Thursday, August 21, 2008

Russian Bear Settling in the Middle East

If there was any doubt about Russia’s intentions Putin has made it crystal clear. The invasion of Georgia was just a minor step and the beginning of a new ‘Cold War’; a Cold War that could get hot very quickly.

Syria’s president Bashar al-Assad has invited Russian military to set up bases in Syria. The first step is a visit by Russia's only aircraft carrier, the 'Admiral Kuznetsov,' which will sail from Murmansk to the Syrian port of Tartus. The mission comes after Syrian President Assad said he is open for a Russian base in the area. The mission will also include the missile cruiser "Moskva" and several submarines.

A military agreement between Syria and Russia has grave implications for Israel and U.S. interests in the Middle East. Syria, supported by Iran and now Russia, supports Hizbollah, a disruptive force in Lebanon preparing for a war with Israel. The threat here is two fold. First it makes it that much more difficult for Lebanon to maintain its independence and secondly it puts a lot more military power at the disposal of Hizbollah. Israel, already at a military disadvantage, is now faced with a much stronger enemy.

The U.S. is the biggest and perhaps the only supporter of Israel. Russia’s actions leave us with only two options; stand up to Russia by getting the Ukraine, Georgia, and other former Soviet satellites into NATO and propping up Israel militarily or cave into Russia’s demands by not deploying the missile defense system in Eastern Europe, allow Russia to create puppet governments in its former Soviet States if Russia backs down from setting up military bases in Syria. Either scenario is not good. The former will put the world back on the path of the old Cold War the latter will weaken the U.S.’s influence for decades. Russia will not be satisfied with controlling just the sections of Georgia it has occupied. It will go for complete control of Georgia, the Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and every country on its eastern borders.
Russia will be in the driver’s seat controlling the world oil supply which is the single biggest economic force today and for years to come. Russia controls the oil supplies for Eastern Europe and with its influence in the Middle East will be able to influence supplies to most of the world. Regardless of America’s reaction or lack there of to Russia’s expansion, we absolutely need to become petroleum self sufficient. It is imperative we drill, drill now and drill deep. Our economy is oil dependent and will be such for at least the next decade. We need to be in control of our own economy and therefore our destiny.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The City of Los Angeles Raid Community Park!

Sunday, August 17th, the Los Angeles Police Department (Southwest Division), Sanitation Department, Parking Enforcement, General Services, the Health Department, Motorcycle Officers and a Helicopter, raided Leimert Park located on the corner of 43rd Place and Crenshaw Blvd. Leimert Park is a well-known park in the black community.

Every Sunday, The Shaw Family and supporters of Jamiel's Law, come to Leimert Park from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., to get signatures to put Jamiel's Law on the March 3, 2009 ballot. We have our Jamiel's Law T-shirts on and we have Jamiel's Law petitions. We started doing this June 29th and we have been there every Sunday.

We usually barbecue and give away free hot dogs, chips and sodas, as a way of saying, "Thank You", to the people supporting us. But today, the family had a party for Thomas (the younger brother of murdered victim, Jamiel Shaw, II), at a different location, so we just had drinks and chips for the kids.

Suddenly, the park was surrounded with Los Angeles Police Officers. Some in plain clothes and some in uniform. At least 7 or 8 black and white cars and a couple of police vans, if not more. They started with our family. Asking for identification and asking for our social security numbers. We showed our identification, but we refused to give our social security numbers to the Police Officer. The officer was not happy with this and said, "You know, I could give you a ticket for blocking the sidewalk".

We did have a table up against a fence, with plenty of room to walk. We told the officers, "We're here to get signatures to put Jamiel's Law on the March 3, 2009 ballot. We'll move our table to the inside of the fence". He said we couldn't do that. His words were, "you can't get signatures in a public park". So we said, "we'll talk to people as they walk by". According to the same officer, "You can only get signatures going door to door"!

One of the officers refused to give us his business card. However, another officer did hand us his card and he told us, "Many officers do support what you all are doing, but this is very political. 'They', are trying to shut you guys down. I hope you get the signatures you need". A third officer told us this raid was planned a week ago. He said, "We're just following orders, it's not us".

Then the Health Department walks up and tells us that we cannot give away water, soda and chips without a permit. We had about 4, 6 packs of water and sodas and small bags of chips. They told us, "load it up". Then the trash truck shows up ready to haul everything away. If that wasn't enough, the helicopter comes and hovers over the area. You would think we were criminals.

