Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Climate Change Regulations to Reduce American Farmland

Continuing the rush to lower our quality of life, our government wants to reduce the acreage devoted to edible crops. They want the farmers to plant forests. This could potentially double the cost of domestic produce. Naturally this would cause a rise in the cost of imported produce. This farmland may be lost forever. The federal government is constantly claiming more and more land, creating national reserves. This eliminates the land from farming or other commercial use.

Who would benefit from this? Some farmers might benefit slightly from higher prices. These would primarily be the large corporate farms while the small farmer would be put out of business. Foreign produce importer’s profits would rise substantially. By raising the cost of living in America more people would be put on welfare locking in more votes for the socialists, who will also benefit while capitalism loses big.

Americans will be the losers as the socialist in Washington continue to take over. They are not satisfied with owning most financial institutes and all but one car manufacture. They are limiting the land that Americans own or use.

We must put a stop this. Vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work to elect them.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Real Purpose Of The Global Warming Conference

This is an excerpt from a statement by The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley in Copenhagen. (Emphasizes by me).

“Today the gloves came off and the true purpose of the “global warming” scare became nakedly visible. Ugo Chavez, the Socialist president of Venezuela, blamed “global warming” on capitalism – and received a standing ovation from very nearly all of the delegates, lamentably including those from those of the capitalist nations of the West that are on the far Left – and that means too many of them.

Previously Robert Mugabe, dictator of Rhodesia, who had refused to leave office when he had been soundly defeated in a recent election, had also won plaudits at the conference for saying that the West ought to pay him plenty of money in reparation of our supposed climate debt.”

It’s all about redistributing the wealth of the West (primarily United States) to the socialist despots of the world. Obama is one of the leaders of this socialist movement that wants to decimate America. Is there any doubt about the goals of Obama’s administration?

We can not allow Obama and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid to continue to rip up our Constitution and destroy America. We must take responsibility for who runs this country. Vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work with determination to replace the socialists in power.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Changing America’s History to Degrade This Nation

Grabbing control of all communication has been the method of every despot in the attempt to enslave a population throughout history. We have witnessed this administration’s attempt to mix socialist propaganda into our schools curriculum. Now, with the help of globalist’s desire to degrade and decimate this country, we see how far they have come. BBC, the Discovery Chanel, and Hollywood are tarnishing the reputation and motives of our founding fathers. They are describing them as ruthless slave owners and greedy capitalists enriching themselves at the expense of other people. They are being useful idiots of despots eager to destroy America. This is a different form of terrorism but it can accomplish the same end as other forms happening throught the world. It is designed to kill the spirit and energy of the people.

The formula for governing by our founders has created the most prosperous nation with freedom and liberty for all our citizens. It took until the early nineteen hundreds but that goal has been achieved. No other country has with the innovation, products, and means to raise the standard of living given more to the world. No other country has liberated as many people as America. No other country has provided the amount of aid for natural and man made disasters as America. No other country has sacrificed as much in property and life as America and never demanded more land than required to bury those that made the ultimate sacrifice for others. No other country has been looked up to and also envied as much as America.

Now the very people, who owe their liberty to America, are trying to rob, destroy, and control to it. They are being aided and abetted by our own leaders who are ready to destroy our sovereignty.

We must not be deterred from protecting our freedom and liberty. We must take responsibility for who governs our great nation. It is up to us to vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and dedicate all our resources to get them elected.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Is America Heading Towards Soviet Style Socialism

In 1776, Americans conceived a government of the people by the people where the power is from the bottom up. Up to this time, the power in all nations was from top down where a few ruled and the rest had to go along. The people were totally dependent on the rulers and had no say. Not all people were given equal opportunity at first. It took a revolution, a civil war, and much struggle but by the beginning of the twentieth century, all Americans had equal rights and responsibility for their government, regardless of economic status, religion, origin, or gender.

For several decades, a movement by few has been slowly chipping away at the rights of the individual and placing more power in the federal government. Now, we have reached a point where this transfer of individual liberty to central government control has reached an unprecedented point in our history. The people who are robbing us of our freedom and caused chaos in our economy have taken control of two thirds of our automobile industry, are in almost complete control of the financial corporations, and now trying to take control of our healthcare industry. From who will get what care, to where medical providers can practice, to who can enter the medical profession is in danger of being in the hands of a few. The current health care “reform” bill will eventually run once privately own insurance companies, that is those that will not be driven out of business. This bill is not about healthcare. It is about controlling more of our lives.

The many Tea Party rallies have shown that the people do not want the government to control our lives. The legislators in Washington, the administration, and the many overseers (Czars) appointed by Obama, do not care what the people want.

They are determined to turn our country into a Soviet Style Socialist state. As it becomes more apparent that Americans don’t want this bill, those in power are turning up the pressure to get it passed. They will disguise provisions of the bill, lie any lie, threaten legislators, make any promise to get this monstrosity passed. They are that hungry for complete power over the lives of Americans.

The bill is so large and the wording so convoluted to fully to disguise the bill’s affect, that it is almost impossible to digest it. They say it will cover more people at lower costs with more services, impossible and they know it. Legislators are promised hundreds of millions of dollars for their state. Every dollar will have a hook, a provision that in the end will cost the states money and lose sovereignty. They are using terror tactics to bully our representatives into submission with threats of closing military sites and denying other aid. Behind the carrot, there is a big stick.

The people have let the government know what we want and don’t want. The government is ignoring us. We have to put the same effort we put into demonstrating our point, into making a change in Washington. If we do not stop this absurd move towards a Soviet Style Socialist state now, the nation will suffer greatly. I implore you all to vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and work to elect them with the same dedication as our founders had when they formed this grate nation. If we don’t take responsibility for our future, people who are trashing our Constitution will control our future.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Globalization: A De Facto World Government

America is in danger of losing its sovereignty to left-wing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) as described in an article by Cliff Kincade in Accuracy In Media. His article The Secret Plan to Pass a Global Tax, details what has been happening for years now.

Max Lawson of the foreign aid group Oxfam, writes the global Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) is "an idea whose time has come," Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) were established by the United Nations to force the United States and other Western Nations to pay 0.7% of their Gross National Product (GDP) as foreign aid to designated countries. The agencies created to handle this dole will probably double the cost.

This to be administrated by UN officials. That thought brings back memories of the food for oil program (in Iraq) that lined the pockets of individuals and governments. A scandal that was swept under the rug, no one was punished.

Senator (at the time) Obama introduced the Global Poverty Act that would mandate U.S. to comply with MDGs to the tune of $845 billion.

Re-distribution of wealth was a major part of Obama’s presidential campaign. I wonder if those that voted for him were aware that they will be supporting world a populations. Obama is willing to go along with those that want to put us under foreign control. Didn’t we say NO to that back in 1776?

Read the reviling article The Secret Plan to Pass a Global Tax. This is political terrorism.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Socialization of America Continues

On December 11th 2009 the House passed a bill giving the Federal Government even more control of America’s financial institutions and take away state rights to regulate banks and other financial houses by a vote of 223 to 202.

New powers would give the federal government the right to break up what the government decides are big risky companies or for whatever reason they decide. It also would create a consumer agency to police lenders expanding the “Big Brother” form of government.

Democrat leaders were also seeking to revive legislation that would let bankruptcy judges rewrite mortgages to lower homeowners' monthly payments. How totalitarian is this? This is a warning to all businesses. If a business sells an item on credit, and then the buyer is not able to make the payments, will the government reduce the price to a more “affordable” price tag?

The legislation would govern the simplest payday loan and the most complicated high-finance trades. The measure seeks to impose restrictions on every house of finance, from two-teller neighborhood thrifts to huge interconnected conglomerates. This will increase the cost of every financial transaction substantially and will be paid by all taxpayers. It will probably be a hidden tax, such as a “fee” imposed on the financial institution. In any event we all will end up paying more and getting less.

Is there any doubt where the Obama administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid is taking this country? We must not allow their plan continue to rob us of our liberties. We have a weapon to fight back, the vote. Replace all those dismantling our constitution. Vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to elect them.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Right Candidates Will Save America

It is up to us to find and elect the right candidates.

The right candidate comes out of the real world that most Americans live in. They are knowledgeable of American history, our Constitution, historical failure of socialism, and the dangers presented by our enemies both from within our country and foreign. Their career objective is not a political career but are willing to take time out from their lives to devote time and energy to the preservation of this great nation. Their resume must include more then a lifetime of running for office. They must exhibit the same characteristics of our founders; business people, professionals, scientists, and warriors with a desire to serve the public good but not dictate to the public. Small government must be their goal and appose government control of health care and other businesses. They must recognize the threat of terrorism. They must exhibit common sense, be willing and able to implement action to reduce our national debt and get this country back on sound footing.

There are two things needed to cut into the debt that our federal government has encumbered us with. First, stop distributing wealth by stealing from those who have earned it and reverse current efforts of economic stimulation. We need to down size governments at all levels to minimize the cost of governance, thereby reducing required revenue and taxes.

