time for us to vet candidates that will promote the aspirations of our founders. We must work with dedication and willingness to sacrifice and elect the right ones. We can not afford to sit on the side lines and hope that others will do the work for us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t give up the fight

Well, I have been waiting for some one to answer my question. What were the “childish” and “mean” things said at the Tea Parties and what was so egregious about them? No one has stepped up to the plate.

Some one is trying to put a monkey wrench into the movement. It could be the Democrats, Ron Paul-ers (can’t infiltrate as they would like), or the old guard of the Republican Party seeing that they may be losing their grip on the party.

Who is doing this makes no difference. The Tea Parties have energized the country to stand up against the National Socialists running America. It is the most visible and motivating movement in recent times. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Please continue to rally at the Tea Parties. They have made a big difference in the mood in congress. The people are making noise and even though Washington keeps saying we don’t exist, they are paying attention. We must keep the pressure on them. They need to be aware that after the next election they may be looking for work in the private sector.

Let’s not give up the fight.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More Shenanigans By Congress With Our Healthcare

Pelosi and Reid do not see the votes for a public option in the healthcare bill. Their latest scheme is to give the states the option to for a state healthcare. They hope that this will get some Democrats to go along with the bill. This may be a temporary set back for socializing America but it is still a step towards it.

First of all, who will pay for the a state run healthcare system? We have seen two states create a state run healthcare system. One state just gave up on it since it could not sustain itself. An other state is swimming in huge cost overruns and is in very deep economic trouble. Pelosi and Reid know that this will be the situation in any other state and give the federal government a reason to step in and take it over. This method may even be a faster way to implement a national one payer healthcare system. In any event, the feds will be in a position take over the healthcare on the grounds that “this is too big to allow to fail”. We have seen that scenario before.

When you contact your representatives in Washington, don’t forget to let them know that you are against an option for the states to have a state run healthcare system. Your state will run into huge deficits that only a large state tax increase or a federal takeover can rescue (ha, ha). It is not enough to keep the public option out of the bill. Individual states must stay away from providing more welfare.

The one thing that will help lower healthcare cost is to bring more competition into the healthcare insurance business. We need to eliminate in state insurance monopolies. By allowing across state competition, insurance rates will fall dramatically. We can see how competition keeps lower prices of gas when there are four stations on busy corner verses where there is only one.

Attorneys are the main benefactors of medical law suits. By limiting the amount of punitive damages and the amount attorneys can make beyond reasonable expenses, medical insurance costs will be decreased.

We can have healthcare reform without going socialist. This will be accomplished if we vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to replace the socialist minded elite office holders running this country now.

Corresponding with David Part I

Recently a Brit who spent a lot of time in Czechoslovakia during communist rule contacted me. He worked for a confectionery company. We decided to correspond about his time in Czechoslovakia. Below is an excerpt from his latest email.

When first visiting the various confectionery factories I was always bemused by the usually fat ladies, in uniform, wearing a gun belt and holster - and with gun of course - standing guard outside every factory. These people were members of the People's Militia - staunch communists all.

I am sharing this with you to bring out something that our president wants to institute. In Czechoslovakia, they called it the People’s Militia. Obama will call it the National Civilian Security Force. Regardless of what they are called, one purpose is to spy on citizens and all visitors. Their accusations could put a person in position of having to prove loyalty to the regime. This could involve days of incarceration and interrogation.

David continues “in the early days if I visited a factory I always had to be accompanied by two 'special' people. One of these was a representative of the trade union, and the other was from the police.” You may wonder why it is necessary monitor a visitor to a chocolate factory. It has nothing to do with security. Socialist regimes instill mistrust in the people of everyone by placing spies in the general populous. One can not be sure that the neighbor is not going to hear something that may be construed as anti-state, even an innocent comment or joke. That comment could lead to a lot of interrogation, loss of job, and even incarceration. When there is mistrust, it is harder for state opposition groups to form.

I am not saying that our present administration and congress is going to practice this but it sure looks like it. Their attacks on FOX news is very reminiscent Czech communist regime. We can insure that we won’t have to live in a constant state of paranoia by changing the makeup of congress. We can do this by vetting new candidates, picking the right ones (ones who are not part of the elite career rulers now in place), and working hard to elect them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Economic Disaster In The Making

Below is an excerpt from article in CFP by Klaus Rohrich’s explanation of Cap ‘N’ Trade.

