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Chilling Video: Muslims Screaming “Death to America” in This US City: Media Silent


Need proof the mainstream media is controlled by global elites pushing the narrative they want, versus providing the American people with ACTUAL news they need of what is REALLY going on? Here it is. It’s been almost a month since the Trump rally in Chicago, and this is the first I’ve seen of this video of a massive protest in Chicago chanting, “Death to America,” “Free Palestine,” and “Death to Israel!” Just like the armed tensions that erupted over the weekend between Black Panthers and Muslims protesting outside a Mosque, the media buried the story. 

In the case of the Trump rally, they didn’t bury the story, they flat out lied. We now know it wasn’t Trump supporters that were out of control, but rather it was a group of PAID infiltrators sent by George Soros specifically to wreak havoc. As you’ll see below, all of that was a side show to what was REALLY going on, and there was a total media blackout. That is scary as hell folks.


Please let the mere fact that the media did not report the armed confrontation over the weekend or the massive Muslim march in the video below serve as your warning, that when the $% finally hits the fan in this country, and there is something to truly worry about, you won’t know until it’s too late. THAT is why you should prepare NOW, while there is still time. 

Recall that back in March, a former federal prosecutor warned us that Obama was planning on a race war igniting over the summer. That is why I said all signs are pointing toward Obama suspending the 2016 presidential elections and declaring Martial Law as the end of his term draws closer. In a recent interview, Dr. Ben Carson repeated the very same sentiment saying that Obama may very well suspend the 2016 elections, and that wasn’t the first time Dr. Carson has suggested so. 

 There is a reason the Pentagon is preparing for massive civil unrest. They were preparing (by their own admission), long before Soros’s new group “Democracy Spring” promised the largest civil uprising in our nation’s history. That is why there has been reports (with video) of UN Peacekeepers already on US soil, and why the Army is not training for battle, but rather they are training for riot control and Martial Law.

The US Herald Reports:
So, a protest riot broke out at a Donald Trump rally over in peaceful downtown Chicago. Who is to blame?
Donald Trump of course! If he is in the room when anything untoward happens it’s his fault.  In this latest display of suck-up to Sharia, the mainstream media is not reporting what actually went down.

This was not a spur of the moment, thugs getting their panties in a wad, beef with a white guy. This was a well-organized, well-executed attempt by the thugs and the Sharia Law Islamofascists among us to try and throw their weight around.

A little pre-emptive voter intimidation for ya’ll.

“Free Palestine.”
“Death to Israel.”
Death to America.”

Ummmm…that is not the Black Lives Matter mantra. This is not the Sanders fan-base mantra—they’re too wussy. This was not the Latino angry-of-the-wall clan.
This was the rise of the Caliphate.

Where is our president?   Nowhere. Oh, wait, that’s not true. He’s busy with his SXSW speech to the idiot masses about how freedom of speech should be regulated.

Trump did the right thing. He shut it down. The billing of this disturbance as a clash between protestors and Trump supporters is a lie. It was a clash between the rising Caliphate and American people.

We are bound to see more of this, and it has nothing to do with Trump. He is just a nice rich white-guy scape goat to pin it on.

Source: Clash Daily





DISEASE! Black Lives Rapist Brutally Stabs 24-Year-Old Choir Singer To Death

shangord  April 27, 2016 News of 24-year-old Shannan Gordon’s brutal death Saturday shocked her friends and family.

When Black Lives Matter isn’t calling for cops to be killed, they’re raping & killing young women. This was a brutal, horrendous crime.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Authorities have arrested a suspect in the homicide investigation after a woman’s body was found on Pecan and Willie Vause Road Saturday morning.
30-year-old Leon Woodberry was arrested in connection with the death of 24-year-old Shannan Gordon. Gordon’s body was found in the wooded area behind the Savannah Crossing apartment complex.

Woodberry is being charged with homicide. He’s currently booked at the Leon County Jail.

An investigation is ongoing. If you have any information, you are asked to call the Tallahassee Police Department at (850) 891-4200 or CrimeStoppers at (850) 547-TIPS.
On Wednesday, details emerged showing that Gordon and the man accused of killing her may have tussled during an argument before she was fatally stabbed.

Leon Woodberry has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Gordon, whose body was found Saturday morning in a wooded area near his west Tallahassee home.
Her violent death prompted an outpouring of grief from family and friends, including people who knew her but hadn’t seen her in several years.

