Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Eroding Freedom and Liberty in America

A story goes that a man wanted to start a pig farm but there were no pigs for sale that he could afford to buy. So he decided to start his farm with wild pigs. He cleared a space in the forest where he dumped garbage from local restaurants. He watched the wild pigs slowly approach, run away come back, and slowly begin to eat what he put there and stopped getting food the old fashioned way; finding it in the forest. He did this every day and the pigs kept coming and eating. By the third week they lost all caution and every day they rushed to gorge on the buffet. On the forth week he built a fence behind the bounty of food. The pigs rushed to get their meal but stopped short about ten feet away. They noticed the fence and at first were suspicious but after sniffing the fence began to gorge on the food. Three weeks later he built a similar fence at a 90 degree angle from the first one. At first the pigs were again suspicious but soon paid no attention and began to feast. Again in three more weeks he built another fence, this time at a 90 degree angle on the other side. This time the pigs hardly noticed the latest addition to the fence and began to feast. The next week as the pigs were getting their fill, he snuck up behind them and added the fourth and last part of the fence and the pigs were corralled in a pen. When the pigs looked around they found out that they were trapped. They stopped eating and started to run around looking for a way out. They banged all sides of the fence to no avail. They were trapped. The pigs exhausted themselves trying to escape. For a few days they refused to eat what the farmer fed them but shortly they gave in and gladly ate the meager food he brought them. Eventually they stopped trying to escape and accepted their fate. The prospect of a free meal lured them into slavery.

Nothing is free. You either pay for it in advance or you pay dearly later. By accepting small intrusions on their freedom, the pigs got caught in trap that they could not get out of. One part of the fence didn’t seem so bad to put up with. Then the meal seemed more important than the next and the next part of the fence. Each part protected their food source from other animals until the last part of the fence enslaved them.

Americans do not realize the fences being built around them. We did not see Social Security deductions from our paycheck as a fence. We did not believe that the money was not for our retirement but is being used to fund other spending by the government. We did not see Medicare as a fence being built and the beginning of Socialized Medicine. We got used the ever increasing encroachment of our liberties when we went along with ever increasing smoking restrictions. We believe that the government is looking to protect us when it started to tell us what food to eat and has nothing to do with getting us used to do whatever the government dictates. Some of us accept that we are too stupid to choose for ourselves. Many do not realize that we are being conditioned to accept outrageous inconvenience, humiliation, and pain under the guise of being protected. How is that you ask? Take a few plane trips across the country and you’ll understand. Ever wonder if there is an underlying reason why the government is afraid for you to own a gun? Here is a hint; every totalitarian government has stripped its citizens of a means to protect themselves.

Ever wonder why our administration is supporting the Islamation of America? Islam is trying to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law, a 7th century mentality, totalitarian set of laws that strip the soul of any dignity and reduce people to slaves.

We are being conditioned to accept a big brother government. Don’t give up your freedom and liberty for a few shine beads. They may seem very important to you now but later you will see they are worthless compared to what you gave up.