At the same time we must encourage entrepreneurism by scrapping Cap ‘n’ Trade, commit to energy independence by supporting wind farms, solar and nuclear generated electricity, harvest domestic oil and natural gas deposits, and better balance echo preservation with the needs of the people.

In addition, government grants must be minimized and replaced by competitive biding to develop new and innovative products such as engines for cars and planes, better building materials, and non-draconian methods to preserve our environment.

Reducing taxes and down sizing government will create a revenue surplus to be used for the reduction of our national debt and create a man-made and natural disaster fund.

Yes, it is possible to accomplish great things if we dedicate our selves to preserving this great nation. Vet new candidates, pick the right ones, and make sure they are elected.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Rejecting World Rule By European Elite

1776 was the beginning of liberating the masses from rule by a few privileged Europeans. Americans rejected the concept that only a select few had the wisdom to control individual’s lives and destiny in favor of a system that grants individual liberty and freedom for all citizens.

This concept, based on self-reliance, personal responsibility, and individual dignity, went against accepted governing at the time. It was a move away from the rule of kings, potentates, self-proclaimed messengers of a god and might makes right to a rule of the people by the people. Very few people at the time thought that it was a viable concept of government. However, they were stubborn visionaries who managed to convince enough people to sacrifice personal property, liberty, and life to fight for the rights of the individual to property, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. With many bumps along the way, a long struggle ensued that lasted for over a hundred years before their goal was achieved. By the early twentieth century all American citizens without regard to religion, race, or gender, officially achieved control of their own lives.

This concept of self-government produced innovations in production, science, medicine, human rights, and the arts, history has ever known. This nation became the most productive prosperous nation and with the highest individual quality of life on earth. With varying degrees of success, many nations strived to emulate our government of self-rule while others so envied us, they were determined to destroy and dominate us. It turned out that we were stronger then them and persevered.

Today there are some who still envy us so that they are determined to rob us of our sovereignty. They have designed a scheme to bring us back to a rule by a few European elite, self-proclaimed leaders of the world. They claim that our success is proof of imperialism and that it is denying success to the rest of the world. Even though we have liberated so many from totalitarian dictatorships at the cost of many American lives, provided more aid to people suffering from natural and man made disasters than any other nation, and have never demanded more land than required to bury our own who perished in this effort, they still want to rob us of our prosperity and liberty.

The most disturbing are those Americans who for personal gain are in collaboration with these self-proclaimed saviors of the world. Under the guise of Global Warming or Climate Change or some other made up non-existing pending calamity, we are facing the plunder of the results of our effort of hard work. Our president and congressional leadership of Pelosi and Reid are plotting to hand over our sovereignty to a World Court and other World Organizations conceived by envious European elite. 234 years ago we rejected foreign rule. After all the good this nation accomplished, with the many great sacrifices by so many Americans, are we going let Obama and his minions demolish this the greatest nation with the best form of government? Are we going to allow the distribution of our hard earned prosperity to corrupt leaders of other nations or will we do everything in our power to keep our nation free and independent of world rule?

Throughout the years, America has been the shining beacon of liberty for the world. Past generations have worked hard to provide future generations with the same opportunity for success they have. Are we going to destroy those past sacrifices? Will we allow our future generations to suffer the yoke of foreign rule, the yoke that our founders gave property and life for the have removed? Or will we renew that spirit of 1776 that brought forth on this world a new form of government of the people and by the people? I say we fight to preserve our freedom. I say help vet new candidates and pick the right ones to replace the scoundrels now in charge. We can make a difference if we put our minds to it and our backs into it. Register people to vote, walk precincts, work the phone banks, and take people to the polls.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Was It Terrorism At Fort Hood?

The administration, Pentagon, Legislators, News Outlets, and the average person on the street seems to be looking for an excuse to not call the recent evens at Fort Hood a terrorist act. So few are willing to make the hard call, that this was a terrorist act.

Some are hesitant to say the truth because they don’t want to admit they were wrong in their analysis of Islam. Others just find it easier to stick their head in a hole and refuse to face this huge threat.

Then there are those that are aiding and abiding Islam’s war on the west. Even though the Fort Hood massacre is just one of many such cases, they keep saying that since there is no link to Al-Qaida or any other terrorist group, these are just acts of mentally disturbed individuals. I beg to differ.

There is a connection to a terrorist group; a group that started over 1400 years ago and commands its followers to kill the infidels wherever they find them. Just as the fanatic followers of Mao Tze Tung used Mao’s Little Red Book, these followers have a detailed manual of operations. It is the Koran.

The followers of the Koran pray five times a day for the destruction of the Western Way of life. Five times a day they reassure themselves that non-Muslims are less then humans, have no right to property, liberty, or life. Five times a day they reinforce the belief that women are property to be used, abused, and discarded at will. Five times a day they recite that Allah commands them to subjugate or kill the non-believers. Five times a day they reaffirm their superiority over non-Muslims.

Muslims assure each other of the need to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law. They discuss how we are insulting them by not going the way of Islam. Their leaders whether in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Great Britain, France, Germany, America, or other parts of the world ferment their dissatisfaction living among Infidels and having to adhere to Infidel’s ways and Infidel’s laws. They are coerced into believing the world they live in is mocking them. To them this is an insult that needs avenging. They begin to perceive an unbearable pressure by the Infidels around them to change their ways. They then take action that they feel is defending Islam. That action eventually becomes the murder of innocents. Innocents by any measure of enlightened thinking except the Muslim mind.

Whether the action is by political groups or individuals, the action is spurned by a primitive rage to eliminate those who refuse to submit to a seventh century mentality of rule. They all subscribe and are members of one club. Their guide is the Koran and their way is violence. They all are acting in concert with each other to destroy the enlightened world and plunge us into the seventh century world of might makes right, of slavery, ignorance, and misery.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Current Sacramento Legislators Don’t Get It

Their solution to the water crisis in California is too spend more money, money which Californians do not have now and if current trends continue will not have in the future. Sacramento legislators are working on two bills. One, which is to outline what will be done and the other a bond measure indebting Californians to $9.4 billion. Assessing past cost estimates, the actual cost of the project will be much higher, could be three times the $9.4 billion.

I started to read the bill today. It begins with pages and pages of acquiescing to existing environmental restrictions that inhibit the economic growth of California. Then it goes into more legal gobbledygook of creating this and that. To me, this is not encouraging at all. California does not have the luxury of time to implement the restoral of irrigation water to the farmers of the central valley.

Several weeks ago, a rally was held in Fresno in support of the farmers and farm workers. Only one news outlet even mentioned it to any degree. Where are the legislators? They are supposed to be working for the people, not special interests that feed their campaign coffers. On a trip to Walnut Creek, last weekend, I witnessed the dustbowl in the central valley. As I observed dried up fields that a few years ago were growing the fruits and vegetables for the tables of America, a small sign pointed out the plight. It expressed the frustration of a people under the thumb of a government that cares more for non-indigenes fish and snails then that of the welfare of its citizens.

It appears that Sacramento, in lock step with the federal government, is dead set on exporting our economy to other countries and reducing our living standards to that of third world states. Since the governor and legislature of California do not intend to do the people’s will, the people need to make some big changes. We must take advantage of every opportunity to replace our office holders with those who will govern for the benefit of all the people and not selected special interest groups. We need to have dedicated public servants and not career politicians, who are mostly interested in staying in power, running our state.

California must become business friendly in order to resurrect its ailing economy, otherwise it will end up likes its southern neighbor, with no middle class, a few rich living in compounds, and a huge dissatisfied and angry class of poor.

California needs to put people first. Open the locks to irrigate our farmlands, harvest our rich source of oil, build refineries, construct nuclear power plants, erect more windmills, and utilize solar power.

Do not waste the opportunity to vet new and dedicated public servants. Encourage your family, friends, and associates to carefully select candidates and work hard to elect the right ones. It is time to dedicate ourselves and make some sacrifices.

Friday, October 30, 2009

At Times There Is No Other Hand

One’s principals as traditions need to be re-examined and re-evaluated now and then. In many if not most, parts of the world it was considered impolite not to welcome a stranger into your home, provide sustenance and rest. A suspicion about new comers and strangers was considered backward thinking. The welcome matt was lying proudly in front of the door. Now it is more prudent to be cautious when a stranger appears at the door.

As people moved from rural areas into cities, it became essential to implement new laws of behavior, regulations affecting individual actions, and community living. Living in a house miles away from neighbors, it made no difference how much debris one had in their front yard. It affected no one but the homeowner. Try to do that in populated housing community now, one would be cited and forced to clean up the area. Such rules became common in our cities and accepted as just. Living in an apartment house, we are required to comply with rules of courtesy such as making noise. We comply to be good neighbors. But at times these rules, imposed by self appointed directors of sensibility, can be carried too far. Quite often, we hear of situations such as people being threatened with eviction for displaying the American flag, displaying political views in yards or windows, and having decals on one’s cars.

