Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ivanka Trump Just Dropped A BOMB On Every Trump Hater! She’s FIRED UP!


WOA! Them’s fighting words!
Ivanka Trump has called out the GOP in a big way. Honestly, I’m not surprised.

Trump is such a polarizing figure and has taken the party by storm with his less than usual personality, most GOP stalwarts feel threatened by him. But Ivanka just dropped this truth bomb and blew up all GOP aspirations of even having Trump fall by the wayside.

Check THIS out!

A wife and mother herself, Trump spoke to the character of the man that she grew up with and has spend a decade working with at the Trump organization. “I’ve seen him in the capacity obviously as a father, and a very loving one, and also as an incredible executive who built an amazing company. And he really is remarkable.”

“Ultimately I think the testament to any person is their track record and that’s not just their professional track record, of which his is well known, he is enormously accomplished, he’s employed tens of thousands of people, he’s achieved success in multiple industries at the highest level.”



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