Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran Happenings

The general consensus is that the two political factions in Iran are two sides of the same coin, an Islamic ruled Iran.

There is also another ripple in the wind sweeping Iran. This wave does not have an open political party or leaders that are openly campaigning. These people are not allowed to be a part of the official political apparatus of Iran. The imams declare anyone not supporting an Islamic government as “not qualified” to campaign. But there are in Iran those that are ready to take advantage of a situation that would allow them to call for a democratic secular Iranian Republic. This I know not only form people like Amil but from acquaintances (Christian, Muslim, and Jew) with relatives in Iran.

I being the eternal optimist prefer to look towards brighter possibilities. If George Washington believed that the revolution would not succeed, we all Americans would still be subjects of the crown. There is no benefit in pessimism.

Today there was a Tweet from Iran that read “I gave my vote and now I am ready to give my life for a democratic Iran”. There is no way that I will desecrate that person’s patriotism, zeal, and hope with pessimistic oratory. When it comes to the human spirit, realism is just pessimism that beats up the hopeful sole. Idealism rarely triumphs 100% but it is the basis for the best form of government to ever come to mankind. It brought us a nation that was conceived, under God, with liberty and justice for all. It’s not perfect but way ahead of any other form of government. America, Czechoslovakia, Israel, and other free nations would not exist with out the idealism and determination of brave people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Purpose of the Tea Parties

This country is in deep decline. We have let others take control of our destiny. Our lives have been too comfortable with so many distractions that we have neglected to plan the future of our country.

We have allowed our children to be misinformed about history, the value of self reliance, and the danger of allowing the government to “take care of things”. We have not paid enough attention to what has been happening. We have failed to vet our candidates properly and elected people who do not take the term “serving the people” to heart. We have failed to keep in touch with our legislators to congratulate them for doing a good job or admonishing them for their failures.

It is time for the American Spirit to soar again. It is time again to get involved and take action. The Tea Parties are rallying the people into action. It is now up to us the ground roots activists to continue the spirit of the original Tea Party which was the beginning of a free nation with liberty under God. The Tea Parties are getting the people together and give us the opportunity to motivate them to vet potential candidates and support those that will stand for freedom of speech, non-intrusive government, and liberty for all. We need to lead them to the phone banks and precinct walks to elect a new brand of candidates, ones who are not there for personal enrichment but are true servants of the people with passion and high principals.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Authoritarian rule in America

The other day the president of the United States committed an egregious act to protect those who supported his election and are now cementing his total control of every aspect of this country, once a beacon of democratic principals of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.

An inspector at the Inspector General’s office found Kevin Johnson and others of Americorp had misused funds. An investigation by the FBI backed up his allegations. Kevin Johnson and the corporation presented no facts in their defense at a hearing, basically defaulting on the verdict against them. Instead Johnson called the president who had his personal “ethics” lawyer call the investigator to inform him he had one hour to decide if he wants to resign or be fired. The Attorney General was ordered to drop all charges against Americorp and Johnson.

This was around 5:15 PM. The investigator was in his car. He could not believe what was happening. The president was breaking a law which he cosponsored when he was in the Senate. The law made it mandatory for the president to present his desire to fire an IG to congress, giving them 30 days to study the merit of the firing. Although the inspector was given an hour to make a decision, 45 minutes later he was called back by the “ethics” lawyer who then fired him since the inspector did not want to resign.

The president is slowly putting him self in a position of absolute authority in our government. This is not what America was meant to be. Our founders did not risk property, liberty, and life for America to end up a dictatorship, which is where we are heading.

Do not allow this firing to slip from your memory. Think of it when ever you feel you have no time to work for changing the makeup of Sacramento’s and Washington DC’s political bent. Most of those in power now will make no effort to stop this slide to National Socialism. It is up to us to make this change. Do as much as possible to right the wrongs now going on and then put in extra effort.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Sin of Commission is to know something is wrong... and do it anyway.

