Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hilary Worker Refuses Background Check, Turns Out Al Qaeda KINGPIN

Huma Abedin 
 Have you heard of Huma Abedin?  Huma Abedin has surprised us by  becoming very close friends with Hilary Clinton. She is also connected to AL QAEDA.   Crooked Hilary wants to do anything she can to become president and ruin this country, even allowing Muslim terrorists to work for her. You see, Abedin worked in offices for places called “The Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs” and “The Journal for Muslim Minority Affairs”, both “part of the Abedini family business.” BOTH of these organizations, the article says, are connected to a Saudi Arabian Muslim Terrorist group, the Muslim World League. Not only was this terrorist group the landlord for the offices of the Muslim Minority Affairs institute and journal, they also directly controlled these organizations. Right after 9/11,  President George W. Bush put the Muslim World League on a list of terrorist groups. But caving in to pressure from the Saudis, he had to remove it.

Connections between people who are into  “Muslim Affairs” and global terrorism are common. According to Newsweek, the Saudis set up “global charities”-one of them the Muslim World League, and the other the International Islamic Relief Organization-were actually used by OSAMA BIN LADEN to pay for his evil deeds. But, Bush left these organizations off the list of terrorist supporters. In trying to become “friends” with Saudi Arabia, he overlooked their ties to Muslim terrorists.

Was Huma Abedin working for terrorists? Was Hilary was okay with this? We don’t know. This type of news is bad for our future. If we choose Hilary, she will probably let Abedin take a very good job in her administration.

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