Saturday, January 28, 2017

NY Governor: If Trump Moves to Deport Immigrants, Deport Me First…

NY Governor: If Trump Moves to Deport Immigrants, Deport Me First... 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo exhibited full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome in comments attacking President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

Yesterday, Cuomo tweeted out the following video of comments he made in November.

“If there is a move to deport immigrants, then I say start with me because I am the son of Mario Cuomo, the son of Andrea Cuomo, a poor Italian immigrant, who came to this country without a job, without money, without resources. And he was here only for the promise of America. And if we’re going to question immigrants, and deport immigrants, then who is safe? And who is left? Because we are all immigrants.”

Let’s see how many inanities he managed to strew in there.
There is no move to deport immigrants, only actions to prevent aliens from breaking the law and coming into the country illegally, ahead of all the people who are actually following the law.

There’s an intellectual dishonesty to drop the ‘illegal’ from the description.

Moreover, Andrew Cuomo is not an immigrant, much less an illegal alien, so he could not be deported. Although many hearing his comments seemed perfectly amenable to have him go.
His grandfather, Andrea Cuomo, may have been a poor immigrant. But Andrew was the pampered son of N.Y. Governor Mario Cuomo. He grew up with privilege, basically feeling that being the governor of New York was a birthright. Hardly the normal immigrant experience.

People who have sworn to uphold the laws of our land, such as Gov. Cuomo, should also be upholding the immigration laws otherwise they are violating their oaths.

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  1. Why is it so hard for liberals to see the difference between legal and illegal immigrants? Are they relly that stupid or are they just attacking Trump?