In addition to all of this, the City will not open the restrooms in the public park. It's true! They lock us out. We're forced to leave the park and go use the restrooms at one of the fast food restaurants. We have to fight and complain just to get the City to open the restrooms and we're still being ignored. Yet the City Council members bend over backwards to approve a restroom facility for day laborers at Home Depot.

We're shocked by all of this! The first time they raided the park I wasn't able to get pictures. I forgot the camera at home and forgot that I have a camera on my cell phone. Although I was able to get pictures after all, because did I mention two hours later they raided the park again?!

I wonder how much did all of this cost the City of Angels?

(Jamiel Shaw was shot to death by an illegal who was released from prison 24 hours before. The illegal was in prison because of a gun charge. Jamiel's mother was in Iraq serving in our military.)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The In-Human Rights Council of the UN Has Spoken

The Human Rights Council at the United Nations, made up of some of the worst human rights violators, is just about in total control of the United Nations. By outlawing criticism of Islam, Sharia Law, and the Hadith, they have adopted a hate filled ideology as the one that the world should follow.

The UN has announced to the world that slavery, murder, dismemberment, and the reduction of women to property is the Divine way of Allah who is the one and only God. The UN is not alone. Many countries, including the our very own State Department, is in accord with this by proposing not to use such terms as Jihad, Fatwa, Islamic terror, and other terms.

The world population is being deprived of freedom of speech and thought and the organizations and countries that have pledged to protect these freedoms are coconspirators in this despicable attack. Those that are attacking people’s inalienable rights of freedom and individual liberties have gotten a strong hold at the very top of world governments and the main world organization. The might of the top will trample on all our rights before long. Our founding fathers and all the good people that have shed blood and lost their lives to protect these freedoms must be rolling over in their graves.

Islam is the original depriver of freedom of thought and individual liberty. It is inexplicable how the democracies of the world do not see that the ideology of Islam goes against everything that free nations have stood for.

We all need to wake up to this threat. Urge your representatives, local, state, and federal, not to give in to this attack on our freedom and rights. We have to stop this invasion by a barbaric, seventh century mentality that will ravage our society and kill the human spirit. There is no place for Islam in modern culture until it can accept and welcome other forms of religion and thinking. Remember, the Koran states that a Muslim can never accept or be friends with people of the book; that is Jews and Christians. The people of the book, Buddhists, Hindus, and any other faiths or non-faiths are not considered as being human by Islam. We all are the 'off springs of monkeys and apes'.
© 2008 by Vladimir Val Cymbal

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Disassociating Islam form Terror

Western governments have been infiltrated by, if not terrorist them selves’ apologists for Islam associated acts of terror. So many ‘security’ personnel are recommending not to use terms such as, ‘war against terror’, ‘Jihad’, ‘holy war’, ‘Islamism’, ‘fundamentalism’ or ‘mujahedeen’.

To what end? By not indentifying the true source of terror, we can never defend against it. That is like not being able to use the words ‘murder’ or ‘rape’ or ‘assault’ or ‘robbery’ or some other term that describes a crime during an investigation or reporting on it. How is a reporter to write about a woman being raped if the word ‘rape’ is not allowed to be used? Was she made ‘love’ to? Or if motive in the killing of one’s spouse can not be mentioned, can the act be proven? The three elements used in solving a crime are means, opportunity, and motive. If motive can not be mentioned, no one will be convicted of the crime of murder unless it was videotaped.

Trying to disassociate terror from Islam is like trying to disassociate Nazism form Hitler’s attempted conquests. If Islam, Jihad, is not part of the terror being unleashed on the world then why are they yelling Allahu Akbar as they commit these terror acts? It is stupid to try and divorce the acts from where they are fermented from. It is the Mullahs that call for these Jihad acts to be perpetrated, Islamic nations and charities funding them, and Muslims rejoicing at the devastation they create. They take the credit for those acts. We should not take that away from them. They admit if freely, especially when protected by their peers. They should be punished with the same fervor that the acts are committed.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Deeper Look at the Ashes of Victory.

There have been many articles written and varied opinions expressed regarding Russia’s invasion of Georgia. One such is in Front Page Magazine; click to View Article

Although most of these articles have been to the point and truthful, they have missed the most important point of all. That is Russia controlled by Putin and other KGB personnel has been undermining Georgia and other former Soviet States when they began to brake away.