Posted with permission form author, Dick McDonald

An award-winning filmmaker has made a film about the Coastal Commissions refusal to clear brush in forests that in turn has cost the country quadrillions in board feet of lumber because of the excess brush causes devastating forest fires. The Commission has issued a subpoena to stop the film’s release. The Commission knows it is doing something wrong and is doing it anyway because the media won’t report it because the same lefty, liberal slime that is moving the country toward the totalitarianism of the Nanny-State populate both the Commission and the media. See

In the Age of Obama there have been so many sins of commission to reduce personal freedom to seat power in the hands of a few that it is hard to accumulate them all in one place. To name a few:

Academe’s move to dumb down the kids to make way for socialism
Trillions in debt that won’t stimulate the economy
Trillions in taxes for consumption and nothing for private investment
29% credit card interest rates funded by the Fed’s 1% cost to banks
No Job, No Income, No Asset (NINJA) loans by Franks and Dodd
Takeover of banks, auto companies, insurance companies by the state
$58 trillion in unfunded entitlement debt and climbing
Support for union blackmail of industry
Academe’s support for equality of outcomes and restricting free speech

Thursday, June 11, 2009

My latest irritation

Where do BHO, Pelosi, and Reid keep their brains? Now when our troops capture a combatant (who is trying to kill our troops) they have to be Mirandized. This means in most cases the combatant will be released by our courts. Under the criminal justice system any person (military or civilian) around the capture can be subpoenaed to testify in court. Evidence of criminal action must be preserved and presented. If the defendant was captured due to information from an informant, he too can be subpoenaed to testify.

It is not feasible to transport military personnel from the battle field so the combatant would be released because in a criminal trial the defendant is guaranteed a speedy trial. How many informants do you think would be willing to expose them selves at a trial? Heck how many Iraqis, Afghans, or others living in a country full of Al Qaeda or Taliban would be willing to inform knowing that their identity would not be kept confidential?

Our government just made it more amiable for thugs to join in fighting our troops and murdering innocent civilians. They have been told all that if they kill our troops or civilians they will be hailed as heroes. If they get caught and no country wants them they will be released in a tropical paradise island where they can raise hell and then have some one transport them back to the front lines. If they get killed they will be cherished as martyrs and get a free pass to heaven where they will be serviced by 72 virgins. This looks like an invitation from Barack Obama for the bad guys to join our enemies.

And one more thing, David Lettermen is a crude, uncivilized, asshole. It makes no difference if he was talking abut the 14 or 18 year old girl. What he said is despicable, shows no class, and wasn’t funny at all. It is just as stupid as when he called Governor Palin an airline hooker. The man has no civility at all.

CBS needs to replace him with good taste.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Government Won’t Let You Succeed

A man I know lost his job due to outsourcing. After a long time of not being able to find a new job he decided to cash in his retirement and go into business. Seeing that governments are pushing echo friendly enterprises he decided not to fight the trend and engage in some form of a business that won’t get caught up in government restrictions.

He first thought about starting an organic farm, growing organic vegetables, fruits, and raising range chickens. So he started looking for some farm land. He found plenty for sales but when he inspected the properties they were just dried up barren land. So he enquired as to what it would take to irrigate it. He found out that only an act of God could do that. The government won’t let him have the water he needs because it appears that a non-indigenous fish is more important then providing organic food for people, frustrating.

Ok, so he decided to go into the power business and build a wind farm. He put together a business plan with lots of wind mills generating electricity. He went and got a bunch of permits and applied for a loan. After running all over the state getting permits and a loan promise from the bank the EPA turned him down. Why, because the blades of the wind mills might get in the way of various birds and even kill them.

Ok, determined to go into some kind of a business he decide to manufacture solar panels and even maybe set up a field of solar panels generating electricity. After much investigation and planning he ran into another brick wall put up by the government. To make solar panels you need silicone. Well the EPA doesn’t want silicone manufactured in the USA. He found out that most (if not all) solar panels will be manufactured in China and India.

Is our government as stupid as human waste or are they determined to reduce America to third world nation? These are the only two alternatives. Our economy is being pummeled by OPC and the government says we are too dependent on foreign oil. At the same time our government won’t let us drill domestic sources (of which we have plenty) for oil and natural gas. On top of that our government puts up obstacles to generate our energy needs in other ways. Our government just does not want the people to be prosperous. We can’t produce the energy we need nor grow the crops to feed us even when we try to go along with all government’s mandates.

Our government is determined to rob us of all our own initiative and ability of self reliance. If we the people allow this to continue we will be totally dependent a totalitarian government. We will be in a huge concentration camp doing the biding of big brother. The only thing we citizens can do is to replace the scoundrels running this country with those who will take the roll of governing for the people and not against them. We all need to get more involved in vetting possible candidates and then making sure the right people get elected.
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