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ISIS Attacks Christian Site in Sinai

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St. Catherine's Monastery in Sinai
  (Photo: wikicommons/Berthold Werner)

The Islamic State (ISIS) terror group continues to attack Christian sites throughout the Middle East. Ynet News reports on the latest such attack on a famous Christian site in the Sinai Peninsula that left a police officer dead and four others wounded:

ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on an Egyptian police checkpoint near the famed Saint Catherine's Monastery in Sinai late Tuesday, which authorities said killed one policeman and wounded four.
The militants opened fire from an elevated hilltop overlooking the police checkpoint just outside the monastery, which is located in a remote desert and mountainous area in the southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry...

According to SITE Intelligence Group, which tracks online activity of militants, the ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency announced that the group's militants carried out the attack near Saint Catherine. This is the first time the ISIS has attacked a monastery...

The attack on the 6th century monastery, which is a popular site for tourists visiting Red Sea resorts along Sinai's southern coast, comes just over a week after suicide bombers attacked two churches in the Nile Delta city of Tanta and the coastal city of Alexandria, killing 45 people on Palm Sunday. Egypt's Sinai-based ISIS affiliate claimed responsibility for those attacks.

All Turkish Christians, Turkish Jews and Non Muslim Refugees living in Turkey Need to Leave to Save Themselves from a Future Holocaust, Armenian type Genocide to be repeated by Erdogan

 By on April 19, 2017 in Rescue
 Executive Director of Rescue Christians

As has reported, as well as some in the world media of Recep Erdogan’s elevation as President of Turkey for the next 14 years, which is in effect for life. Walid Shoebat has carefully analysed the role of Turkey as the Beast and Anti Christ system going back many years, even before Walid Shoebat wrote his first book “Why I Left Jihad” in 2005. Walid’s correct interpretation of Bible prophecy is being vindicated as Turkey and President Recep Erdogan have fully exposed themselves as the anti Christ system with incrediblly specific and accurate comparisons to the attributes of the Anti Christ. One can also sift through our archives over many years of to see the immense research we have compiled on Erdogan and the role of Turkey in End Times.

Now that we know what the future brings and as the End Days approach with amazing speed, we as Christians and Jews must do as we are commanded and warn and save our brethren that are in harms way. It is now a matter of urgency that all Turkish citizens of the Christian faith, Turkish Jews and other Non Muslims including over 30,000 Christian refugees make plans to leave Turkey before the dark clouds have totally enveloped them. Once the Anti Christ unleashes his evil persecution it will be too late to save them. Most Jews failed to heed the warning when Hitler came to power. Hopefully already many Non muslims who now live in Turkey will make plans to move form Turkey ASAP, we know of many clergy who are very aware of the danger of Erdogan and his Caliphate ambitions. The number of Christians, Jews and non Muslim refugees is over two hundred and fifty thousand people who currently live inside Turkey’s borders. We have already started to make private inquiries about their possible evacuation.

Tonight I was invited to see a preview screening of the brand new movie which will be released this Friday April 21st 2017 called “The Promise.” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS VERY WELL MADE MOVIE. Do not be decieved by the trailer as a love story. It is a love story but this is only used as a way of telling the story of the Armenian Genocide. It shows you all the atrocities that were carried out by the Ottoman Turks who were as brutal and cruel as the Nazis. Remember, it was the Nazis who copied the exact same methods as the Turks: cattle car transports, concentration camps, forced marches, starvation, collective punishment and mass murder. The only thing the Nazis did different was the gas chambers. Three million people were murdered which included one and a half million Armenians, seven hundred thousand Chaldeans and five hundred thousand Greek Orthodox. Do not be deceived by the trailer below as “just a love story” this is done to attract people who like love story type movies and suck them them in so that they might get an education, which sadly too many Americans need. Support this great film, GO AND SEE IT and drag some friends with you who need to WAKE UP. 

The Armenian Genocide/Holocaust is about to happen again, There are over 100 million Christians living as minorities in Muslim majority countries, we need to do what we can as soon as we can to save our brothers and sisters.


Megyn Kelly Is About To Make Her Most Controversial Move Yet

Megyn Kelly’s move from Fox News to NBC rocked the media world.
Many questioned how NBC would use Kelly.
Kelly appears ready to provide an answer, and it may be her most controversial move yet.

Part of Kelly’s contract with NBC calls for a role with the network’s news division.

NBC News President Andy Lack is trying to arrange a splashy debut for his new acquisition.

