Friday, January 6, 2017

Evolution of Liberals Over The Years Summed Up By One Brutal Meme

Liberal Logic then and now 750

V. Saxena reports that liberals often say one thing but act in an entirely different manner. What you have observed is what author Roger L. Simon calls moral narcissism.

In a review of Simon’s latest book, “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already,” American Thinker contributor Richard Kirk explained that moral narcissism is the belief that “it isn’t how one lives one’s life that counts; it’s the political and moral slogans one mouths.”

Consider for instance the ill-informed millennials who proudly tout Che Guevara as a hero over his desire to form a socialist utopia, but then ignore how he enslaved the Cuban people in a totalitarian state and then murdered God knows how many of them.


The Truth About Che Guevara 

 But moral narcissism extends beyond just a differentiation between words and actions. According to Simon, it also offers “a way of explaining away evil” that pins “all [of society’s] ills on social causes.”
Now think of “Black Lives Matter,” a Democrat-championed organization that blames the usually justified consequences faced by black criminals on white racism and supremacy, regardless of the facts.

As a result, Ferguson thug Mike Brown shall forever remain innocent in the minds of the most hardheaded liberals, as accepting his culpability would mean admitting that it was not racism that killed him; it was his own decisions.

Moral narcissism is in many ways nothing but an attempt to hide from one’s own shortcomings and failures. Rather than admit their own lack of drive and opt for change, for example, far too many liberals pine for handouts instead.

  • “I deserve food stamps!”
  • “I deserve welfare!”
  • “I deserve free tuition!”
  • “I deserve this!”
  • “I deserve that!”
Sound familiar? It should, as we hear this exact rhetoric from liberals all the time. Instead of admitting that they need to change and better their own lives, many liberals invariably play the blame game, claiming that society screwed them over and thus owes them.

Except that society owes neither them nor their special friends (illegal immigrants, drug dealers, promiscuous women, etc.) nothing but a cold, hard dash of truth — the truth being that they might want to talk to a therapist about their clear-cut moral narcissism!

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