This onslaught on Georgia was the attempted culmination of a plan that started in 1992. Way back then KGB operatives sparked descent and discontent among the southern and northern areas of Georgia which became populated by ethnic Russians. With the help of self serving discontents with political aspirations they formed “resistance” movements in both areas. They agitated and supplied them with propaganda, methods, and arms. This Russia did while pretending to be “Peace Keepers” for the north and south of Georgia. In fact they were protectors of the separatist movements. The Georgian troops were under constant sniper fire right under the Russians. Not only the did Russian troops do nothing to stop the separatists armed aggression they fueled it until Georgian troops who suffered many dead and wounded and developed a hatred for the separatists, moved against them aggressively and without restraint.

That was what Putin and his colleagues worked towards for many years. They moved their superior military not to the cease fire lines but to the capitol of Georgia.

Thus we see the true motives and aspirations of Russia. Nothing has changed. Their goal is the same as it always was; conquest and control. They had to cut back on their old imperialistic desires because the United States forced them into bankruptcy. Now they have new sources of hard cash, oil. With oil revenues and not needing to compete with the west, which seemed to have gone asleep at the wheel, they now feel strong enough to start regaining control of their old satellites and why not. The Americans are just about singlehandedly fighting the Islamic Terror threat, Europe is back in the pacifist mode of pre-World War II, and the Arab states are making their own grab at world dominance.

This in the mind of Kremlin’s rulers makes an opportune time to flex their muscles. They are betting that no one will do much about their actions. They feel that worst case scenario is they will have devastated Georgia’s military and they (the Russians) will just go back to the pre-aggression lines. They may even be able to achieve (at lest partly) their goal of destroying the Georgian government and install a puppet government controlled by the Kremlin.

Yes folks, this was orchestrated, timed, and implemented by Putin and his cohorts. It was not an unforeseen or non-preventable occurrence. The west was asleep or just didn’t want to acknowledge the truth as in the 1930’s when Hitler was preparing to conquer the world.

The People v the (Colective) State

This was writen by my freind Dick McDonald

Every day people wake up to some new tyranny imposed upon them by the leaders of the world's totalitarian states. This morning Russia broke their word to stop their assault on the tiny democratic state of Georgia. Last night Cheng Fei won the gold medal as the leader of China's women's Olympic gymnastic team. We all recognize that the ex-KGB agents running Russia are trying to restore the glory of the USSR but why would I throw the glorious and exciting victory of China's gymnastics team under the same bus?

The answer is the state took Cheng Fei away from her family at three years of age and put her in a state gymnastic school. In the last 17 years of her life she has been allowed only one week a year to visit her family. In her early teens she begged her parents to let her come home and be a normal kid. Her mother said no because the family's fame and fortune was riding on it. In China there have been few avenues to fame and fortune - selling your kid into the state-sponsored gymnastic mill is one.

It is a misnomer to call this "women's" gymnastics - the underage illegal teenage Chinese were clearly early post-menstrual teens under the legal age of 16. But what can we do - the state issued them phony passports allowing them to compete before the rigors of that discipline destroys their bones and joints in their late teens. The state is as complicit as it was with the age of Little Leaguers from Chinese Taipei. Lying is a cultural virtue in Chinese business - I guess it goes farther than that.

Unfortunately the American team didn't have their National Symphony composing special music just for their floor routine. Nor did they have the National Opera Company choreographing it. Those routines were spectacular. It is amazing what the state can do when it controls all aspects of its people's lives. However, the world has been there, done that and the USSR imploded from some of the same policies.

Collectivists in America probably are applauding the Chinese state's power over their people. I just don't believe that a "family" that can only have one child and that child is taken from them by the state and imprisoned for years can be characterized as a "family". Yet I have a feeling that literally hundreds of millions of Chinese are envious this morning of Fei's parents and the riches and social standing that accrues to them from their daughter Cheng's gold medal.

For more of Dick

They speak your language: But the words have different meanings.

In our houses of worship we all honor peace, tranquility, and goodness. We praise our Lord, ask for guidance and forgiveness. We wish malice to no one and strive to be kind, considerate, and charitable to all man kind. So why is the world on the verge of a catastrophic conflict?

The answer is definition and perception. We all have become used to words having the exact opposite meaning of what it was just a few years ago. Today “Man that’s a bad outfit” actually is a compliment to ones attire. What once was “cool’ became “hot” and then “cool” again. Can you see how a person from one place in time could totally misunderstand some one from another? Tell a person from the 50’s that he/she looks “bad” and you will insult them. Tell that same person that he/she is “rad” and they will avoid you for fear of catching what ever it is you are suffering from. So it is with other culture’s languages, especially those that have not evolved with the times like a culture that has not progressed as others around them, one that stayed in the eight century.

