Wednesday, January 26, 2011

IF THE EPA WAS here in 1865 America would still be a third world country - broke with no JOBS.

This was a post by Gerald4 on the Huffington site and then potsed by Lock Piatt in Song of Truth.

The EPA rules and regulation's mere the main factors that destroyed the jobs that used to pay decent wages for a decent days work in the Steel Belt (Rust Belt)!

Why did all of the Copper smelters close in Northern Michigan? EPA

Why did all of the Paper Mills close everywhere in the USA? EPA

Why did all of the Steel Mills close in Pittsburg? EPA

Why did the computer chip manufactur¬ing plants close in the USA? EPA

When the EPA's proposed "Cap and Trade" is passed by the US congress, our remaining petrochemi¬cal industries will relocate to foreign countries and then they will fire most all of their thousands of employees as they close down their refinery businesses in the USA.

If the EPA had been created in 1865, the USA would be a third world country of unemployed beggars today, or maybe a part of Germany or Japan.

If the US economy implodes, the USA will probably resemble India, Mexico, China, etc., as these countries were in the decades before they industrial-ized. I do not believe that any of these foreign countries will help the US citizens if we are in distress.

Almost all products are made with steel, aluminum, plastics, lead, copper, lumber, paper, gasoline, diesel fuel, electricit¬y, and other products that pollute or destroy the environmen¬t as they are produced. I cannot think of any product that is manufactur¬ed using any processes that do not pollute the environmen¬t. Can you think of any?”

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Obamacare Fallacy

American people are torn between the reality they know and the hope of change that promises a fairytale world. In the real world nothing is free. In the world of maidens being rescued from fire breathing dragons by princes with universal healthcare, there just might be.

All insurance programs depend on one thing; the number of people paying into the system is greater than those drawing on its resources. It is based on simple math that anyone should be able figure out, even though our schools are not doing too well with teaching math. The only way Obama’s healthcare program has any hope of working at all is if ever person pays into the system from birth. The way it is now the healthy ones can opt out of the system by paying a minor penalty. The result cannot be anything else but bankruptcy. Deposits of one dollar and withdraws $100.00 will result in a negative balance or subsidizing the account with taxpayer’s money; you know, redistribution of assets and that is not sustainable for long.

Since our courts have ruled demands for mandatory participation is unconstitutional and without it the program cannot work, this bill has to be repealed now and a new start for an improved system allowing cross state participation and competition, reformed tort system, and improved record keeping and communication.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Return to Capitalistic Entrepreneurism is Way Overdue

It is time we push our governments (from federal to state to local) to lift the restrictions on exploiting all our available resources and stop trying to artificially create an economy. A Mass. 'Clean Energy' Plant is closing after $58 million in state aid. Evergreen Solar calls itself a victim of weak demand and competition from cheaper suppliers in China. A major reason for low demand is that business and individuals realize that switching to solar energy is a huge investment (that may or may not be pay off) and not a prudent move in an uncertain economy. Unemployment hovering around 10%, prices constantly going up (due largely to cost of oil being pushed up by OPEC), and a financial system constantly being manipulated by the government and the chosen few (favored by the government) are not conditions for investment in anything but the bare necessities.

Evergreen Solar is not an isolated case. Every time a government meddles with business the economic deteriorates. A robust economy works best in a supply and demand environment, not with artificial stimulants. We watched a huge experiment that spanned half the world, took forty years, made millions of people miserable, killed countless number of people, and in the end failed. How many times and ways will people keep banking their heads against the wall before they realize that all they are accomplishing is a massive headache?

While we develop new sources of energy (and new means of using it) we need to exploit the resources that are readily available. This will lower the price of energy and provide the profits to invest in research and development to get to where we need to be. Restricting our economy only makes it harder and eventually impossible to achieve our goals. We need to be smart about it and not deny the opportunity to succeed. Success will come via ingenuity by individuals free to experiment, try, fail, and succeed.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The National Education Association of the United States and the Federal Department of Education must go

The National Education Association of the United States and the Democrat Party has announced its true intention without any masking. They have told us blatantly, it is control over the lives of future generations, even more so than they already have. We have been told that they intend to do the same thing that Hitler did by instituting his Hitler Youth movement and the Pioneers of the Soviet Union.