And Kelly’s first interview could be with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This is not without controversy.
The Today Show host Matt Lauer or Nightly News anchor Lester Holt usually handle the networks biggest interviews, and now there are questions as to whether Kelly is stepping on their turf.
The New York Post’s, Page Six reports:
“NBC News chairman Andy Lack has been in Russia this week, trying to land an interview with the Russian president for the network.
The big question is, if Lack succeeds, will the “biggest get on the planet” go to Kelly to debut her Sunday night news magazine show? Or would “Today’s” Matt Lauer or “Nightly News’ ” Lester Holt pull rank and steal the scoop?
NBC insiders say it is not yet clear.
One told Page Six, “Andy Lack has been in Russia having meetings to land an interview with Putin,” adding that Lack was hoping to meet with the Russian strongman’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.”
Normally an interview with a major foreign head of state would air on one of NBC’s flagship programs.
But NBC is looking to provide a high profile debut for Kelly’s Sunday night news magazine show.

And there would be no bigger act than an interview with the man whom the U.S. government accused of meddling in the 2016 election.
Page Six also reports:
“Given the FBI investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia, plus the crisis in Syria, a hard-hitting news interview with Putin could run across all NBC and Euronews platforms, exposing Kelly to an international audience.
The source added, “It is not clear who would do the Putin interview. News chiefs decide based on who would be best for the job. This isn’t Megyn’s interview — yet.”
Kelly was finally released from her Fox News contract last week, and she is expected to launch her daytime NBC show — at either 9 or 10 a.m. — in the fall. But her Sunday night show is likely to start as soon as this summer, and is already staffing up. An NBC News rep declined to comment.”
Kelly left Fox under a cloud of controversy.

Many viewers soured on her after she asked personal attack questions to Donald Trump during the first Republican Presidential primary debate.

Trump escalated the feud by refusing to appear at the next Fox debate, just days before the Iowa caucus, because Kelly was moderating.

The crisis’ surrounding Kelly has not diminished since she joined NBC.

The network canceled the popular Today Talk to make room for her show, causing resentment from their hosts.

And now her debut could come at the expense of NBC’s two most prominent interviewers.

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No longer California dreaming: The exodus of people leaving California is becoming an avalanche

Michael Snyder
End of the American Dream
Mon, 04 Apr 2016 15:37 UTC

 Over the past ten years, approximately five million people have moved away from the state of California, and as you will see in this article this mass exodus appears to be accelerating. So exactly why is this happening? Once upon a time, it seemed like almost everyone wanted to live in California. The nearly endless sunshine, the incredible weather, the pristine beaches and a booming economy motivated millions of young Americans to move out there to pursue "the California Dream".

In fact, in the early nineties I actually explored the idea of moving out there myself. But now the California Dream has become a nightmare. Californians are being taxed to death, traffic in the major cities is absolutely horrific, violent crime and gang activity are on the rise, millions of illegal immigrants are putting an incredible strain on social support systems, and the ultra-liberal government in Sacramento seems to have gone completely insane. In addition, the state faces constant threats from earthquakes, wildfires, droughts and mudslides, so it is quite understandable why so many people feel motivated to leave and never come back.

The number one destination for people leaving the state of California in recent years has been the state of Texas. And according to Ali Meyer of the Washington Free Beacon, the number of people leaving California for Texas has reached "its highest level in nearly a decade"...

The number of Californians leaving the state and moving to Texas is at its highest level in nearly a decade, according to data from the Internal Revenue Service.

According to IRS migration data, which uses individual income tax returns to record year-to-year address changes, over 250,000 California residents moved out of the state between 2013 and 2014, the latest period for which data was available. The tax returns reported more than $21 billion in adjusted gross income to the IRS.

Of the returns, 33,626 reported address changes from California to Texas, which has been the top destination for individuals leaving California since 2007.
Certainly much of this exodus can be attributed to the absolutely suffocating tax rates in the state. California has a 13.3 percent income tax, and that is in addition to a whole host of other ways that they have come up with to extract as much money out of the population as possible.

But if you really love living somewhere, most people will put up with high taxes.

To me, there are much greater concerns for those living in the state, including the fact that "the Big One" could literally strike at any moment.

According to a study that was discussed in the Los Angeles Times, a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia fault could potentially produce a tsunami so large that it would "wash away coastal towns"...
If a 9.0 earthquake were to strike along California's sparsely populated North Coast, it would have a catastrophic ripple effect.
A giant tsunami created by the quake would wash away coastal towns, destroy U.S. 101 and cause $70 billion in damage over a large swath of the Pacific coast. More than 100 bridges would be lost, power lines toppled and coastal towns isolated. Residents would have as few as 15 minutes notice to flee to higher ground, and as many as 10,000 would perish.

