Friday, March 31, 2017

Ashley Judd Says Women Have More Rights in the Middle East

Gets a Response She Never Expected

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Idiot actress Ashley Judd actually believes that women in the Middle East, who cannot drive, get an education, or dress the way they want, have more rights that those of us in America.
“The U.S. ranks 104th behind countries like Burundi, Serbia and Iraq,” Judd tweeted, quoting an article which suggested women in the U.S. are oppressed, while their Middle Eastern counterparts have it made.

 The tweet immediately went viral, prompting outrage on Twitter.

“What rights are not equal,” one Twitter user questioned.
“Where does the Constitution distinguish between men and women?” wrote someone else. “If it doesn’t, rights apply equally to both already.”

Others noted that in the Middle East, women are often stoned to death for “offenses” like looking at a man the wrong way or exposing their faces.

I think I’d rather live in America…

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