The fast held beliefs of yesteryear need to be amended to meet challenges of the present and future. There is little danger to a community if a person living on the prairie shoots a gun into the air. The same cannot be said about doing that in a crowded city. This does not necessitate denying gun ownership, just abiding by sensible rules. In a city where people depend upon each other more, it is not egregious to impose taxes that will pay for streets, public transportation, and other requirements for a well functioning city. Rules of behavior must include acceptance of others as long as they pose no danger to the community. These rules should not impede one’s prerogatives or ability to pursue a livelihood or happiness as long as these do not harm others.

So it is with politics. As the world changes around us some political standards need change. This does not mean abandoning ideals or standards that have served this nation well. Throughout most of the 1800’s, slavery was accepted as normal. That was changed and is now against the law. It was recognized at the beginning of the 20th century that denying women the vote was not right and now women have an equal opportunity to vote as do all lawfull citizens, regardless of race, religion, color, or origin.

All this is good but when some decide to implement laws that change the fabric of what this nation was based on, self reliance, individual freedom, and guaranteed opportunity to succeed, we have to realize that not all change is necessary nor for the general good. It is especially dangerous when people claim to have certain views when their actual inclinations are the opposite. These “fifth column” types infiltrate organizations to attain power in order to implement agendas that are the opposite of the organization. Some in the organization are willing to support them hoping for self advancement within the group. This brings me to the subject of compromising one’s principals. Just as Tevye, from The Fiddler On the Roof, realized that there are times when one can consider “on the other hand”, that at times there is no other hand, we must realize that at times compromise is not an option. That time is here and now. Conservative Republicans must stand for our principals and the United States Constitution. In these times of pending danger to our way of life we must not go along to get along. Just because a candidate states he/she is a true Republican and has the ability to be elected is not a reason for us to support their candidacy. A socialist who claims to be a Republican will push us further into a way of life that will stifle the human soul, stagnate economic growth, and denigrate the past and current sacrifices by many. It is time for us to vet candidates that will promote the aspirations of our founders. We must work with dedication and willingness to sacrifice and elect the right ones. We can not afford to sit on the side lines and hope that others will do the work for us.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Don’t give up the fight

Well, I have been waiting for some one to answer my question. What were the “childish” and “mean” things said at the Tea Parties and what was so egregious about them? No one has stepped up to the plate.

Some one is trying to put a monkey wrench into the movement. It could be the Democrats, Ron Paul-ers (can’t infiltrate as they would like), or the old guard of the Republican Party seeing that they may be losing their grip on the party.

Who is doing this makes no difference. The Tea Parties have energized the country to stand up against the National Socialists running America. It is the most visible and motivating movement in recent times. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Please continue to rally at the Tea Parties. They have made a big difference in the mood in congress. The people are making noise and even though Washington keeps saying we don’t exist, they are paying attention. We must keep the pressure on them. They need to be aware that after the next election they may be looking for work in the private sector.

Let’s not give up the fight.

Friday, October 23, 2009

More Shenanigans By Congress With Our Healthcare

Pelosi and Reid do not see the votes for a public option in the healthcare bill. Their latest scheme is to give the states the option to for a state healthcare. They hope that this will get some Democrats to go along with the bill. This may be a temporary set back for socializing America but it is still a step towards it.

First of all, who will pay for the a state run healthcare system? We have seen two states create a state run healthcare system. One state just gave up on it since it could not sustain itself. An other state is swimming in huge cost overruns and is in very deep economic trouble. Pelosi and Reid know that this will be the situation in any other state and give the federal government a reason to step in and take it over. This method may even be a faster way to implement a national one payer healthcare system. In any event, the feds will be in a position take over the healthcare on the grounds that “this is too big to allow to fail”. We have seen that scenario before.

When you contact your representatives in Washington, don’t forget to let them know that you are against an option for the states to have a state run healthcare system. Your state will run into huge deficits that only a large state tax increase or a federal takeover can rescue (ha, ha). It is not enough to keep the public option out of the bill. Individual states must stay away from providing more welfare.

The one thing that will help lower healthcare cost is to bring more competition into the healthcare insurance business. We need to eliminate in state insurance monopolies. By allowing across state competition, insurance rates will fall dramatically. We can see how competition keeps lower prices of gas when there are four stations on busy corner verses where there is only one.

Attorneys are the main benefactors of medical law suits. By limiting the amount of punitive damages and the amount attorneys can make beyond reasonable expenses, medical insurance costs will be decreased.

We can have healthcare reform without going socialist. This will be accomplished if we vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to replace the socialist minded elite office holders running this country now.

Corresponding with David Part I

Recently a Brit who spent a lot of time in Czechoslovakia during communist rule contacted me. He worked for a confectionery company. We decided to correspond about his time in Czechoslovakia. Below is an excerpt from his latest email.

When first visiting the various confectionery factories I was always bemused by the usually fat ladies, in uniform, wearing a gun belt and holster - and with gun of course - standing guard outside every factory. These people were members of the People's Militia - staunch communists all.

I am sharing this with you to bring out something that our president wants to institute. In Czechoslovakia, they called it the People’s Militia. Obama will call it the National Civilian Security Force. Regardless of what they are called, one purpose is to spy on citizens and all visitors. Their accusations could put a person in position of having to prove loyalty to the regime. This could involve days of incarceration and interrogation.

David continues “in the early days if I visited a factory I always had to be accompanied by two 'special' people. One of these was a representative of the trade union, and the other was from the police.” You may wonder why it is necessary monitor a visitor to a chocolate factory. It has nothing to do with security. Socialist regimes instill mistrust in the people of everyone by placing spies in the general populous. One can not be sure that the neighbor is not going to hear something that may be construed as anti-state, even an innocent comment or joke. That comment could lead to a lot of interrogation, loss of job, and even incarceration. When there is mistrust, it is harder for state opposition groups to form.

I am not saying that our present administration and congress is going to practice this but it sure looks like it. Their attacks on FOX news is very reminiscent Czech communist regime. We can insure that we won’t have to live in a constant state of paranoia by changing the makeup of congress. We can do this by vetting new candidates, picking the right ones (ones who are not part of the elite career rulers now in place), and working hard to elect them.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An Economic Disaster In The Making

Below is an excerpt from article in CFP by Klaus Rohrich’s explanation of Cap ‘N’ Trade.

Here’s how carbon offsets work: a company that emits carbon into the atmosphere as a by-product of its business transactions will be allocated a certain number of annual “free” carbon credits by the government. That company will be audited annually and if it were discovered that the emissions exceeded the allocation, then the company would have to purchase carbon credits (currently proposed to be valued at $40.00/ton USD) to cover the excess. If the company emitted less than allocated, it could sell its unused carbon credits on the open market for the same price.

The central driver of this new bubble will be various carbon exchanges, such as the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), the European Climate Exchange (ECX) as well as others. Entities with carbon offsets to sell will sell them on these exchanges, which in turn will sell them to companies that have run over their allocation. The justification of this scheme is that it needs to be done in the interest of lowering so-called greenhouse gases, such as carbon, in the atmosphere. But anyone conducting even the most cursory research will quickly come to realize that trading in carbon offsets will achieve no such thing.

What it will do is to significantly contribute to the growth of intrusive government bureaucracy and raise the worldwide price of virtually everything from agricultural products to zoo tickets. It will also enable liberals, Democrats and the Eurocartel to feel better about their own carbon emissions, knowing that with every carbon emission sin that is committed an offset indulgence may be purchased. It’s particularly sweet, if like Maurice Strong, one of the most rabid proponents of climate alarmism, you happen to own shares in the Chicago Climate Exchange. Or Like Al Gore, for whom climate alarmism has substantially contributed to his $100+ million growth in net worth, since losing the Presidency to George Bush in 2000.

The government has created a commodity out of thin air (pun intended). I agree with Klaus that the government is creating a bubble that when it burst will have greater impact on our economy than the dot com and housing bubbles combined.

Unjustified price hikes of the last bubbles caused economic disaster. Dot com companies were losing millions yet their stock value kept rising until investors came to their senses. Then the crash ruined many investors, even ones that were no in the dot com markets.

Huge spike in real estate prices, caused in part by imprudent lending practice, were unsustainable. These spikes continued until home ownership became unachievable for most of Americans and those that did manage to buy at super inflated prices could not continue to make the payments.

In both cases values were grossly exaggerated and people were paying for more vacuum than substance. In the case of carbon credits it is all vacuum. It is conceivable that one might have millions of dollars of vacuum. This market has to fail and take with it our economy.

If you think that Cap ‘N’ Trade is good, let me know. I will start a bag-less bag-of-air company and issue stock at $300.00 a share. You can spend a lot of money to own nothing and watch the value of your stock balloon way above your original investment until people stop buying the stock. You will have huge paper profits that can’t buy you anything.

In his article Klaus continues; This bubble is essentially driven by the Democrats and the Obama White House in collusion with the UN, having made a commitment to enact Draconian eco-legislation that will feature carbon offsets at its core.

If Cap ‘N’’ Trade is enacted, I see the dollar being devalued way below other currencies and Americans in poverty.