April Craig remembers Gordon as a child playing alongside her now college-age daughter in north Tallahassee.
She described the 24-year-old as an intelligent, hardworking, artsy and free-spirited girl who sang in her homeschool choir and helped out at church.

Her obituary read:
 "Shannan’s life of 24 years was tragically taken on April 16, 2016. Born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, music was the joy and driving force of this radiant being, and she gifted the world with her song. Inspired by her mother’s love of music, Shannan eagerly and fearlessly began her own musical journey. As early as 5 she performed solos with The Celebration adult choirs, Christmas pageants from pony drawn carriages, sang graduation tributes, sports opening ceremonies, FSU children’s choir, Water Oak Plantation Children’s Ensemble choir and Chiles’ Belle Chantique, and anywhere else her heart felt a tune or the opportunity presented itself including impromptu sing-a-longs with family and friends. Shannan’s voice soared and lifted with it those in her presence."

She played violin from the age of 6, through Deer Lake and Chiles Orchestras and with the help of her dad, picked up guitar along the way. She was a competitive gymnast for 8+ years, relentless in effort, ranking 2nd in the state for age group. She then moved on to competitive synchronized swimming for her next challenge.

Camp Dovewood culminated her love of the outdoors, horses and God, making easy friendships with girls otherwise ignored. Friend to the friendless, from camper to mentor, a perfect fit. Shannan’s creativity and attention to detail allowed her to flourish in numerous areas including song writing, mixing, composing, jewelry making and cooking.

Shannan felt deeply loved with abandon and sought solace in her music for her sensitive and boundless spirit in this constrictive world. She is singing now, for that there’s no doubt, joined in harmony by the birds, trees and wind. The voice of her heart and soul lingers with those she laughed, loved and played with. You are so missed Shanny, our eternal Shannan Rose.

Shannan is survived by her father and mother, David and Shawn Gordon, siblings: Amber and Chase Rolling and Kayla Gordon. Grandmother, “Nana” Maida Gordon. Aunt Elaine and Uncle Rick Donof, cousins Scot and Fina. 

Grandparents David and Reba Southerland. Uncle Brad and Aunt Lori Southerland, cousins Joseph, Ashley and William, Aunt Mary Rolling and cousins Patrick and Heather Southerland.

A Celebration of Life will be held on Friday, April 22nd at 2pm at Culley’s MeadowWood Funeral Home, 1737 Riggins Road. A catered reception will follow the service. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to The Crime Victim Advocacy Center

Via WCTV Eyewitness News,, and

SIS reveals how Jihadi John evaded security en route from UK to Syria

ISIS executioner Jihadi John, whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi, was killed in a drone strike last year.  

ISIS executioner Jihadi John easily dodged British authorities, riding in the back of a truck to exit the UK before boarding a flight in Belgium -- despite being on a terror watch list -- according to a chilling account by a jihadist who traveled with him through six countries before reaching Syria. 

ISIS' English-language magazine Dabiq details how the London-raised Jihadi John -- whose real name was Mohammed Emwazi -- and his unnamed terror associate eluded security forces on their way to Syria, where they would train to kill in the summer of 2012. 

The two-page article, released Jan. 19 in Issue 13 of the magazine, eulogizes the 27-year-old Emwazi, who was killed in a drone strike last year. The Kuwaiti-born terrorist was responsible for the beheadings of American and British hostages -- including U.S. journalist James Foley -- that were videotaped and posted online by the terror network. 

"The controls are much stricter entering the U.K. than outgoing."
- ISIS fighter
 The article refers to Emwazi as "Abu Muharib Al-Muhajir" and details how he and the unnamed fighter fled the UK "right under the nose of the much-overrated MI5 British intelligence agency," according to MEMRI, which translated a copy of it.
Because their names were on terror watch lists, the fighter says he and Emwazi decided to leave the country "hidden in a lorry" and noted how "the controls are much stricter entering the UK than outgoing."

"Despite the efforts of MI5, Abū Muhārib [Emwazi] never ceased in his struggle to make hijrah for the sake of Allah. On his last attempt to leave the UK for his homeland of Kuwait, Abū Muhārib was stopped at the airport and kept for questioning by MI5, the result of which was their refusal to allow him to travel," the article claims.

