Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Road Blockage By Muslim Migrants

What Followed Was TERRIFYING

From the moment that Donald Trump established his momentary travel restriction, the popular press is attempting to make it seem as though Muslim migrants have no intention of pressuring the Western world to adjust and succumb to the Shariah law. Videos like these, however, help remind us that the majority of migrants won’t ever be satisfied until the West has succumbed to Islam.

The video above is evidence of the Muslims occupying a street in Russia’s capital, Moscow, and entirely closing it down. The second they managed to take over the street, the Muslims started to pray, fully disregarding the fact that non-Muslims have the need to get to a certain part of the city.
Sadly, just after 8 years of Obama’s management, Muslims are slowly fulfilling their plan of doing exactly the same type of thing in America. The video below displays how the town of Dearborn Michigan has been 100 %  occupied by Muslims to the extent where it now has a Middle Eastern vibe and looks nothing like the U.S.
Everything is Obama’s fault, since he thoughtfully paved the way for Muslims by opening our borders to them.  The minute they set their foot in America, Muslims started working on enforcing the Shariah law and kicking American culture out.
The majority of these Muslims are welfare dependent, thanks to Obama, meaning that our tax money is being used to support their Islamic way of life.
THIS is why Trump’s travel restriction is of huge importance!
This is not just a group of individuals rioting, it’s a huge organisation aspiring to take over the U.S. and the entire world. They are radically spreading the Shariah law and jeopardising our lives and freedom.

THIS is why Trump’s travel ban is so important! SHARE this story if you support Trump’s travel ban!

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