A change in the congress is imperative now and the administration in the next presidential election if we are to save America. With the dedication of our founders we must vet new candidates, select the right ones, and work hard to elect them. To replace the elite ruling class now in control of our country we all have to make special effort and yes sacrifices.

Donate what ever you can, work the phone banks, talk to your neighbors and associates, and walk precincts for your choice to govern this country.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Obama Czar Agrees with Mao Tze Tung, and thinks free market is NONSENSE

When someone agrees with Mao Tze Tung, we tend to ignore and discount that person. In this case, we need to pay more attention, it is very frightening. The Czar, Bloom, also said that it is all about power. Mao was a powerful communist dictator who murdered countless number of his own citizens.

We all are in danger when a member of the president’s administration agrees with such a man. There is no reason to think that an admirer of such acts would hesitate for a moment to use the same tactics.

This administration is full of people who admire our enemies and despise the principals that America was founded on. It is supported by a congress that is shutting out the opposition, physically. Locks on committee meeting rooms are being changed to keep the opposition out. Bills are being drawn by a few from the majority party and who then demand their passage without fully disclosing the bill’s details.

This is not how a democratic republic operates. It is more like a soviet politburo exercising its totalitarian control.

We must put an end to this congress’ outrageous ways. Vet new candidates, pick the right ones to replace the current batch of career elite rulers, and work super hard to move them to Washington and state legislatures.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Naive, Ignorant, or Deliberately Destroying America

It does not matter if America is destroyed due to stupidity or deliberate action. The facts are, the Obama Administration and Congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are systematically disassembling the fabric of America. Our Federal Government is exercising more and more control of the lives of Americans and abdicating American sovereignty to world powers who in most part are our enemies.

Just about every bill pending or in the process of developing in congress, is a means for further dominance of U.S. citizens and solidification Federal control. Cap ‘N’ Trade, ObamaCare, National Civilian Security Force, control of all the Financial Institutions, ownership of the car manufacturing, intimidation of the insurance industry, and attacks on non-compliant news services (from individual bloggers to large corporations) are all evidence of our eroding liberties.

Now we see the effect of this administration’s foreign policies. Russia just announced that it is developing a missile many times faster than any so far developed. This announcement was made after Obama killed the missile defense system to be set up in Poland and the Czech Republic. Obama has also canceled other missile defense systems and ordered to destroy much of our nuclear arsenal. These actions were to get cooperation from Russia to persuade Iran to stop its nuclear ambitions. Russia’s response was to announce its weapons development and more cooperation with Iran. Iran’s response to Obama’s Neville-ian response was to recant on an agreement they made just a few days ago.

The world sees America as being led by a weak, inexperienced, and easily fooled president and congressional leadership. We are no longer taken seriously. Just like in the Carter administration, other nations will ignore us and our enemy’s surrogates will attack our interests around the globe. Our enemies will not respect us. Without fear of reprisal, U.S. citizens will be at risk. There will be hostage taking, embassies taken over, and our military attacked. It happened under the Carter Administration, America was being kicked around with impunity. Ronald Reagan’s policies changed that. Iran’s Revolutionary Guard released the hostages held captive in our embassy. Kaddafi turned over airplane bombing suspects and gave up his WMD’s. The Soviet Union gave up (for the moment) its world dominance aspirations.

Today we are facing socialist slavery, world government rule, and Islamic subjugation. This administration is not only not trying to prevent these calamities, they are aiding and abiding those that wish to harm us. We have ignored one of the principals required to continue to live in freedom. We have not taken responsibility for our freedom. We have allowed others to become caretakers of our future. It is time we stand up and become self-reliant, responsible, and action orientated citizens in a free country. Let’s vet new public service minded candidates, pick the right ones, and work with the dedication of our founders to replace the current political career elite rulers of this country.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dependence on Government Creates Inability to Cope

An article in Der Spiegel describes the desperation of French workers.

Workers Describe Being Driven to Desperation What causes a wave of suicides at a company like France Telecom. Former employees describe how they were driven to desperation by changes in the corporate culture.
Photo Gallery: Worked to Death

After decades of allowing the government to coddle and furnish benefits unearned, the French worker lost the ability to cope with adversity. The French have forgotten how take care of them selves.

America was built with the spirit of individualism, self reliance, and responsibility for self. Those who took great risks to cross the Atlantic Ocean, the pioneers who settled across America to farm, ranch, and discover, and innovators of business, industry, and science did not rely on a government. They took chances, overcame failure, and created the most powerful, benevolent, and successful nation with freedom and liberty never before achieved.

For the past hundred years, this nation has been infested with those who want to reverse this march to excellence with individuals creating prosperity for all, some having more prosperity than others do. Generally, ones prosperity is and has been dependent upon individual ability, desire, and work ethic. A movement has been afoot to push individual achievement aside and create a state dependent society. This has been the way all over the world for thousands of years prior to the enlightenment of 1776 and the American Revolution, which took the rule away from potentates and created a government by the people. We can now see areas in America where second and third generation are dependent on welfare. They have lost totally the desire and ability to fend for them selves. Unions that at one time were the saviors of the working person, now have total control of their members, to such a point that the American worker has lost the option to choose.

The Obama administration and our congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid, are attempting to put the end to higher individual achievement, entrepreneurial spirit, and self-reliance. They have taken control of our major manufacturing and financial institutions. They are attempting to set up burdensome taxation via Cap ‘N’ Trade and take complete control of our healthcare system from who gets what care to who provides it.

If we allow this government to complete its task, we all will be beholding to the government for our livelihood. As with all socialist states, this governance by consumption will degrade our standard of living, create corruption and black markets, and finally will have to institute a draconian dictatorship. We will all be equally pore and miserable.

We can stop this slide into pre-constitutional progress by vetting new candidates and selecting the right ones, those with a passion for civil service but no goal towards being career politicians. Once selected we must work hard to elect them and replace the elite ruling class of politicians now in charge. We must, like our founders, dedicate our selves to reverse this slip into socialism. Gather with you friends and associates, be sure to register likeminded people, and create a workforce to walk precincts, work the phone banks, and get out the vote for your candidates.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Are Closer and Closer to a Dictatorship

For the past two years, I have been comparing the Obama campaign and now the presidency to 1930’s Germany. Many have been skeptical of my views. Today we learned that his administration forbade an insurance company to communicate its views on ObamaCare.

This is a direct affront to the first amendment of our Constitution. What is his administration going to do if the insurance company defies Obama’s command? Will they fire the officers? Will Obama prosecute the officers on some trumped up charges? Don’t look so incredulous, he has replaced corporate CEO’s already.

In addition, I have pointed out his constant degradation of America.

Did you torture yourself through his apologies for America, kiss up to the worlds worst despots, selling out Israel, and contradicting goals of supporting the right of people for self-determination speech at the U.N.? That was not the speech of a patriotic American President. That was the speech of a man who hates America and all it has stood for as the most generous nation ever.

There was no reference of how America saved the world form German Imperialism, twice, and communist domination by the Soviet Union and how America has always been the first to render aid of all kind to areas that suffered disasters. There was no mention of brutal attacks on the protesters rejecting the election results in Iran. Obama is a disgrace to humanity

Open Primaries and a Part-Time Legislature

With party registration being seven to three favoring the Democrats, the Republican vote would be diluted to the point of insignificants. The Democrats could swing the primary towards the most unelectable Republican candidate. I believe that would border on unconstitutional. Allowing Declined to State voters to participate in the primaries gives them a say and should be the way we hold primaries.

A full time legislature promotes the career politician. This creates an elite ruling class whose primary concern becomes self-promotion. The career politician develops the attitude of knowing better than the populous, a concept that our founding fathers rejected.

This rule by a few of the many is what this country ended with our declaration of independence. They wanted to get away from those that ruled according to their own needs rather then those of the people.

If we examine the make-up of politicians, we see families of career politicians, all of which live totally different lives form those that they are supposedly representing. This is made very evident by the many ballot initiatives and even more by the Tea Parties. Our officials are not fulfilling the wishes and needs of the voters.

In California we see career politicians and the rich playing potentates. This created a situation that is great for them but killed the business environment pushing companies and jobs out of the state, reducing revenues, and forcing the general population into poverty.

A part time legislature will be made up of civic-minded individuals who take time out of their daily lives to do the work of the people. They will be less concerned with making laws that perpetuate their careers and concentrate on getting the most needed work done.
We would not need term limits and be able to keep the experienced and able minded as long as they want to serve. They would be in service like the National Guard, taking a few days a year to serve but still having regular jobs living regular lives like those they represent.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Appeasing the Enemy and Betraying Allies is a Road to Disaster

Throughout history, there is evidence that appeasing your enemy guaranties the enemy’s victory. Yet so many politicians keep doing so never considering past outcome of such action.

Appeasing your enemy usually comes with selling out one or more allies. President Obama is following the path of folly by Chamberlin and others. Two countries that took the chance to align with the West are Poland and the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia).