"During the interrogation, Abū Muhārib would present himself as unintelligent, as was his method when dealing with intelligence agencies," the article said. "One particular agent said to him, 'You're not going anywhere. We are going to be on you like a shadow.' The joke would eventually be on him, for it was just a matter of days before Allah opened for Abū Muhārib the opportunity to make hijrah to Shām [Syria]."

The identity of the ISIS jihadist is unknown, though he is reportedly believed to be Somali-born terror suspect Ibrahim Magag from London. The fighter says the two, carrying approximately $44,000, made it to France and then on to Belgium, where they shaved their heads and beards to disguise their identities. 

The two were carrying British passports, but Belgium police did not stop them as they boarded flights and eventually made their way to Greece, according to the fighter. There, an ISIS fixer guided them onto a boat across to Turkey and eventually into Syria to join the Islamic State.

On Thursday, MEMRI released a statement, calling the Emwazi eulogy "only one of many ISIS articles and statements boasting to followers and supporters about ISIS members' evasion and circumvention of European security apparatuses as they move back and forth between the Middle East and Europe, and about their ability to conduct surveillance of potential targets in Europe and to plan attacks undisturbed."

According to the article, Emwazi came from the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, and his mother was of Yemeni origin. It says that at a young age he and his family moved to London, adding, "This would become a place he grew to hate along with its kafir [infidel] people, whose customs were far-removed from the praiseworthy values he was much accustomed to."'s Cristina Corbin contributed to this report.

As someone who believes we are all citizens of humanity, Murad asks Westerners for stronger support to save her sisters in the Middle East. Raising awareness about the estimated 3,500 women and children who still remain in captivity is one way to highlight the issue. NGOs that aid Yazidi victims, like Yazda and Free Yezidi Foundation, could also use extra assistance. There’s also a petition to push the International Criminal Court to begin identifying those responsible for the genocide. While Murad makes more strides to champion for Yazidi rights, you can follow, fund, or fortify her mission via social media: @NadiaMuradBasee. Until other slaves are freed, Murad will clutch onto her vision of justice. By pressing for change and risking her life to right a tremendous wrong, Nadia Murad Basee Taha is a fierce testament to the tenacity, and resilience, of women in war.

 As a fearless voice for the thousands of women who are still helpless at the hands of ISIS extremists, Murad has pushed for change at the United Nations, met with the president of Egypt, and visited refugees and migrants in Greece
 Nadia Murad Basee Taha possesses the distinct blend of energy and exhaustion that emanates from relentless crusaders. It is a jarring juxtaposition, to see the 23-year-old woman from Sinjar sitting in a sun-dappled New York City skyscraper, coolly conversing in Kurmanji about the shocking genocide she witnessed just a few years ago after ISIS abruptly seized her village in northern Iraq.

In 2014, when Murad was 19 years old, members of the Islamic State captured her town and commenced their brutal and deadly onslaught. Since then, she has shared countless nightmarish tales from her subsequent enslavement, including her chilling experiences witnessing mass executions, being held captive with over 5,000 other Yazidis, being gang-raped as a sex slave by jihadi fighters, and having six siblings killed within the span of a single hour. In one instance, inside of a car, she boldly asked ISIS fighters why they were groping her. They said she was their “sabaya,” or, essentially, their slave. (Religious differences have made many ISIS fighters believe that Yazidi women belong to them; it’s the radical creed that fuels their thriving supply of sex slaves.) After less than three months in captivity and a niqab-assisted escape, Murad returned to freedom. Since then, she has committed her life to demand justice for those who weren’t as fortunate to flee.
As a fearless voice for the thousands of women who are still helpless at the hands of ISIS extremists, Murad has pushed for change at the United Nations, met with the president of Egypt, and visited refugees and migrants in Greece. She was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in January by the Iraqi government for spotlighting the modern massacre. More recently, she was named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People for, as Eve Ensler aptly put it, being “a beacon of light and truth.”

