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Meme Brilliantly Reveals The Evolution of Liberals Over the Years

Liberal Logic then and now 750 
 V. Saxena reports that liberals often say one thing but act in an entirely different manner. What you have observed is what author Roger L. Simon calls moral narcissism.
In a review of Simon’s latest book, “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism Is Destroying Our Republic, If It Hasn’t Already,” American Thinker contributor Richard Kirk explained that moral narcissism is the belief that “it isn’t how one lives one’s life that counts; it’s the political and moral slogans one mouths.”

Consider for instance the ill-informed millennials who proudly tout Che Guevara as a hero over his desire to form a socialist utopia, but then ignore how he enslaved the Cuban people in a totalitarian state and then murdered God knows how many of them.
But moral narcissism extends beyond just a differentiation between words and actions. According to Simon, it also offers “a way of explaining away evil” that pins “all [of society’s] ills on social causes.”

Now think of “Black Lives Matter,” a Democrat-championed organization that blames the usually justified consequences faced by black criminals on white racism and supremacy, regardless of the facts.

As a result, Ferguson thug Mike Brown shall forever remain innocent in the minds of the most hardheaded liberals, as accepting his culpability would mean admitting that it was not racism that killed him; it was his own decisions.

 Moral narcissism is in many ways nothing but an attempt to hide from one’s own shortcomings and failures. Rather than admit their own lack of drive and opt for change, for example, far too many liberals pine for handouts instead.
  • “I deserve food stamps!”
  • “I deserve welfare!”
  • “I deserve free tuition!”
  • “I deserve this!”
  • “I deserve that!”
Sound familiar? It should, as we hear this exact rhetoric from liberals all the time. Instead of admitting that they need to change and better their own lives, many liberals invariably play the blame game, claiming that society screwed them over and thus owes them.

Except that society owes neither them nor their special friends (illegal immigrants, drug dealers, promiscuous women, etc.) nothing but a cold, hard dash of truth — the truth being that they might want to talk to a therapist about their clear-cut moral narcissism!

Muslim Arrested in Cascade Mall Jihad Shooting: Arcan Cetin Murdered 4 Women Shouting …

By Pamela Geller on September 24, 2016
The Muslim targeted women -uncovered women — in Macy*s, in the cosmetic department and he was shouting. They don’t tell us what he was shouting but we already know, don’t we? He killed four women and one man. Take bets the enemedia blames:

1) sudden mental illness
2) sudden lone wolf
3) bad immigrant experience
4) Islamophobia

Or Donald Trump.


The Muslim was found and taken into custody Saturday night at about 6:30 p.m. after a deadly shooting in a Washington state mall. Authorities say “the motive for the slaying is unknown.” Unknown to the blind, deaf and dumb.

Just as the NYC/NJ bomber was identified as ‘Hispanic’ before his identity was known, the Cascade jihad gunman was also identified at “Hispanic.’ This is how cowed and bowed our law enforcement and enemedia is. Look at the extraordinary lengths they go to to protect, scrub and work in the service of Islam.

Let’s review this past week alone: Muslim meat cleavers NYPD cops, a devout Muslim goes on a knife rampage at a St. Cloud mall, a devout Muslim in New York (working with how many others remains to be seen) plants 11 bombs in New York City and New Jersey. And a Muslim pleaded guilty to a plot to behead me.

Now this. They’ll say he was mad at his girlfriend, mentally unstable, lone wolfing — I am sick of it. It’s jihad.

Obama says, “respect it!”


A man suspected of killing 5 people at a Burlington mall Friday night has been arrested after a close to 24-hour manhunt.

Law enforcement sources tell KOMO 4 that the suspect’s name is Arcan Cetin. Centin is 20 years old and has no criminal history in Washington. (KOMO)




The man accused of killing five people inside a Washington state shopping mall has been named as Arcan Cetin. Around 7 p.m. September 23, a gunman opened fire inside a Macy’s store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. Police describe the shooter as “darker complected” with his age estimated in the “late teens or early 20s.” The shooter fled the scene before police arrived and remains at large amid a massive manhunt. The fatal victims have been described as four females — ranking in age from a teenager to a “senior” — and one male. Their exact ages have not been released.

At a press conference Saturday morning, Lt. Chris Cammock of the Mount Vernon police said security footage captured the suspect, at first entering the mall unarmed and later entering the Macy’s store with a weapon, and police will release additional images to the public. Police said they recovered a rifle at the scene but would not disclose additional details of the weapon.

