Sunday, February 5, 2017

Navy SEAL is Dead Because Our Enemies Knew We Were Coming!


William ‘Ryan’ Owens, a 36-year-old from Illinois, was killed in Sunday’s botched raid President Donald Trump is mourning the death of a SEAL Team Six member killed in his first military raid as president.
Trump and his eldest daughter, Ivanka, arrived at Dover Air Force Base this afternoon, after making the short flight to Delaware from Washington in Marine One, to receive the body of Chief Special Warfare Officer William ‘Ryan’ Owens.
But maybe it wasn’t supposed to be like this because William could have been alive if he wasn’t betrayed!
Al-Qaeda fighters seemed ready for Sunday’s deadly Navy SEAL raid in Yemen, a source familiar with the raid told ABC News, almost as though they knew the Americans were coming.

The raid succeeded in obtaining “a tremendous amount” of information about al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Tuesday, though the firefight killed one SEAL and wounded three others. Three additional servicemembers were injured when an aircraft sent to medevac the SEALs experienced a “hard landing” that left it inoperable.
The SEALs’ mission was intended to gather intelligence about the terror group’s senior leadership and its external plotting efforts. The mission was also intended to capture any AQAP leaders if possible, but no one was detained in the raid, said a U.S. official.
“Obviously, we recovered a tremendous amount of information and we killed an estimated 14 members of [AQAP] individuals,” Spicer told reporters at the White House on Tuesday.
An unnamed U.S. official told ABC News electronics with data had been seized in the raid and it is hoped that it could prevent future terror attacks targeting the West.
The al-Qaeda affiliate has been able to exploit the security vacuum created in Yemen by fighting between Iranian-backed Houthi militants and a Saudi-led military coalition seeking to restore the previous government overthrown by the Houthis.
In the works for months, the raid was authorized by President Donald Trump and targeted a three-house compound in southern Yemen that had been used by AQAP leaders as an operational staging area. “There were operational reasons why it happened when it did and not two weeks ago,” Capt. Jeff Davis, the Pentagon spokesman, said Monday about the timing of the raid.

Taking advantage of a moonless night, members of the elite SEAL Team Six flew toward the compound aboard Marine MV-22 tilt-rotor aircraft launched from the USS Makin Island, a Navy amphibious ship operating in the Gulf of Aden in the Arabian Sea, a U.S. official said.
Accompanying the SEALs on the raid were dozens of special operations forces from a partner nation in the region, the source familiar with the raid told ABC News.
With armed drones flying overhead, the SEALs arrived at the compound under the cover of darkness and immediately took heavy fire, the source said.
According to the source, it was clear that the AQAP fighters in the compound knew the Americans were coming and engaged them with heavy weapons.
The raid was scheduled and planned 2 months ago under the Obama administration. Obama had not acted because the military wanted to launch that attack on a moonless night. The next such night would have been after his term.
Something is not right!
York Times reported,

“Obama administration aides had deliberated extensively over the proposed operation, weighing the value of any information that might be recovered against the risk to the Special Operations forces plunging into hostile territory.”

A White House official said the operation was thoroughly vetted by the previous administration and the previous defense secretary had signed off on it in January.

Rumors are now surfacing that since the Obama administration had extensive knowledge of the operation and our enemies knew we were coming, officials under Obama tipped off the militants in order to botch Trump’s first military raid.

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