Despite the international attention, Murad seems exasperated by the slow progress of change. The press portrays her as a fierce example for the world, but she wonders if the world is following her lead. She’s prone to ask aloud why ISIS still hasn’t been brought to justice. She’s tirelessly battling a seemingly interminable fight, simply to hold accountable those who have captured, raped and executed women. Pointing to the recent attacks in Europe, Murad describes how terrorism has managed to stretch its insidious tentacles around the globe. She’s curious to know why world leaders continue to debate this issue, in spite of her urgent demands for the immediate elimination of ISIS. Considering the number of times she has shared her horrific stories, her frustration is understandable — even contagious.
As someone who believes we are all citizens of humanity, Murad asks Westerners for stronger support to save her sisters in the Middle East. Raising awareness about the estimated 3,500 women and children who still remain in captivity is one way to highlight the issue. NGOs that aid Yazidi victims, like Yazda and Free Yezidi Foundation, could also use extra assistance. There’s also a petition to push the International Criminal Court to begin identifying those responsible for the genocide. While Murad makes more strides to champion for Yazidi rights, you can follow, fund, or fortify her mission via social media: @NadiaMuradBasee.
Until other slaves are freed, Murad will clutch onto her vision of justice. By pressing for change and risking her life to right a tremendous wrong, Nadia Murad Basee Taha is a fierce testament to the tenacity, and resilience, of women in war.


DHS Fires ICE Whistleblower After Offering Her $100,000 To Keep Quiet

DHS Fires ICE Whistleblower After Offering Her $100,000 To Keep Quiet 

The administration’s contempt for whistleblowers was on full display in it’s treatment of a brave ICE agent who took a stand for our country’s immigration laws.

Thinking she was doing the responsible thing by going to Congress to voice her complaints, the Department of Homeland Security unceremoniously dismissed ICE Special Agent Taylor Johnson. Her dismissal comes in the wake of revelations that the department was leaking information to newspapers to tarnish Johnson’s image.

DHS’ conduct must have been extremely bad for them to not only do that, but to also offer her a $100,000 severance package, provided she did not discuss her case publicly any further. Disgusted by the offer, Johnson flatly rejected it and plans to continue speaking out against what she saw at ICE.
A veteran agency employee, Johnson was up on her way in the world when she incurred the wrath of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid by opposing a foreign-backed visa program. Since then, she has been hounded by administrative hassling that culminated in her dismissal this week.

Read more on the next page:

Johnson’s troubles began back in 2013, when she uncovered visa applicants from countries like China, Russia and Pakistan were being admitted into the US with little to no attempt to verify their trustworthiness. Being a model agent with many awards and no disciplinary issues, she aimed to solve the problem. But things took a turn for the worst when she crossed paths with one Cory Reid, son of the senator from Nevada.
“Despite all the media coverage of her case, including a Washington Gadflyreport that the ICE press secretary with the approval of Breasseale was peddling confidential information to discredit her in violation of the Privacy Act, Taylor is not surprised she got the boot.
‘My entire chain of command was appointed by Obama,’ she remarked. ‘They can do anything they want.’
In testimony last June to the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Johnson said she was stripped of her gun and badge, without explanation, after discovering fraud and abuse.
‘Some of the violations investigated surrounding the project included bank and wire fraud, and I discovered ties to organized crime and high-ranking politicians and they received promotions that appeared to facilitate the program,’ Johnson testified.
She said that during her investigation in 2013, she ‘discovered that EB-5 applicants from China, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia had been approved in as little as 16 days’ and that case files ‘lacked the basic and necessary law enforcement queries.’
At ICE, Johnson had amassed many awards and never had any disciplinary problems. But everything changed abruptly in 2013 when she invoked the ire of Senator Reid by holding up a visas for a foreigner investor in a Las Vegas casino represented by his son, attorney Cory Reid.
The Senator’s office complained to Johnson’s Special Agent in Charge. She was then placed on administrative leave, without explanation, on October 13, 2013.”


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‘Stealth’ Water Demand Fuels Goleta Growth During Drought

Lake Shasta Water Reservoir 
April 27, 2016 By Stephen Frank

This is a new one on me.  I knew that with everything in life, there is usually a loophole, to get around the lack of common sense of government.  The folks in Goleta have figured out how to stay in business by using one of those loopholes.
“. Records show that during the moratorium, as the district urges residents — among the thriftiest in the state — to further reduce their water use in the fifth year of a severe drought, it has signed off on water service for more than 600 future homes and apartments, 165 housing units at UCSB, and a dozen homeowner swimming pools, spas, and Jacuzzis.

