Thursday, January 26, 2017

14 Arrested For Welfare Fraud Worth $16 Million – Their Names Will Enrage You!

We’ve witnessed how big of a problem the welfare fraud is to Americans, since part of their tax money goes straight to this organization. However, it seems that Liberals are doing everything they can to hide this from the public.
In 2014, Food Stamp benefits were given by around 46.5 million Americans, each of them receiving an average of $125.35 per month. This is meant to help people in need, but there have been noticed many cases in which recipients were trading in their cards for cash.
The government has taken actions against this kind of fraud, by passing a rule that requires SNAP recipients to contact the state when there have been an excessive amount of requests for EBT card replacements in a year, which would mean that there has been an exchange SNAP cards for money or other payment methods.
Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to fix all the problems with the already abused system, causing millions of dollars worth of damage.
It has been recently reported that fourteen people were arrested for committing a $16 million worth food stamp fraud.
“More than a dozen retail store operators in and around Baltimore have been charged in connection to a huge food stamp and wire fraud scheme. The indictments allege the retailers received more than $16 million in federal payments for transactions in which they did not provide any food, a fraud scheme commonly known as “food stamp trafficking.” As a result these transactions, they allegedly obtained more than $16,482,270 in EBT deposits for transactions in which food sales never occurred or were substantially inflated and split the proceeds with food stamp recipients”.
Here are some of the names of the defendants:
Walayat Khan, 36, of Reisterstown
Shaheen Tasewar Hussain, 60, of Ellicott City
Mulazam Hussain, 54, of Windsor Mill
Mahmood Hussain Shah, 57, of Catonsville
Muhammad Rafiq, 58, of Reisterstown
Mohammad Shafiq, 50, of Gwynn Oak, Maryland; and his daughter,
Alia Shaheen, 24, of Baltimore
Mohammad Irfan, 59, of Nottingham
Muhammad Sarmad, 40, of Nottingham
Kassem Mohammad Hafeed, a/k/a Kassam Mohammad Hafeed, 51, of Baltimore
There is a quite noticeable pattern. Ten of the fourteen arrested are Muslim, which cannot be a coincidence. So, yes, they stole the money, but it poses the question – where did those millions go? Perhaps in some terrorist organization?
The trend of exchanging the benefits for cash must be stopped immediately. This creates no-strings-attached money which is worth less – food stamp benefits are sold for between 50-70 cents on the dollar. So, to prevent this and to disable Muslims from taking our tax money and spend it on terrorist attacks, the government can just pay the welfare benefits in cash, only 30% less.

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