Here’s how carbon offsets work: a company that emits carbon into the atmosphere as a by-product of its business transactions will be allocated a certain number of annual “free” carbon credits by the government. That company will be audited annually and if it were discovered that the emissions exceeded the allocation, then the company would have to purchase carbon credits (currently proposed to be valued at $40.00/ton USD) to cover the excess. If the company emitted less than allocated, it could sell its unused carbon credits on the open market for the same price.

The central driver of this new bubble will be various carbon exchanges, such as the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the European Climate Exchange (ECX) as well as others. Entities with carbon offsets to sell will sell them on these exchanges, which in turn will sell them to companies that have run over their allocation. The justification of this scheme is that it needs to be done in the interest of lowering so-called greenhouse gases, such as carbon, in the atmosphere. But anyone conducting even the most cursory research will quickly come to realize that trading in carbon offsets will achieve no such thing.

What it will do is to significantly contribute to the growth of intrusive government bureaucracy and raise the worldwide price of virtually everything from agricultural products to zoo tickets. It will also enable liberals, Democrats and the Eurocartel to feel better about their own carbon emissions, knowing that with every carbon emission sin that is committed an offset indulgence may be purchased. It’s particularly sweet, if like Maurice Strong, one of the most rabid proponents of climate alarmism, you happen to own shares in the Chicago Climate Exchange. Or Like Al Gore, for whom climate alarmism has substantially contributed to his $100+ million growth in net worth, since losing the Presidency to George Bush in 2000.

The government has created a commodity out of thin air (pun intended). I agree with Klaus that the government is creating a bubble that when it burst will have greater impact on our economy than the dot com and housing bubbles combined.

Unjustified price hikes of the last bubbles caused economic disaster. Dot com companies were losing millions yet their stock value kept rising until investors came to their senses. Then the crash ruined many investors, even ones that were no in the dot com markets.

Huge spike in real estate prices, caused in part by imprudent lending practice, were unsustainable. These spikes continued until home ownership became unachievable for most of Americans and those that did manage to buy at super inflated prices could not continue to make the payments.

In both cases values were grossly exaggerated and people were paying for more vacuum than substance. In the case of carbon credits it is all vacuum. It is conceivable that one might have millions of dollars of vacuum. This market has to fail and take with it our economy.

If you think that Cap ‘N’ Trade is good, let me know. I will start a bag-less bag-of-air company and issue stock at $300.00 a share. You can spend a lot of money to own nothing and watch the value of your stock balloon way above your original investment until people stop buying the stock. You will have huge paper profits that can’t buy you anything.

In his article Klaus continues; This bubble is essentially driven by the Democrats and the Obama White House in collusion with the UN, having made a commitment to enact Draconian eco-legislation that will feature carbon offsets at its core.

If Cap ‘N’’ Trade is enacted, I see the dollar being devalued way below other currencies and Americans in poverty.

A change in the congress is imperative now and the administration in the next presidential election if we are to save America. With the dedication of our founders we must vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to elect them. To replace the elite ruling class now in control of our country we all have to make special effort and yes sacrifices.

Donate what ever you can, work the phone banks, talk to your neighbors and associates, and walk precincts for your choice to govern this country.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama Czar Agrees with Mao Tze Tung, and thinks free market is NONSENSE

When someone agrees with Mao Tze Tung, we tend to ignore and discount that person. In this case, we need to pay more attention, it is very frightening. The Czar, Bloom, also said that it is all about power. Mao was a powerful communist dictator who murdered countless number of his own citizens.

We all are in danger when a member of the president’s administration agrees with such a man. There is no reason to think that an admirer of such acts would hesitate for a moment to use the same tactics.

This administration is full of people who admire our enemies and despise the principals that America was founded on. It is supported by a congress that is shutting out the opposition, physically. Locks on committee meeting rooms are being changed to keep the opposition out. Bills are being drawn by a few from the majority party and who then demand their passage without fully disclosing the bill’s details.

This is not how a democratic republic operates. It is more like a soviet politburo exercising its totalitarian control.

We must put an end to this congress’ outrageous ways. Vet new candidates, pick the right ones to replace the current batch of career elite rulers, and work super hard to move them to Washington and state legislatures.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Naive, Ignorant, or Deliberately Destroying America

It does not matter if America is destroyed due to stupidity or deliberate action. The facts are, the Obama Administration and Congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are systematically disassembling the fabric of America. Our Federal Government is exercising more and more control of the lives of Americans and abdicating American sovereignty to world powers who in most part are our enemies.

