Sunday, July 3, 2016

Man Who Refused To Stop Flying American Flag May Lose His Business

by American News

As a country that has historically boasted patriotism, it is discouraging to see the lengths the government is going to prevent citizens from showing pride in their country. The recent case is that of Jeff Verzi, who works at Family Hardware in Cape Coral, Florida, and faced consequences after decided to honor six members of his family by placing flags outside the store.

Verzi has 6 family members who have served in the military. Unfortunately for him, someone decided to report the gesture, claiming they were “offended.” An officer arrived to the location shortly after receiving the “anonymous complaint.”

Perhaps even more shocking is the fact that these were not full-sized flags, but rather foot-tall flags that can be held with one hand. It’s hard to imagine that the display was causing any harm or violating any code, however the government employee told the hardware store owner that the flags violated a city ordinance against placing banners in the “right of way.”

Shortly after the incident, Verzi appeared on television to discuss the interaction and his reason for flying the flags.
“They represent my family who served in the military,” Verzi claimed. “Every time I look out the door seeing the flags flying in the wind makes me feel like my family is standing beside me.”

Several of the city’s residents have stood up in support of Verzi by waving flags of their own. What do you think? Do you support Verzi?

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