Monday, February 28, 2011

Obama is Lowering Our Standard of Living

The Obama administration’s goal has been and still is to plunge America to a standard of living on par with Third World nations. Prior to the spill in the Gulf it took two weeks to process applications to drill new wells. Since the spill 5 requests have been waiting for three to nine months. He is using any excuse to raise the price of oil so that fewer and fewer people can afford to drive their vehicles, strangle the air transportation industry, make it more and more expensive to transport goods across the country, endanger supplies and their transport to our troops, and generally weaken our national security.

At a time when the oil providing nations are in political turmoil and the world oil supplies are in danger, we should be drilling and exploiting our own energy sources. We need more sites pumping oil, more refineries, more nuclear plants, and reduced restrictions on producing reusable energy sources.

The solution is private enterprise not government mismanagement, waste, and corruption. The American entrepreneur and worker, if left alone with less government interference, can make this nation strong, powerful, and respected again. Now is the time for action. We need to make some changes in Congress and the Administration.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Moderate or Radical Islam, is There a Difference?

Reading various article concerning Islam I am confused by the terms “radical” and “moderate” Islam. Exactly what do these terms mean? Other than maintaining a cast system, (the rich and powerful versus the poor and enslaved, the privileges of men and the denigration of women) the main goal of Islam is to conquer the world and have it submit to a World Caliphate and Sharia Law or die. What part of this goal can be called “moderate”?

Lands that are overrun by Islam have very cruel solutions to the Infidels. They must submit to Islam, either by conversion or accepting to live in dhimmitude. All who refuse to submit are murdered. A dhimmi must give up his or her space (be it a seat or their home) to a Muslim. He is required to pay a special tax and stay out of the way of a Muslim. They are not allowed to congregate to worship other than Allah. They may not wear symbols of any other religion. They are not allowed to poses a Bible. Men are not allowed to marry Muslim women unless the man converts to Islam. A Muslim man can take a non-Muslim woman, since women are considered property.

We must stop making a distinction between “radical” and “moderate” Muslims. All Muslims have one goal. That is to dominate us all and eradicate all that is/was not Islam. Since the early 600 AD, Islam has been waging war on the rest of the world. The sooner we realize and face this fact the better we’ll be off.