Just about every bill pending or in the process of developing in congress, is a means for further dominance of U.S. citizens and solidification Federal control. Cap ‘N’ Trade, ObamaCare, National Civilian Security Force, control of all the Financial Institutions, ownership of the car manufacturing, intimidation of the insurance industry, and attacks on non-compliant news services (from individual bloggers to large corporations) are all evidence of our eroding liberties.

Now we see the effect of this administration’s foreign policies. Russia just announced that it is developing a missile many times faster than any so far developed. This announcement was made after Obama killed the missile defense system to be set up in Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama has also canceled other missile defense systems and ordered to destroy much of our nuclear arsenal. These actions were to get cooperation from Russia to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear ambitions. Russia’s response was to announce its weapons development and more cooperation with Iran. Iran’s response to Obama’s Neville-ian response was to recant on an agreement they made just a few days ago.

The world sees America as being led by a weak, inexperienced, and easily fooled president and congressional leadership. We are no longer taken seriously. Just like in the Carter administration, other nations will ignore us and our enemy’s surrogates will attack our interests around the globe. Our enemies will not respect us. Without fear of reprisal, U.S. citizens will be at risk. There will be hostage taking, embassies taken over, and our military attacked. It happened under the Carter Administration, America was being kicked around with impunity. Ronald Reagan’s policies changed that. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard released the hostages held captive in our embassy. Kaddafi turned over airplane bombing suspects and gave up his WMD’s. The Soviet Union gave up (for the moment) its world dominance aspirations.

Today we are facing socialist slavery, world government rule, and Islamic subjugation. This administration is not only not trying to prevent these calamities, they are aiding and abiding those that wish to harm us. We have ignored one of the principals required to continue to live in freedom. We have not taken responsibility for our freedom. We have allowed others to become caretakers of our future. It is time we stand up and become self-reliant, responsible, and action orientated citizens in a free country. Let’s vet new public service minded candidates, pick the right ones, and work with the dedication of our founders to replace the current political career elite rulers of this country.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dependence on Government Creates Inability to Cope

An article in Der Spiegel describes the desperation of French workers.

Workers Describe Being Driven to Desperation What causes a wave of suicides at a company like France Telecom. Former employees describe how they were driven to desperation by changes in the corporate culture.
Photo Gallery: Worked to Death

After decades of allowing the government to coddle and furnish benefits unearned, the French worker lost the ability to cope with adversity. The French have forgotten how take care of them selves.

America was built with the spirit of individualism, self reliance, and responsibility for self. Those who took great risks to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the pioneers who settled across America to farm, ranch, and discover, and innovators of business, industry, and science did not rely on a government. They took chances, overcame failure, and created the most powerful, benevolent, and successful nation with freedom and liberty never before achieved.

For the past hundred years, this nation has been infested with those who want to reverse this march to excellence with individuals creating prosperity for all, some having more prosperity than others do. Generally, ones prosperity is and has been dependent upon individual ability, desire, and work ethic. A movement has been afoot to push individual achievement aside and create a state dependent society. This has been the way all over the world for thousands of years prior to the enlightenment of 1776 and the American Revolution, which took the rule away from potentates and created a government by the people. We can now see areas in America where second and third generation are dependent on welfare. They have lost totally the desire and ability to fend for them selves. Unions that at one time were the saviors of the working person, now have total control of their members, to such a point that the American worker has lost the option to choose.

The Obama administration and our congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid, are attempting to put the end to higher individual achievement, entrepreneurial spirit, and self-reliance. They have taken control of our major manufacturing and financial institutions. They are attempting to set up burdensome taxation via Cap ‘N’ Trade and take complete control of our healthcare system from who gets what care to who provides it.

If we allow this government to complete its task, we all will be beholding to the government for our livelihood. As with all socialist states, this governance by consumption will degrade our standard of living, create corruption and black markets, and finally will have to institute a draconian dictatorship. We will all be equally pore and miserable.

We can stop this slide into pre-constitutional progress by vetting new candidates and selecting the right ones, those with a passion for civil service but no goal towards being career politicians. Once selected we must work hard to elect them and replace the elite ruling class of politicians now in charge. We must, like our founders, dedicate our selves to reverse this slip into socialism. Gather with you friends and associates, be sure to register likeminded people, and create a workforce to walk precincts, work the phone banks, and get out the vote for your candidates.