During the debate over the America’s missile defense system for Europe, I emailed Radio Prague and other news sources in CR, lobbying for them to accept it. Assuring that America is a safer bet. This debate got quite heated in both countries and politician’s careers were on the line. In the end, both countries took a leap of faith and agreed to host the system. I say a leap of faith because both countries have been victims of betrayal before.

They both suffered terrible lose of life, destroyed infrastructure, and a ruined economy, when Western Europe, led by Britain’s Neville Chamberlain, gave into Hitler’s demands. “Peace in Our Time” became World War II.

At the end of WW II, they again were sacrificed in an attempt to appease a burgeoning enemy, the Soviet Union. Not only were they denied the reconstruction afforded to Western Europe, their new masters raped the countries of their natural resources, forced their industries to supplement the Soviet Union, and imprisoned or killed many of their citizens.

In spite of these betrayals, they aligned them self with America. After all, America has been the savior of so many in the past and the betrayals were engineered by Western Europe. They did not expect that any American president would aqueous to Russian pressure. President Obama shocked these counties and most Americans as he continues his platform of appeasement.

The irony of this move is that America gained absolutely nothing. Russia is still arming Iran and Venezuela, trying to create a puppet government in Georgia, and refuses further sanctions on Iran.

Is Obama deliberately ruining America’s reputation or is he just ignorant of history? It does not seem possible that anyone with his education could be so badly informed. His expansion of government powers to limit American’s liberties, being put into fruition by congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid, and foreign policy suggest a deliberate attempt at the destruction of America.

If the people do not replace congress with the right people in 2010 and then refute Obama in 2012, this country and the world are doomed.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Let's Not Lose Our Country

In light of the happenings of the past nine months, Nationalization of two thirds of the car industry, Cap ‘n’ Trade which gives the Federal Government the power to raise taxes willy-nilly, pending nationalization of healthcare, obvious admiration for Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez and other communist dictators by Obama, recent flowery depiction of the murderous Fidel Castro by Maxine Waters, and a host of other socialist actions taken by Obama’s Administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are clear signs that the National Socialists have taken over our country. Flying the Communist Chinese flag on the Whitehouse Lawn is just a statement of their intentions.

If we do not vet new candidates and work super hard to get them elected by working phone banks, walking precincts, and getting out the vote, we will lose this country.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Quid Pro Quo In Sacramento

Does anyone really feel deprived by not having a train ride from L A to Sacramento available? I mean deprived to the tune of $200 billion. Is it really more necessary to be able to ride this choo-choo then to balance the budget?

This project should be dumped but Governor Schwarzenegger owes his supporters a $200 billion favor. That’s right, the taxpayers of this state will be paying off Arnold’s debts, not only to build it but even more money to promote it. His promoters will get a $9 million contract to promote it. Commission staff members charged with recommending a public relations firm have advised the board to give the contract to Mercury Public Affairs at its meeting. Staff members are former Mendelsohn colleagues. Governor Schwarzenegger strategist Adam Mendelsohn and Arnold’s 2006 election manager Steve Schmidt are partners at Mercury Public Affairs.

The state is broke and revenue sources are leaving the state by the droves. We need to change the makeup of Sacramento. Vet new candidates for the state Assembly and Senate. Pick the right ones. Work like never before to get the right people elected. Work the phone banks, walk precincts, and then get out the vote.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Let’s Protect the First Amendment

Some time ago I wrote about a new position at the FCC and how the person appointed to it intends to control what is allowed on the air waves. You can find it at The Latest Re-Distribution of Wealth Scheme on my blog.

That man is Mark Lloyd, chief diversity officer of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In his book “Prologue to a Farce: Communications and Democracy in America” (University of Illinois Press) published in 2006, Lloyd constantly refers to the socialist Saul Alinsky.

Alinsky (1909-1972) was a community organizer and activist from Chicago and the author of the book, Rules for Radicals, which opens with an acknowledgment "to the very first radical ... Lucifer." As for political tactics, Alinsky said, “The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away. In this book we are concerned with how to create mass organizations to seize power and give it to the people. This means revolution."

Lloyd like his hero Alinsky is for government control of all facets of our lives. “Citizen access to popular information has been undermined by bad political decisions,” Lloyd wrote in his book. “These decisions date back to the Jacksonian Democrats’ refusal to allow the Post Office to continue to operate the telegraph service.” This man is not interested in the unbiased distribution of information. He is a shrewd apparatchik planning to help establish a National Socialist style dictatorship in the US.

Ever since the take over of congress by the left, they have worked to create a socialist dictatorship. The Obama administration has set up a branch of the government that reports directly to the president to control the country. Congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are working to implement laws to cement a form of government totally alien to our Constitution. Controlling the nation’s communications is the most important part of any attempt to control a nation. It allows the government to squelch any and all dissent or opposition to a totalitarian state. That is exactly what our leaders are working on.

The socialists infiltrated just about completely the education system in America. This system created a media that is lock step with the socialist movement. Now they are trying to wipeout the few remnants of independent thought. We are at the crossroads of America’s destiny. Freedom loving Americans must stand together and appose this attack on our liberties. Send emails, letters, faxes, and make phone calls to congress demanding the government keeps its hand off the airwaves.

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Best Healthcare System is Being Maligned and Ripped Off

Of all the questions over ObamaCare that have been brought up, it seems that we all have missed one big point. The only reform that is really needed in America’s health care system is to stop the fleecing of America by illegal trespassers. If America did not have to spend the billions of dollars on the world’s bloodsuckers, legal residents would have better and more access to our health care system.

Oh, first let me clear up some phony statistics. The UN has put America towards the top of infant mortality. The one thing they failed to point out is how the US and the rest of the world counts infant mortality. In America every birth that results in mortality is counted, including, I believe, stillbirths. Most other countries only count live births. Some countries, the only ones they count are those who have died several months after being born.

Considering that most infant mortality is at birth, or shortly there after, other countries do not report most infant deaths. Seems a bit unfair, no? But then again what is new about that? The UN is full of our enemies. So are so many in the Obama administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid. But that, is a topic for an other article. For now, my point is that our healthcare system is the finest and most advanced in the world. If it wasn’t why are so many coming here to be cured, including some of our worst enemies? They do not go to Cuba, Russia, or even Canada, they come here.

California hospitals experienced 85 closures in the last decade. An additional 55 facilities have shut down ERs, all due to having to provide free care to illegals. The state ranks last in the country in access to emergency care and last in ERs per capita, making it woefully unprepared to respond to a major earthquake or terror attack.

Some 80% of the births at Houston's Ben Taub General Hospital and Lyndon B. Johnson General Hospital are to illegal immigrants. In Fort Worth, it's about 70%.

The South Texas Health System eats $140 million a year in free care, and 60%-70% of those unpaid costs are in the ER.

Some 40% of the babies born at McAllen Medical last year were to illegals. That's nearly 2,400 babies who were given instant citizenship. Their mothers instantly qualified for U.S. welfare. Many of them, McAllen Medical CEO Joe Riley says, were "mothers about to give birth that walk up to the hospital still wet from swimming across the river and in actual labor."

One hospital near Miami was forced to eat $1.5 million in unreimbursed care for an illegal alien from Guatemala. After three years of treatment, Martin Memorial Medical Center paid $30,000 to charter a jet to take Luis Jimenez to a medical facility in his home country. His family in turn sued the hospital.

When you consider that they wire an average of $300 a month in remittances back to Mexico, that money could go a long way toward purchasing medical insurance.

These all show the mass fraud perpetrated on American citizens. A fraud that will only be increased with ObamaCare.

Just like with abortion, free medical care to illegals is not specifically written in any of the forms ObamaCare now under consideration by congress, but it is not excluded. As long as the illegal issue is not directly addressed, we will be forced to pay for these people while our own citizens are left wanting and suffering.

Additionally, it is just not the sniffles that these people are treated for. A town of 3,500 people in Texas had to pay almost $200,000.00 for a complicated delivery by an illegal.

A woman had ten children delivered at the expense California’s citizens. One child with major complications has been in and out of the hospital for the past ten years, all paid for by taxes. These costs are astronomical. Her and her whole extended family has been on welfare for over 15 years, all getting free medical care.

In My Deams

Published with permission from the author, Kender MacGowan

In my dreams I hear
The roar and screams of battle
In my dreams
I hear a brave soldiers lone death rattle
In my dreams I hear
The sound of scared men praying
In my dreams
I hear Taps a-sadly playing
In my dreams I hear
The Minute Men a-callin'
In my dreams I hear
The millions who have fallen
In my dreams I hear
The whispers in the night
Your freedom is a precious thing
So don't give up the fight
In my dreams the soldiers speak
Of lives they gave for me
In my dreams
I thank them for
The gift of being free
In my dreams I hear the words
A lonely plaintive sound
In my dreams I whisper back
I will not let you down

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Redistributing our Wealth to the World

The echoes inside our treasury are deafening. The US is trillions of dollars in the red and we are sending money to Brazil while our economy languishes, people are losing jobs, businesses are closing down, and states cannot provide essential services. Obama’s administration along with congress led by Pelosi and Reid are propping up socialist regimes in South America. $10 billion was “lent” to a Brazil government owned Oil Company (an OPEC member). NY’s shale oil deposits can produce enough oil to supply all of America for 60 years. There are bigger deposits within this country but Obama, Pelosi, and Reid wants it to stay in the ground.