While Obama’s children are attending a private school, this administration ended the voucher program for all other children in DC. While the public schools are not good enough for their children, they have denied a better education for children of middle and low income families. They are determined to brainwash our children with Marxist propaganda, something they can’t do to the kids attending schools that concentrate on basic education; math, science, literature, and true history.

What has single-payer socialized medicine, immigration “reform”, a Cesar Chavez national holiday, special rights on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, special rights on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, abortion on demand, affirmative action, repeal of right to world laws, got to do with basic education? Nothing but these and many other things that have nothing to with education are all part of the agenda of the NEA of US.

Their goal is to prepare our children for a social paradise and a Marxist dictatorship. We must resist their efforts of enslaving future citizens of this once great country. The NEA must be declared a subversive organization with the intent of destruction of America as we know it.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Sharia Law vs. Our Constitution

America is the envy of the world. For the past hundred years we have been the most prosperous, moat powerful, and most generous country the world has ever known. America is the country where ingenuity and initiative is possible. America is the nation that has brought most of the innovations that the world has benefitted from. The ability to achieve this height of prosperity, protect the world from despots (like Hitler), and be the most generous nation ever, is made possible by one document, our Constitution. This single document is the corner stone of freedom and liberty.

Sharia Law is to Islam what our Constitution to America. Sharia Law is a collection of edicts hanging on to a 7th century mentality of “might makes right” that denies individual freedom, denies liberty, and imposes draconian punishment that does not fit the (supposed) crime. If America was founded on Sharia Law it would be a totally different country. We would be ruled by uneducated men that would have stifled any and all scientific and social progress. Most of the citizens would be pore, many enslaved, and under yoke of oppression. Since Sharia Law does not allow individual thought especially questioning any aspect of Islam, most of us would be living as serfs. Since Islam puts women in the category of beasts of burden without the right for a formal education there would be no women doctors. Without women doctors women would not be afforded medical attention since an unrelated man can not touch or even look at a woman. How many families can say they have a doctor in the family?

It is the goal of Islam to rule the world under a World Caliphate. Practicing Muslims in America want Sharia Law to replace our Constitution. Replacing our Constitution with Sharia Law will be a disaster not only for America but for the whole world. Instead of more text books about Islam, our schools should be concentrating on teaching the virtues of living in a land of liberty and individual freedom. A land where the heights one can reach are dependent on one’s ability, determination, and willingness to work hard; not by circumstances of birth or the whims of self proclaimed messengers of God.

How Much Campaigning is Too Much?

This president spews more bovine excrement than a carnie hustler. This man has spent the majority of his political stint campaigning. In Illinois he voted “present” most o f the time. Perhaps he did not spend any time on the issues since he was planning his run for the US Senate. Once he got to the US Senate, he immediately started to campaign for his run for the Presidency.

Because the path he wants to lead this country is so incredibly wrong, he has to constantly try to convince us to go along with him. When he stops bloviating and we get to analyze the issues critically, we realize how wrong he is. This past election is evidence that the people are not convinced that his way is the right path for our country. His campaigning did not help his socialist/Marxist cause.

Get ready for the snake oil salesman selling his poison. I am sure his campaign for the virtues (sic) of a socialist paradise will be hard, loud, and even threatening. Even though the Democrats, with a total majority in both houses, completely ignored Republicans, their campaign will center on compromise and bipartisan cooperation. When they had all the power their slogan as “we won you lost” so shut up. Now they will try to convince the people that to compromise is a moral virtue. Like hell it is. This country is an ideological struggle between what made this country great and what made so many miserable in countries around the world. Their way enslaved millions; behind the Iron Curtain of the Soviet Socialist Union, China, Cuba, and others. Let’s hope that he won’t be able to fool all of the people all of the time.