Here’s what we know so far:

 cascade mall shooting 

Police also released this surveillance photo of the man. One eyewitness, Joe Zavala, spoke to King 5 news. He said he was sitting outside the Macy’s store when he heard about eight or nine gunshots break out. “Then I saw a man pointing a gun and shooting people,” Zavala said to the news station. “And then I got up to look a little closer and he saw me, pointed the gun, and I took off running.” He said he saw victims – including two elderly women – lying on the floor. (Washington State Patrol)

KIRO’s Gary Horcher reported during the search that someone identifying himself as the shooter has contacted police. The shooting began just after 7 p.m. inside one of the Macy’s stores in the mall, reports KOMO. The store’s directory indicates that there are two Macy’s stores in the mall. KIRO’s Maria Guerrero reports that the shooting didn’t take place at the Macy’s home store.

The female victims were shot dead at Macy’s make-up desk. Authorities say that the suspect cased the area before going back out to get a gun. KING 5’s Chris Ingalls reports that the weapon is thought to have been a .22 caliber hunting rifle.

2. The Gunman Allegedly Called Out a Woman’s Name Before Opening Fire 

 Brandi Montreuil Cascade Mall 

Washington State Patrol Sgt. Mark Francis told the media that he couldn’t comment on reports that the gunman had called out a woman’s name before opening fire, according to Q13 Fox. The gunman was armed with what appeared to be a hunting rifle.

At press conference, Mount Vernon police Lt. Chris Cammock said, “I don’t know what his motivations were. I don’t know what his motivations were to do this. I don’t know what his motivations were to continue. I don’t know what his motivations were to stop.”

3. One of the Victims Has Been Named as a 16-Year-Old Cancer Survivor

 (Twitter/Brandi Montreuil)

The Seattle Times reports that one of the victims has been named as 16-year-old cancer survivor Sarai Lara. She was a student at Mount Vernon High School.

Another of the victims has preliminarily been named as 52-year-old Shayla Martin who worked at the make-up desk in the Macy’s store.

4. The FBI Says No Additional Attacks Are Expected in the Area

Cascade Mall Shooting
  Cascade Mall)

In a tweet, the FBI’s Seattle office said they are assisting the investigation and that they have no information “to suggest additional attacks.” ATF officials are also aiding the Washington State Patrol in the search for answers.

Governor Jay Inslee issued the following statement:

    Tragedy has struck in Washington tonight. Our hearts are in Burlington where a shooter has taken the lives of at least four people.

    Many questions remain but our state patrol and local law enforcement are on the scene working swiftly to locate the shooter and clear the area.
    Trudi and I send our condolences to the families of the victims and prayers for anyone injured. We urge residents to heed all safety and detour warnings.

    Stay close to your friends and loved ones as we await more information and, hopefully, news of the suspect’s capture.

While Burlington Mayor Steve Sexton said, “I know our main support goes with them to help them the long arm of the law to bring the son of a bitch to justice who did this to our community.”

5. This Is the Sixth Mass Shooting in Washington in 2016
Washington State Patrol Cascade Mall 


According to the Gun Violence Archive, this is the sixth mass shooting — meaning an incident with at least four victims — in 2016 in Washington. The last was in July 2016 when Allen Ivanov was accused of shooting three people dead at a college party in the town of Mukilteo.

Authorities say that Ivanov, 19, fled the scene of the shooting in Mukilteo, about 25 miles north of Seattle. He was arrested more than 100 miles away in Lewis County. There were around 20 people in the home at the time of the attack.

Ivanov had just broken up with one of the victims in the shooting, according to Susan Gemmer, the grandmother to one of the attendees of the party, who was speaking to Q13 Fox. The station reports that Ivanov is thought to have shot two people at a fire pit in the backyard before going into the home to continue shooting. Ted Land with KING5 reports that the suspect had been on the roof firing at people as they tried to flee.

Other departments, including the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Patrol, are assisting the Mukilteo Police Department with the investigation, reports KIRO. When asked about a motive, Travis said, “We’re gathering all our evidence to determine how it happened, why it occurred,” Travis said. “Anytime you have such a massive crime scene (and) significant witnesses, there’s a lot of evidence to examine

The Muslim targeted women -uncovered women — in Macy*s, in the cosmetic department and he was shouting. They don’t tell us what he was shouting but we already know, don’t we? He killed four women and one man. Take bets the enemedia blames:
1) sudden mental illness
2) sudden lone wolf
3) bad immigrant experience
4) islamophobes
Or Donald Trump.
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ByPamela Geller on September 24, 2016
ByPamela Geller on September 24, 2016