Three years ago, I was paying around $1.00/gallon of gas. Last year the price was heading to $5.00/gallon. The US is still at the mercy of the Oil Cartels and who knows how much they will squeeze us in the future. The Obama gang is doing all they can to put more power in their grasp.

Our current leadership in Washington is reducing our quality of life in every way possible. They are redistributing our future wealth to other countries rather then expanding our own economy. Not only is this administration trying to redistribute wealth in our country but also it is redistributing it to the world. These are not the acts of American patriots. These acts are of those who wish to destroy our way of life.

If we allow the current elected officials in Washington to stay in power, they will reduce America to impotent third world country. They must all, be replaced. We need to vet new candidates and work ever so hard to elect the right ones. Work with your local precinct leaders; man the phone banks and walk the precincts in support of the right candidates.

Monday, August 17, 2009

One of the things that made America different

Posted with permission of author Robert A. Gismondi

One of the things that made America different from all other nations is that a large percentage of Americans are either descended from those who came here for freedom and self-determination, or are immigrants themselves. We are not a conquered people, whose provinces are the result of border drawing by meddling officials as part of the Treaty of Versailles, or other treaties, dividing and re-dividing Europe into Kingdoms, Principalities, constitutional monarchies, or even Republics.

Americans wrested this land away from imperious Europeans, and owe neither fealty nor reverence for those whose rulers have been pre-determined, time and time again.

So, when committees start deciding how many "quality-adjusted life years" we have left, some of the patriots are going to begin considering how many "quality-adjusted life years" the bureaucrats have left, and conclude it is NONE. There will be blood in the streets; but, it will reduce the load on the healthcare system. Who is to say it is not in the spirit of the goals of the central planners?

We may just decide we do not need quite so many of them. And, I think we will, if it comes to pass.

This is not Europe. We shall not submit to barbarian hordes. That is something for the forces of evil to contemplate. But, hubris knows no bounds; and the obvious is often made manifest, throughout history, only with blood-letting. I do not expect it to come to that; but, if events unfold to our detriment, I believe that will be the final chapter.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Latest Re-Distribution of Wealth Scheme

There is a new position at the FCC. It has been filled by a man who has a plan to really kill free speech radio. His plan is to force private radio stations to pay the FCC an equal amount of their total operating costs. This means that private radio stations with highly paid hosts, such as Rush, Sean, and others, will have to pay the FCC the same amount they them plus all other costs.

This money is to fund “public radio stations” that will spew the leftist points of view. If these private radio stations do not pay this “fee”, they could lose their license to operate. Then the FCC can give that license to whom ever.

This is outrageous. It ‘is the same as if the labor or commerce department demanded Ford Motor Company to pay a fee equal to Ford's costs to manufacture cars so that the government could fund a competing car company.

This bears watching very closely. It is a dangerous attempt to control more of the radio waves and just one major step towards a socialistic dictatorship. If this happens we will not hear points of view such as Mark Levin’s, Rush’s or other’s.

To save our freedom of choice and protect liberties that have been secured by the founders of this once great country, we must act to replace the make up of the administration and congress. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Get busy and save our country. Investigate and vet new candidates and then work to elect the right ones

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1930's Germany and 2009 America

Is there a parallel between 1930’s Hitler regime and our present administration? Well lets take a look at this.

In the 1930’s Hitler blamed all the woes of the German people on the “rich Jewish bankers and business men”.
In 2009 Obama blamed the woes of Americans on the “rich greedy (republicans) running businesses and financial institutions”.

In the 1930’s Hitler took control of Germany’s financial institutions.
In 2009, Obama took control of American’s financial institutions.

In the 1930’s Hitler took over the industrial complex of Germany.
In 2009, Obama took control of 2/3 of America’s largest industry there by controlling many more businesses (manufacturer supplies, third party product suppliers, auto services, etc).

In addition to the incarcerating the Jews, Hitler began rounding up those that did not agree with him (my relatives ended up in concentration camps) and also those that just did not want to go along with his master plan (my dad was rescued from the Gestapo by his college friend who was a “fifth column” guy in the SS”.

Now Obama is asking his supporters to report dissidence to his programs, is starting a National Civilian Security Force (he does not call it that anymore), setting up Homeland Security detention centers at military posts across the nation, and his cohort Pelosi is calling dissidents “unpatriotic”.

In the 1930’s Hitler controlled every aspect of every German and most other European citizen’s life.
Now Obama is trying to implement egregious taxation on us with the cap and trade scheme to make us poor and control who lives or dies with his ObamaCare.

Hitler ran out of money so he printed and printed it until the German people needed a sack full of it to buy groceries.
Obama and his gang in congress have spent more money then the US has so he is printing money hand over fist.

Hitler made an alliance with Islamists to wipe out the Jews of Europe.
Obama is reaching out to Islamic organizations and Nations whose aim it is to destroy the only Jewish state.

See the similarity here?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Obama the Distributer

Posted with permission of Author; Robert Gismondi

What Obama proposes for health insurance and care (in essence) is that people who own homes with sagging back doors turn over the houses to the federal government, which will knock down the houses, and build new ones, smaller, greener, and uglier, with nice new back doors, and tax you for it, directly and indirectly, so he can use the extra tax money to build the same houses for illegal aliens and people on welfare.

Moreover, if you do not pay what he regards as your fair share, he will have access to your bank account, and will merely have it debited! That is what he calls "fixing" a "broken" system.

This is what you get from a charismatic politician whose studies at two elite universities, and one left wing college, prepared him to create nothing of value, but convinced him that taking from the hard workers, and re-distributing to the less productive, is "fair.” Of course, in implementing such fairness, his cronies and supporters, and minions, will have access to an enormous number of government and government-supported jobs, all to administer, study, audit, and oversea the fairness in stealing from the productive to re-distribute to those who are not entitled to it.

In addition, notice that with higher taxes, fewer deductions for charitable giving, and interfering with "Cars for Kids" and similar programs through unfair "Cash for Clunkers," and other programs, he is destroying private charity, and creating more "Pauls.” (When you rob Peter, to pay Paul, you get no argument from Paul.)

Now there is a shortage of used cars Obama calls clunkers. Folks of limited means will have to pay more for a clunker, as, so far, about a quarter million have been summarily scrapped, and the parts destroyed.

This is creating jobs. What happened to the method we used for a couple of hundred years without an Obama in sight? It was called a market economy. As soon as Obama lets people know that government interference is stopping, and lowers taxes, people will spend, business will expand, people will be hired, and we will thrive. It worked for over two hundred years; and, no other system has ever worked as well.
Is there anyone out there who still thinks that Obama believes in a market (free enterprise) economy? If so, please email me. I have an excellent investment in a high traffic bridge available.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


This article published with permission form the auther Shari Goodman

The alarm clock (made in China because our cost of labor and services set by union apparachiks are cost prohibitive) goes off at 6:00. Joe Shmow hops out of bed, dresses in a suit made in Taiwan (cheap labor), and runs downstairs to get his first cup of coffee from a coffeemaker (you guessed it) made in China. He gulps down his drink and runs out the door to his waiting automobile (made in Japan) thanks once again to America's socialist unions.
This morning, Joe decides to take the side streets to work (freeways have become parking lots in Los Angeles thanks to socialist unions, whose open border policy promises to fill their coffers with more dues). The once paved and functioning roads he now travels are full of pot holes, thanks to the (socialist city council whose unfriendly business climate forced businesses to flee the city; thus, decreasing our city revenues.) As he drives down the street attempting to avoid the many pot holes, he can't help but notice the litter strewed at every corner. It is beginning to look a lot like a Third World city, and what was once a clean safe neighborhood has now become a safe haven for illegal criminals from south of the border. Thanks once again to the sanctuary city label bestowed upon us by our socialist city council.
Eventually Joe arrives at his workplace only to be told by his controller that he will have to lay off 10 of his employees. The increase in minimum wage, higher corporate taxes, and forced health care benefits for all has made it impossible for the company to turn a profit. To cut costs, he is now forced to lay off ten good men, thanks to our socialist city government at work. Joe becomes upset and begins to take his anger out at the workers. They in turn become upset and productivity and morale are at an all time low. After putting in a nearly 12 hour day, Joe arrives back home to be greeted by his lovely wife and 2 children in tow. He sits down with a drink in hand and a child on his lap, when he spots the big envelope from the County Tax Collector. Dreading what is inside, he slowly opens it. There inside and spelled out in plain black and white is the property increase tax he had been fearing. Disgusted that nearly half of his income is taken away from him by a government bent on redistributing it to the drug addicted woman who chose to drop out of school and proceed to give birth to 5 kids out of wedlock, he quickly gulps down his drink.
His lovely wife proceeds to tell him that Joey Jr. is not doing well in school. Joey Jr. and other students have complained about one particular teacher, but the principal refuses to fire her. The socialist union would be up in arms. No merit pay or school choice allowed. The private school just around the corner with high test scores and a curriculum that teaches the basics instead of indoctrinated political correctness would be ideal, but Joe Shmow's annual earnings have taken a dive due to increased regulations set forth by a socialist government who believes they know best how to spend Joe's money. Feeling now more dejected than ever, Joe decides to write a letter to his legislative representative, but he is reminded by his wife that since he lives in California where the legislature is primarily led by those on the Left, his attempt at change would be futile. So Joe like many before him has to make a choice. Should he stay in the Socialist Republic of California or should he seek greener pastures where the physical climate may not be as sunny, but the reception a whole lot warmer. He chooses with his feet as so many before him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Desperate Need for Action

When the government distances it self from liberty loving people and begins to impose totalitarian rule that infringes on every aspect of their life, time has come for the people to stand as one and oppose this government. The people must choose new leaders who take the charge of being civil servants to heart and not a license to dominate our lives.

