Monday, March 20, 2017

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Ever since Donald Trump signed his travel ban, the liberal media has been trying to portray Muslim migrants as innocent people who mean no harm to the Western world. That’s why you won’t be reading about this story anywhere in the mainstream media…
Mad World News reported that a 16 year-old girl was recently gang raped in a Super 8 motel located in Lewiston, Maine by three thugs who have since been arrested. Two of her attackers are minors aged 15 and 16, so their identities have been kept confidential. The third, however, is a 19 year-0ld Somalian Muslim migrant named Garang Majok, who has been identified as the leader of the trio.


This came after the town of Lewiston became a hotbed for crimes perpetrated by Somalian migrants following the initiation of Barack Obama’s Muslim import program. Since then, many Muslims have been sent to the small Maine town, and they are quickly taking over it.
Police are keeping this investigation very quiet, likely because of the nationality of the rapist.
“In a press release issued Monday, Goldberg said he had been unable to release any details about the incident earlier because of the ongoing investigation,” the Press Herald reported. “He said the premature release of information could have jeopardized the department’s investigation.”
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Bleeding-Heart Liberal Girl Tries 

To Help Refugees – Ends Up 

Paying The ULTIMATE Price 

For It

A 22 year-old liberal woman decided to help Muslim refugees by taking a job at an asylum home in Germany. Unfortunately for her, however, she ended up paying the ultimate price for trying to help Islamic migrants…
Breitbart reported that a 27 year-old Nigerian migrant was arrested in Switzerland this week for murdering a 22 year-old refugee worker, who was identified only as Soopika P., in Germany before fleeing the country. The Nigerian was arrested on Tuesday at a train station in the Swiss city of Bern hours after a Europe-wide arrest warrant was issued for him.
“Only yesterday, the prosecutor’s office ordered the European-wide call for arrest on the basis of the existing national arrest warrant. Today’s arrest of the suspect in Switzerland is a quick success,” said chief prosecutor Martin Botzenhardt.
“The prosecutor’s office in Münster has initiated the formal extradition request,” said Botzenhardt. “The murder commission will not question the suspect until after his arrival in Germany.”
The Nigerian reportedly stabbed his victim repeatedly in the head, neck and upper body at the asylum home in Ahaus. Soopika was reportedly a very well-liked person in the German city, so her death has hit the community hard.
“Many knew her, she was a really nice girl,” a friend of hers said. “Because her own family comes from India and she has very good English, she has been involved in refugee aid.”
Police believe the crime was sexually motivated, as the migrant had made advances on Soopika multiple times. However, her friends say the attraction was not mutual.
This is just one of many cases in which female asylum workers have been brutally murdered by Muslim migrants. THIS is why Donald Trump’s travel ban is so important!
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