According to district officials, the applicants for these projects have preexisting water entitlements dating from the 1980s to 1950s — a confusing patchwork of reclaimable meters, unused permits, outstanding “will serve” letters, and historical water service agreements — that exempt them from the moratorium. The district calls it “stealth demand.”

Yup, a loophole, if you are smart enough.  Another example of government for the insiders, not the public.  Why haven’t they repealed those provisions?  Because they want them.  Government at its best, and it is bad.

Lake Shasta Water Reservoir

‘Stealth’ Water Demand Fuels Goleta Growth During Drought

Ban on New Hookups Doesn’t Apply to Developers with Historical Credit, Water District Says

By Melinda Burns, Santa Barbara Independent, 4/21/16
It was a rare victory for Goleta’s beleaguered slow-growth movement when the California Highway Patrol dropped its plans this winter for a patrol station on Hollister Avenue, near the Ellwood School.

Hundreds of west Goleta residents opposed the project, and the Goleta Water District rejected its application for water service, citing a moratorium on new connections that went into effect on October 1, 2014.

“The water district had been quite firm, and I think that was a big obstacle,” said Robert Miller, an Ellwood newcomer who led the opposition. When the CHP withdrew, he said, “We were ecstatic.”

The CHP project, however, has been the exception and not the rule, as Goleta’s real estate boom continues virtually unchecked under a district-declared water shortage emergency. Records show that during the moratorium, as the district urges residents — among the thriftiest in the state — to further reduce their water use in the fifth year of a severe drought, it has signed off on water service for more than 600 future homes and apartments, 165 housing units at UCSB, and a dozen homeowner swimming pools, spas, and Jacuzzis.

According to district officials, the applicants for these projects have preexisting water entitlements dating from the 1980s to 1950s — a confusing patchwork of reclaimable meters, unused permits, outstanding “will serve” letters, and historical water service agreements — that exempt them from the moratorium. The district calls it “stealth demand.”
“It’s factored into our plan for future build-out,” said Ryan Drake, district water supply and conservation manager. “It’s not a new entitlement. It’s additional demand we’re obligated to serve and can’t cut off.”

Even in a severe drought? asks Donna Hone, who served on the district board for 10 years in the 1970s and ‘80s.
“They have absolutely run amok,” Hone said. “We have no water, and they are handing out will-serve letters like popcorn. They’re putting us in a huge deficit position. Where is the water coming from? It really is alarming.”

During the last water moratorium in the Goleta Valley, from 1972-1996, with a few voter-approved exceptions, the district halted new hookups and stopped processing applications.
“We declared an emergency, and there was no way we could lift the restrictions on new connections,” Hone said.

In the current drought, the only other South Coast water agency to declare a moratorium is the Montecito Water District. It has made one exception to a ban on new hookups now in its third year: The Miramar hotel developer was allowed to install new meters to comply with fire regulations.
In 1991, at the end of the last drought, Goleta Valley voters approved a ballot measure requiring their district to halt new water connections whenever it cut back its allocation from Lake Cachuma, the main water supply for the South Coast. The current moratorium was triggered when all South Coast water agencies agreed to a 55 percent cut, beginning October 1, 2014. By then, the lake was two-thirds empty.

During this moratorium, the district has placed a few projects on hold, including Kenwood Village, for 60 homes on Calle Real; and Ocean Meadows, for 60 homes on Whittier Drive. At the same time, it has confirmed water service based on historical credit for such projects as the Old Town Village (175 apartments and a community center near Hollister Avenue, approved by the city last fall); Willow Springs Heritage Ridge (360 apartments near Los Carneros Road, now under city review) and Shelby, (60 luxury homes on a former avocado orchard at Cathedral Oaks Road, also under city review).

Other applications accepted by the district during the moratorium include Paradiso and Tomate Canyon (nine luxury homes and guest houses at the end of Hollister Avenue, now under county review); the I.V. Mixed Use project (27 apartments, 15 hotel rooms. and 7,000 square feet of retail space at 928 Embarcadero del Norte in Isla Vista); and the San Joaquin Apartments (165 units of UCSB housing under construction on Storke Road).

In all, Drake said, 915 acre-feet of unused stealth demand is still outstanding in the valley. UCSB can lay claim to more than half of it through a 1973 permit with the district and a water agreement with the Bishop Ranch. Another 40 percent is pledged to two dozen landowners who, in the 1980s, were allowed to trade agricultural wells and private mutual water companies for guaranteed district allocations in what is now western Goleta. All of the wells failed.