We must exercise our power of the vote now. For if we do not act and use the ballot those in power will achieve their goal of total control and the people will have to resort to other means to regain their God given right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It will be a tragedy of unimaginable proportions if we lose our only weapon, our vote. The stakes have never been higher. The future of liberty and freedom depends on what we do now. We must vet new candidates and work harder than we ever have before to elect the right candidates.

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Golden State is Leading the Nation in the Race to Poverty

California is leading the nation in killing jobs, forcing businesses to close, and generally reduce the standard of living for all Americans. In the past 3 of every 5 jobs in California jobs where manufacturing jobs. Now only one in ten is in manufacturing.

California has lost 20,000 jobs a year for the last five years. That is 100,000 people have lost their jobs. 100,000 people were put on the unemployment rolls. That means around five billion dollars evaporated from the California economy. That means California lost millions of dollars of income tax and sales tax revenue. Current policy of California has just put thousands of farm workers out of a job and is threatening bankruptcy to hundreds of California farmers.

Now the California Energy Commission (CEC) is proposing another job killing measure. They want to regulate the allowable electricity consumption of flat screen televisions. Will that force some residents of California to buy different TV sets? Perhaps some, but then we can get the TVs we want via internet. So what will this regulation accomplish? It will cost more Californians to lose their jobs. As one TV retailer stated, “Taking these highly popular TVs off the shelves would seriously hurt my business,” said Don Mueller, Owner of North Bay AVS Design in Santa Rosa. “I estimate that the CEC’s regulation would slash 15-20 percent of our sales. In light of today’s economic climate, we’d be forced to cut 15-20 percent of our labor to make up for the losses.”

If Obama wants to stagnate the economy, weaken America, and reduce our standard of living, he could not have picked a better model to do so. California is literally broke and is working for the further demise of a once vibrant economy. California used to be a magnet for people seeking a better life and an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. California’s current trend is business have packed up and left or just closed down. Californians are seeking the better life else where leaving an out of work population that can not sustain the spending appetite of their leaders.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Chief Executive’s Priorities

On the day that BHO was presiding over a beer summit, the FBI arrested homegrown terrorists Daniel "Saifullah" Patrick Boyd and several other conspirators. These are people accused of training to kill and otherwise terrorize citizens in foreign countries.

Our chief executive can’t be bothered with matters of national security. Perhaps he considers that it would be meddling in things that are of no concern to him and that he should concentrate on important stuff. You know, important things like defending a racist professor’s tirade over a cop investigating a possible break-in at the professor’s house.

Islamic terrorists, homegrown or foreign, never seem to be on his radar. He made no comment to Americans about being vigilant of suspicious Jihadist activities. It is as if Islamic terrorists did not exist. But he did think that saying the cops acted stupidly in a situation he did not have all the facts, warrented his attention. Alternatively, perhaps it is because his true sympathies are with Islam and others who wish to harm America.

He, others in his administration, congressional leaders Pelosi and Reid, and their followers in Washington must be replaced before America becomes a Socialist Dictatorship. It is up to us to replace them with the right kind of candidates as soon as possible.

Friday, July 31, 2009

There is a New Bailout on the Horizon

If I go to Galpin Ford (Ford is the only private US car manufacturer left) to buy a new car, the government will use your credit card to add $4,500.00 to my down payment. All I have to do is find an older car and turn it in as a “clunker” to be destroyed.

To do this one has to go on a government website to declare it. Just now on the Glen Beck program; if you click “accept” on the “privacy” button when on the government clunker program you agree to the following (I am paraphrasing), that since you have accessed a government computer your computer and all current and future data on it is the property of the Federal Government and as such the government has a right to its content.

Not only is the government spending taxpayers money, of witch there is none (that’s where the credit card comes in), it is encouraging people to get further into debt, since the balance of the price will be a bank loan. Remember what happened when the government encouraged people to get further into debt by buying houses they could not afford? We had a mortgage meltdown and the banks got bailed out with taxpayer money. I see people defaulting on car loans and banks begging the government for a new bailout and we get more socialism.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This terrorist will go free

Afghan police arrested Jawad in December 2002 for allegedly throwing a grenade into a vehicle containing two US troops and an Afghan interpreter. Jawad confessed.

President Obama's Justice Department Wednesday night proposed a way for District Court Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle to order the freeing of Guantanamo detainee Mohammed Jawad, a writ of habeas corpus that will give Justice Department officials 22 more days to determine whether they can try Jawad in a criminal court in the U.S.

This terrorist will go free. Why, because to be tried in a civil court arresting officers and witnesses can be subpoenaed. In the heat of battle, there is no time to focus on the events in manner that any halfwit attorney would demand.

He can claim that he was tortured and his confession will be inadmissible. That leaves it up to eyewitnesses who will be hard to find and transport to the court. The presiding judge will have no alternative but to release Jawad.
This is how our president is “fighting” terrorism. His allegiance is with the enemy. We must put a stop this treason. We must vet new candidates, present office holders, and then work extra hard to get the right ones elected. This will frustrate Obama’s agenda. Then in 2012, Obama must be defeated.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama-speak: Healthcare Reform = Socialized Medicine and Government Control of Life and Death

The discouraging fact about this rush to Socialized Medicine is that all legislators regardless of their political philosophy are working to create a huge government bureaucracy to control our health care industry. The size of this project shouts efficiency is impossible and waste and fraud are inescapable. The decision makers will be so far removed form the providers of health care that every decision will be made based on financial considerations and not on the needs of the patients. This will result in a system that will have the efficiency and dedication to service of a DMV worker.

After seeing that no matter how much they care they cannot provide the required service, the workers will have the passion of paper pushers. Just as is the case in every country with a state run health care system, fraud, and black market will flourish.

Since there will be no room for profit, private health care organizations will quickly disappear and state clinics will take over. Health care providers will be paid much less. This can be seen by the payments that are made by Medicaid and Medicare. They are about 41 cents on the dollar that private insurance firms pay. With that kind of a pay scale, we won’t find the best of the best getting into health care.

The wait time for major care will be too long for many patients to survive their illness. The only recourse one will have will be to bribe doctors and nurses to allow them to cut in line and receive the care needed.
This rush to socialism must be stopped else, we end up like every socialist state; lousy major care and people dying needlessly. A major change in local, state, and federal government legislators is needed.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hidden Agenda of ObamaCare

Re-distribution of wealth encompasses more than just taking cash from those who earned it and giving it to those that didn’t. It includes denying the deserving.

The latest example is when several men qualified for advancement in their fire department but were not promoted because most of them where Caucasian. Now there were no quotas in place but it was decided that the politically correct thing to do was to deny them their due. Ms. Sonia Sotomayor summarily ruled that it was a proper decision. Soon, she will be confirmed to the highest court of the land.

This appointment along with Federal Government’s control of grants and loans to college students sets the stage for the use of criteria other than excellence graduating and hiring medical professionals. ObamaCare has provisions for selection of who will get to attend medical school, what fields of medicine they will study and practice, and where they will work. People with lesser qualifications will be admitted to medical school. The schools will be forced graduate not the best but an “equal representation” of the population. There will be no incentive to excel.

This means that the doctor diagnosing your ailment may not be knowledgeable enough to make an accurate assessment. Your dentist might have missed most of the classes on gum disease. How dedicated is a nurse who went through school with mediocre or even failing grades?

With ObamaCare, private medical practice will not exist. Medical professionals won’t be able to choose where to practice they will be placed where the government puts them. How dedicated will the medical professional be under these circumstances? How comfortable will you be, knowing that your life is in the hands of a disgruntled practitioner?

The Obama administration along with congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid are working to control you in all aspects of your life. ObamaCare is one other part of this socialist plan. We all must reject socialism else we lose all that past generations have fought and some died for. Do not let that happen. Be sure to vet, campaign for, and elect candidates that will stand for our great constitution; freedom of speech, individual rights, and liberty for all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

ObamaCare is a Trojan Horse

There is a big caveat that has not been addressed (as far as I know) by anyone. This plan will also grow government, eliminate many private enterprises, and exercise more control over the lives of Americans.

