Thursday, February 16, 2017

Urgent Alert Issued After Deadly Disease Spreads Uncontrollably In U.S. City With Hordes Of Muslim Refugees

By Prissy Holly


You totally own this one, liberals. Thanks to your incessant whining and demands to have refugees setting up their new homes in America, now one of America’s largest sanctuary cities is being hit with a disgusting fatal disease that doctors have no cure for. And with possibly millions of people with this repulsive strain of bacteria spreading their sickness like wildfire, now countless innocent Americans will now be affected, thanks to your lawless antics of harboring illegals and refugees in your cities.
As liberals continue to throw a massive b*tch fit over President Trump’s temporary ban on migrants, the devastating effects of allowing these unvetted people into our country is now popping up in one of America’s largest sanctuary cities, the liberal cesspool none other than Los Angeles County, California.
Last week Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has vowed to defy President Donald Trump’s calls to end “sanctuary cities,” promising to that he would refuse to cooperate with immigration enforcement. Now he’s paying the huge price for his antics however, as these unvetted people are now spreading tuberculosis that doctors are helpless to contain, as it doesn’t respond at all to the treatment of antibiotics.

defy  Mayor Eric Garcetti left, who vowed to defy President Trump
 Los Angeles County Health Alert Network just released a health advisory for the nation, stating that the infection is  “most likely acquired during international travel.” Their warning noted that this mcr-1 gene responsible for the infection “has been reported in human specimens from five additional states and in animal specimens from two states.”
Tuberculosis is a highly contagious and very dangerous disease that is easily spread through the air by individuals coughing, sneezing, spitting, or even speaking. It can be deadly if left untreated, killing half of those infected according to health experts. In a heavily congested area like Los Angles with a population of almost 4 million, once the disease starts spreading, the consequences could be devastating for the rest of America.
This is absolutely disgusting, and the only one to blame for this is the bleeding-heart morons on the left, who want to continue to recklessly open our border to dangerous and disease-ridden people migrating over here from their third world country sh*t holes.

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