When Jews and Christians speak of peace, we mean it for all. Not just those that are family, friends, or neighbors. The God we worship and praise has set rules and laws for us that benefit all man kind. We have been thought to be respectful and tolerant of all. Islam teaches much the same but with a nasty twist. Islam teaches that those who are “faithful” are to be considered of respect and goodness. But what of those of other faiths or secular following, are they worthy of these things also? According to Mohamed no, they are to be despised and looked upon as an evil to be used if possible, but eventually eradicated (Sura 9:3). Nowhere in our bibles does it say to slay those that disagree with Judaism or Christianity. Jews and Christians do not demand that those of other faiths give up their liberty, possessions, or life, yet it is at the foundation of Islam. We say that our religion is a religion of peace. Moslems say that Islam is a religion of peace and they truly believe it is so. Islam looks favorably on true believers and considers everyone else as less than human, with no rights but to cower and beg for mercy. If fakir does not beg for mercy let alone try and defend himself, he is going against Allah’s will and must be punished. If a fakir speaks against anything a Moslem says or does. It is the duty of the Moslem to punish non-believer.

There was a case in Colorado where a woman was kept as a slave. A Muslim couple hired an Indonesian woman as a house servant. They took and hid her passport, used her for sex, and forcibly kept her from leaving. At the elocution part of their trial, the man said he was innocent of all charges and that the state kept him form doing what is his right under his religion. He believed he was being persecuted. Here we have a clear case of different meanings to same words. To us justice is defined by a fair trail and that no one has the right to imprison another. To the Colorado couple justice would be they being allowed to do as they please with another human being. This couple and many others like them believe with all their heart that they have been wronged and Allah’s will was denied. The word is justice; in western culture it means protection of the innocent and punishment of the guilty. In the context of Islamic thought, it means protection of the powerful and privileged and abuse of the weak.

The Old Testament speaks of “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”. Many believe it means taking revenge. On the contrary, it is the first time in history that an attempt has been made to fit the punishment to the crime. That is why in our culture a petty thief is sent to prison for a specified time and is not denied the use of the hand that stole by having it chopped off. Islam’s justice is really more like revenge. The petty thief is doomed for the rest of his life to wear the mark of a missing digit. How can he now become a productive citizen? He can’t. He is to be forever denounced and scorned.

A Muslim family will demand justice as will a Jewish or Christian if their daughter is raped. But justice takes a very different form for the Muslim family. A Jewish or Christian family would want the perpetrator to be punished while the Muslim family’s concern is not the daughter’s welfare but their own honor. The Koran demands, that the woman who was violated be punished. She is to be punished very severely. They only way the Muslim family can get their honor back, is by stoning their own daughter to death. Western culture makes a very distinct difference between the victim and the perpetrator. That is why in our culture the rape victim is not killed by stoning (to preserve the honor of the family) but the perpetrators of the rape are punished. The meaning of justice in western culture and under Islam is quite different and diametrically opposed. Can these two meanings ever be reconciled in a manner that can be accepted by both or are we doomed to a final conflict with only one victor?

Charity in our western culture means giving aid to the down trodden, to the poor, and to those down on their luck, helping out the needy. In the Muslim world it means basically the same. The difference is in the definition of the needy. Mohamed encouraged all to take up the sword and attack neighboring towns and villages. The farmers and fat cat businessmen of commerce and trade were in no hurry to give up their enterprises to go loot some village. The rewords were not guaranteed, the effort was great, and chance of injury, loss of limb, and even one’s life was actually quite high. Besides, those that did take up the sword never seemed to be that well off. Most did not own any land and if they did never seemed to be able (or care) to hold on to it. Why half the time they hardly had enough to eat shortly after a raid to pillage. The bounty of the plunder they got soon disappeared. But Mohamed needed these armies of plunderers to maintain his own coffers. Mohamed had favor with Allah, who degreed that one fifth (20%) of the booty from these raids (including women) must go to Mohamed. Now feeding this motley horde could eat a hole into Mohamed’s coffers. Solution, get those lazy boors that won’t go out and fight to be “charitable” to those in need. Mohamed had a completely different concept of “the needy”. So in Islam charity in the times of Mohamed went to the same type of people that it goes to now, the armies of Islam that intend to conquer this world. That is why all the Mosques in the United States are giving money to “charity” and can’t understand how we can be so upset about it. They are helping those in need. Those in need are that way because their leaders have kept them poor, hungry, and uneducated. Their money goes to suicide bombers, mass murderers, and those that encourage murder and mayhem. Western charities help famine struck communities or others that have suffered, such as those fleeing from Islam’s massacre of every person in a village. The massacre of Christians in the Sudan was not enough for the leaders of Islam. After running out of Christians to murder, it was decided that not all Muslims are considered “true believers” and the wrath of Islam was turned lose on those who, in the mind of the warriors, were not quite true believers.

