Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Are Closer and Closer to a Dictatorship

For the past two years, I have been comparing the Obama campaign and now the presidency to 1930’s Germany. Many have been skeptical of my views. Today we learned that his administration forbade an insurance company to communicate its views on ObamaCare.

This is a direct affront to the first amendment of our Constitution. What is his administration going to do if the insurance company defies Obama’s command? Will they fire the officers? Will Obama prosecute the officers on some trumped up charges? Don’t look so incredulous, he has replaced corporate CEO’s already.

In addition, I have pointed out his constant degradation of America.

Did you torture yourself through his apologies for America, kiss up to the worlds worst despots, selling out Israel, and contradicting goals of supporting the right of people for self-determination speech at the U.N.? That was not the speech of a patriotic American President. That was the speech of a man who hates America and all it has stood for as the most generous nation ever.

There was no reference of how America saved the world form German Imperialism, twice, and communist domination by the Soviet Union and how America has always been the first to render aid of all kind to areas that suffered disasters. There was no mention of brutal attacks on the protesters rejecting the election results in Iran. Obama is a disgrace to humanity

Open Primaries and a Part-Time Legislature

With party registration being seven to three favoring the Democrats, the Republican vote would be diluted to the point of insignificants. The Democrats could swing the primary towards the most unelectable Republican candidate. I believe that would border on unconstitutional. Allowing Declined to State voters to participate in the primaries gives them a say and should be the way we hold primaries.

A full time legislature promotes the career politician. This creates an elite ruling class whose primary concern becomes self-promotion. The career politician develops the attitude of knowing better than the populous, a concept that our founding fathers rejected.

This rule by a few of the many is what this country ended with our declaration of independence. They wanted to get away from those that ruled according to their own needs rather then those of the people.

If we examine the make-up of politicians, we see families of career politicians, all of which live totally different lives form those that they are supposedly representing. This is made very evident by the many ballot initiatives and even more by the Tea Parties. Our officials are not fulfilling the wishes and needs of the voters.

In California we see career politicians and the rich playing potentates. This created a situation that is great for them but killed the business environment pushing companies and jobs out of the state, reducing revenues, and forcing the general population into poverty.

A part time legislature will be made up of civic-minded individuals who take time out of their daily lives to do the work of the people. They will be less concerned with making laws that perpetuate their careers and concentrate on getting the most needed work done.
We would not need term limits and be able to keep the experienced and able minded as long as they want to serve. They would be in service like the National Guard, taking a few days a year to serve but still having regular jobs living regular lives like those they represent.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Appeasing the Enemy and Betraying Allies is a Road to Disaster

Throughout history, there is evidence that appeasing your enemy guaranties the enemy’s victory. Yet so many politicians keep doing so never considering past outcome of such action.

Appeasing your enemy usually comes with selling out one or more allies. President Obama is following the path of folly by Chamberlin and others. Two countries that took the chance to align with the West are Poland and the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia).

During the debate over the America’s missile defense system for Europe, I emailed Radio Prague and other news sources in CR, lobbying for them to accept it. Assuring that America is a safer bet. This debate got quite heated in both countries and politician’s careers were on the line. In the end, both countries took a leap of faith and agreed to host the system. I say a leap of faith because both countries have been victims of betrayal before.

They both suffered terrible lose of life, destroyed infrastructure, and a ruined economy, when Western Europe, led by Britain’s Neville Chamberlain, gave into Hitler’s demands. “Peace in Our Time” became World War II.

At the end of WW II, they again were sacrificed in an attempt to appease a burgeoning enemy, the Soviet Union. Not only were they denied the reconstruction afforded to Western Europe, their new masters raped the countries of their natural resources, forced their industries to supplement the Soviet Union, and imprisoned or killed many of their citizens.

In spite of these betrayals, they aligned them self with America. After all, America has been the savior of so many in the past and the betrayals were engineered by Western Europe. They did not expect that any American president would aqueous to Russian pressure. President Obama shocked these counties and most Americans as he continues his platform of appeasement.

The irony of this move is that America gained absolutely nothing. Russia is still arming Iran and Venezuela, trying to create a puppet government in Georgia, and refuses further sanctions on Iran.

Is Obama deliberately ruining America’s reputation or is he just ignorant of history? It does not seem possible that anyone with his education could be so badly informed. His expansion of government powers to limit American’s liberties, being put into fruition by congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid, and foreign policy suggest a deliberate attempt at the destruction of America.

If the people do not replace congress with the right people in 2010 and then refute Obama in 2012, this country and the world are doomed.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's Not Lose Our Country

In light of the happenings of the past nine months, Nationalization of two thirds of the car industry, Cap ‘n’ Trade which gives the Federal Government the power to raise taxes willy-nilly, pending nationalization of healthcare, obvious admiration for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and other communist dictators by Obama, recent flowery depiction of the murderous Fidel Castro by Maxine Waters, and a host of other socialist actions taken by Obama’s Administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are clear signs that the National Socialists have taken over our country. Flying the Communist Chinese flag on the Whitehouse Lawn is just a statement of their intentions.

If we do not vet new candidates and work super hard to get them elected by working phone banks, walking precincts, and getting out the vote, we will lose this country.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quid Pro Quo In Sacramento

Does anyone really feel deprived by not having a train ride from L A to Sacramento available? I mean deprived to the tune of $200 billion. Is it really more necessary to be able to ride this choo-choo then to balance the budget?

This project should be dumped but Governor Schwarzenegger owes his supporters a $200 billion favor. That’s right, the taxpayers of this state will be paying off Arnold’s debts, not only to build it but even more money to promote it. His promoters will get a $9 million contract to promote it. Commission staff members charged with recommending a public relations firm have advised the board to give the contract to Mercury Public Affairs at its meeting. Staff members are former Mendelsohn colleagues. Governor Schwarzenegger strategist Adam Mendelsohn and Arnold’s 2006 election manager Steve Schmidt are partners at Mercury Public Affairs.

The state is broke and revenue sources are leaving the state by the droves. We need to change the makeup of Sacramento. Vet new candidates for the state Assembly and Senate. Pick the right ones. Work like never before to get the right people elected. Work the phone banks, walk precincts, and then get out the vote.