Sunday, December 2, 2012

What is missing

Regardless what the group is called conservatives have missed the most important aspect of campaigning.  A political campaign is in fact a sales pitch.  It must be delivered using basic salesmanship.  First it is important to get the prospect’s (voter) attention, and then get him/her interested in the pitch.  The third and for sure the most important part is convince the prospect of the benefits to him/her of agreeing with what is being said.   The Democrats have dangled bright shiny beads and sparkling trinkets in front of the voters; “free stuff”. Facts, logic, and reason do not evoke any emotional response, except perhaps resentment.  That is not the emotion that will get people to agree with you.  After showing and convincing the voter that your ideas are of great benefit to him/her, the next step is to put the voter into comfortable, happy, and safe place.  This is done by describing the pleasant situation that will be the result of agreeing with what you are “pitching”.  The finally of any speech must be a call to action.  If the first four parts are done correctly the audience is ripe to follow a suggestion.  Now is the time to “ask for the order”; finalize the sales.  Ask for their support with specific suggestions.  Include how they will benefit through their support.  Present precinct walking and phone banking as a fun social event.  If you are asking for donations, show how and where they are to be used and how important it is to raise whatever amount you need to raise.

It never ceases to amaze me how terrible our candidates are at the art of salesmanship.  I attended several of Sarah Palin’s rallies. She really had as all in the palm of her hand but there was no effective call to action at the end.  The people left there eager to do something, she should have given us better and specific direction.

Republican candidates will continue to come in second best if they do not check out Dale Carnegie’s salesmanship courses.  Let go of all previous conceptions about campaigning.  Realize you are selling something and don’t be shy to use blatant sales tactics.  It might feel strange at first as it did to me.  But once I took this approach seriously, it worked wonders for me.  I increased my sales volume tenfold. I went from $20K to $200K a month after applying these principles.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Self Reliance Lost

Entrepreneur-ism, Self Reliance, and Self betterment have been replaced by chasing bright shiny things, free stuff, and submission to socialist powers.  This election the American people have rejected fact, logic, and reason for lies, fairy tales, and dammed lies.  We have allowed ourselves to be bamboozled by people who have lied to us in the past (“I have not had sex with that woman”), broken promises they made (I will cut the daffiest in half – reduce healthcare costs – strengthen relations with our allies), and destroyed our economy (high unemployment – ruined the nation’s credit rating) for now and the future.  We picked a president that watched four Americans be butchered and did nothing to stop it, gave tax payers and borrowed money to contributors for failed businesses, and declared his intentions to bankrupt an industry supplying most of America’s energy sources.

The psyche of the American public has done a 180.  We do not consider the government as an extension of ourselves anymore but as a separate entity that should rule over and control our lives.  A woman in New Jersey was interviewed on television last week.  She complained that there is no power and now she has to walk up several flights of stairs to get to her apartment.  She complained that the government is not there to help her.  She whined that there is debris in the hall way and stairwell.  She can’t get to work so she just sits and waits for help.  It never occurred to her to pick up a broom and clean the debris from the apartment herself.  She is wallowing in self pity and the thought of helping herself never entered her mind.

The fault for this turn of events lies with the voting public and the leaders of the Republican Party, the public for allowing to be fooled and the Republican Party for orchestrating a woefully lame campaign.  There were so many opportunities to turn the tide and deliver a Romney victory and the Republicans wasted every one of them.   One would think that they learned something from the previous presidential election.  Perhaps the reason is that both political parties are cut from the same cloth.  Perhaps the Republican Party is not so much a “small government” party as they claim. 

Perhaps they did not fight the Democrats as hard as they could have because their goals are not that different from the Democrats.  Both sides are applauding the “ending of the war in Iraq” and preparations to “end it” in Afghanistan.  Picking up one’s marbles and going home is not a good end.  Winning the war is the only acceptable way to end a war, or all the sacrifices made are in vain.  Killing one leader of the enemy does not mean victory.  No matter how many “victory laps Obama takes” our enemies are well, alive, growing stronger, a bigger threat, and danger than ever.

The election is over and this country is in the same mess it has been for four years.  We still have a socialist front man for the Marxists in our government.  The Senate is still under the control Harry leaving us in a stalemate in Congress.  Locally the Republican Party has been just as ineffective in California.  The American people are in denial of the facts and need to be informed. 

No amount of effort in registration and monetary support will make a difference how the people will vote.  We have had several decades of effort wasted on Republican candidates only to suffer defeat after defeat.  Facts, logic, and reason have not worked.  What is needed is an effective way to educate the public and bring back the spirit that made this a once great, strong, and prosperous nation.  WE need to appeal to the emotions of the people.  That is the only way we can get more support for our cause.  We must show a direct benefit to voting with us.  We must promise better, more valuable things and deliver to usurp the euphoric promises and scare tactics of the Democrats.  We face a huge and daunting task that will take time.  This is the only way we can make any headway.  So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I am not a big supporter of Mitt Romney but having experience with turnaround companies I must clear something up. In the late 70's Pertec's techknowledgy was outdated and had little if any hope of continuing. So the new management bought up a bunch of computer companies with similar issues. They sold off everything that was thought to have future value. Cut expenses to the bone and went bankrupt. Top middle, and some lower level management did well (they saw what was coming and prepared for it) but most employees were about of a job. This was a calculated plan. My next encounter with a capital venture company was as a computer dealer of Rexon and other products. Two venture capital companies took over the operations of Rexon and a tape drive company started and operated by Sr. Ben Wang. Both companies had a large investment in technkowledgy that was being surpassed by new ones. The investment for these two companies to compete was just too much. The venture capital companies sold off everything they could and drained off everything leaving nothing but skin and bone. Rexon and Wangtech went under. Again management and the venture capital companies did very well while Rexon and Wangtech employees were out of jobs. There was no hope for any other outcome. The action taken by the venture capital companies was not antagonistic towards anyone. They did not start out to raid these companies. They brought about a strategic end. Much like an army would retreat and save what was possible. Yes the venture capital companies made a bunch of money but they did not steal from anyone. In a capitalistic system there is the possibility of losing. There is a risk involved with a chance of making a profit. Not all will survive, just like in nature. The company that Mitt Romney ran helped many companies to better times, some were doomed to fail. That is business. A much better outcome than when the government decides who will benefit from taxpayer funds. It is not a perfect system but the best that there is