As people end their participation in a private health insurance plan they will be forced to take on ObamaCare. The lose of insured by the insurance companies combined with the ability of ObamaCare to undercut the cost (the government has no problem running in the red) will drive many insurance companies out of business. Eventually ObamaCare will either take over the control of or replace private hospitals with federal clinics.

This will increase the size of ObamaCare requiring more union federal employees (with the enthusiasm and efficiency of a DMV employee), not only growing the government but giving it more control over more people, the ObamaCare employees and the patients will now dependent totally on ObamaCare.

The government now controls 2/3 of our auto industry (manufactures, suppliers, and after market producers and suppliers). The Administration with its Czars is pulling all the strings on our financial institutions and this destruction of the insurance industry and elimination of private hospitals will just about take over the whole enchilada.

The next arena for the Obama Administration and congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid is to get more control over institution of higher learning. They are contemplating prohibiting college loans by private lending institutions. Just think what power that will give them over the curriculum. The schools will be forced to produce more and more socialist dupes cementing this country in a Socialist Utopia.

And oh yes, you are aware that the National Socialists are planning to repeal term limits on the presidency, aren’t you? Just think, Obama will be eligible to be president for life. Isn’t that just peachy?

Americans have bent over to pick up the soap and the feds have grabbed us all by the waist. Soon we will all experience discomfort we were not planning on.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It’s Up to Us to Save America

In 2005 the Democrat Machine decided that their strategy to obtain absolute power would be to demonize President Bush and anyone remotely associated with his administration. Just like the Nazis of Germany, Communists of Russia, and all socialist dictators throughout history have done, the Democrats decided they would not argue or fight the opposition they will eliminate it.

This is just a one part of a multi-pronged attack for complete control of the country that would assure the destruction of any and all opposition to a National Socialist Dictatorship. Congress under the leadership of Pelosi and Reid is fast abdicating all power to the Obama Administration. Right now there is too much power in the hands of the Czars, EPA, and other agencies run by the administration. This country is in danger of one person rule by the end of Obama’s first term.
Americans must stand up to this threat by the National Socialists to create a socialist dictatorship. Get involved join a group, find your precinct captains, and work to elect the right people to stop this dangerous slide.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Whole Body is Numb

The acts were horribly cruel yet I could not cry. The injustice was aggravating but I could not muster the strength to be angry. As I walked to my car my whole body was numb. Although I haven’t eaten since noon and it was after 9:00 PM it was hard for me to decide if I was hungry. On the way home I passed many restaurants but could not make up my mind what to eat or where. It wasn’t until an hour or so after getting home that I was able to warm up some leftovers.

Just witnessed the result of a 1,400 year old mentality still practiced today, not only in some remote hills in a country far away but spreading into the enlightened Western World. Laws based on a self serving theology that excuses the frailties of weak men looking to absolve them selves of their own selfishness, greed, and ignorance. This the result of the religion of convenience based on anger, subjugation, and tyranny.

The worst part was not that Soraya was framed and unjustly convicted. The worst is that men can be willing to do such horrible things to salvage their own “honor”. Islam, the religion of convenience excuses the weakness of men by victimizing women. You must see “the Stoning of Soraya M.

We can not stand by and allow this evil to corrupt our nation nor the world. When picking a candidate to support make sure he or she understands what Islam has brought to Europe, Australia, the Far East, and to our cities right her in America. Honor killings are happening in Europe. Soon Islam will entrench itself in more and more of our cities. We will see people being harassed, chased through the streets, and beaten. That is happening in Europe for wearing a Cross or Star of David. Women are being harassed for not dressing according to Islamic standards. Don’t let that happen here. Make sure that the candidate you support knows the danger. Make sure your legislators understand the danger. Get them to see “The Stoning of Soraya M.”

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bit by Bit Government is Encroaching on our Liberties

The leadership of Pelosi and Reid following along with the administration is setting the scene for even more future control of our lives. The latest bill calls for controls that will be implemented by government agencies, more and more of witch are being controlled by czars reporting directly to the president giving him ultimate control of your life. Has anyone contemplated the ramifications of this?

This bill allows the EPA to mandate retrofits to houses built now to comply with their whims years in the future. Before you can sell your house you will have to pass rigorous inspections. Talk is about having your house photographed with infrared cameras to gauge the amount of heat released by your house, a pressure test to measure the weather stripping effectiveness, and even the efficiency of electrical and water usage. The talk around the EPA is that they want you to have your thermostats connected to your power source so they (not you) can control the settings. When that is put into practice you would not be able to sell your house, condo, or apartment building with the government controlling how much you can cool your home in the summer or heat it in the winter. A home owner would be required to make retrofits that will cost tens of thousands of dollars. However if you are connected with a government official you might be able to get a waiver. You know, just like the car dealer that got a senator to get him a reprieve form being shut down like the hundreds of other Chrysler and GM dealers across the country.

This country is looking more and more like a third world banana republic with all the corruption that goes along with those countries where a privileged few prosper and the rest of the population suffers.

It looks like another major change in our country is in the works. Democrats have been working on repealing the 22nd Amendment. A resolution, H.J. Res. 5, was introduced into committee on January 6, 2009 which seeks to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, thus removing term limits for U.S. presidents. Yes, you read it right. Democrat Representative Jose Serrano of New York wishes to allow unlimited terms for President Obama. It is easy to tell where Obama stands on this issue. Last week the Honduran Supreme Court ruled that President Manuel Zelaya’s attempt to become president for life in the style of Hugo Chavez was illegal. On that ruling the Honduran Military removed him from office and sent him to exile. Our President Obama must think that being president for life is a good think since he sided with the ousted “Chavez wana be” Zelaya and demanded that Honduras government re-instate Zelaya as president. He even abruptly end joint military maneuvers with Honduras.

According to an AP report, Obama stated, "We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the democratically elected president there. It would be a terrible precedent if we start moving backwards into the era in which we are seeing military coups as a means of political transition rather than democratic elections," he added. "The region has made enormous progress over the last 20 years in establishing democratic traditions. ... We don't want to go back to a dark past." This was not a coup. The military is adhering to the laws of their country.

What’s he afraid of? Why would Obama side with a tyrant rather than the people of Honduras? Could this “precedent” be a threat to his future plans?

Fellow Americans, the actions of our government is moving us towards a National Socialist Dictatorship. There is no time to lose. Mobilize your grass roots volunteers to thoroughly vet new candidates and then work the phone banks, walk the precincts, and donate as much as you can to elect representatives who want to preserve our Republic as intended by our founders.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran Happenings

The general consensus is that the two political factions in Iran are two sides of the same coin, an Islamic ruled Iran.

There is also another ripple in the wind sweeping Iran. This wave does not have an open political party or leaders that are openly campaigning. These people are not allowed to be a part of the official political apparatus of Iran. The imams declare anyone not supporting an Islamic government as “not qualified” to campaign. But there are in Iran those that are ready to take advantage of a situation that would allow them to call for a democratic secular Iranian Republic. This I know not only form people like Amil but from acquaintances (Christian, Muslim, and Jew) with relatives in Iran.

I being the eternal optimist prefer to look towards brighter possibilities. If George Washington believed that the revolution would not succeed, we all Americans would still be subjects of the crown. There is no benefit in pessimism.

Today there was a Tweet from Iran that read “I gave my vote and now I am ready to give my life for a democratic Iran”. There is no way that I will desecrate that person’s patriotism, zeal, and hope with pessimistic oratory. When it comes to the human spirit, realism is just pessimism that beats up the hopeful sole. Idealism rarely triumphs 100% but it is the basis for the best form of government to ever come to mankind. It brought us a nation that was conceived, under God, with liberty and justice for all. It’s not perfect but way ahead of any other form of government. America, Czechoslovakia, Israel, and other free nations would not exist with out the idealism and determination of brave people.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Purpose of the Tea Parties

This country is in deep decline. We have let others take control of our destiny. Our lives have been too comfortable with so many distractions that we have neglected to plan the future of our country.

We have allowed our children to be misinformed about history, the value of self reliance, and the danger of allowing the government to “take care of things”. We have not paid enough attention to what has been happening. We have failed to vet our candidates properly and elected people who do not take the term “serving the people” to heart. We have failed to keep in touch with our legislators to congratulate them for doing a good job or admonishing them for their failures.

It is time for the American Spirit to soar again. It is time again to get involved and take action. The Tea Parties are rallying the people into action. It is now up to us the ground roots activists to continue the spirit of the original Tea Party which was the beginning of a free nation with liberty under God. The Tea Parties are getting the people together and give us the opportunity to motivate them to vet potential candidates and support those that will stand for freedom of speech, non-intrusive government, and liberty for all. We need to lead them to the phone banks and precinct walks to elect a new brand of candidates, ones who are not there for personal enrichment but are true servants of the people with passion and high principals.