To a Jew or Christian, an enemy is one who in no certain terms is bent on doing physical harm. Hitler was the enemy since he attempted the annihilation of not only the Jewish race but all people that were not of the Arian race. Who was and wasn’t Arian was to be determined by Hitler. The Imperial Japanese Empire saw its own people as far superior to all other races and also sought the destruction of the western barbarians. These were our real enemies. In Islam the enemy is any one not a Muslim. The allies fought an enemy who was bent on conquering the world, kill all that stood in its way, and enslaving the rest. There was an enemy that had to be fought and killed. By Islam’s standard a small chilled, a defenseless man or woman who does not believe that Allah is the one and only true God is the enemy. An enemy that deserves no mercy and must be enslave or killed. In Islam and Judo-Christian the enemy is to be fought and conquered and justly so. Any means to defeat the enemy, deception, cunning are all to be used to be victorious. It is the definition of who the enemy is and what the enemy represents is the difference. In Islam there is the Moslem world and the rest is the enemy that needs to be purged from this earth.

Ones actions can also be interpreted in different ways. If a Jew or Christian decides to leave his or her religion, they are considered a convert. Their friends, family and associates might be very disappointed even angry. The worst consequences to come from this conversion is that they might be shunned, not spoken to, or even looked upon as if they had passed away. No physical harm would come to them. Not so in the Islam world. When one leaves Islam, their life comes into jeopardy. Leaving Islam is an affront against Allah that must be punished swiftly and harshly. Converts from Islam have suffered horrendous torture and if they do not recant their decision to leave Islam, death.

We have seen that the same words take on completely different meaning to a Jew or Christian and a Moslem. When a Jew or Christian meets a Moslem they are meeting a person of a different faith then theirs. At worst he is to be pitied for his belief but he is one that need not be eliminated or generally feared. We feel that we can have a Muslim as a neighbor, spend time with him, share our thoughts and enjoy his company. A Muslim meeting a Jew or Christian sees the enemy, one to be subjugated, and one that is less than a human being. Each belief accepts its own definition and can not comprehend how the other can see things any different. Most Jews and Christians are presented with conundrum when faced with the truth about Islam. We don’t need to necessarily be devoted to practice our religion to have a deep rooted belief that all faiths are proponents of peace, harmony, and tolerance. Peace, justice, charity, enemy and converts have a very different meaning. It all depends on one’s definition and perception.
© 2007, by Vladimir Val Cymbal all rights reserved.

Citizens National Security Force

Every despot through out history has done two things after taking power. First he takes control of the media and then sets up his own “Security Force”. Ahmadinejad, Chavez, have one, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler all had one.

The purpose of the Security Force is two fold. The first is to have a nation wide spy network. This force is strengthened by providing day care for children to be indoctrinated. I know I attended first grade in Prague Czechoslovakia. We were constantly asked what our parents were talking about and Stalin was referred to as daddy Stalin.

The second is to create a military force out side of the normal channels. The military has many generals and other officers who might have greater loyalty from the troops than he. The despot is very paranoid since he judges other people by how he himself would act in similar circumstances. He is always afraid of being overthrown.

So why do you suppose that Barack Obama wants a Citizens National Security Force? Maybe he is trying to develop competition to the Boys scouts or the girl Scouts or both. Or maybe he kind of knows that our military establishment won’t quite be enthralled to have him as Commander in Chief.

Another crucial part of this Security Force operation will be its legitimacy. In order to give it the power he eventually wants it to have, he will need the support of the Supreme Court which he will fill with the most leftist, politically correct judges.

When he begins to implement this Civilian National Security Force (CNSF) he will at the same time start cutting the budget and man power of our standing armies. The CNSF will become, eventually, stronger than our current forces and will report and be loyal to only him.

Far fetched? Not really if you study history. The people in Germany, Eastern Europe, and all the states of the Soviet Union thought it was not going to turn out that way but it did.

