Monday, March 20, 2017

Muslims Refugees Start Rioting In Ohio And You Won’t Believe What They Are Demanding From People—

This Is SICK


In Ohio vicious fights took place after refugees from Somalia started rioting over the issue of subsidized housing. Police officers and various law enforcement officials had to use mace in order to quell the groups that were getting out of hand. Watch below,

Somalia is one of the countries part of the executive order that temporarily halts immigration from certain countries in Africa and the Middle East. Because the country is in shambles a large portion of migrants and refugees have come from Somalia. Their country is in almost complete anarchy.
Ohio, like numerous other states in the region, is well known for having sanctuary cities. Moreover, having communities that are almost entirely mad up of refugees. Thus, it should come as no surprise how the refugees started demanding more and better subsidized housing. Which they were already getting.
This is still an issue in the United States. Now more than ever especially given the increased level of refugees coming into the United States. The refugee crisis has not gotten better it has gotten worse and as a result we have accepted more refugees.
While the refugee crisis is undeniably a global issue we have American citizens who need our help to. Veterans are still treated as second class citizens who are denied the care they rightfully earned five years later. Since this video was taken we are still largely struggling with the same issues. Veteran homelessness is still an issue that goes almost goes largely unnoticed.
The Trump administration is doing everything in its power to ensure this entitlement culture does not permeate across our entire society. Furthermore, they have been working very hard to shine a spotlight on issues that affect veterans, military personnel, and their families. This is the United States of America and we need to help Americans first. It’s the same thing as putting your own oxygen mask on first on the airplane.

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