Scientists last year published this grim scenario for a massive rupture along the Cascadia fault system, which runs 700 miles off shore from Northern California to Vancouver Island.
That is very bad news for all of those million dollar homes along the northern California coast. Once upon a time I dreamed of a home overlooking the Pacific Ocean, but not anymore. In fact, today I would not even dream of owning such a home.

And of course southern California is very much in danger as well. The San Andreas fault gets most of the press, but there is actually a fault line that is far more dangerous. According to one seismologist, the Puente Hills fault line could someday "eat L.A." and cause hundreds of billions of dollars in economic damage...
Video simulations of a rupture on the Puente Hills fault system show how energy from a quake could erupt and be funneled toward L.A.'s densest neighborhoods, with the strongest waves rippling to the west and south across the Los Angeles Basin.
According to estimates by the USGS and Southern California Earthquake Center, a massive quake on the Puente Hills fault could kill from 3,000 to 18,000 people and cause up to $250 billion in damage. Under this worst-case scenario, people in as many as three-quarters of a million households would be left homeless.
The entire California coastline lies along "the Ring of Fire" which has become much more active in recent years. Scientists assure us that it is only a matter of time before the state experiences absolutely horrific natural disasters, but most Californians have been lulled into a false sense of security.

In the end, I believe that the great shaking that will come to the state of California will be just part of the great shaking that is coming to the United States as a whole. This great shaking is something that I discuss in my new book entitled "The Rapture Verdict" which is all about Bible prophecy and the last days. I am fully convinced that the judgment of God is coming to America, and that everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

There are many people out there that are concerned that the state of California will fall into the ocean someday, but scientists tell us that is probably not likely to happen. However, the U.S. Geological Service does admit that one day the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco will be right next to each other...
Will California eventually fall into the ocean?

No. The San Andreas Fault System, which crosses California from the Salton Sea in the south to Cape Mendocino in the north, is the boundary between the Pacific Plate and North American Plate. The Pacific Plate is moving northwest with respect to the North American Plate at approximately 46 millimeters per year (the rate your fingernails grow). The strike-slip earthquakes on the San Andreas Fault are a result of this plate motion. The plates are moving horizontally past one another, so California is not going to fall into the ocean. However, Los Angeles and San Francisco will one day be adjacent to one another!
And of course it is true that small parts of California are already falling into the ocean as this current El Nino weather pattern causes stunning erosion along the coast.

Yes, there are good things about the state of California, and I hope to get the chance to visit again at least one more time before it is too late. But there is no way that I would want to live there, and if anyone that does live there asks me, I always encourage them to think about moving.

So what do you think about the future of the state?

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Marine Le Pen Vows To Destroy New World Order

Leading French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has vowed to “destroy the New World Order” when she is elected President of France, sending a warning to European elites that she will “dismantle  their corrupt, self-serving institutions with my own two hands if I have to.

Leading French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen has vowed to "destroy the New World Order" when she is elected President of France.

The people have spoken and their message is clear: the New World Order is finished,” Marine Le Pen announced to a starstruck tour group at the headquarters of the National Front party west of Paris.

The elite are not safe hiding behind their propaganda fueled media institutions, making unaccountable decisions in Brussels, and silencing citizens who speak out against this insanity. When I am President a tidal wave of revulsion will be coming their way, the likes of which has never been seen before.” According to a documentary crew, the tour group burst into spontaneous applause.

In a recent BBC interview, Marine Le Pen held her own with a hostile interviewer, and laid out her vision for reclaiming French sovereignty.

When I am elected President, I will go to the European Union and say that I want four sovereignties back. Legislative sovereignty: our laws are more important than EU directives. Territorial sovereignty: we decide who comes and stays in our country, we want borders. Thirdly, economic and banking sovereignty: I have the right to promote economic patriotism if I so wish. And of course, monetary sovereignty.

If the European Union rejects Le Pen’s demands, she says she will tell the French people they have no option but to leave the tyrannical superstate.

Marine Le Pen, whose hobbies include horseback riding and breeding green tree frogs, believes that European states across the continent – including France, the Netherlands, Denmark, Italy and Hungary – are following in Britain’s footsteps and rejecting the European Union, and it won’t be long before the EU will be consigned to scrap heap as a failed project, much like the communist USSR.
Something fundamental is happening: the comeback of nations, of sovereign states, with people, with frontiers. People now want to be in charge of their destinies. For a long time they were prevented from doing so,” Le Pen said.

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