Saturday, July 9, 2016

DISTURBING Video Uncovered Of Al Sharpton Demanding The Murder Of ‘Crackers’ And Police…

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 Al Sharpton has a tainted past of drug convictions and tax evasion. He is most likely the biggest race baiter this nation has ever known. 

Despite all these very serious issues with Al Sharpton he is Obama's go to guy whenever Obama wants to reach out to a leader in the black community.

He could just as easily choose Jesse Jackson who has isn't a convicted criminal. Sharpton has stepped up his race baiting rhetoric in this video that has been uncovered.
More from DC Gazette:

CNN contributes to the jargon of race baiters like Sharpton and Obama. Every time a black person is killed by a white cop, it’s all over their news non-stop. They are limp when it comes to standing up for police. Just like Obama, they portray blacks as the victims of injustice in most cases. These two racists are dividing our country, unlike Martin Luther King who brought people of race together. 
This racism dream team have worked together over the years to demonize police and conservatives around the country. Obama even hired Sharpton and gave him the official title of “Adviser For Racial Issues” to the White House.
This is a man who has actually called for the killing of white people and police.
A video from a Watter’s World clip obtained by Political Consultant Steve Marks, exposes Sharpton for the racist agitator he is.
It shows one of Sharpton’s many racial rants at colleges, this one’s in N J. at Kean College in 1992.
If a Conservative called for the killing of black people, they’d be charged and put in jail on instigating a hate crime. How Sharpton gets away with this is beyond me!

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