“We find ourselves obligated by a variety of water agreements, or contracts, written over the 75-year history of the district,” said Goleta water board President Lauren Hanson. “Some of those are ones we certainly wouldn’t write today.”

Records show the district has accepted applications for more than 150 acre-feet of stealth demand — not much, Drake said, compared to 10,100 acre-feet that the district’s 87,000 customers are projected to use this year.
“It’s a negligible difference in terms of overall supply,” he said.

But tell that to residents who have drastically cut back on flushing, showering, laundering, and watering as the drought drags on and Cachuma is stuck below 15 percent capacity. Goleta Valley residents in February averaged 51 gallons per capita per day, well under the state average of 67 gallons.
“Developers get to make a nice profit while we sit here and watch our plants die and worry about taking a shower,” said Barbara Massey, a member of the Westside Goleta Coalition and Goodland Coalition, both slow-growth advocacy groups. “It’s really very discouraging. I don’t think the water district is doing as good a job as they should. There’s a real temptation among some people to say, ‘Why should I save water for them?’”

Last month, the City of Goleta reported that 16 projects have been approved or are under construction, largely in western Goleta, for a total of two new hotels, one assisted living facility, 1,101 homes and apartments, and 452,500 square feet of commercial space. An additional 500 residential units and 195,000 square feet of commercial space are under review. That’s in addition to 200 homes that were built in Goleta last year.

Goleta “The Good Land” is fast becoming Goleta “The Crowded Land,” residents say.

“This is a semi-arid area and can’t support all of this population,” said Bob Harris, a long-timer who wistfully recalls when “there was still some countryside here.”
“The drought took out my grass — it’s just a mish-mash of weeds,” he said. “They have the audacity to tell everyone to conserve, yet they go right on building.”
Drake and Hanson say the building boom is out of the district’s hands.
“We’re not the growth agency, we’re the water agency,” Drake said. “We don’t approve the projects.”

Yet in September 2013, when Cachuma was half empty and other South Coast agencies favored an across-the-board cut in allocations, the Goleta Water District said no, effectively delaying its moratorium for a year. The district said it was protecting its customers’ pocketbooks: Cachuma is its cheapest water source. But the decision also spurred a rush on water service applications — 21 in all — as the lake level continued to drop. The district collected $2.6 million in new water supply charges from these applicants in 2014, right up to the October 1 deadline.

In the pre-moratorium rush, the district signed off on water service for such projects as the Village at Los Carneros (465 units of affordable housing under construction off Los Carneros), Cavaletto Tree Farm (134 homes under construction at 555 Las Perlas Drive), Mariposa at Ellwood Shores (assisted living for 90 seniors at 7760 Hollister, since approved by the city), and Cortona Apartments (176 affordable rentals at 6830 Cortona Drive, also approved by the city).

The water service for much of the recent development under construction, approved or under review in the City of Goleta, including the Village at Los Carneros, Cortona Apartments, Old Town Village, Cavaletto Tree Farm, and Willow Springs Heritage Ridge, is based on the old well exchanges. The wells still are not in use today: The water quality is poor.
In the late 1980s, Citizens for Goleta Valley, a slow-growth advocacy group, filed a lawsuit against some of the well owners, and lost. An appeals court ruled in 1991 that “whether the District ultimately ‘got the short end of the stick’ from their bargain is irrelevant to the issue of legality of the Agreements at the time they were executed.”

Said Drake, “People have suggested that we could choose not to honor these agreements. That would be a foolish choice.”

But Russell Ruiz, the district general counsel from 1991-2007, believes there were other options.

“They could have said they wouldn’t activate any new meters until the drought is over,” he said. “They could have stopped all the building at UCSB, too. We have all this massive construction going on, and we are running out of water.”

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Hall of Fame Coach John Madden Dead At 78

NFL fans cover your eyes, Super Bowl winning head coach John Madden was found this morning dead at his Pleasanton, California home.

Paramedics responded to a call made early this morning and found the 78 year old Hall-of-Fame coach sitting upright on his couch with a microphone in his hand.  The Pleasantville Medical Examiner has not released the cause of death but no foul play is suspected.

