Friday, December 31, 2010

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Hell no! Why should we even try? The Democrats keep talking about compromise as if compromise is always a good thing under any and all circumstances. Compromise in politics is like alcohol. A glass or two now and then is cool. Guzzling down cases of “two buck chuck” is disgusting. So a compromise would be only a half a case, that is enabling the drunk.

The road that the progressives in Congress , Obama, and his group of socialists/Marxist Czars and appointees are taking America directly in the opposite direction the people want to travel. In the past two years we have witnessed a huge growth of government, unprecedented deficit spending, and loss of freedom, and liberty that has brought us too close to USSR style socialism. This trend was aided and abetted by an elite group of career politicians who are totally out of touch with the reality of life of the American people. They have totally discarded our Constitution and the reason why this land divorced itself from a top down style of governing.

How can there be bi-party-ism if compromise is impossible without trashing the Constitution and abandonment of our core values? If self-reliance, liberty, and pursuit of individual happiness is to survive how can we compromise with the Marxist edict of “to each one’s need and each one’s ability”. That means distributing the wealth? That type of a system cannot survive even in a dictatorship, as we have seen with the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain countries?

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Response To Interview of Islam Promoting Major General Hammond,

My Response To Interview of Islam Promoting Major General Hammond,
Special Combat Engineer 4Th Engineering Bat. 569th Company, US Army, stationed at the time at Fort Carson CO.

The one thing that got my attention in this article is his opening statement, “I am shocked how ignorant you guys are about Islam and its fundamental tenants”. I for one am not ignorant about Islam’s core. I have studied the Koran, Hadith, and Sharia Law for over 6 years. I am cognisant of the many facets that were taken from the Judeo-Christian faiths and the changes that were made to suit Mohamed. Judeo-Christian values are based on the Ten Commandments which begin with “Thou shall not” and then list forbidden egregious activities. It does not have caveats or exclusion of people of other faiths or non-faiths. The Koran forbids deceit of true believers of Islam. But encourages, even demands it when dealing with the infidels if it is to the advantage of Islam. Even today, it accepts slavery as the norm, especially women, masked as a defense of women.

I also have eyes and ears and a critical mind. I can see despicable acts perpetrated under the guise of doing Allah’s work as stated in the Koran, such as the murder (suicide attacks, beheading, shooting, bombing) of the innocent, infirm, and elderly. I can hear the religious leaders of Islam demanding the destruction of symbols of other faiths, the murder of anyone who will not accept Islam, and the call to overthrow all governments and establish a World Caliphate. I do not see Muslims mourning the deaths of the result of the horror attacks on the World Trade center in NYC and other such acts. I do see Muslims dancing in the street celebrating these acts of terror. I do not hear Muslims condemning the people, who perpetrate, encourage, plan, and send people to perpetrate these horrible acts.

Judaism and Christianity went through reformations as humanity evolved from “might makes right” to a justice system allowing human dignity to all regardless of social or economic standing.

I am also aware of how Islam is presented to non-Muslims, especially those vulnerable to accepting that faith. These are people searching for answers that cannot be proven but must be accepted on faith. They either have not been exposed to a faith based life or have been disillusioned by individual’s transgressions. These converts are encouraged to be terrorists and call them heroes and martyrs.

No one can convince me that Islam is a religion of peace. When I say peace, I mean the general definition of the world not Islam’s version which is installing a World Caliphate and elimination of all opposition.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Relationship of Big Business and Government

One aspect of Big Brother Government that is being ignored is huge corporations. Once a business reaches a certain size it becomes a bureaucracy with no resemblance to a capitalistic enterprise. By necessity, it needs to be administered like a government agency. The people in charge operate without entrepreneurish type risk. Its size makes it almost impossible to react to business changes in a timely manner. Rules and regulations are set in concrete. Individual incentive is stifled and replaced by adherence to dictated policies and procedures.

It begins to operate like a government agency and relates better to the government than to other business. Its goals change from operating on a profit basis to a basis of self perpetuation. It becomes more of a consuming entity rather than a producing one. The motivation is not producing a competitive product or service but to feed itself. The result is more blotted growth, less efficiency, and a dying dinosaur.

This is what happened to our auto industry and the real-estate and financial markets. Our auto industry (in general; GMC and Chrysler in particular) were producing cars that people were not buying and were not able to change the products they were selling fast enough. The real-estate and financial companies were being run by administrators with little or no practical experience of real estate or banking. Banks were making loans that no true banker would ever approve.

To survive, a company needs to increase its market share. But there is a saturation point where growth becomes a detriment, especially growth by acquisition of competition. This has been especially true in banking. Acquiring failing banks just postpones the inevitable, failure. The liabilities eventually erode the profitability of the acquiring banks. In a competitive market some succeed while others fail. Forced sharing of liabilities is just as debilitating to the economy as redistribution of wealth from the producers to those who only consume

Monday, December 20, 2010

The START treaty Empowers Russia

Russia is in no position to get into an arms race with the US. Their economy is not robust enough to sustain a long protracted race. By limiting our defenses we are empowering Russia.

For several years, Russia has been pouring money into expanding their influence around the world. They have made deals with countries that are very hostile to America. They have set up naval bases in South America and Syria. They have supplied our enemies, including Iran, with military equipment, including nuclear capability. All these countries are potential surrogates to battle us both militarily and economically.

Just like the old Soviet Union, Russia will not directly attack us but be the beneficiary of US conflicts with these countries. They are eroding our relationships with our friends. Eastern Europe is becoming more and more energy dependent on Russia which supplies gasoline and natural gas to Eastern Europe. Russia has flexed its power by cutting off supplies, officially for ‘technical’ reasons. However as soon as their point was made, the ‘technical’ problems seemed to disappear.

President Reagan called the Soviet Union's bluff and helped to bankrupt the them, thereby eliminating the threat they posed to the world. It is ludicrous to think that the US will attack Russia militarily. The world threat is from militant Islamic nations and groups. Russia is working on using them against us. They also know that these same elements are a real danger to them just as they are to us. The START treaty allows Russia to build ‘defense systems’ but limits the US, including protecting our friends. The Obama administration canceled missile defenses for Eastern Europe based in the Czech Republic and Poland. They even stooped to black mailing those countries by cutting off energy sources making it hard for them to push the system.

We do not need the START treaty but Russia does. Russia is not our friend, so why should we empower a country that is hostile to us. There is nothing in the treaty about real live threats to us from terrorist regimes and groups. Start is bad for America and we must not ratify it.