Here it will start out with reporting people for crimes of political correctness. As more of our daily lives are controlled by the PC, the more will we have to tow the line, and before we know it, America will be a Socialist Utopia.

© 2008 by Vladimir Val Cymbal

Hugo Has Aspirations and Delusions of Grandeur

On his shopping list this visit were tanks, coastal surveillance aircraft, air defense systems and non-atomic submarines, all of which represent another installment of the five to six billion dollars oil-rich Venezuela eventually plans to spend on Russian arms. This latest purchase, combined with the previous ones, have made the South American country Russia’s biggest arms customer in Latin America.

Already between 2005 and 2007, Venezuelan oil revenues bought an estimated two billion dollars in Russian weapons. Among these items was a controversial purchase of 100,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles. Although Chavez claimed they were for home defense use, some of them, it is believed, were smuggled to leftist South American terrorist organizations in neighboring countries, such as FARC in Colombia.

Chavez has said the Russian weapons he has purchased will protect his country from an American invasion, a claim that Washington calls ludicrous. Venezuela’s president believes the United States may one day try to capture his country’s oil reserves. Venezuela is currently the world’s fifth-largest exporter of oil and provides America with about 15 per cent of its crude imports. The real reason behind Chavez’s Russian arms purchases, however, is not self-defense. On the contrary, one analyst states they are meant to back up his ongoing quest to expand his influence in South America. Chavez’s end goal is the creation of an anti-American bloc with himself as leader, which would also satisfy his reported inclination to megalomania. In carrying out his plan, he is emulating his hero, Castro, who long tried to export communist revolution throughout the region.

Back to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Vladimir Putin knows no other world than that of the old Soviet Union. He was raised in that era and it’s the only way he feels comfortable.

It is up to the west to stop Russia from going down its old Imperialist way. It is still the most powerful nation in the region and as such does not need a buffer zone as it is not threatened by any of its neighbors. This shows that the current invasion of Georgia is not to protect itself but a brazen attack to threaten its neighbors into submission and gain direct influence and control of their governments as in the days of old. They are threatening not only its neighbors but the whole world. If Russia gains control of Georgia it won’t belong before all the former Soviet states feel the boots of Russia and the world again threatened by an East West confrontation. History has thought us that an aggressor is never satisfied and will always look for more people to subjugate.
This threat must be met with swift and deliberate action. Just like the school yard bully must be stood up to, Russia must be made to understand that the world is resolved not to allow any nation to roll over its neighbors and threaten the rest of the world. NATO must move swiftly include Georgia, the Ukraine, and other nations that want membership in NATO. This will show resolve and Russia will have to back down from its ambitions.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

United Nations: A total Failure

The Human Rights Council at the United Nations has now banned any criticism regarding Sharia Law and human rights in the Islamic World. According to President Doru Romulus Costea - and following the efforts of delegates from Egypt, Pakistan and Iran - the Council will no longer tolerate criticism of either Sharia or specific fatwas in the name of human rights. This gives Islam cart blanch to murder, rape, and pillage. In other words the UN condones the killing of apostates, forced sexual attacks on children, and indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians.

The latest outrage to come out of the United Nations shows us all the goal of Islam, how it intends to accomplish its goal, and the results. Islam is continuing its aspirations of world conquest. Its latest method is to use democratic methods against democratic nations by infiltration. As can be seen what happened in the U.N. they are successful.

Democracy gives all a voice and has a tendency to acquiesce to the demands, no matter how outrageous to the voice of the minority. Its strength is also its greatest weakness especially in today’s world of non-discrimination. By giving equal value to all opinions without discrimination it fails to give any weight to right and wrong. Since when is it right or even democratic to accept a view point that will not tolerate divergent points of view? If we stop judging the actions and views of proponents of slavery, murder, and intolerance how long will it take before we are not allowed to judge other criminal behavior? No one can justify forced sexual activity on a nine year old childe but the feudal Arabic seventh century mentality of Islam.

Islam has for centuries and is at this very moment committing genocide in parts of the world and the United Nations has accepted not to criticize this action. They in effect are condoning murder, slavery, rape, and repression of the human sole. This is not what the original intent of creating the United Nations was. The UN is not fulfilling its purpose. It is doing everything that it was to prevent. The world is in a struggle of ideology and the UN has taken the side of barbarism. It is time for all decent nations to take a stand and disband the UN as it clearly is working with forces of world domination. These forces endeavor to enslave the world in a barbaric seventh century mentality of might makes right. One that gives no credence to individual thought or liberty.