Madden was highly known for his Super Bowl win and his 77% win percentage (best win percentage coaching over 100 games).  Many know about the legacy he formed at Oakland. He was also a broadcaster for NBC alongside Al Michaels and a pro football video game was named after him. Earlier this year a reporter asked him if he would ever coach for the Raiders again, he just responded with ” I don’t think I’d coach any team”.

EA sports have already reported that they will be cashing in on Madden’s death with a special commemorative edition of their popular Madden football game with a “John Madden 78″ edition this summer.

“There’s no better way for us to pay tribute to John than to make a ton of money off his death,” said EA Sports representative Joseph Goldsmith.  ”We’ve already signed a contract with Frank Caliendo to continue to do the voice for the game, and at half the price that’s great news for us.”

 A statement and press conference for Oakland’s front office has been scheduled tomorrow.

John Madden is dead at the age of 78.

Christians Bloodied by Stone-Throwing Muslims… In Michigan



Don’t let anyone tell you that Muslim “no-go zones” are a figment of your imagination, because they’re quite real and they’re happening all over the world and have even been spotted right here in the United States of America.

Recently, a group of Christians filed a First Amendment complaint with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit over an incident that took place at the annual Arab International Festival in our very own domesticMuslim stronghold of Dearborn, Mich.

Ruben Israel, the leader of a group of Christian protesters who were exercising their right to Freedom of Assembly during the Muslim festival were stoned and attacked as they approached the large gathering of Muslims. The group were merely holding signs and protesting peacefully and the attacks were unprovoked.

What makes the situation worse and also proves that many of America’s law enforcement officers are scared to interject in areas and gatherings that are populated by Muslims is that the Wayne County sheriff’s deputies that were there for security stood by and watched while the Christians were attacked with stones and bottles, even cutting many of the protesters’ faces and bodies. (H/T WND)

That’s not hearsay, either. It was all caught on camera. The Wayne County police did absolutely nothing while the angry Muslims attacked peaceful Christian protesters right in front of their eyes.

Israel begged the deputies to enforce the law, but their only response was that the Christian group leave or face arrest.
Is this America?

Robert J. Muise, senior counsel for the AFLC, said in a statement, “Whether you agree or disagree with the Christians’ message, there is one issue to which there is no dispute: no citizen should be stoned in a city street in America for exercising his constitutional right to freedom of speech.”

We literally couldn’t agree more.

 As the Muslim-controlled no-go zones crop up in the most unexpected places, Americans need to be on high alertand totally aware of your neighborhoods and surroundings. The last thing you need is to take the family for a walk in the park only to find out it’s a Muslim-only hang-out.

—Courtesy of The Conservative Tribune

Conservative Free Speech Survives Attack by AG Harris

April 27, 2016 By Alex Tomescu
Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes, flickr
Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes, flickr
California Attorney General Kamala Harris, in an attempt to burnish her credentials as the liberal successor to Senator Barbara Boxer, has continued the Left’s long tradition of harassment of private citizens when their political views are not aligned with the progressive agenda. Since 2013, Ms. Harris has demanded that national nonprofits turn over their IRS Form 990 Schedule B lists, which gives the names and addresses of donors who contribute $5,000 or more per year. This assault on free speech and democracy was thwarted last Thursday, when a federal judge issued a permanent injunction against Ms. Harris’ order that the Americans for Prosperity Foundation, a well-known nonprofit dedicated to free market principles, turn over its list of major donors or stop soliciting contributions in California.
Under current law, nonprofits like the AFP Foundation, are required to file the Form 990 Schedule B identifying major donors with the IRS. The IRS, in turn, is supposed to keep that form confidential. Anyone familiar with the machinations of President Obama’s politicized IRS and the actions of Lois Lerner are well aware of how seriously the IRS considers the confidentiality of private citizens. These nonprofits are also required to register with the state of California, but never before have they been required to submit the IRS forms in California. The AFP Foundation, along with numerous other nonprofit groups, challenged Ms. Harris’ demands in court, and won a significant victory for the First Amendment principles of free speech and free association.

U.S. District Court Judge Manuel L. Real, in his 12-page ruling, stated that “setting aside the Attorney General failure to establish a substantial relationship between her demand for AFP’s Schedule B and a compelling government interest, AFP would independently prevail… because it has proven that disclosing its Schedule B to the Attorney General would create a burden on its First Amendment rights.” In other words, notwithstanding Ms. Harris’ inability to adequately explain why the government needs these records, the resultant chilling effect on free speech that the records demand would ensure, were enough to convince the judge that a permanent injunction against the Attorney General’s order was necessary to protect AFP’s First Amendment rights.

