Sunday, July 3, 2016

SHARIA LAW: Australian Woman Gang-Raped By Muslims Then Jailed 8 Months Because They Were Not Her Husband

 The country of Dubai is home to one of the Middle Easts’ top shopping spots. It’s also a hot spot for international flight stopovers. Nearly five hundred flights per month will bring over one million people to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the next year. However, it is a country that is also under strict sharia law, something that many in America are actually considering allowing here. The story you are about to witness will not only break your heart, but will anger you. This, my friends, is how Sharia really works.

Australian Alicia Gali took a job in the UAE at Starwood, one of the world’s biggest hotel chains. However, while using her laptop one day in the hotel’s staff bar, her drink was spiked.
What took place next was a nightmare. She awoke to being brutally raped by three of her colleagues.

Gali was able to take herself to a local hospital. However, because of Sharia laws there in the UAE, she was seen as the criminal, not the men who raped her.

Under Sharia, if the perpetrators do not confess and there are not four Muslim male witnesses, there cannot be a conviction of rape.

Well that’s one thing, but not only was she victimized by the rapists, but then she was made a criminal under Sharia. She was charged with having illicit sex outside of marriage, and then put in a filthy jail for eight months.

Hannah Ridge reports,

 When Gali reported the assault, reportedly neither the Australian Embassy nor the hotel offered her assistance, an accusation the hotel denies. After seeking medical attention, she reported the assault to the police, which she did not know entailed admitting to illicit sex, a crime under United Arab Emirates law. According to UAE law, proving rape requires four adult male witnesses to the sex act who will affirm that it occurred. She also confessed to consuming alcohol, which is illegal without a license. Gali signed a confession in Arabic, which she did not understand.
She was sentenced to eleven months in prison for illicit sex and one month for alcohol consumption. Two rapists received twelve-month sentences as well, also for illicit sex; the third received thirteen

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