Ms. Harris’ office maintained that the information was required for compliance with California tax law. However, California law already provides the power to obtain donor information via subpoena – in the event that the nonprofit is being investigated for wrongdoing. Nowhere in Ms. Harris’ demands for this donor information was there an indication that any wrongdoing occurred; rather Ms. Harris was advancing the Democrats’ tactic of publicly outing political opponents so that they can be subject to intimidation and retaliation by government officials and the liberal media, to the point where renouncing their views or shrinking away from the public debate are the only available options.
Not so long ago, dissent was considered “the highest form of patriotism.” Now, Democrats are no longer satisfied with personal attacks in the vein of comparing climate change skeptics to Holocaust deniers, or forcing the resignation of business executives for holding unfashionable social views (regardless of their adoption of corporate policies that run counter to those personal views). The latest strategy is to criminalize dissent – witness the actions of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, joined by other Democratic attorneys general, who is attempting to coerce certain energy firms to submit to the current climate change consensus through the threat of investigations and possible fraud and racketeering charges. In another time (and under Republican administrations), the use of prosecutorial powers as a political cudgel would send liberals into convulsions of rage, intoning about dark, Nixonian tactics or vague insinuations of the impending theocracy.

Now, while these maneuvers by Democratic attorneys general will likely not end in prosecution for those energy firms, they do fall in line with what Ms. Harris is attempting here in California, specifically an attempt to suppress and silence their political opponents. That is why the decision last week in federal court was so important to not only AFP, but to the preservation of a free and robust political debate in California and across America. Private citizens should be emboldened to participate in public policy debates, and if their preferred method of civic engagement is a financial donation to an organization with the time and resources to advance certain policies, then those citizens should be able to exercise that right without fear of retribution from government officials.

Kamala Harris will no doubt continue to attempt to curtail the First Amendment should she succeed Barbara Boxer in the Senate – that is where Harry Reid spends his time trying to police political speech, when he is not busy getting into, and losing, fights with exercise equipment. But last Thursday’s decision should serve as a reminder to Ms. Harris that politicians should strive to protect the First Amendment rights of the citizens that they serve, not attempt to intimidate them into silence. Hopefully, AFP and other civic-minded organizations will use this resounding victory to continue to remind her and others of that fact.

Alexander Tomescu is an associate attorney at Wewer & Lacy, LLP, focusing in the practice of election and campaign law.

FBI Agent Says U.S. Has Terror Evidence Against Islamic Group CAIR



Even as the director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) scolded Americans for being “partially” responsible for the cold-blooded slaughter of 14 by ISIS supporters, a veteran FBI agent has revealed that the United States Department of Justice has chosen to pass on terrorism charges against the Muslim group.
John Guandolo, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and U.S. Army Ranger School who has acquired an impressive record of service in the war on terror serving in the field as a Marine commander in Iraq before joining the counter-terrorism division of the FBI investigating U.S. front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, has published a book based on those experiences, “Raising a Jihadi Generation: Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in America.”

In the text, Guandolo says, “There is enough evidence to indict CAIR, but the government chose not to do so at this time.”

The counter-terrorism expert who served on the FBI’s SWAT team and received the “Defender of the Homeland” award by United States Sens. Joseph Lieberman and John Kyl, states, “CAIR is Hamas.”

Guandolo says that President Obama’s administration has deliberately refrained from addressing the roots and activities of CAIR despite the naming of the Muslim group as an unindicted co-conspirator for its participation in meetings with the Holy Land Foundation, five officials of which were convicted of funneling $12.4 million to the Palestinian terror organization, Hamas.

The FBI terminated relations with CAIR as a result of its close affiliation with Hamas.

Secret Service logs reveal that CAIR officials have been welcomed at the Obama White House, and the group has many political supporters among Washington D.C. Democrats.
Guandolo said, “people advising us are the leaders of the organizations that are Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, al-Qaeda who are necessarily hostile to our system, our war fighting, our way of life. That’s the problem.”

CAIR continues to deny any ties to terrorism and accuses Guandolo of being an “Islamophobe.”